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WRITEN BY ALFRED JUILLET FRASCARA. 11/26/2011 2:37 PM Goal: 100 pages. Words days pages words per day 10236 4 22 2559 5.5 11136 5 23 2227 4.6

pages p day Dec. 1, 11

Epoch: year 4.221 Stardate [39]98002.0123 PLACE: KNAPP PLANET. CHARACTERS.

Testis Obabus Claimbers, Miss Bowar, Mr. Domerge the Concierge, Doctor Farthom Climbor VII, President Alfredo from the Philocosmic Club, Assistants to the Doctor Farthom: Moe, Curly, Joe.- Inventor Mr. Williamfor Deretak.


Claimbers lost his girl.

Claimbers was waiting in line- some others were there too, at the big Gethep Industries, the one that was in charge of delivering Synthetic Personnel to Hospitals, Military Instalations and now, for one time only, to the people who was previously chosen by the Royal Central Computing System- a imitation of some other Institutions in Brana One and also in Aurea communities. But in Knapp things were different, as the Royal Institutions had different ideas, and were delivering cheap Synthetic personnel just for the propaganda trying to get the recognition from other societies of the Cosmos as a developed civilization. When he finally arrives to the desk where a woman was receiving the orders, Claimbers said: Claimbers. Number 39022.20 And puts her right arm under the green light of a bulb that was hanging over that desk. The machine makes a sound, and the woman looks unto a console, and said: Testis Obabus Claimbers. All right, you have the Synthetic assistant number KB 390.D. Room forty five.

Thanks. Where is that, lady?- Claimbers asked her, and the woman indicated with a finger out of the room, saying: By the corridor, fifth door to the left. Thanks you.- Claimbers said, receiving a plastic chip the size of a nail. He looked on the faces of the people in the row- the most of them shows happiness- yes, because to get a Synthetic person was unheard off not a month ago. Synthetic persons were for the rich people only, and that was going on from decades ago. At the corridor, some people were complaining about the slow attendance they were getting, and of course, he arrives to a line of people in waiting- forty four before the entrance to that room. He puts in line, waited forty eight minutes, and then it was his turn. Inside the room, a pair of men in uniforms looked at him, takes the chip and inserted it on a black machine. Testis Obabus. 39022.20. Right. Youll had to wait. There are no more Synthetic persons for today.- A man said, after looking at a console. But I had waited all morning here, and now you said I must keep on waiting!- Claimbers reclaimed. Sorry, Mr. Testis, but you know this machines are expensive and we get to have much care with them, so we brought them in a reduced number in here. Go home and wait for us to call on you.- The man said, giving back the chip. This is pure bad luck.- Claimbers said, very disappointed. Sorry.- The other man said, smiling as it was a joke. At the corridor, some other people were also complaining not to have received the promised Synthetic Person, and Claimbers said to them: They will call on me, in the future. Yeah, right, chum! You could bet on that. And laughed. Others were saying that the Gethet Industries was taking all the rest of the Synthetic personnel for their own use. Claimbers went out of the building and into the street- he felt a mixed feeling of disappointment and a internal reassurance that he was on his own from day one. No gifts for him, no matter how official it could be the promise He returns to his flat walking by the street, not willing to take a pneumotuve but the moving ways only- he need time to think . At the rented falt was waiting Bowar, his fiance, the superb woman that was so interested in to get one of those Synthetic persons to be helped with! Now he must tell her to wait! The disillusion of her will be great! At last, he arrives to the apartment and opened the door, using his fingerprint on the lock. And ?- Bowar asked, tryhing to look at someone at the back of Claimbers. But there was none. And what happened, where is the Synthetic machine?- Bowar asked, in a shrill voice.

They run out of stock! They told me to come back later- they will call me for that.- Claimbers said, looking at the nice woman in a pink robe, half seated on a high stoll near the bar. She moved her head sidewise, and asked again. So you dont brought the Synthetic home? As I told you , there were no more at the Gethet Industries.- Claimbers repeated, and she sighed, looking at the floor and then again to him : This changes everything, Tiestis!! I was sure you had a Synthetic, and now they are saying you must to wait. In the end, I am sure the Ghethep Industries will keep those Synthetic for themselves, as they are a greedy company.. Who knows? and the State must had been in this , as in other things, seeing that those Synthetic people will arrive to the people.- Claimbers said. She didnt reply and went immediately to the bathroom, where soon the shower apparatus was in function. Claimbers smiled, thinking the lady was dissapointed, but the reaction was not as bad as he was thinking before. He went to buy some cheese at the nearest shop, to take in their breakfast and when coming back, Bowar was finishint his make up. Ah, you are ready to leave?- He asked, smiling. Yes, I have some work to do at eleven oclock- some photographies to see, a lunch with the Director and Bowar was saying and Claimbers interrupted, saying:- But we were going to lunch at Diffors, remember? Yes, but I received a phone call and my work always comes first.Bowar said calmly. Very well, then well be seeing tonight.- Claimbers went to the kitchen, where he prepares the breakfast, but when returning to the bedroom, she was already gone. Fine! She is mad at me.- Claimbers said, returning to the kitchen, where he consumed his breakfast. That afternoon, Claimbers were working at the Bakery, where he was the baker, and at 20.00 hours, he returns to the apartment, with some kilograms of bread for her and his girl. But he had a big surprise, when seeing the rooms almost naked of furniture, and all the dozens of clothes belonging to Bowar were gone. He went down to the Concierge , asking about what happened in his flat. The fat Gomerge, a man of fifty years, said: The dame takes all their belongings from your flat, with the help of several persons specially dedicated for that matter lets see Moving Furnitures Company.- If you have some complaints about it, call on them. I could serves you as a witness. The eyes of the man were worried, and Claimbers was embarrassed so he said: The lady Bowar leaves the apartment, surely because she don t want to see me anymore.

