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Orlanth is the King of the Gods, Master of Storms, Death Wielder and Bringer of Light. His worshippers know of several incarnations of Orlanth and when known as Orlanth Adventurous his skills as a poet, fighter and lover are legendary. Full of life and energy, the god lived by his wits and blade; loving goddesses and getting in and out of trouble. His contests with Emperor Yelm were renowned. Eventually, wrongs committed by him and others brought the Great Darkness and the Orlanth, now older and wiser, set off on a desperate journey to bring back light and life to the world. Many others joined him in his quest. After great hardships, these Lightbringers travelled to the Underworld. There, he made peace with the slain Yelm, saving the world from destruction. Since then, Orlanth has ruled the world as King of the Gods. The followers of the young incarnation are expected to travel and seek out adventure. He is usually shown as a vigorous man of varying age, armed with the spear and other warrior’s weapons, and wearing a a bravo’s arm rings. His temples are often set on hilltops or stone circles. Most clans support a minor temple while tribes and kingdoms have major ones. The leadership of the exploring band was given to Destor who incarnated his father’s youth in all ways possible.

These are stories about the Storm Gods descent from the Great Mountain and their settlement of the sacred land of Dragon Pass.

In the beginning, before the world was fully formed and when things were still shaping themselves to be what might be known, everyone lived on the Great Mountain, in the land called Dini. At that time no one could tell that anything was a thing apart from themselves. It was like all things were one thing. But after a while that changed. Orlanth was the first being to notice differences. He first looked at his tribe, and he noticed that he was different from his sisters, and then that his brothers were different from him too. Then he saw that some things were beings, and that some of the beings were gods like him, and that some were animals, and that some were something else that he could not yet define. Orlanth then looked outward, and he saw that a vast land lay spread out beneath him. He leapt into the air and blew all the way around the world, turning this way and that whenever something caught his attention, and he would explore it closely and look into it. Everywhere that he flew was primeval territory, virgin and untouched. It was utterly wild, and inhabited only by the first things. Orlanth went back to Dini he and told his companions of what he had seen. He concluded by saying, “I think we should go there.”

He killed savage Dursela the Stinging Bear. sky or fire. “we have been busy while you were gone. Orlanth led all of the gods and all of their people to moved downland with their populous herds. and how to approach and how to meet with them. and walked together. During this time Destor the Explorer and Ormalaya the Hunter first exhibited their skills. but he was beset by the Five Majestic Beasts who loved their mistress Velhara. Most of the people said they wanted to go. They made sure people found the safest paths. He outwrestled Grar. He learned how to listen to the voice of the wild that was ancient when Orlanth was young. knife. He went again into Esjenen. and he approached her. He learned how to live off the land. and so defeated him. as each desired. but again his sisters complained. with fields and woods and rivers. and he carried his javelins. the Lady of the Wild. He called himself Varanorlanth. and where the different trees and fields were. and she sat with him around his campfire. He learned how to recognize the dangers. and conquered it. Varanorlanth never caught Velhara. In that way they explored the First Land. to hide his face. Grar’s heart as a plumb. The found special parts of the world or special beings that were in harmony with them. Orlanth decided to go and explore the lands without them. and as a result everyone seemed to be frozen and unable to act until Orlanth said that some could stay behind.” And everyone who liked his sisters decided that they too would stay where they were. and what beings lived among them. “Good brother. When Varanorlanth followed that voice of the wilderness. and he sent the flesh and the roe back to his family as delicacies.“Not us. then felt insulted and at last he set off to track her down. Varanorlanth knew he had to catch Sashaka the Devil Fish that could swim through earth. He learned how to recognize the friends. brush. but some still refused to move. and they talked together. but only slowed him down.” they said. the Variegated Eagle. water. and he learned the lay of the land. Orlanth talked them into going again. and how to confront or avoid them. He thought that she was beautiful. Orlanth went alone. he met the goddess who was called Velhara. They wandered through the wide lands. who was humiliated and surrendered. who never liked to move anywhere. He stalked the land. Iti’s feathers as a lure. and striker. As the composed the “Song of the Hunt” Varanorlanth boasted that he had never been bested at anything. finding the paths. on its back. He got together many of his friends and followers. free. He thought it would be simple. one by one. Esjenen. After five years Orlanth returned to Dini and he told everyone what he had found. talked some of the people out of going. like a man laughs. Several of Orlanth’s uncles showed up and. or sand. for she was hidden deeper than he had ever gone. Look at all these friendly and useful animals that we have now. Wild Orlanth. one by one. Sometimes they found things or places to make . and then cut off its tail with his striker. They decided to make a song of creation. with a cowl and cap. Velhara laughed loud at that. or the First Land. in Dini. the Earth Deer. and so shamed her. this time accompanied by the Discovery Band that he organized. How could you lead us and all of them through that strange place?” Orlanth was not discouraged. He used Dursela’s stinger as hook. Many of his tribe were interested this time.” said his sisters. with strong but silent boots to move over stone. Fa’s sinews as a line. to blend into the wilds. “It’s too wild and dangerous. and Varanorlanth showed them what they needed to know. But for all his successes. They tried to defeat him. He dressed himself with fringed clothing. the Great Migration Downland set off. and met her. He outran Fa. At last. Then. and they found wonderful places to settle. and they discovered many new things and many hidden peoples. and they told everyone what they had seen and done. “What’s it called?” asked his sister. After five years the Discovery Band finally returned to Dini. all of them eager and excited to go from their ancient home on the Great Mountain. Tatouth the Scout sent before them all. They convinced even Orlanth’s sisters to move into the new land. He flipped Rurudram. and she mocked him and then vanished from the camp. She is still there. and defended her. Wild Orlanth was surprised. and Rurudram’s carapace as a boat. the Green Rock Lion. He caught the Devil Fish and hauled it into the boat and chopped off its head. As the people descended many of them found where they should be. Then he brought down Iti. and danced together. But he didn’t catch Velhara. the great horned beetle.

