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Y ou chose Evinrude /Johnson

outboard engines for their reliability and superior performance – so what better way to ensure that your engine stays at the top of its game than by choosing Evinrude /Johnson Genuine Parts? For peak performance and a better, more enhanced time on the water, only Evinrude /Johnson parts deliver the excellence your engine deserves. For a century, we’ve been developing the necessary oils, propellers and parts to ensure that our engines live up to the Evinrude /Johnson standard. And as a member of the BRP products family, Evinrude /Johnson parts also boast the reliability and superior quality that BRP is known for. Spend more time on the water. Use only Evinrude / Johnson Genuine Parts. For more information, visit your local dealer or


Consult your local dealer when selecting parts and accessories. Read your Operator’s Guide, Safety Handbook and all on-product labeling. Drive responsibly and safely. Use common sense and common courtesy. Heed local laws and regulations. Keep safe distance from other recreationists, bystanders and the shoreline. Wear the appropriate protective clothing. Don’t drink and drive. Because of our ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation, we reserve the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted herein may contain accessories, or be shown with options, which are available at an extra cost from your Evinrude/ Johnson dealer. Engine performance may vary depending on, among other things, general conditions, ambient temperature, ability, options, modifications, driver and passenger payload weight, engine type and optional equipment.


ENGINE ADD-ON KITS & PARTS ................... 04 INSTRUMENTATION ..................................... 06 PROPELLERS .............................................. 08 OIL & ENGINE CARE .................................... 14 Engine Oil ............................................... 14 Fuel Treatments ...................................... 18 Corrosion Treatments ............................... 22 Lubricants .............................................. 24 ACCESSORIES & CLOTHING ........................ 26 DEALER SUPPORT ...................................... 29 SERVICE PARTS .......................................... 30

04 ENGINE ADD-ON KITS & PARTS . Its built-in key switch and end-of-handle push-button cranking provide added security and ease of starting. Its horizontal and vertical adjustments also make for a great fit to any application or driver.ENGINE ADD-ON KITS & PARTS HOW TO MAKE GREAT EVEN GREATER T hanks to Evinrude /Johnson’s specially constructed line of accessories designed to upgrade and improve your engine while boosting its performance. Easy horizontal and vertical adjustments for ultimate control and comfort. Here’s an overview of some of the accessories packages: • • • • Battery Charging Kits AC Lighting Kits Gearcase Extension Kits Full-line of I-Command gauges and accessories • Tiller Arm Conversion Kits • Remote Control Kits • Remote Starting Kits Added security of a built-in key switch. • Easy-adjust throttle friction control. For those who need a little more control. comfortable operation and convenient forward-mounted shift lever and trim switch offer better accessibility and increased control for maneuvering. MORE BOAT CONTROL. • End-of-handle trim switch delivers easy accessibility without removing your hand from the grip. Thumb-controlled trim and tilt right where your thumb naturally rests. Optional gauge harness for those wanting instrumentation. convenient push-button starting. MORE FLEXIBILITY. there’s a Tiller Kit. Available for 25 thru 130 HP Evinrude E-TEC™ engines. its easy. Quick.

Now that’s efficient. With their ridge lines’ snug fit along the splined core. better throttle operation and top-notch performance. A B A Side-mount control B Concealed side control C Binnacle control with or without key D Dual binnacle control C D ENGINE ADD-ON KITS & PARTS 05 . while their unmatched precision gives you smooth and easy control at any speed. Cross-section view Core Liner Contact point (core to liner) HIT THE THROTTLE AND GO Presenting the new Throttle Lever Controls. their perfect ergonomics make the hours on the water fly by even faster. Beautifully designed to complement your new engine.EVINRUDE E-TEC SNAP-IN HIGH EFFICIENCY CABLES Evinrude/Johnson’s high efficiency Snap-In HE Cables deliver more than just a smooth ride. they keep close contact with the inner liner. reducing friction and ensuring a smoother shift.

INSTRUMENTATION I-COMMAND TM DIGITAL. Now you can easily collect and manage electronic information and view it via a selection of easy-to-read displays so you’ll never be in the dark on your boat again. Welcome to I-Command. IT’S ALL IN THE NAME. I-Command allows the different electronic components of your engine to communicate with each other and with other marine instruments through an electrical network on your boat. W ANALOG READOUT SAMPLES TACHOMETER QUAD SCREEN Water PSI/Alt. Using NMEA 2000® CAN Bus technology. Voltage/ Battery Voltage/ Atmospheric Pressure SPEEDOMETER FUEL LEVEL TRIM 06 INSTRUMENTATION . elcome to a revolution in information sharing between you and your boat.