Very well, and yes, I saw her leaving. She was seemingly very happy.Gomerge the Concierge said. Claimbers went up to her flat in the elevator, and clean the apartment with some teardrops- he was sure the lady was never to come back again- all because he earns little money and because the Synthetic person, who could had been a great help in every situation, was denied by the moment After he clean the floor for fallen objects and made a quick account of what was left- the lady had taken more than half his belongings, perhaps thinking she owns him Claimbers didnt resist the urge to see her again, no matter what happens next, so he run out and searched for the photo office where she usually works, and enters. He saw Juriams, the photographer, passing with a camera, and he asked him about Bowar. Oh, she hasnt come ,man! I hadnt call on her, either. Sorry, but Im working now.- Juriams said, and Claimbers nodded- he went out again, and at the street he realize she was running away from him- well, he cannot blame her too much- with her body and beautiful face, she was really wasting her time with him, not able to give her the luxuries she could attain very easily with some other richer- person. The day was cloudy and a thin rain was falling, too faint to call it a rainbut it really moist everything. He walked to a pier, looking at the obscure waters- the smell of the sea weeds was strong in the air, and he stays there, looking at the sea and hearing the waves rushing under the pier a nice white boat appeared coming from the East, and soon it was docking alongside the dock; three sailors throw a rope and one of them jumped to the pier, knotting the rope and securing the boat not to drift away- other ropes and other knots ends the work a fat man in his fifties descended, carrying a large suitcase; he was using a unusual top black hat. When passing near him, the green eyes of the man gives him a swift look, and then he said: Which way to the pneumotube, young fellow? Claimbers looked at the maze of streets some distance away, and decided he was going to help the old man, now he was returning again to the flat- so he said: Im going there myself. Follow me. Thanks. Im not from this town, although I know the place from old I m doctor Farthom. - and he looks at him as if his name was very well known, but no, Claimbers didnt recognize it, and said : Claimbers here. They walked a block in silence, and doctor Farthom said: You look rather sorry for something, young fellow- what, are you penniless? Because I can offer you a job- not for too many time, you know- I get to give some lectures here, and then Ill go my way again- out of town and all- but you can earn some bucks, if you want. No, thanks you! I am working at a Bakery; night shift.- Claimbers said. Oh, but you can work for me, either way! Ill be giving my lectures in the mornings! You only must to carry my stuff, documents and things

like that Three hundred sopes a day, what do you say?- The man offered him, and Claimbers was really tempted to say yes- he was not doing much in the day, except sleeping, now that his fiance was out of his life for good All right, Ill give you a hand! Give me the suitcase, for starts!Claimbers said, and the doctor Farthom smiled, saying: Well, lad, you really takes your time to decide! They arrives to the pneumotube, and once inside, the doctor pays the fare; soon they were going out, two kilometers away, and in downtown. Here it is!- Doctor Farthom said, signaling a building with a theatre in the ground floor; inside , the doctor talked with the manager, and Claimbers was now looking at some beautiful actresses and dancers, rehearsing a music play- some of them were smiling at him Come on, lad! Lets go to my Hotel now!- Doctor Farthom said, grabbing him by his veston sleeve. Claimbers takes the suitcase, and follows him- not three blocks away, the Farmers Hotel was located, a very tall building with apartments and suits of every price you name it, and saw how the doctor had already booked at it, using possibly a phone. Room Forty forty, Sir.- The man in charge said, after the Doctor Farthom placed his thumb on a plastic square. Farthom smiles and said. Now my finger its the key for my room! They takes the elevator, and at room 4040 they went inside, after unlocking the door- it was a huge four rooms apartment, with a small kitchen and a big bathroom. The doctor inspected the rooms, saying: Two bedrooms and plenty of space to stay! Claimbers saw a modern holographic set and other new appliances, and smile for himself- now he had nothing to learn about the news, with Bowar taking every electronic appliance with her. Say, where are you lodging, lad? Because you could stay here, as long as I am in town- I will not use the extra dormitory in any way- too old to have an affair myself!- Doctor Farthom laughed, with a parrots sound in it. Thanks, but I have my own flat.- Claimbers said, proudly. Doctor Farthom gives him a swift look, and said: Yours or rented? Rented.- Claimbers replied. You can leave it for a time- you economize the money from the rent! I will be in town at least for a month.- Dr. Farthom said. Thanks but no thanks! I rather be at my place.- Claimbers said, shaking his head sidewise. Very well! I will be needing you from eight to sixteen hours, every day! Perhaps sometimes later- I dont know exactly how is going to be my schedule at the Philocosmic! And now we are here, Ill take a nap! You can see the news or a film, if you want. Doctor Farthom said, walking to the first bedroom

Claimbers seats in front of the holographic set, and begin to see a film about an adventure on the sea Soon he was asleep. All right, lad ! Enough for a nap!Lets go to the boat, now! Doctor Farthom said, awaking him. Claimbers went out with the doctor, seeing now it was raining all right; they went to the Pneumotube, and traveled back to the pier- at the boat, the doctor was helped by the sailors while taking a lot of stuff out of a cabin. A Fly taxi was called to take them and the stuff to the Philocosmic function room, and at a dusty room they left everything. Claimbers waits him while the doctor had another conversation, this time with some more people, and when returning, he said: this is going to work! I have four lectures this week! Hope you don t fail me! Lots of slide to put on the machine, and some holographics too! Ah? Well, youll had to teach me how to use those things!- Claimbers said. Dont worry! We have a day before the first lecture! - Doctor Farthom said, and Claimbers went to work for the night At the next day, early in the morning (As Claimbers went directly to the Theatre) Doctor Farthom receives with a joyful: Hey, you really are an early worker! Fine, because there is a lot to do! Look! Two projectorsyour work, after all is under way, its to see that this babies didnt stuck! But if a slide didnt come out, you just press this red button, and then the green one, and youll see it starts at the same point of where we were. The computers were very old and tattered, and Claimbers said so. Doctor Farthom laughed and said: Apart from what I mentioned, there are more reliable to me than the new tablets they are selling today! Furthermore, Im accustomed to the old ways. Claimbers realized, too, that the old ways were in a mood with the old ways the doctor exhales for every pore At ten oclock a fat man come int the theatre, saying: Oh, but you are here already, good doctor! Fine ! People is going to appear around here very soon! Eleven oclock, isnt it? Yes, mr. President! As always, I am here to present my paleo files from old times pertaining to the UFO lore!- Doctor Farthom said. The fat man approaches, gives him a huge, and said: And I see you are not with your three accustomed assistants! What was wrong with them? Oh, they get lost in our last voyage! But I had a message from them, saying they are all right and in their way to here!- Doctor Farthom said, smiling, and adding:- By the way, this young fellow is Mr. Claimbers- a passer-by transformed into my first assistant! Glad to meet you, lad! Im Alfredo, the president of the Philocosmic Club! A club that for centuries had been releasing information about UFOs. Nice to have the doctor here.- The man said. Fine.- Claimbers said, smiling. The president and the doctor had the same strange attitude when talking about UFOs, whatever that means