Orlanth leapt into the heavens to face Sh’harkazeel. A snorting world serpent. whose names were Crisis and Rage. When Orlanth killed the Emperor. Hedkoranth the Hurler discovered the thunderstone quarry. for their clamor gave the Cosmic Dragon pain. But Orlanth was not terrified and the storm god let fly his breath that poured into the Primal One’s belly. a nimbus of lightning around his head. The Primal One prepared to attack.things. Pella the Potter discovered the three types of superior clay. and it terrified all three worlds. pronounced an incantation. confounded the machinations of Zzabur and devoured the spirits. and Orstan the Carpenter the trees to mount that blade to make the first plow. cooking and other domestic skills. Without fear. the Mover of Heavens without hands or feet. lightning. Finally. so that its courage was taken from it and its jaws remained open wide. Orlanth agreed to face Sh’harkazeel. Jera the Herbalist found the Green Seven Fields where the magical herbs grow that augment in healing. made ready his weapons. Seeking a champion. The Mover of Heavens was so powerful that it refuted the divine laws of the Cosmic Court. Orlanth decapitated the corpse of Sh’harkazeel and. They bestowed upon Orlanth his regalia. So Esjenen was populated. took up his sword with his right hand. took its head as the source of his Power . Great Orlanth let lose his irresistible thunderbolt and smote to death the firstborn of Dragons. with its tail in its mouth. the gods assembled at Orlanth’s camp. running about and creating new things. The spine he cut into two and fashioned the Dragonspine Mountains. hissing. The coils of the Mover of Heavens enveloped the Sky Dome and when the Emperor’s sons learned of this. with a magic word clenched between his teeth and a healing plant pressed in his palm. Orlanth inhaled the last breath of the Primal One and with that breath learned the Four Sacred Breaths: the Calm Breath that clears the mind. they became numb with fear and fled. garbed in armour. Sh’harkazeel beget itself and dwelt coiled around the world. the Healing Breath that restores life and the No Breath that gives insight and wisdom. They came before the Slayer of Yelm and asked him for his protection and aid. his matchless weapons of war and the irresistible thunderbolt. Orlanth with his own deadly weapons cut the Mover of Heavens into 49 pieces. Sh’harkazeel made ready to devour the gods to silence their clamor. Orlanth and his new tribe of unruly gods disturbed the inner parts of Sh’harkazeel and troubled the Cosmic Dragon. with his left hand. set lightning before him. Sh’harkazeel’s blood flooded the seas and swore revenge. And others as well found the objects. Orlanth filled his body with breath for a year and a day. The gods rejoiced and acclaimed Orlanth as their king. ANOTHER MYTH ORLA NTH SLAYS SH’HARKAZE EL – DRAGONS CAN BE DEFEATED Sh’harkazeel – the Mover of Heavens – was the primal Cosmic Dragon and older than the gods. Moving. places and helpers that made their magic. the Storm Breath that gives one might. having thunder. mist and hail at his command. Sh’harkazeel. called forth the Six Winds and various hurricanes and mounted his irresistible chariot of storm with four steeds. Thus Durev found the first plow blade. he placed Humakt on his right and the shield of Aran on his left. full of fear. Its ribs were used to hold up the Sky Dome after the Mover of Heavens had attacked the sky. they gave the Mover of Heavens reason for concern.

