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Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows, an operating system from Microsoft, for use on personal computers, including

home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, media center PCs. system Requirements 1 GHz or faster processor 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit), 16 GB of available disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit), video card with support for DirectX 9 and WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. Windows 8 Professional English Retail AIO (32bit+64bit) File: en_windows_8_x64_x86_aio.iso CRC-32: 513fa338 MD4: ebacdf692591a215251bfdfe8eeccd51 MD5: e0d1c5edc949733a31a086ccbab73af4 SHA-1: 3f5f7ecd2e6fd1dacff35a0c0ed8382900aa7694 No key needed while Installing. Default key added and can be changed later after installing. Made from Retail TN ISOs. Windows 8 PERMANENT Activator For W8 Build 9200 Install: 1. RUN AS ADMINISTARTOR [right click on the .exe - click on Run As Administrator] 2. CLICK ON INSTALL / UNINSTALL WINDOWS 8 When command Prompt Opens and Askes to PRESS Y / N JUST PRESS Y AND THAT'S ALL IT WILL ACTIVATE IT BY ITSELF( IT SHOULD SAY ACTIVATION SUCCESSFUL PRESS OK AND OK AGAIN, AND THEN ON COMMAND PROMPT IT WILL SAY THAT IT WILL RESTART - so LET IT RESTART BY ITSELF 3. IT WILL THEN RESTART AND I Also Thinks it Works With version which prove that it It also work on RTM VERSION Voila ACTIVATED. All Version of Windows 8 but has not yet tested except for PRO works. of Windows 8 and with W.Z.T Release.

Product Key: PKQ6T-N8GMC-VXYX4-HWMTH-8HRDP Profile: NT 6.2 Validity: Valid Advanced ID: XXXXX-01785-000-000456-03-1049-9200.0000-0232013 Activation ID: 949d6b86-bfa7-4ff1-b4df-17e67bb6320d Edition Type: Professional;ProfessionalN;Enterprise;EnterpriseN Description: Win 8 RTM Professional;ProfessionalN;Enterprise;EnterpriseN Volume:MAK Edition ID: X18-15521 Key Type: Volume:MAK EULA: Volume Crypto ID: 1785 Activation Count: 18194 Product Key : 9MBNG-4VQ2Q-WQ2VF-X9MV2-MPXKV Profile: Office 15 Validity: Valid Product ID: 00216-53040-12389-AA631 Advanced ID: XXXXX-02165-304-012389-03-1049-7601.0000-0262013 Activation ID: 2b88c4f2-ea8f-43cd-805e-4d41346e18a7 Edition Type: ProPlusVolume Description : Office15_ProPlusVL_MAK Edition ID: X18-32644

html?download=w864activator.0000-0242013 Activation ID: ed34dc89-1c27-4ecd-8b2f-63d0f4cedc32 Edition Type: ProjectProVolume Description: Office15_ProjectProVL_MAK Edition ID: X18-32795 Key Type: Volume:MAK EULA: ltMAK Crypto ID: 2144 Activation Count: 4618 Public KMS Server for Server 2012 / Office 2013 activation with NEW non-banned GOLD KMS-host keys! we can using this activator key: F2V7V-8WN76-77BPV-MKY36-MKH3P and after key this activator : working 100% .0000-0242013 Activation ID: 3e4294dd-a765-49bc-8dbd-cf8b62a4bd3d Edition Type: VisioProVolume Description: Office15_VisioProVL_MAK Edition ID: X18-33297 Key Type: Volume:MAK EULA: ltMAK Crypto ID: 2195 Activation Count: 4429 Product Key: 6PJTB-NCTVG-3T2GH-PCVM3-9D42M Profile: Office 15 Validity: Valid Product ID: 00214-40000-12272-AA495 Advanced ID: XXXXX-02144-000-012272-03-1049-7601.Key Type: Volume:MAK EULA: ltMAK Crypto ID: 2165 Activation Count: 7746 Product Key: MMJ3T-PMNFC-69XFC-VDVM2-TMQ7T Profile: Office 15 Validity: Valid Advanced ID: XXXXX-02180-249-012213-03-1049-7601.0000-0242013 Activation ID: a24cca51-3d54-4c41-8a76-4031f5338cb2 Edition Type: StandardVolume Description: Office15_StandardVL_MAK Edition ID: X18-33253 Key Type: Volume:MAK EULA: ltMAK Crypto ID: 2180 Activation Count: 455 Product Key: NY4DR-QX8CP-YJQT8-Y68DT-V6BJF Profile: Office 15 Validity: Valid Product ID: 00219-56840-12272-AA600 Advanced ID: XXXXX-02195-684-012272-03-1049-7601.

Then set the location to 'United Kingdom'. Enjoy Windows 8! . Go to Services and disable the 'Windows Update' and 'Security Center' services. You can do that by going to 'Control Panel' and then clicking on 'Language'. To do this go to 'Control Panel' and then click on 'Region'. Make sure language is set to 'English(United Kingdom)'. dunno if mentioned elsewhere): 1. 4. 2.How to get the activator that is included in the torrent to work(kaoz's method. 3. Make sure the region is set to United Kingdom.