At eleven hours, just as Mr. Alfredo said, the theatre was full of people, everyone looking glad to be there and staring at the old doctor, who was talking with four people in a row. Later, the President said: Calm down, you people! Lets hear our motto now! The crowd chanted: Philocosmic Club, Philocosmic Club, the one and only chaser of UFO in the world! After that emotional chant, that was repeated seventeen times, the President said: We are here gathered once more to hear our lecturer Doctor Farthom _Climbor rambling on old files about UFOS! The people laughed and applauded, and then Doctor Farthom Climbor signaled to Claimbers to start the slide projection, and said: Dear associates and members of the Philocosmic Club! Let us hear the paleo files I gathered for you in this last ten years! And the first slide shows a lenticular body flying through the sky, producing a whistling sound- the voice of Doctor Farthom was now saying: This is a UFO Search And UFO Chronology: Jan., 1967 Dr. James E. McDonald, famous atmospheric Scientist and former naval intelligence Officer, participant in many top-secret panels, accidentally sees notes on the Robertson Panel as he embarks on a personal crusade involving the UFO. Then states that the CIA has been covering up UFOs, creating huge problem for the cover-up campaign. See 1968. ----, 1967 Philip Klass obtains what he calls evidence that McDonald has violated conditions of his grant from the Navy to study UFOs. The result is a scandal that hurts McDonald's credibility even though he is later cleared by the Navy. This type of thing the house specialty of Chez (de)Klasse. Henry Luce dies of a massive heart attack. Space Treaty signed by USA, USSR. This formalized the 1962 agreement de-nuclearizing the Moon and banning weapons of mass destruction from orbit and from other celestial bodies. Not widely known. IT&T paid $37 million by U.S. government in compensation for its Focke-Wulf plant bombed by the 8th Air Force in 1943! And you thought that UFOs were strange!

Feb., 1967 Feb., 1967

----, 1967

Mar., 1967

Dr. Santorini of Athens, Greece, tells a group in his home country that there "is a world blanket of secrecy about UFOs." Says that he investigated the subject in 1947 and found that "UFOs" were not man- made. Santorini had worked on Manhattan Project and in the 1950s helped develop long-range radar for the United States. Betty Andreasson abducted, taken to an alien place, given a message, shown a Phoenix dying and being reborn, told she had been chosen by the "aliens" to "show the world." John D. Rockefeller IV (Jay), now Senator from West Virginia and prominent Democrat, marries Sharon Percy, daughter of Senator Charles Percy of Illinois. See Nov., 1968. At about this time Valerie Percy, another of the Senator's daughters, is killed by an intruder in her Lake Michigan apartment. Journalist and UFO author (UFO Trek) Warren Smith investigates this killing for his Chicago newspaper. Frank Edwards, radio personality and world-famous UFO author, suddenly dies of a heart attack just as he is set to launch pro-UFO series of programs on his radio show. CIA physicians torture Viet Cong prisoners to death in mind control experiments that need expendables whose relatives don't vote. M-K-Ultra project took place in Saigon, killed hundreds. NSA ELINT ship Liberty shot up by Israelis during the Seven Day War. Israelis machine-gunned U.S. sailors in life boats, killing many. Covered up by our press. Huge metallic object, 30 meters long, paces Brazilian ammo ship in Atlantic. Object dives under ship, sinks into sea, terrorizing crew. Series of incidents begin in USSR as huge UFO

----, 1967

----, 1967

June, 1967

June, 1967

June, 1967

July, 1967

July, 1967

is seen four times by astronomers. Begins UFO flap that soon sweeps Russia. ----, 1967 U.S. author "Lincoln Lawrence" says that Lee Harvey Oswald was controlled during the assassination of Kennedy by implants behind his right ear. These implants were said placed by Russians in 1961 while Oswald was in the hospital for what was called an adenoid operation. See the books by Whitley Strieber for implants placed behind the ears. Washington Star runs long article by a former Air Force intelligence officer on the reality of UFOs. Causes flap at Blue Book and other "inside the Beltway" addresses. South African case hits news, concerns abduction in 1965 of very reliable witness. Revelations of CIA funding of National Student Association lead to information involving dozens of other dummy groups financed by the agency. No area of American public life seems immune from "penetration" by the U.S. secret police. Bizarre deaths in Rio of two men supposedly in contact with UFOs. They both die and are found with lead masks on their faces. The investigation cannot find a cause of death. This case will be re-investigated by Vallee in 1989. Life runs article blowing Cornfeld, Lansky and Rosenbaum out of the water. This was because the big "legal" banks wanted into the capital flight, drug and weapons business and the "pioneers," thinking they had CIA protection, would not sell out. So the real bosses went to work through the LucePress. Soon International Overseas Investments would hit the news--Robert Vesco--whose lead attorney was Richard Allen and who survived the holocaust quite nicely, thank you, to be Ronald Reagan's first national security advisor. Allen a former staffer for

Aug., 1967

Aug., 1967 ----, 1967

Aug., 1967

----, 1967

Henry Kissinger. Sept, 1967 Snippy case in Colorado gains national attention, first mutilation case in press. Still an issue of controversy. Photos in Life magazine still clear in this writer's memory more than 30 years later. Dr. Condon ridicules UFOs in public again; cuts off NICAP and Keyhoe from the Colorado investigation. Those on inside well aware that this effort will wind up being a complete whitewash. The Low Memorandum will soon demonstrate that. RCAF pilots sees UFO go into the water, divers sent down in an attempt to recover it. Astronaut McDivitt says in press that "the UFOs are out there." Army Assistant Chief For Intelligence asks NSA to supply it information on "foreign influence on domestic disturbances." The Secret Service provided the first list. The Secret Service, in addition to guarding the President, has jurisdiction over protecting the nation's currency, provided not by the Treasury but by the Federal Reserve, a Private Bank. Witnesses in Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, see lighted object go into the water and slowly sink. No wreckage found after exhaustive search. Soviets suddenly announce above-ground UFO program under their Academy of Sciences. A Dr. Ziegel will be in charge. Herb Schirmer, policeman, `abducted,' given a ride, warned to forget the incident. Hynek, in Saturday Evening Post, says that UFOs might be real, after all; denies that there is any `cover-up.' Above all, he should know.