24) and preparations for war. His worshippers use the Movement Rune affinity to aid them in sword combat. Among his dead. do adventurous exploring and. He discovered or invented the ways to survive without stead. He is the father of Tatouth the scout. 45). usually a season or two. Orlanth Adventurous is the aspect young men and warriors worship. In general. some souls will know freedom for a while. however. with members jostling each other and boasting to attract their leaders’ attention. All clans have members who follow the way of the Warrior. mercenaries and warriors that feel it is important to be “Fighting For The Right Things”. Their initiates are generally welcome at any Orlanth ceremony. Afterwards. This individual is always a devotee of Orlanth Adventurous when possible. he went back home to Dini and recruited the Discovery Band to go with him into the wilds. Destor the Explorer was part of the Discovery Band that went out into Esjenen with Orlanth. If conflict arises about leadership. He learned how to anticipate what lay ahead by what he had seen. Even a pure Peace Clan has several men who protect the herd from predators and take certain parts in rituals. their ceremonies resemble the wapentake (see pg. Today the cult attracts male adventurers. Destor is called the Adventurous and is one of the most popular warrior subcults of Orlanth. thieves. His specialty was to find effective ways through places where no one had ever been before. The leaders of warbands can make or break alliances at their discretion. Some solitary or wandering subcults of Orlanth Adventurous are not worshipped through the warband. Now he can never go where someone has been before. or kin. The clan warband is the most prominent presence of Orlanth Adventurous for most Heortlings. Often. Some alliances may withstand the tests of time. each warband determines its own fate. When warbands join the person best qualified becomes the leader. he selects the clan champion to lead the warband. the two warriors usually settle the issue with a variation of the Champion’s Battle (see pg. The clan chieftain selects the leader of the warband. Worshippers depict Orlanth Adventurous with a shield and his favored weapons (as determined by the worshipping clan). He must consider many complex social and religious issues. and an accepted path for men with wanderlust. weapons. WARBANDS Every clan has a temple to Orlanth Adventurous in the bodies of its fyrdmen and weaponthanes. winning glory. Orlanth Adventurous guarantees to his loyal Initiates that he will go and get their soul if the body is not treated with proper burial rites. Warbands are usually part of a clan or tribe. using one method or another. but others may join minor winds or be chosen by Orlanth to serve in his band of heroes. but most last only as long as needed. an outlet for aggression. The stormhorse tribe just emphasis the Destor aspect rather than the Orlanthi a bit more than are common 8due to mythical reasons). but by far the most common. This way the . this aspect includes anything Orlanth did that took him away from his home. No priest of Orlanth Adventurous commands the loyalty of all warbands by religious right. Regardless of the outcome. Funeral rites for the Adventurous cultists require burning the body while chanting prayers to Orlanth. There is then a song to command the soul to the winds. Even in times of peace.The Destor subcult of Orlanth Adventorous is one version of many. A smoky fire is made and grave goods are included to assist the person in the land of the dead. above all. The clan’s chief priest selects a god-talker or priest to lead rituals for the warband. The cult provides protection for society. and thus obey the chieftain or king. When Orlanth set out to explore the world he took the name Varanorlanth.