5-inch (9-cm) Multi-Function I-Command Digital Gauge Kits offer more ways to communicate with your engine than ever before by letting you decide how to view displays. simple and reliable network that is expandable to meet your needs.2-inch (5-cm) and 3. I-Command Applications • 2006 and newer – Evinrude E-TEC 115 HP and larger • 2008 and newer – Evinrude E-TEC 40 HP to 90 HP* * Will not support trim display. DUAL SCREEN Seawater Temp/Atmospheric Pressure ACCESSORY RIMS FOR I-COMMAND GAUGES Add a custom touch to your Evinrude I-Command instruments with fun and colorful gauge rims designed to make your dashboard stand out and be noticed.4-cm) gauge hole sizes. Each rim is powdercoated for durability and includes a superior high gloss finish. Choose from features like analog or digital readouts and single. Available in: • Blue • Red White • Black • Chrome • Platinum • Gold INSTRUMENTATION 07 . Also available for analog gauges.5-cm) and 2 1 /8" (5. Plug-and-Play connections create a clean. Voltage/% of Engine Load/ Engine Hours/Water PSI BATTERY VOLTAGE Shown with accessory chrome bezel. DIGITAL READOUT SAMPLES DUAL SCREEN Tachometer/Speedometer FUEL MANAGER Fuel Flow/Fuel Remaining/ Fuel Used/Fuel Level QUAD SCREEN Alt. dual or quad displays. Available in 7 colors and in the standard 3 3 /8" (8.

Whether you’re skimming across the shallows or breaking through big water. PROP SELECTION Which prop is right for your set-up? Performance Utility Fishing Runabout Offshore Cruiser ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 08 PROPELLERS . one propeller does not fit all boats. WATER. The best props all have one thing in common: the legendary Evinrude/Johnson name. or all situations. The result? Propellers engineered to fit the exact specifications and performance demands of every Evinrude /Johnson outboard. even damage the engine. The right prop will get you where you’re going with more speed. they’re the best propellers for any outboard. WHY CHOOSE EVINRUDE /JOHNSON PROPELLERS? With 100 years of commitment. Fact is. our propellers come with built-in experience and quality. period. We’ve engineered propellers for every application.PROPELLERS POWER. MEET POWER. Our prop engineers work side by side with our outboard engineers every step of the way. lower top-end speed. power and efficiency – the wrong prop will increase fuel consumption. T he propeller is the single most important performance part on your engine. from concept and design through to hydrodynamic testing and manufacturing. MEET WATER. all water. In short.

custom-cupped. It’s a CAD-designed. from runabouts to cruisers.LOOKS FAST EVEN WHEN IT’S STANDING STILL Introducing the Raker™ II TBX™. You don’t just shoot out of the hole. Excellent on any recreational boat. • Faster top speeds at lower RPMs • Blade shape gives it improved control and better overall performance • Flared exhaust hub for harder acceleration BITES THE WATER. If you want speed. you practically fly out of it. you want the Viper™ TBX prop. high rake propeller that gives you superior bow lift and phenomenal top-end speed. • Versatile three-blade performance • Custom. high-luster finish • Balance of speed and durability HYDRUS ALUMINIUM ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ PROPELLERS 09 . faster acceleration and greater top-end speed. AND HOLDS ON TIGHT. Longer swept blades and a larger diameter give this prop a better grip on the water.

• • • • Four-blade offshore and runabout propeller Stays on plane with minimum RPM Tracks true in all water conditions Less vibration and improved fuel economy 10 PROPELLERS . A prop that can hold course straight and true in all water conditions. Propellers designed and engineered to deliver even greater fuel economy and improved mid-range and top-end performance.PROPELLERS THE NAME SAYS IT ALL The Rebel™ TBX. Great for large runabouts and offshore boats. A fine addition to the family of Evinrude /Johnson Genuine props. • • • • More miles per gallon Increased top-end speed Longer cruising range RH and LH rotation available BIG PERFORMANCE FOR BIG WATER The Cyclone™ TBX™. Designed for heavier and twin-engine boats as well as runabouts. Maintains compass headings and stays hooked up in big water.