Sept, 1967

Oct., 1967

Oct., 1967

Oct., 1967

Nov., 1967

Dec., 1967 Dec., 1967

After the lecture of this data, Dr. Farthom takes a glass of water and said: And with this, dear associates of the Philocosmic club, I ended my lecture for you. There was a very long row of applause, and the people stayed, as there were other lecturers, but doctor Farthom takes his gear, helped by Claimbers, and taking a Flier taxi, he went to the Sturgeon Hotel, where they dumped all the cargo on a nice suite. Well, that was all! I am getting old! In previous years, I could talk for hours in a row! But now I get tired after the first dozen words! Farthom said, taking a bottle of liquor and pouring some in two glasses; he handled one to Claimbers, saying: this are not strong liquor, so we could take a glass or two without getting drunk. Thanks. Nice site you have in here, Doctor!- Claimbers said, looking how big and nice the suite was decorated. Yes, its a nice place, but for only two days more! The Philocosmic Club pays me with this while I give the lectures, and then I get to pack and go! Tomorrow in the morning we have another lecture, and thats all! The extra day I assume its only for relaxation.- Doctor Farthom gives a half laugh and added: I assume I am some kind of a paleo- investigator for them! Pardon if Im wrong, Doctor, but this thing about UFOs sound to me like alien spacecraft invading the air space of a not too evolved civilization!Claimbers said. Yes, of course! The twenty century Earth! A time of wars and persecutions, where everything could happen, and did happen! There had also a flower revolt, something very peculiar, too! - Dr. Farthom said, adding:- Your wages will had to wait! This people from the Club are very generous to me, but they did pay when all is donned! So we had to wait for a better celebration! And with that Claimbers knew he had to go out, and because of it, he said: I guess I can come here to fetch things tomorrow? Oh, no! Just meet me at the Club at nine oclock! The people of this Hotel help me greatly with this stuff! And I had no need to give them even a tip!- Doctor Farthom said, closing the door after Claimbers walks out the suite. At the corridor, he smells the air: a fine perfume pervading it all, giving strength perhaps with some steroids in the air? He went to his flat, and sleeps the day away- he gets to be ready for his night shift at the Bakery After the work , he went to the theatre, finding Dr. Farthom there with his stuff almost in place- three other men were there, looking busy. This is my new assistant, men! Mr. Claimbers from Oxiborion! He helps me yesterday, while you were looking for a means of transport!- Doctor Farthom announced. The three men stared at him, saluting with a bow. Good to know you.- Claimbers said, and helps in the final stages of the work- then, the Doctor Farthom said: You will see I have a lot more

slides to show the people today! I get to impress them with photos, as with real news I cannot!- And he chuckled his own ironic words. Well help with the sounds and the colored lights!- A fat assistant said, adding: Hi! My name is Curly these are Moe and Larry. All right.- Claimbers said, realizing the men were amiable and not in the least bothered for his presence At eleven oclock the President appears, saying: Oh, I see you have four assistants today! I guess the presentation will improve! yes, thats the idea! And for the same amount of money! Doctor Farthom said, making the president blush. At eleven the Theatre was half full, perhaps because this were new people- or perhaps because the first lecture was not as good and word spread out Farthom said: Ladies and gentlemen from the Philocosmic Club! I am here again to present you the famous files of old! And lets begin immediately! And the slides come out, showing first a flying saucer, and some alien beings. The voice of Dr. Farthom Climbor was heard saying: November 1961 A strange flying object streaked across the skies above the Theodore Goff farm on the afternoon of the 18th and left behind it a mysterious substance that defied explanation. The strange, seemingly metallic substance, came off the UFO in thin fibers and settled to earth, draping itself like a finely-knit shroud over Goffs fields, trees, machinery, and power lines. The farm is located near Chadron, Nebraska. "It was about three oclock," Goff related, "and I had been working in my shed. I came outside and happened to look up and see this strange ball flying through the air. It was kind of rough and seemed to be rolling as it sped through the air. It was going faster than any airplane I ever saw and it just disappeared from sight when it got out of the sunlight. It made absolutely no noise." "Big chunks of it broke off and these fibers began settling down on everything. The ball was about as big around as a tractor tire, four feet in diameter or so and it came out of the southwest going northeast. At first I thought it was an airplane but when I really looked, I just didnt know what to think. It's hard

to say how high up it was, maybe a thousand feet or more. The fibers cannot be seen with the naked eye except when they are in direct sunlight. Then, and only then, can you see them glistening ghostlike in the sun. They can be felt on the skin like spider webs, but they are much smaller in diameter than a spider web. A human hair seems like a rope compared to the fibers. "I didn't really notice the fibers much that day, but the next morning my fields and trees just glowed with the stuff when the sun hit them. You can pick one up, but you cant really tell if you have one unless the sun hits it just right. It's the strangest stuff I ever saw." Attempts to break the weird strings were to no avail. They seemingly could not be broken apart, but, when a hot cigarette was applied to one of the strings, it did break. The string did not, however, burst into flame or seem to burn. "They're so fine you just cant tell when you've got one," Goff said. "You can feel it, but you can't see it." October 1965 James Townsend, 19, a Long Prairie, Minnesota radio announcer, had a close encounter with a UFO and three creatures about 7:15 p.m. on October 23, 1965, on a blacktop road about four miles east of Long Prairie, as he was driving his 1956 model car around a curve in the road. The announcer for radio station KEYL said that as he came around the curve, he saw an upright, rocket-like object straddling the road. It was about 30 or 40 feet high and about 10 feet in diameter, and seemed to be resting on legs or fins, he said. My car engine stalled, the lights and radio went out, and I slammed on my brakes. I stopped about 20 feet in front of it. My first thought was to knock it over with the car so I could have some evidence, but the engine was stalled. Then I got out with the idea of trying to push it over by hand. When I got to the front of my car, three creatures that looked like individual

tin cans on tripods, and were six inches tall, came from behind the rocket. They didnt have eyes that I could see, but I knew they were looking at me. I stopped. I didnt have any desire to get closer. There was no sound just dead silence. It seemed like ages, as we looked at each other. Then they went up into the rocket, which had a bright colorless light glowing out of the bottom. There was a loud hum. The rocket went up and disappeared. When the light on the bottom went out after it was in the air, my car radio and light came onand my engine started without having to touch the starter. Townsend said his car has an automatic transmission, and he had placed the selector lever in park. Townsend, a non-drinker (I dont believe in it as a Christian.), said his heart was pounding and his legs were like rubber. I drove 90 miles an hour back to Long Prairie to report what I saw, but I wondered if people would believe me. I was sure of two thingsthe rocket (it towered above the trees along the road) was a spaceship of some kind, and the three objects that came out of it were creatures like nothing else in the animal world I have ever seen. They definitely were not people as I know them. Townsend said the rocket ship took off, looking just like a flashlight that is turned on and then lifted up from the table with the light at the bottom. Several hunters in the Long Prairie area claimed to have seen a strong light above them that lit up the ground that night. Other hunters reported seeing a lighted object circle around and around over their farm. November 1966 - 30 Years Ago While in orbit aboard Gemini XII on the 11th, Jim Lovell and Edwin Aldrin saw four UFOs linked in a row. Both astronauts said the objects were not stars. Three days later, on the 14th9 Al Wiselka and Leonard Kaiser were elk hunting

and saw strange lights on a ridge near the elk pastures above west Pass Creek, near Dayton, Wyoming. The next day on the way back they checked the spot and found a semicircular area where the brush and grass were pressed flat and branches of brush on the perimeter clipped off. They also found the body of a fawn lying outside of the perimeter. Where the head and neck crossed the perimeter line, they had been cut off, with no sign of blood or visible wounds. The body lay there for weeks and was never touched by magpies or other scavengers; even flies and maggots left it alone. Just after noon on the 29th, Jack Brown was flying his small aircraft northbound over California near Mt. Shasta when he saw a bright object streaking across the sky. "There framed against the blue sky was an object that failed to meet any mental description of an aircraft carried in my think box. It looked every bit like a big butane tank (the oblong type you see sitting by the roads with 'Butane Sold Here' signs on them) cutting across the sky at something in excess of three or four hundred miles per hour. It was on a southwest heading which would take it out over the California coast. I blinked my eyes as I watched what appeared to be a white oblong tank flash thru the sky and disappear. With each blink I thought my eyes might focus on a tail assembly or some projection on the object to give me a clue as to its identity. All this had taken just a few seconds and yet I know I saw something and as well know exactly what it looked like. The sixty-four dollar question was what in hell was it?" October 1970 Students at the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado, are being taught to stop scoffing at the mention of UFOs, and to keep an open mind on the subject. This was made clear on October 1, 1970, in an interview given by Major