Many become lay members of a locally important cult only for the duration of one of the cult's festivals or High Holy Day celebrations. or the requirement for a gift is waived. Stealth. half of men initiate into one of the aspects and subcults of Orlanth. Incognito. and include anyone planning to become an initiate. Women who wants to progress beyond communal worship. A basic understanding of the cult's tenants and a small gift or donation (typically worth 1 to 10 pennies) is generally all that is required to join. They attend regular ceremonies and say prayers. Find Loot. They must also attend all ceremonies during Holy Days. in which case a less valuable gift is accepted. Lay members may learn cult spirit magic and may study cult skills in preparation for becoming an initiate of the cult. There are few requirements to become a lay member for an outsider. Storm Bull. After the first two years of adulthood. Mobility. Thunder Bird. Push and Pull. male and female. preferring to use smoky fires. CULT SKILLS Athletics. Other places simply ask for a burning. Wild Hunter. storm. Initiates are expected to attend services at their place of worship at least one day every two weeks. Combat Style (1H Sword. without any need to make a gift or donation. or are children. Gauntlet of Destor. etc. are communal members of Orlanth. sometimes with a lightining bolt clutched in one hand. The cult provides training at half price for cult skills. but if non. Influence.). Evade. Initiates are also expected to join their warband for at least six week each year. The character must know five of the cult skills of at least 30%. Wordwind. Perception. though not for a period of time beyond Windsday of the next Mobility week. Bypass. Endurance. Initiates of Orlanth may receive room and board from any Orlanth temple. Prayers send the soul to the wind. and are not taught the inner secrets of the religion. Lay members are casual worshippers who generally belong in a more serious fashion to other religions or cults.Orlanthi assist . Requirements: Candidates will be tested to determine their knowledge of the cult. their sincerity for joining and even their current reputation. They are also expected to attend some or all of the seasonal Holy Day ceremonies. Devotion (Orlanth). carved from wood or stone and depicting Orlanth in full adventuring regalia (arms. They are excluded from certain parts of the worship service. Bladesharp. choose thesubcults of Vinga. armour and shield). Farsee. Spear. Lay members are expected to attend the cult's yearly High Holy Day ceremonies and give a small gift to the cult at that time. Find Way At Mountains Feet A Destor Adventurer must donate 10% of the income to the cult. The simple worshippers of a deity are called lay members. Members of associated cults (closely related friendly religions) that are of initiate or higher status in the associated cult are automatically considered to be lay members of the cult. In the hilly regions Orlanth High Priests like to have their shrouded bodies tied into trees or sometimes held aloft by specially built racks. Shield) CULT SPIRIT MAGIC Deviation Shield. Jump. All Heortlings. Temples dedicated to Orlanth the adventurous is hall-like with effigies of Orlanth stationed at the door and within. and quiet air.Adventurers need not fear dying in a strange land among foreigners. They may demand assistance in combat from all Air Rune cultists (Orlanth.

Rune Lords of Orlanth Adventurous are called Wind Lords. Perception. Destors Sight. possibly. and so he roams the world seeking danger and strife. Stranger Wind Lords are treated with respect by everyone they meet in Sartar. bold. Summon Sylph. RUNE MAGIC (ONLY 1 PTS. He is the subject of awe. 2 points). Influence. Stealth. Acolytes must devote a minimum of three pts to divine magic Acolytes are expected to lead the defence of their god and his people. and many poems.then the helpers may demand a price for it afterwards. boastful and in command of every situation. Pay all debts. Divine Intervention (re-usable. In emergencies a fair man will aid But take praise and cheers for pay. Cloud Call Wind Lords are the temporal leaders among the Orlanthi. His life task is to perform deeds to honor his god. Find Enemy. Run Up Cliff. A candidate must have 90% or more in a Combat Style. . though were gelds are set in civilized regions. They will not demand payment for their own mistakes or fair injuries received. Spirit Block. Farwalk. He has no permanent allegiance to any “ministry” but simply moves from one to the other. Listen to the wind. Souls Sight. Command Sylph. is always expected by Orlanth worshippers for wrongs done to them. even if it breaks you. If you demand payment in your turn You will expect to be paid. Especially those gained in emergency. Compensation to relatives or. serving as he can and being served by Priests and Initiates in turn. just. Familiar Wind Lords who have proved themselves to their tribe live like thans on the gifts which they receive from friends or people thankful or hopeful of their help. Run over Mud. Give freely! Do not break a friend. impetuously taking up quarrels and fearlessly defending his friends. A Wind Lord has the immense benefit of being called upon for many dangerous tasks and trying to outshine his contemporaries in feats of glory and prowess. and will be exacted in blood only if more peaceable means have failed. Liberty’s Stroke. in your own eye. NON-STACKABLE) Gust. Listen To The Wind. Do it free. admiration. Rescue is as likely as ransom. Initiates who are captured will be ransomed by their own priests if possible. Answer the call for assistance Then charge what is fair. Divine Intervention (non-reusable) Requires at least 50% in Devotion (Orlanth) and 50% in three other cult skills. 90% or more in any four of the following skills: Athletics. and are the embodiments of the Adventurer. and given food and shelter if they ask. RUNE MAGIC Alter Target. and donate as much as a third of their income to their priests and temple funds. or by friends. They usually learn Oratory to help give their arguments force. Payment may vary. and in a other Combat style. they will too. the cult. They aspire to be the embodiment of Orlanth. Circumstances will determine which option is used. The cost must meet the standards set forth in Orlanth’s poem: Breath is in everyone: all Air is your friend All Air must move for storm or breeze. Evade.