Sharp leading edges and contoured cupping bite and hold the water. • Ultimate performance four-blade bass boat propeller • Reduced steering torque • Superior hole shot for tournament loads • Exceptional mid-range power characteristics A LITTLE STABILITY NEVER HURT ANYONE Introducing the Hydrus™ high-thrust prop. The result? A high-thrust prop that bites the water and hangs on tight.IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE THE LAST ONE THERE When speed counts. It’s a threeblade prop with an oversized blade area for maximum thrust and stability and aggressive cupping for tight. Ideal for bass tournament-style boats. balanced turning. powerful and fast. Designed and manufactured to meet the specific performance needs of pontoon boats and work boats. count on the Renegade™ Bass TBX™ prop. • Aggressive cupping holds tight in turns • Big blade area and special hub design for high reverse thrust • Special blade contour delivers maximum thrust in any water condition PROPELLERS 11 . Innovative four-blade design provides a ride that’s smooth.

So when one winds up in the shop. the new Rogue™ propeller for the 20" (51-cm) shaft 40 through 130 HP Evinrude E-TECs provides faster acceleration and better speeds thanks to its stainless steel. The Rogue’s polished. durable Aluminium props. four-blade design that can lift the transom better than any other prop. Imperfect props can cause excessive vibration and create the potential for engine damage. • Precision casting • Maximum strength • Minimum vibration 12 PROPELLERS . One on the boat and two spares. RULE OF THREE: CARRY A SPARE. And the worst thing you can do is ignore it. you’ll be ready. Just what you would expect. AND NOW FOR THE ALUMINIUM PROPS Strong. The solution: always have three props on hand. just in case.PROPELLERS THE ADVENTURER For stern heavy boats. Sooner or later your prop will get dinged or dented. With a special baked-on powder paint for added corrosion protection. high-luster finish also carries a 3-year limited warranty. They can also create problems getting back to port.

producing less contact with the water and more speed.) On fast. (Progressive Rake means that the blade is curved as well as tilted. Rake The tilt angle of the blade’s tip toward or away from the gearcase. Cupping The curved lip on the trailing edge of a blade. Propellers with cupped blades excel in sharp turns and hold the water better. a higher-rake prop should hold the bow higher out of the water. higher-pitch props produce less low-speed pulling power and more top-end speed. lightweight boats. In contrast.A TECHNICAL VIEW Pitch The distance a propeller travels in one complete revolution. PROPELLERS 13 . found on many propeller designs. Low-pitch props create less forward travel with each revolution (ideal for big boats and heavy loads).

There is an oil to match every engine and every application. Ensuring ultimate engine performance and longevity. It’s the best oil for your engine. start easier. less maintenance. • Reduces smoke for cleaner operation • Protects against wear with superior lubricity • Contains CarbX™ Combustion Cleaner 14 ENGINE OIL . • Ultimate lubricity for reduced friction and wear • Maximum detergency reduces combustion deposits • Smokeless. XD50 meets the specific demands of direct injection outboards and water-cooled 2-cycle outboard engines. Evinrude E-TEC engine owners can use less oil. burn cleaner and last longer.OIL & ENGINE CARE YOUR ENGINE IS THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEED IT. GIVE IT THE BEST CARE POSSIBLE. Just have an authorized Evinrude dealer reprogram your outboard to use XD100 oil. ashless and odorless A LITTLE EXTRA BOOST Evinrude/Johnson XD50™ is a synthetic blend oil that delivers dependable performance under heavy-use conditions. Y ou count on your engine. LESS IS MORE Evinrude/Johnson XD100™ oil is a premium synthetic formula that delivers ultimate performance in direct injection and oil injection outboards. Insist on Evinrude /Johnson Genuine Lubricants. Your engine will run better. More reliability. What’s more. Keep it running strong with our complete line of engine oils. It also requires less maintenance.

CarbX. pulling them away from your engine’s vital components (Figure 2) before they can form deposits that cause pre-ignition and piston-scuffing hazards. an exclusive additive developped for Evinrude/Johnson. Perfect for general and lightload conditions. It delivers exceptional cleaning power every time. • Approved for pre-mix and oil injection • Minimizes carbon and deposit build-ups • Protects against wear with premium lubricity LEAN AND CLEAN During use. this performance-enhanced blend provides premium lubrication and extra detergency compared to minimum TC-W3 requirements.BASIC JUST GOT BETTER Evinrude/Johnson XD30™ oil is formulated for standard water-cooled 2-cycle outboards and 2-cycle engines that require TC-W3 certified oils. • Approved for pre-mix and oil injection • Minimizes carbon and deposit build-ups • Protects against wear with premium lubricity Figure 1 THE WHITE GLOVE TEST Evinrude/Johnson oils vs. all engines form unwanted carbon deposits in their cylinders (Figure 1). standard TC-W3 detergency test Figure 2 Piston used with competitive TC-W3 oil Piston used with Evinrude/Johnson oils ENGINE OIL 15 . seeks out harmful carbon molecules and holds them in suspension.