Stewart Kilpatrick, Deputy Director of Public Information of the Air force Academy, to The Lemoore, California, Advance, in a lengthy and exclusive phone interview. Major Kilpatrick, as second ranking officer in public affairs at the Air Academy, is in a position to speak authoritatively for the Air Force. He admitted at once that plebes (freshmen) are taught from a text entitled, Introductory Space Science, Volume II, and an entire Chapter 33 deals entirely with UFO considerations. He quoted from page 455, that 50,000 virtually (sic) reliable people have reported sighting unidentified flying objects. This leads (sic) us with the unpleasant possibility of alien visitors to our planet, the 14-page chapter continues, or at least alien controlled UFOs. According to the Academy text book: If such beings are visiting the Earth, two questions arise: 1) Why havent they attempted to contact us officially, and 2) why havent there been accidents which would have revealed their presence? Why no contact? That question is very easy to answer in any of several ways: 1) We may be the object of intensive sociological and psychological study. In such studies, you usually avoid disturbing the test subjects environment. 2) You do not contact a colony of antsand humans may seem that way to ant aliens (variation: a zoo is fun to visit, but you dont contact the lizards.). 3) Such contact may have already taken place secretly, and may have taken place on a different plane of awarenessand we are not yet sensitive to communications on such a plane. In releasing this interview in the Lemoore Advance, we are well aware that many readers will certainly raise an eyebrow or two. But Major Kilpatrick insisted the above chapter in the text is not a fairy story. At the end, he seemed to go along with the recommendations of the physics text book, which advises Air force officers as follows: The best thing to do is to keep an open and skeptical

mindand not take an extreme position on any side of the question. Introductory Space Science closes the chapter with the wish expressed that renewed extensive investigation be given to the possibility of UFOs. This will require expenditure of a considerable sum of government funds, it explained, and in the present public attitude of scorn and ridicule whenever UFOs are mentioned, such possibility seems almost hopeless, the chapter laments. -And that is all, dear associates from the Philocosmic Club! Thanks and good afternoon!- The doctor said, wiping his sweat with a red colored handkerchief The people applauded, and he went out giving bows to the right and left. His work was donned, and he was feeling elated. At the corridors, people come to see him and salute; several people gives him packages and gifts in money, remarking that they were old admirers At the Flier taxi, the doctor was saying: Well, folks, that was all! Now we must prepare to go to Oredloro! Four lectures there, for the Amianto Club of the Unknown. Never heard of them, but they are offering me a good chunk of money, and this are no times to disdain a sope. At the suite, with the gear near the door, Doctor Farthom gives a glass of mild liquor to everyone, and said, rising his glass: To us! They drank and Moe said: Good you are strong and fit for this work, Doctor! Your lecture of today was a very interesting one. Thanks, lad! Well, Mr. Claimbers, you get to wait for tomorrow! Your wages arent here- but I am sure the President will come this afternoon to pay me! This gentleman always did the same thing: first the lectures, then the money! To others, I dont permit it! There are some scoundrels that makes you sweat for a sope, and then they disappear when they get to pay! Very well, I was glad to be of help. Have a nice afternoon. - Claimbers said, not waiting for more of that mild liquor At the street, he realized he was happy to be of service to the old manlecturer of old tales in strange lands! UFOs! A wild name for an elusive matter At his flat, he worked cleaning the floor and rearranging the scant furniture it was left after the departure of Bowar Then, he drinks a glass of milk and went to sleep That night and at the Bakery, he was looking at the machine revolving the dough and when ready, the same machine begin to cut and locate the bread in the oven- one hour later, the whole bread production was under way. He takes a bread to taste it, and he finds it all right- he eats four more breads while he was working with new doug, and thats was

the reason he didnt eat meals at home (or anywhere else). He feeds only on breadand milk. At nine oclock he arrives to the suite of hotel, and Moe opened the door for him, saying: The doctor is ill! What? Something that he eats?- Claimbers asked him, walking inside the suite. We dont know! The Hotel doctor is coming soon.- Curly said, walking out of a room. Claimbers looked at the doctor, who was green at the face, and saying: Oh, Im dying! Someone knocks at the door, and Moe opened the door- it was the doctor. Good morning, gents! Where is the dying person?- Said the doctor, a thin small man in his forties, wearing a green suit. This way, doctor!- Moe said, and the medic produced a new kind of scanner, where lights and a small screen were visible. He hummed for a while, and said: Its his liver! Nothing that I cannot mend! And producing another electronic gadget, he made a few passes over the stomach, saying. Doctor Farthom I am sure you are feeling well now. Oh, I am dying!- Farthom said, but he was loosing his green pallor. No, you are not! And for the next time, dont drink too much! Its a doctors advice for your own good. Dont you worry to pay me now- my bill will be included at your rent.- The doctor said, matter of factly When the doctor was out of the suite, Farthom stands up, rise his arms and said: Good as new! But I wasnt going to show that man my recovery! They are a bunch of proud gooses! They laughed, and the doctor said. Come here, lad! I have your money in my trunk! And he opened a trunk and taking a wad of money, he separated a thousand sopes , handling it to Claimbers, that takes it in his hands, doubting his eyes. Then he said: But doctor Farthom, this is too much for a couple of dayss help! Guess with the half of it will be all right! No, dear fellow! You serves me right when most needed! Take it as a gift, if not a payment!- Doctor Farthom said, smiling- Claimbers saw the other three assistants smiling from the door, too. So, Claimbers pocketed the money in his trousers, and said: Well, then I am available for the next time you need an assistant! Doctor Farthom Climbor smiled, patted him in his shoulders, and said: Go in peace, my friend! Claimbers handshake every assistant, and went out of the suite, feeling the thousand sopes in his pocket a good amount of money for a very small work When at his flat, he hid the money on a light fixture, and sleep the rest of that day. At two oclock of the next day, he arrives to the Bakery, and Mr. Gerdug was at the side of the door.