Last Gasp Recovery Chalana Arroy provides Heal Body. order the Wind Lord to pursue and fight any force of Darkness which has bothered her in the last week. you are evil. It is not necessary for a Wind Lord to attack anything he deems overly large. If meeting a Yelmalio Priest or Lord. He may receive one piece of iron to mark his status. though definitions of this task are intentionally vague. curse of existence. The Wind Lord and Yelmalio must then engage in a Riddling contest. Jealous Uncle. but it is often the first quest for the new Wind Lord to gain his whole regalia of iron accoutrements. Chaotic things on his hate list are Broos. I have a new Toy here. cry out: Wandering Sun. There is a minimum of one question each. but if she does then the Wind Lord has the right to make one demand upon her Fertility spell on the next Springtime Earth Rite. (For Riddling. see it? Test me. Friends! No person can risk the world alone. Iron weapons and armour are rarely available to present to a Wind Lord upon his accession to the rank. (Earth Cults include Eiritha and Aldrya. She does not have to do this. be gone! Turn your back and Flee from Me. but he must get help and bend his efforts to destroying the chaos as soon as possible. then. each Rolls INT*5 or miss the guess). RUNE MAGIC Airway. The loser pays a Wheel for each wrong answer. what Dark shall I fight? The priestess may. Wind Lords have honors to uphold. They need not be like you. and the following challenges must be made. and so get to keep the best 10% for themselves. If the chaotic thing does not do as told then the Wind Lord must fight it to kill it if possible. Ogres. Heler provides Rain. Look at me! I am come.They have their choice of booty taken on raids by them and their followers. I will kill you. twice if you can For a Gold Piece each right Answer. Join others you can share with. If the people were unfairly treated it is the duty of the Orlanth Wind Lord to investigate. I am yours. Ernalda provides Earthweight. Lie and whimper before me. Upon meeting other Lightbringers: Good greetings in ill times. If it turns its back or lies and whimpers he can still kill it without any penalty to his honor or conduct. the Conqueror! None can stand before me. Upon meeting something of Chaos: Foul slime. If any of the Priests or Lords among those met are hungry or thirsty or in need of healing the Wind Lord must help them. Upon meeting any Earth Priestess: Sweet Green Woman. Divine Intervention (unlimited). . Scorpion Men. chaos things like Gorp and Dragon Snails and such.

FIND ENEMY 1 Point. Instant The caster of this spell has the ability to re-direct any Ranged attack away from its intended target. Everyone. granting them three steps for every one of a normal man. The spell is cast and the missile (even if it is supposedly instantaneous in flight like most spells) is turned away from its original target and sent flying toward another target of the caster’s choice. The travel is not instantaneous and takes a number of minutes equal to the number of miles the trip will take. ALTER TARGET 2 points. Duration Special. Storm Bull provides Face Chaos. This spell grants the caster and a number of allies (and all mounts) equal to the points of the spell to travel at triple normal rate until sunset. Nothing can harm the travellers. This new target has to be a viable target for the source of the attack and cannot be used to reflect a missile back towards its source. the group is slowed to his rate unless they collectively choose to leave him behind. RUNE MAGIC AIRWAY 3 Point. The caster may also designate another person to receive the spell's protection. This does not actually affect their individual Movement rates or characteristics. The spell can only work if everyone in a given travel group is thusly enchanted. This spell is cast as a Combat Reaction whenever a Ranged spell. Non-stackable The spell is an example of powerful transportation magic used by some to travel extremely long distances. will need to pass an Athletics skill test when they land to avoid being dropped to the ground awkwardly. except the caster. Valind provides Freezing Wind. If even a single rider is not covered by the spell. Stackable The caster somehow slows the world around him including his allies.Lhankor Mhy provides Analyse Magic. Passive. Ranged. however. Mastakos provides World Step. non-stackable This spell alerts the caster to danger. When the spell is cast. in which case . it merely makes travel times shorter from one place to the next. Non-reusable. whether or not the lurker can be seen. Vinga provides Pathfinder. missile attack or anything else is in mid-flight. Ranged. Flight FARWALK 2 Point. except for other high-flying creatures or persons and natural weather will not slow or hinder them. the caster and anyone he is touching (including their possessions) is flown to any Orlanth temple or site he has visited before. The caster psychically knows of anyone within the spell's range who intends to harm him. Self (extended).