• Offers excellent rust and moisture protection • Excellent wear and corrosion resistance under normal operating conditions 16 ENGINE OIL . especially the high loads. • Sludge protection for cleaner. even in the harshest environments. offering excellent protection against water intrusion. more efficient engines • Better fuel economy and power • Additive package for reduced wear and superior corrosion protection A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR THE 4-STROKE Evinrude/Johnson 4-Stroke oil is specifically formulated for marine application.OIL & ENGINE CARE GOT A 4-STROKE? THERE’S AN OIL FOR YOU ULTRA 4-Stroke Synthetic Blend Oil from Evinrude/Johnson is specially formulated to match the needs of all 4-stroke outboards. and can take on any condition.

LACK-OF-LUBE HAZARDS Piston Scuffing Occurs when carbon deposits form in the combustion chamber. causing the piston rings to stick. Stroke Cycle Piston movement from the top to the bottom of the cylinder. compression. When four strokes of the piston deliver one power cycle. Occurs when carbon deposits retain enough heat to ignite. 4-Stroke Cycle 2-Stroke Cycle ENGINE OIL 17 . Pre-Ignition OIL-SPEAK Synthetics Chemical formulas added to the oil to increase performance. When two strokes of the piston deliver one power cycle. Direct Injection A fuel charge is injected directly into the combustion chamber. The ability of additives to clean the engine of harmful carbon build-ups Detergency and deposits. cleanliness and engine life. power and exhaust. TC-W3 Standard A minimum quality standard that marine oils must meet for engines running on modern fuels. Piston temperatures rise. The entire power cycle of intake. eventually swelling and seizing in the cylinder bore.

Y DO-IT -YOURSELF MAINTENANCE GUIDE PRODUCT PRE-SEASON MID-SEASON OFF-SEASON ROUTINE 2+4® Fuel Conditioner ★ ★ Engine Tuner ★ ★ Triple-Guard™ Grease ★ ★ Storage Fogging Oil ★ Quick Connect Flush Valve ★ Carbon Guard™ ★ Fuel System Cleaner ★ 18 FUEL TREATMENTS . while deep at the core. Never fear. You can win this battle against the elements with Evinrude /Johnson lubricants. For the “do-it-yourself” stuff. Even in storage. be sure to visit your Evinrude dealer. greases and engine care products. fuel can break down and parts can gum up. moving gears.OIL & ENGINE CARE TAKING ON “ALL” THE ELEMENTS our outboard is constantly exposed to a hostile environment. pistons and cylinders create friction and extreme temperatures. For major tune-ups. Water. algae and salt spray challenge its performance. see the chart below. oils.

FUEL TREATMENTS 19 . Add to every other tankful throughout the season. Use routinely to easily flush your engine. and the piston sticking. no hassle.HOW TO USE Stabilize your gas during winter storage. See page 21 for more details. poor performance and decreased engine life resulting from poor fuel quality. Lubricate everything from propeller shafts and hose clamps to throttle and shift cables at the beginning of and periodically throughout the season. See page 25 for more details. See page 20 for more details. Use in every other tankful all season long to prevent moisture and minimize formation of gum and varnish deposits. by adding to every tankful. tighten and attach the hose. See page 21 for more details. Use this special formula to prevent rust and corrosion of internal engine parts during off-season storage on engines without auto-winterization. Keep your fuel injectors and carburetor clean. See page 25 for more details. Prevent carbon. Attach valve. No twisting. gum and varnish build-up by spraying through throttle body/air inlet at the beginning of the season and routinely every 50 hours on carbureted engines. See page 20 for more details. Avoid carbon build-up.

freeze up or malfunction. carburetor icing and the deterioration of fuel and fuel system components.and 4-cycle engines. When fuel impurities are causing fuel injectors and carburetors to gum up. You can use it with 2. Evinrude/Johnson 2+4 Fuel Conditioner helps prevent gum and varnish deposits. REMOVE HASSLES. It will clean injectors and remove intake valve deposits. DON’T REMOVE FUEL. use Fuel System Cleaner. YOUR FUEL SYSTEM WILL THANK YOU.OIL & ENGINE CARE MEAN AND CLEAN. spark plug fouling. 20 FUEL TREATMENTS .