Good night, Sir.- Claimbers said to the boss. Gerdug patted him on a shoulder, saying: You dont work here anymore, lad. But why, Mr. Gerdug? Im not late!- Claimbers said, looking at the clock- he was right on time. No, its not that, Claimbers! Its only that I will not require your presence here anymore! You see, a relative was passing a bad time, and I hired him just to help him go again in his tracks! You are no relative, so I cannot prefer you. Here is your pay for this month- if you count the money, youll see Im giving you a nice extra payment, to show I am not a greedy man. Good night. Claimbers takes the money and puts it inside his pocket, as in a dreamfired! That means a lot of trouble he was not going to analyze right now! He headed for the next Bar as in a trance, and seating on a stool, he ask for a drink. The bartender said: Take it easy, lad! Whatever happened to you, its not the end of the world! So its showing it all around me?- Claimbers asked, taking a sip. Yeah, lad! You have no tears in your eyes, so its not a love affair! Did you kill a man or loose your job?- The bartender said, while mopping the bar. The last one. I was an honest baker till now. - Claimbers said, now showing some tears. Come on, bakers are needed worldwide ! Youll get another job, pal!The bartender tried to rise his humor, and went to attend another drifting customer A man slams a satchel next to his place on the bar, saying: A strong whisky, bartender! And make it quick! The bartender moves his head and serves him a shot of whisky, saying: Take it slow, chum! Claimbers looked at the man- he was in his sixties, using an old jacket and blue pants; his shirt was white with red lines, and the satchel was a huge one, possibly full of documents. Hey, what are you looking, pal? Do I look strange to you?- The man said, pointing at him with the glass. You look rather common, man! Take it easy!- Claimbers said, moving in the stool to be on guard- the man seems to be on edge. Oh, a very common man I am! So common that I have the secret of the ages with me in here!- He said, showing the satchel- it was a very common satchel, some thirty odd years of age, with a replacement here and there. Yeah, it looks rather outwordly.- Claimbers said, and the barman chucled behind the bar; the man looks at both of them, saying: Oh, you dont believe me? Ill show you! And he produced a photo inserted on a plastic cover- showing some diagrams nobody understands but the strange man.

See? A nuclear plant! Cold fusion! Thats what its in here.- The man said, expecting some recognition in the eyes of his listeners, but there was none. Do you know about cold fusion? A very remarkable thing it is!- The man said, with a booming voice nobody takes in serious. I guess is a bogus idea.- Somebody said from a table, where several men were smiling at them, ready to have a laugh on the quack. The man with the satchel turns to them as bite by a snake, and said: An excess heat observation is based on an energy balance. Various sources of energy input and output are continuously measured. Under normal condition, the energy input can be matched to the energy output to within experimental error. In experiments such as those run by Fleischmann and Pons, a cell operating steadily at one temperature transitions to operating at a higher temperature with no increase in applied current. In other experiments, however, no excess heat was discovered, and, in fact, even the heat from successful experiments was unreliable and could not be replicated independently. A man at the table said:If higher temperatures were real, and not experimental artifact, the energy balance would show an unaccounted term. In the Fleischmann and Pons experiments, the rate of inferred excess heat generation was in the range of 10-20% of total input. The high temperature condition would last for an extended period, making the total excess heat appear to be disproportionate to what might be obtained by ordinary chemical reaction of the material contained within the cell at any one time, though this could not be reliably replicated. [119]:3[125] Subsequent researchers who advocate for cold fusion reported similar results. The man with the satchel went there to keep on talking science, and the barman blink an eyes to Claimbers, saying: Bogus science, pal! Dont pay attention to all what you hear. Yes, I get my own problems to solve.- Claimbers said, asking for another drink. He was ready to go out, and pay. Then, at the door, the man with the satchel catch up with him, saying: Bunch of ignorants! They are stuck in old ideas! Claimbers reaches the street, and the man keeps at his side, saying: I m sure my experiment works- I have big plans have a minute? I have something to show you. Claimbers looked at him, very suspicious the man was a loony bin, but the satchel guy said:-Im a full doctor, you know? I am Willamfor Deretak! The inventor.- And produced a card; Claimbers reads it, and said: Very well, you are Willamfor Deretak, but I am sorry, I had never heard of you. And it would be very rare if you do! I kept my secrets for myself! Some other people publicices their findings in order to get money from people or organizations, to keep on experimenting! With this engine, that I had

already at my disposal, I am sure a submarine could travel far and away! Claimbers steps unto a moving ways and the man follows him, saying: I need a good assistant for the completion of my project. Do you feel capacitated to act as such?- And the shiny face of the man has a pair of lunatic eyes on it. It all depends of the wages you want to pay me.- Claimbers said, remembering he was out of job now. Ah, of course, money! I could pay you eight thousand sopes for the whole period of time that this first voyage should take! No more than a couple of months, perhaps less.- Willamfor Deretak said. Two months.- Claimbers mumbled to himself- four thousand sopes per month- not at all bad, seeing that he has no option I accept. But of course, this must begine with a little money from your part, an advancebecause if we are going to sail away, I must buy some things first, pay my rent in advance Of course, Sir! By the way, I need your name and address, to make things in the proper order.- Deretak said, and Claimbers gives him a card with his personal identification. Very well! Meet me tomorrow at eight at pier Eight, and youll see the submarine- lots of work to be doned there, but well manage!- Deretak said, going away with his satchel Claimbers smiled- the man seems to be a little wacko, but that was OK with him; money was the thing that he was after and who gives it was of no great importance. He eats at a cheap Restaurant some scrambled eggs and rice, and after half a bottle of native wine, he went home, in peace with himself Early the next morning, and after a sound sleep in years , he stands in front of a feeble looking passageway made in parts of metal, others (the missing parts) in wood. Ahoy!- He yelled down, and at the turret a grey figure appears, a black man. What do you want?- the man asked, and Claimbers said: Call on Mr. Deretak! I have an appointment with him today! Wait!- The black man said, and disappear inside the turret. Twenty minutes later, Claimbers begin to think the negro man wa ignoring him and calls again- several times, but now the man just didnt appear, or plaily he was too deep into the machine to hear his hollering. At noon he stands up and begin walking, hoping Mr. Deretak could appear in any minute to welcome him and reassured he had a real job, but nothing of it happened and Claimbers arrives to his flat, one hour later, scorched by the sun he takes waiting at the pier. He decided he will never again believe in the word of a stranger, especially in a Bar He seats on the verge of the bed, and counted all his money. He had 1500 sopes in all, so he went out and bought a cheap radio, to hear music and the news. At a park, he seats and listened the radio; the news were that the Queen Girardot was buying new spaceships for the fleet,