GUST 1 point. Instant. Long Ranged This spell grants a short reprieve from poor weather. Rain stops. Temporal.both the caster and the target would detect the target's enemies. not on cages. Instant. this spells Intensity compares it to the Magnitude of the spell binding the target. When cast. making it very versatile unless campaigning underwater. SYLPH SUMMONING 1 Point. pleasant weather conditions. the spell calls for the caster to make a Perception skill test. It should be noted that this spell only works on personal bondage. A sizeable sylph is summoned (arriving in d3 rounds) and remains within 30 yards of the caster for the entire spell Duration . Ranged The caster of this spell has the ability to re-direct any Ranged attack away from its intended target. missile attack or anything else is in mid-flight. For magical bondage. non-stack. Ranged This spell grants the caster the ability to briefly perceive things that are not within his normal sensory capabilities. The higher adjusted wins out over the other. Interposing a meter of any solid substance between the caster and an enemy blocks the effects of this spell ALTER TARGET 2 points. Stackable. The Sylph will follow the . This spell cannot alter magical weather effects. Touch This spell allows the caster to free a single target from any kind of mundane bonds and some magical ones. The caster creates an area in miles equal to his POW score of mild. LIBERTY’S STROKE 1 point. The caster need only be able to draw a lungful of air to cast this spell successfully. The spell is cast and the missile (even if it is supposedly instantaneous in flight like most spells) is turned away from its original target and sent flying toward another target of the caster’s choice. Target must delay in combat for three rounds and succeed with an athletics check to not be forced down on knee. he learns Intensity bits of information about any location within one mile of his current position. Instant. prisons or dungeon cells. CLEAR SKIES 1 Point. This new target has to be a viable target for the source of the attack and cannot be used to reflect a missile back towards its source. If successful. Resist (Evade) This spell allows the caster to attack target(s) with the air itself. stackable This spell allows servants of an air or storm cult to call upon the worldly manifestation of their host element in creature form – a sylph. RECONNAISSANCE 1 point. So long as the target is bound or held by mundane items or substances a 1 point Liberty’s Stroke is enough to shatter the bondage and free them. sweltering heat becomes cool breezes and dark clouds separate to reveal the bright and warming sun. Ranged. This spell is cast as a Combat Reaction whenever a Ranged spell. Instant.

