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Reference books for gate syllabus Engineering mathematics

1. Advanced engineering mathematics- kreizig 2. Advanced engineering mathematics-grewal

Basic fundamentals
3. Introduction to flight- j. d. Anderson 4. Mechanics of flight-Kermode 5. Principles of flight-mike burton 6. Flight without formulas-Kermode 7. fluid mechanics- pyush kundu and ira. m Cohen 8. Thermodynamics: an engineering approach- cengel and boles

9. Aerodynamics- clancy 10. Aerodynamics for engineering students-Houghton and Caruthers 11. Fundamentals of aerodynamics-j. d. Anderson 12. Viscous flow- f. m .white 13. Modern compressible flow-j. d. Anderson 14. Fundamentals of gas dynamics-r .d . Zucker 15. Gas dynamics-E. Rathakrishanan

Flight mechanics
16. Aircraft performance and design-j. d .Anderson 17. Airplane aerodynamics and performance- Jan roskam and chuan tau 18. Aerodynamics and flight mechanics- Barnes w.mccormick 19. Flight stability and automatic control- Robert nelson 20. Airplane stability and control- pertin and hage

Aircraft structures
21. Strength of materials-Popov 22. Strength of materials-Gere Timoshenko 23. Analysis and design of flight vehicle structure-Bruhn 24. Aircraft structure for engineering students-t.h.megson 25. Analysis of aircraft structure: an introduction-Donaldson 26. Thoery of vibration-meirovich 27. vibration-groover 28. vibration-s.s.rao

29. Mechanics and thermodynamics of propulsion-hill and Peterson 30. Gas turbine theory-saravanamutto 31. Aircraft propulsion-saeed farokhi 32. Elements of rocket propulsion-g.p.sutton

Space mechanics
33. Rocket propulsion and space dynamics-cornelisse 34. Elements of astromechanics-petewr van de kamp 35. Re-entry vehicle dynamics-f.j.regen 36. Introduction to space dynamics - Thomson, William Tyrrell 37. Space mechanics-nelson, later c., loft Ernest e 38. Spacecraft propulsion- Charles brown