and that the outer worldly societies were bringing lots of new inventions, among them, the Transporter, a device that sent the atoms a-flying any way they want, transporting goods and people instantaneously. He was listening when he saw a man with a satchel coming by a bend, and he recognized Mr. Deretak and his first intention was to flee, but the man already had spotted him from afar, and was waving his hands in a ridiculous way. He stands up and salute. Good afternoon, Mr. Deretak! I was there, but you werent visible! Deretak blinked his eyes, and then he said: But I told you at eight! And its only six oclock! Claimbers sighed, not willing to believe his eyes, and said: But the day has twenty four hours and the eight hour is in the morning, Sir! Sorry, dear fellow! I forgot your name. Claimbers. Yes, Mr. Claimbers! Sorry about that! But I am going there myself now! Lets walk together! I am sure you saw the submarine, and what do you think of it? Its a dark long submarine, I am sure it is in good shape. Yes, in good shape! But without the engine! I have my invention somewhere else! I need to assemble it on the submarine- I already talk with a company- tomorrow they are going to begin the works!- Deretak said, and Claimbers begin to believe in the man again a misunderstanding happens any day At the pier, Deretak goes first by the ramp, saying:This old ramp is in need of replacement! But I had little time for details! And the ramp was swaying and creaking; Claimbers waits until the man was on the submarine to traverse the feeble ramp, and at the boat, he felt the swaying produced by the waves. Up the turret now! Beware with the steps- there is always some oil in them.- Deretak said, climbing with his satchel hanging from a cord around his neck- this time Claimbers was sure that Mr. Deretak was a very peculiar man The negro was waiting at the main cabin, where the periscope and the other artifacts of control were located; he was a small man with a black beard, dark brown eyes and a smeared T-shirt and blue pants, using a pair of strong shoes. Urgo! All is fine here?-Mr. Deretak asked him, and the negro pointed at Claimbers, saying: He was here asking for you. See? Just like a dog! He should had told you I was coming here at night! Well, Urgo has a thick brain! As you see here, we have all the illusions of an engine working somewhere, but no, the diesel engines were extracted two years ago- I sold it for my experiments! No need of those, of course! My new device is a lot more strong! I congratulate you, Sir. You have a fine submarine.- Claimbers said, thinking that without a proper engine, the submarine was a worthless thing

You can sleep in here from now on! No need to waste your money paying a rent somewhere else! The engine will be arriving very soon, and of course, you will be helping if necessary. - Claimbers said, and they went to see the cabins- there were small and smelling to oil, and the air was nothing but pure. Claimbers said: I prefer to keep on living at my flat, if you dont mind. All right! But you must be here from eight to sixteen hours! Six days out of seven! I presume the engine will be in place and working in ten days- from then on, well be sailing.- Mr. Deretak said, rubbing his hands Very well, Mr. Deretak. Something you want me to do right now?Claimbers asked him. No, but tomorrow you must be here at eight! And I will give you some money, as you must be prepared to move at a moments notice- pay the rent, and sell your furnitures, because in here I cannot allow any of those things- the submarine is very crampy, as you saw.- Deretak said, and gives him two thousand sopes. Claimbers went out into the air and across the ladder with a smilemoney in advance! So the guy was really meaning what he said! And he was going to be a sailor, of all things strange! At his flat, he organize his clothes, his four pair of shoes, and the scant furniture he had, and he was sure it was not worth a sope, so he decides to leave it all in their places, so the renter will be deciding what to do with them, after he leaves But he was not going to tell the man a word about his leaving until the end He takes the money into the secret box, and went to the street, to drink some beer and talk with the bartender at the bar , as part of his daily strife

A person who lives at Oxiborion, a doctor in engineer who builds a submarine nuclear engine, need a crew but nobody wants due to the fact this is the third submarine in a series that went underwater to never come out again. The person is drinking at a bar after finishing a five years relation with a woman. With no money and no good wages (he sells paint) he accepts the 500.000 sopes and went down in the submarine with three assistants the good doctor has for peanuts.

The submarine test went swell, velocity constant, but then it didnt turns, the rudder is stuck, so they travel and crash-landed on the second continent, where they succeed to open the hatch and swim ashore. Dinosaurs, women, wine and gold. Good tale. Person: Claimbers Doctor Farthom Climbor Assistants of the doctor: Moe, Curly, Joe. Submarine nuclear powered The Siluro Lost woman of Claimbers: Bowar Dinos, women Despues de algunas aventuras, aparece el doctor en una lancha y con gente para buscar y recuperar el submarino. Hayan a la persona, la llevan al submarino y lo reflotan. El doctor trabaja dos meses arreglando los circuitos y dice que ahora ira el en persona, ya que sabe que funciona, el timon lo reparo para que no fallara mas. The doctor is a German who come to Knapp to evade the aftermaths of his work at the fifth world war in Earth. His tongue is funny. SYNOPSIS OF THE PREVIOUS BOOKS . 26 AND 27 KNAPP. Knapp 26 Writen by Alfred Juillet Frascara. Science fiction saga. Volume 28. 26 nov 2011 .

Knapp 26. Agoust to November 2011. Synopsis. 1.- Queen Girardot of Knapp sent a spaceship to Brana 1. Vulcan planetto buy several surplus spaceships with the spaceship NG 15,capable of Warp 4, under Captain Vocularis, lieutenant Adlara, Colonel Rirnof, Miss Oroba, engineer Mazuela, Lascarof. They missed the point and ends up in Brana 2, unknown location. They crash landed on a planet and saw some Phylodons. 9. - They found another spacecraft derelict in the vicinity. They saw an octopus killing a giant man. Rogo, Subseco, Tiasur. Insects inside the alien vessel. They split in two groups to explore. Vocularis and 13 others: colonel Rirnof, with the rest. Subseco, Zahna, Ulma, Reiha, Gerisena, Pigror, Rogo, Ulma. Rirnof finds humans (bluish skin) . They arrive to a walled city. They slept at the House of the Poor. Soon they get jobs : ( sopes is the currency).