). CLOUD CALL 2 Points. temporal. . The spell has no effect on wind temperature or direction. the caster can increase or decrease the wind by one increment. non-stackable This allows the user to run up a cliff at normal walking/running speed without making a climb roll. i. If there are multiple escape routes. instant. one-use. The spell doubles any Scout.. non-stackable This is cast in any situation where the caster is in a situation where their escape looks to be almost impossible (trapped in an impregnable room. The character also gains a single combat action to be used immediately. no matter how dangerous. only one will be made known to the caster FIND WAY AT MOUNTAINS FEET 2 points. Map Making or similar skills for the duration of the spell as long as the user is within the appropriate area. The spell is then lost as it is one-use. the caster will be made aware of it. through a spell such as Sever Spirit or by characteristic loss then the spell will automatically fire. Ranged For the duration of this spell. Non-stackable This spell brings or makes enough clouds to cover the area of sky that can be seen from the ground by the caster. self-only. even if the character is unconcious. RUN UP CLIFF 2 points. the average wind speed increases or decreases by one increment. The character is restored to full Hit Points. The Sylph is of 2 cubic meters size per point of spell. self only. ranged. LAST GASP RECOVERY 3 points. spells such as Sever Spirit or Fang of Wachaza are countered and the character will recieve 1D6 points to any characteristic brought to 0. temporal. Stackable.. either through Hit Point loss. temporal.directions of the caster for the Duration of the spell but will vanish instantly once the spell expires. RUN OVER MUD 1 point. DESTOR'S SIGHT 2 point. from Moderate Wind to Stiff Wind For each point of Magnitude in this spell.e. non-stackable If the owner of this spell reaches a point where he is technically dead. Temporal. imprisoned in Aldryami brambles etc. non-stackable This allows the user to run over mud as if it were normal dry land. If there is any possible escape route. Long Temporal. temporal (1 day) This spell makes it easier to navigate in areas close to mountains. Such a gathering of clouds may bring rain (50% chance) CONTROL WIND 1 point.

intelligent weapons. as long as it has hit points. The spell converts magic points into hit points. so it is not that common. the distance these words can travel increases by 100m SUBCULT This magic demands a more special HQ (dry run) but it can be started almost anywhere by a Windlord but contains a break-in in a death house. Self only This spell allows the caster to smell and follow familiar scents. In general. or certain otherworld creatures. Ranged This spell cannot be resisted and can only be cast on non. Ranged If downwind. When cast upon a fighter. ERNALDA HEAL BODY 1 Point. YINKIN IDENTIFY SCENT 1 Point. SWORD HELP 1 point. whether complete or incomplete. Non-stackable. It effectively gives the caster +50% Tracking for the duration of the spell. Stackable.Chaotic targets. this spell is used on outsiders as Uroxi stand against Chaos regardless of fear. 1 point. Reusable This spell repairs damage done to a living creature's hit points. For each point of in spell. he stands his ground and fights any Chaotic foe he faces even if he would have run away ordinarily. It will work equally well on any living thing. Temporal. Non-stackable This makes all attacks made by sword 2 levels easier. animals. plants. After this he departed for the competition with the bright Empereor. Temporal. Only Deatori or higher may try the quest.LISTEN TO THE WIND Temporal. The caster . This includes such things as people. the caster can cause the wind to bring conversations to his ears just as if he was standing next to the speakers. UROX FACE CHAOS 1 Point. Temporal. DEATH SWORD This was the last thing Orlanth found as the young adventurer.

For the duration of this spell. This spell is used when exploring new or dangerous territory. with the same limitations. or to increase the range with a factor 2. Stackable. For each point of Intensity. self only. Unwilling targets are allowed to resist. the caster can increase the radius of effect by a factor two. It functions so long as the recipient has not travelled down the path he is on or visited the locale before. through the eyes of a familiar or through a Mindlink spell. Ranged. or to square the encumbrance allowance. VALIND SNOW Temporal. For every 3 points. Touch. Non-stackable. reusable. Stackable. One use The caster can teleport to any spot within range that he can see. the spell doubles the amount of snow falling. an additional truth is discovered. spell alerts the caster to the location and number of all enemies and traps within 100m of him. LANKHOR MHY Tired of all the questions and requests of answers Lankhor Knowing provides Destor with: ANALYSE MAGIC 1 Point. . the spell ends immediately. entity or substance. Stackable. 100 steps. Should the recipient enter an area that they have been to before. If it is already snowing. the spell changes all the rain to snow. The spell carries the caster and his SIZ in ENC worth of gear. It can be used to teleport someone else. 1 point. either on his own. sleet or hail (at the Games Master’s discretion) within the area of effect. Reusable This spell gives a true statement about at least one function of a single magical item. if it is raining. reusable This spell must be cast when precipitation is present. MASTAKOS STEP EVERYVERE YOU CAN SEE 3 Point. VINGA PATHFINDER 2 Point. it allows one other living thing to be teleported with the caster. This spell cures the non-critical wounds in the location being touched as well as damage to general hit points.instantly loses a number of MP equal to the points to be healed. For each point of Magnitude in this spell. Temporal extended. While in effect.