TAKE IT ON. So we came up with a solution. Just spray it through the throttle body/air inlet of any 2.CARBON IS YOUR ENGINE’S WORST ENEMY. FUEL TREATMENTS 21 . poor performance and decreased engine life. Carbon Guard. and you’re suddenly dealing with piston ring sticking.or 4-cycle engine. But get too much. use Evinrude/Johnson Engine Tuner. FINE TUNING To prevent harmful carbon. A little carbon build-up is normal for any engine. gum and varnish build-up.

trailer hitches and winches. You can even use it to restore and protect vinyl seats and tops. you’re going to need more. dampness and salt spray can lead to corrosion. Things like extreme temperatures. A PROTECTION FOR THE HIGH SEAS Anti-Corrosion Spray is especially effective against corrosion caused by salt water and damp conditions. rust and poor engine performance. So beat the elements. Helps waterproof ignition systems. This is heavy-duty stuff.OIL & ENGINE CARE YOUR ENGINE WANTS TO LIVE A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE ir and water take a toll on an outboard. FOR THOSE HARD-TO-TREAT AREAS Silicone Spray lubricates hinges. A heavy. 22 CORROSION TREATMENTS . Every engine has corrosion protection from the factory but like any outboard. Keep your engine running strong for life. Use anti-corrosion treatments from Evinrude /Johnson Genuine Parts. waxy coating specifically formulated to protect your engine from rust and corrosion. Minimizes corrosion on battery terminals.

Corroded Bolts Non-Corroded Bolts CORROSION TREATMENTS 23 . A LOT OF POWER.” Which means drying wet parts. high-film strength and antiwear lube. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. THREE LITTLE LETTERS. Great in salt water. Won’t harm electrical components. penetration and lubrication. • Elements are harsh. No messing around.™ Lubricant stands for “drying.L. wood or paint. Regular corrosion prevention is all it takes. rubber. FIGHT CORROSION • These parts were damaged by exposure to a damp environment and salt water. • “6 IN 1” would have made a huge difference here. Long-lasting protection to -40ºC. water displacing. rust preventing. Superior anti-corrosion protection. Plan ahead. The DPL in D. Multi-purpose lube. penetrating rust and lubricating all types of moving components. Forget luck. • Forget fate.P. vinyl. penetrating.THE MULTITASKER The “6 IN 1” Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a cleaning.

and synthetic E-P additives. you name it. Marine-specific inhibitors and emulsifiers deliver top protection against corrosion and lubricant breakdown. Also promotes long gearcase life in marine use. Delivers exceptional durability and reliability with ultimate film strength. Formulated to be the best marine engine lubes on the market. Gearcase lubricant for Evinrude E-TEC. HPF XR™. E WHEN NOTHING BUT THE BEST WILL DO HPF Pro™ Gear Oil. PURE AND SIMPLE. anti-foam agents. rental operations and stern drives. 24 LUBRICANTS . Factory fill on all Evinrude E-TEC outboards. propeller shafts. Designed for maximum engine performance. Superior performance and protection. Gearcase lubricant for high performance outboards. and extreme-pressure additives promote gearcase life and performance. Keeping components lubed keeps your engine running smoothly.and 4-stroke outboards. Marine-specific inhibitors and emulsifiers deliver top protection against corrosion and lubricant breakdown. commercial fleets. A multiviscosity blend of enhanced friction reducers. Evinrude DI and Johnson 2. throttles. Friction reducers. For use on gearcases.OIL & ENGINE CARE BE A SMOOTH OPERATOR vinrude/Johnson lubricants. HEAVY-DUTY GEARCASE OIL. anti-foam agents.