Subseco and Zahna returns to the hills to find Vocularis team to take them to that city. 12. Chapter 3. Subseco and Zahna. Coelophysis . Mamaban city. Celuros, Serpents, The Sea. They found fishermen, the Xarico. More Coelophysis. 18. From there to an island with Odito and other fishermen. Euplocephalus. Eustreptospondil. Jungle. Odito and the fishermen goes . Coelophysis, Minmi. Centrosaur. Odito comes back and went back to the continent. Stygilosaur, they arrive to the tribe. Avimimo. Escelidosaur, Zahana and Subseco departed back to the city on foot. Mamaban city, Rirnof welcome them, so Vocularis did. Soon the black insects attack but were defeated. 23 Chapter 4. Captain Vocularis team. Meanwhile and back in time Vocularis on the alien spaceship. Insects inside the vehicle. Giants corpses. Diplodocus, Coelophysis. After a walk by the mountains they find a city on a Middle Age situation. Lodging at the House of the Poor, Lascarof and Mazuela were there, and soon Rirnof appears. They begin doing wine. Sopes means money. And gun powder. They bought a farm. Lord Sufo asks for guns. Colonel Rirnof in charge now of the fabrication of explosives for the kingdom. That is located at planet 2 Star >Marcarfo. Names given by captain Vocularis. King Abinadaba cousin of Lord Sufo. Rirnof to make three cannons per month. Mazuela in charge of the powder factory. Marcarfo of the melting plant to make bronze cannons. The black alien carnivore insets attacks the city of Mamaban. 31. Chapter V. Lord Sufo. King Abinadaba dies a year later. Queen Rutah inherits the throne. Lord Sufo opposed. Euplocephalus. Lord Sufo rebelled against 37 Queen Rutah. At the gates, Lord Sufo dies transposed by a lance. Colonel Rirnof was killed by a cannon ball. 39. Vocularis flee with some others: Tiasur, Zahna, Adlara, Ulma, Oroba, _Reiha, Gerisena, Lascarof, Pigror, Subseco, Mazuela and natives: Qulma, Imara, and others. Tiasur and Ulma in romance, Tiasur finds the Cronomobile. 42. Tiasur on Ariabeldoom. Chapter 6. He find people living at this new planet, civilization equals XX Century Earth. 3. Plenty of helicopters. He meet Lanira, others are Calire, Penigo. The planet is called Ariabeldoom. The city is attacked by aerial vehicles with LASER weapons. Guloon city. Yofidius the engineer. King Jolisimandus. Yofidius named the new Ministry of War. Octopus sapiens defeated. They had human slaves to work. 45. for them but not anymore. Tiasur returns to the Cronomobile in helicopter went to fetch people at the second planet of Marcarfo star. He takes Reiha and

49. Ulma in this first trip. He returns to planet 2 Marcarfo star. Arqueopterix. But hes attacked by a Stygimoloch and went back hurt. Calire and Penigo helps him rent helicopters to fetch the 51 Cronomobile. Tiasur said to Ulma that their romance is over, so she stabbed him. While Tiasur is in the Hospital, Lanira knifed Ulma. After a time, Tiasur went again, for the third time, to planet 2 Marcarfo with Lanira. Datuosaurs, Licorinos, Stygimoloch. They return to sleep (to Ariabeldoom) and back again to planet 2 Marcarfo. This time they find ex captain Vocularis. They went back to Ariabeldoom planet. Omeisaurs. After some time, they bring the Cronomobile to the Nishizawa Industries, technical section. Soon Vocularis became chief of engineers and making a new supersonic plane. 61. Chapter 7. Vocularis bought a farm and let the Cronomobile there while he works at the city. Tiasur and Lanira stay at the farm. Eggs and milk is produced from Parasaurolophus Walkery. 4 62. Calire, Penigo, Lanira and Tiasur working at the farm. Alaskacephale. Assistants: Lecobian, Togader, Mutubarense. Rashid and Bellainde are the bad guys. so Tiasur fired them. Rashid and Bellainde smashed the controls at the Cronomobile. Marcaro Figelein, engineer 65. is hired to repair the vehicle. At a trip to the Guloon city, Tiasur and Lanira find both Rashid and Bellainde, and they had a fight. Figelein repairs the Cronomobile, and they hired a cryptologist (Ashana Timefor) to translate the signs at the consoles. 69. Chapter 8. The Experiments. Ashana decipher the signs: now they can use the Cronomobile with all it potentials! Ashana went to work at the city (previously assigned) and deciphered the stone discs found at the Fibobor Mountains (it was how to build MASER driller-cannon.) Dropa discs. Berther (Technician) build the cannon. 81. Ashana returns to the farm, Tiasur welcomes 82. her. Chapter X. Back to the farm Tiasur, Lanira, Figelein, Marcaro, Ashana, Lecobian, togader, Mutubarense. The machine is working .The farmers had gone. Money runs short. 83. Tiasur went with Ashana to a planet they called Rock, similar to Knapp. Figelein. Lecobian, Togader arrives. Tiasur went back to the farm. Coelophysis. Mountains. They return after three days with nothing 86 of value. 4. 89. Tiasur saves Lecobian and Togader while a Carnosaur was roaming the woods. 90. Lord Yofidius leased them a cannon to hung big animals. Tiasur send some prospectors to Planet Rock, who found emeralds that he brought back to Ariabeldoom. Prospectors are three: Jobar and two others. He returns to the farm.

95. and Larnia was happy to see the jewels. In some helicopter Lord Yofidius sent, they went to the far mountains to hung big dinosaurs for meat to sell: Tiasur, Ashana, Mutubarense, three soldiers, and Figelein. When firing to some Conchoraptors, the cannon explode, killing everyone but Ashana. She eventually returns to the field, Lanira was very shocked to hear about it. Lord Yofidius tried to help them stay, but Vocularis appears saying he is the sole owner, and is going to sell the ranch. Lanira and Ashana returns to the city in a truck, leaving all behind. The end.


Writen from 10 to 26th November 2011. Science fiction written by Alfred Juillet Frascara. 44 pages. Epoch: year 4.221 Stardate [39]98002.0123


From Knapp = At the Government: Queen Girardot, Count Nutrix, Lord Quam, Treasurer Worfon. Duke Oheller, Councilor Fatomons, Chamberlains Menis, Minister of Economy Sir Merops, Minister of Miner Preaproperus Capresur, Lord Atern, Lord Welke, Sir Leuchte, Gomedio from the Minister of Economy. Starfleet personnel: Admiral Cacepi (67), Captain Commander Lacerno, Captain Commander Gelide, First officer Otobirnio, Pilot Cepicorio, Gunner Kinsber. Lieutenant Commander Conus, Fleet Captain Bidens, Cadets: Predisco, Paxillus, Inolens, Expers. Ensigns: Contuitus, Atratus, Iniectus, Quomodo, Viviradix, Sublatu, Woola Fernan (24).

Commander Xollak, Crewman Rtol. , Commander Spotunior (98) , Ensigns Uribald (32) , Tuifofardo Louter (23) (musician), Doctor Macobit (56), pilot Jobaldo (25), Ensign Otobirnio (28), Cepicorio (28).

Chapters : 1.- Admiral Cacepi 2.- Voyage to the IV planet. Queen Girardot bought several spaceships and Admiral Cacepi travels with them to planet IV Pedisequus, where he finds several illegal minning operations, so he takes those in custody, but in one of them he finds machinery not of Knappian origin but alien. After some time, a small fleet appears bringing the Coboal aliens from Kappa Hydra of the First Brana. The Cobolian fleet attacks but they were defeated by the Admiral Cacepi s fleet. Cacepi had two wives in the course of the narration: Woola, who was a pilot, and then Nedala, with whom he engendered a baby girl. Also, they find an alien vessel and they take it to engross the Knappian Space Fleet. The End.