Only Dispel Magic. JUMP 1 pts. DESTOR SPIRIT MAGIC DEVIATION SHIELD Variable. Temporal extended.ISSARIES LOCK 1 Point. no Athletics skill test is necessary. Dismiss Magic. Non-stackable The caster calls upon the Air in order to envelop his target’s hand in swirling air. The spell protects the target from any falling damage due to the jump’s height but it will not aid in any way if landing on dangerous or specific locations. SPIRIT MAGIC HEDKORANTH WIND THROW Variable. the caster may choose to expend a Combat Reaction whenever his shield protects him from harm to try and redirect the missile at a target within ten metres with the help of a successful Throwing skill test. A Passage spell can be used to bypass Lock but will not annul the Lock spell. PUSH AND PULL 1 point. bag opening or similar item. Instant. Trigger The next time he leaps. chest lid.Temporal While this spell is in effect the caster has a level of protection against mundane missile weapons equal to 10% per point of the spell. conditional reusable This spell may be cast on a door. non-stackable. temporal For every point in this spell the targets Throw skill is increased by 5% for the duration of the spell. Stackable. Counts as 2 AP on arms and successful unarmed attack causes automatic knock back as if hit by the users POW in damage. Ranged . Neutralise Magic or similar spells can remove the Lock spell. Temporal. In addition to this protective shield. GAUNTLET OF DESTOR 1 Point. It cannot thereafter be opened by any physical means. The target will automatically launch a number of metres forward equal to twice the Intensity of the spell or straight up an equal number of metres to the Intensity. This spell cannot be regained until the Lock is broken (which the user will be aware of instantly) or the duration ends.

Non-stackable. It does not affect the voice. for instance) and the caster has no control over the distance moved. or earth and stone at least one metre thick.This spell allows the caster to move up to Intensity of ENC nonliving item one metre either away or toward the caster in a straight line. within a number of miles equal to twice the caster’s POW. BLADESHARP Variable. The target hears the message one round after the spell is cast. or hacking weapon. gems and other valuable object. BYPASS 1 pts. The item is not moved with significant enough force to inflict damage unless it is naturally damaging (a bottle of acid. but ensures that visually they do not stand out from the crowd. Self. Note that the magical points occasionally do damage to magical creatures otherwise invulnerable to weapon damage. mannerisms or physical size/presence of the recipient. Concentration. When cast the spell is held in preparation. The message is no louder than the caster’s whisper. non-stack. Instant. triggering on contact with an Alarm spell. If a Dullblade is also cast on the weapon it will continue to have its increased chance to hit. Self. This message can be no more than 15 words long. but its additional damage will be reduced by the second spell. unmemorable countenance. Ranged It works by attuning to the natural emanations of precious metals. as if pushed suddenly from one direction or the other.Transient. Temporal Every point of this spell restores 3 points of fatigue loss. WORDWIND 2 Points. Extended Temporal Incognito alters the facial features of the user to a bland. Trigger. stabbing. Bypass does not negate the Alarm and it must be cast for each crossing of the Alarm spell’s threshold. Ranged Special. Find can be blocked by dense or thick materials such as metal. Self. Anyone under the effects of . Temporal. ENDURANCE Variable. Of course the caster must suspect that an Alarm spell exists in the first place. FIND LOOT 1 pts. It increases the chance to hit by +5 percentiles and does one additional point of damage per point of spell applied. INCOGNITO 2pts. Non-stack. Stackable Wordwind carries a brief message to any single target known to the caster. Its transient nature means that the spell will automatically go into effect if target loses fatigue at any point in its duration. Temporal Bypass is used to cross the threshold of an area under the effect of an Alarm spell without triggering the Alarm. Temporal This spell works on any cutting. alerting the caster to its presence within the spell’s range. so it is possible that the target could mishear the message should a Perception skill test be required and failed.

he is simply overlooked and discounted. MOBILITY Variable. The effect includes foreshortening of the field of vision. If a particular target is specified. FARSEE Variable. The magics duration expires at sunrise. exactly as if a telephoto lens was being used. then the spell magnifies only the target and the viewer's Search ability with respect to that target is increased by 5 percentiles for each magic point spent powering the spell.Incognito is actively ignored by those who might otherwise be searching for him. Temporal Each point of this spell halves the apparent distance as seen by the caster to the rest of the universe. . Temporal Each point of the spell adds 1 meter to the target's Move score.