” That’s not good enough. Formulated for off-season storage of engines without auto-winterization. Prevents rust and corrosion of internal engine parts. And it won’t wash away or get thrown off by engine heat and vibration. In short. LUBRICANTS 25 . PWCs and lawn equipment. Recommended for all outboard motors and 4-cycle marine engines. Also works on snowmobiles. So why settle for water resistant when you can have waterproof? WORKS WHILE YOUR ENGINE RESTS Storage Fogging Oil. It lubricates and protects engine parts. you’re covered. whatever your vehicle. TripleGuard™ Grease is waterproof.MAKE WATER INTRUSION A THING OF THE PAST Forget “water resistant.

alarms. And the Evinrude/Johnson Genuine accessories line has everything you need to preserve. Designed for safety. A B C D E Evinrude blue polo / Male Evinrude blue sailing jacket / Unisex Evinrude blue T-shirt / Male Evinrude blue short sleeve shirt / Female Evinrude blue 3/4 sleeve T-shirt / Female J F G I Evinrude navy cap Evinrude anniversary cap Auxiliary Battery Charging Kit Fits 115-300 HP models Evinrude E-TEC Engine Cover H Prop Lock 26 ACCESSORIES & CLOTHING . Now it’s time to take care of yourself. with Evinrude / Johnson Genuine clothing and accessories. steering systems and more. our line of sea gear made with the finest quality materials includes shirts. clean. comfort and style. store and secure.ACCESSORIES & CLOTHING A B C A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA… Y ou’ve taken care of your engine. including locks. jackets and caps.


ACCESSORIES & CLOTHING A B C A B C D E F Evinrude blue long sleeve shirt / Male Evinrude blue short sleeve T-shirt / Male Evinrude long sleeve T-shirt / Kids BRP Floating Key Chain Dura-Tank Gas Tank Water-Separating Fuel Filter Kit Fits 115-200 HP 60-Degree V4 and V6 2007-2008 models Steering Friction Kit Fits 40-130 HP 2004-2009 models TM D E F G G 28 ACCESSORIES & CLOTHING .

Evinrude /Johnson dealers can help provide you with the power and performance you expect from your outboard.DEALER SUPPORT A GOOD DEALER: YOUR ENGINE’S MOST IMPORTANT ACCESSORY Only Evinrude /Johnson-authorized dealers care about your engine as much as you do. Our extensive worldwide network is factory trained for a specialized service that’s second to none. So why go to any dealer when you can get the experience and dedication you deserve from an Evinrude / Johnson dealer? Thanks to their experience and know-how. To locate the dealer closest to you. So make the right call. visit www. plugs. gauges and accessories tailor-made to your engine’s needs and designed to its exact specifications. They can help you choose the Genuine props. DEALER SUPPORT 29 . Call your local Evinrude / Johnson

SERVICE PARTS WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO For the proper care of your engine. And when they are serviced by one of our factory-trained authorized dealers. 30 SERVICE PARTS . trust the Evinrude/Johnson name. you have a combination that can’t be beat. only Evinrude/ Johnson Genuine Parts and Accessories will do. For the absolute best in parts and service.

When it comes to maintenance. M PRE-SEASON IN-SEASON OFF-SEASON • Test System Check® • Test the steering system • Grease and lube engine components • Inspect electrical connections and battery • Inspect engine mounting and water intake screen • Lubricate mechanical steering and tilt tube • Lubricate throttle and shift linkage • Flush the cooling system • Inspect engine oil and lube levels • Inspect the anti-corrosion anodes • Stabilize fuel with 2+4 fuel conditioner • Fog cylinders with storage fogging oil or activate auto-winterization • Change gearcase lubricant at recommended intervals • Replace fuel and oil filters at recommended intervals • Tighten any components that may have become loose Refer to your owner/operator manual for exact specifications or see your dealer. However. Evinrude E-TEC engines require no dealer scheduled maintenance for 3 years or 300 hours. you might want to handle some tasks yourself. while trusting others to an Evinrude/Johnson-authorized dealer. SERVICE PARTS 31 .THE WATER IS YOURS ost engines require maintenance.

www. We value the land and water we play on. our passion for adventure fuels the innovations that result in the ultimate powersports experience for our customers. Our desire to thrill is paired with an emphasis on rider responsibility. P/N: 8198122 32 . That is why BRP is dedicated to continuously finding new and better ways to help you enjoy your favorite powersports. and are committed to protecting it. So that each outing can be the most enjoyable.brp.THE WORLD IS OUR PLAYGROUND Nothing is more valuable than your SKI-DOO ® LYNX ® SEA-DOO ® EVINRUDE ® JOHNSON ® ROTAX ® CAN-AM ™ © 2008 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. memorable and thrilling experience possible. All rights reserved. placing personal safety above all else. Because your free time should always be your best time. From snow to water to both on and off-road fun.