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Data Communication and Computer Networks I – 2011 Final Answers - by HansA AmarasekarA

Data Communication and Computer Network I – 2011 Final Paper Answers
Q1. 1.1 Copper Thermal Noise Cross Talk Noise Impulse Noise Heat Dissipation Fiber {No Much Effect} Air Atmospheric Noise Galactic Noise Atmospheric Absorption



Group Delay Interference

{Negligible} Electromagnetic Interfe.

Scattering Absorption Blending Losses Dispersion {No Effect}

{Highly Affect} Interfere with another

1.2 Twisted pair Twisted pair cable is less expensive, required for modern transmission standards. It is a thin, flexible cable that is easy to string between walls. More data speed and less electrical interference or magnetic field interference. Twisted pair has high data transfer. Open Pair Open Pair cable has electrical interference or magnetic field interference. So data lost or not reach to distance. Coaxial Cable Typically has lower attenuation at low frequencies making longer runs. The noise rejection is actually far superior to twisted pair. Shielded Twisted pair The shielding provides further electrical isolation of the signal-carrying pair of wires. Shielded twisted pair wires are less susceptible to electrical interference caused by nearby equipment or wires and, in turn, are less likely to cause interference themselves. Because it is electrically "cleaner," shielded twisted pair wire can carry data at a faster speed than unshielded twisted pair wire can. The disadvantage of shielded twisted pair wire is that it is physically larger and more expensive than twisted pair wire, and it is more difficult to connect to a terminating block. 1.3 The users share the total bandwidth of the satellite transponder in frequency. The major drawback of this is the limited bandwidth and adjacent channel interference. 1.4 1.4.1

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Data Communication and Computer Networks I – 2011 Final Answers . 5.4.08 = 12. Asynchronous structure that is rigid. Non availability of world standard on the digital Page 2 .5 t/4 1. 3.6 SDH Optical interfaces Capability of powerful management World standard digital format Synchronous structure is flexible Cost effective and easy traffic cross connection capacity and add and drop facility Reduced networking cost due to the transversal compatibility Forward and backward compatibility PDH 1.4 Frame Rate = 1 / frame duration = 1 / 0. 1.5 * 32 = 400 bits 1. 2. 3.5 Bit Rate of the output link = frame rate * frame size = 12.2 Minimum Bandwidth = (200*4) + (20*3) = 860kHz 1. Restricted management capacity. 2.5.5 fps Follow .https://www. 4. No optical interfaces world standard and without an optical HansA AmarasekarA 1.5.http://kohomaharigodayamu.5 fps Duration of the frame = 1/12.3 No of Frames = 100 * 4 / 32 = 12. 7.5 = 0. 6.1 t/4 A t/4 B A D C B A t/4 B C t C D D 1.5.facebook.5.5. 4.2 Frame Size = 8 * 4 = 32 bits 1. networking is not possible.08 seconds 1. Join . Follow .2 2. 2. Page 3 .4. 2.1 _ 2. HansA AmarasekarA Q2.3 _ 2.facebook.6 Join .Data Communication and Computer Networks I – 2011 Final Answers .

2 Mechanical Characteristics Shape of the connectors No of Pins Diameter of Pins Distance between Pins Electrical Characteristic Voltage levels use Functional Characteristic Defines function of each pin Procedural Characteristic Follow a procedure.4 _ Page 4 .Frame) (for more info. 3. 10 bits 3.Data Communication and Computer Networks I – 2011 Final Answers .com/groups/278397608866080/ Follow .3 3.https://www.3 Output Bitrate = 30000 * 10 = 3*105 bits/s 3.1 3.2 1000 approximately 1024.facebook. DCCN I book) 3. specific sets of steps Information Frames (I-Frame) Carry Information Supervisor Frames (S-Frame) for error and flow control Unnumbered frames (U.1.http://kohomaharigodayamu.1.1 Sampling Rate =2 * Max Bandwidth = 2 * 15 * 103 = 30000 samples per seconds HansA AmarasekarA Q3. 210. see page 82.4 Normal Response Mode (NRM) – see page 82 in DCCN I book Join .

com/groups/278397608866080/ Follow .2. HansA AmarasekarA Q4.3 4.https://www.3 CSMA/CD Token (more info – page 98 .1 Establishment of the link Data Transfer Termination of the link 4.2 4.2 4. DCCN I book) Join .Data Communication and Computer Networks I – 2011 Final Answers .facebook.1 F1 ACK1 F2 NAK1 F2 ACK2 F3 ACK3 4. Page 5 .

1 5. type desired IP address To finish.2 For Windows 7.facebook.1 Device Repeater (2 ports) L2 Switch (16 ports) Router (4 ports) Main Task OSI Layer Collision Domains Broadcast Domains Regenerate Signals Physical Layer Send Data to Data Link Layer relevant port Connect networks Network Layer 5. click Properties button. then again Follow .https://www.2. Join . Select Use the following IP HansA AmarasekarA Q5.2. then go to its Properties Select Internet Protocol Version 4. Page 6 .http://kohomaharigodayamu. click OK.Data Communication and Computer Networks I – 2011 Final Answers . Go To Network and Sharing Center Select Change adapter settings Select Local Area Connection.2 5.

and is likely to require some construction work to connect your building to the leased line provider’s network Join .https://www. graphics-intensive Web sites can take a long time to load. The maximum speed at which you can download data using dial-up networking is limited by the telephone system's analog bandwidth.2 Leased Connection A leased line is a dedicated.http://kohomaharigodayamu. Physical Installation – Installing leased lines is also more complex than installing ADSL. Dial-up networking usually communicates with the ISP using the Point to Point Protocol standard    5.3 5.3. the line quality. but leased lines are still a LOT more expensive than ADSL connections. and the Internet traffic HansA AmarasekarA 5. symmetric data connection. A leased line will require a new circuit.facebook. the modems are typically capable of speeds up to 56 kbps.    connect to the Internet link PCs and servers in different corporate offices carry phone calls Advantages of a Dedicated Connection (compared to ADSL)      Faster download speeds are usually available Faster upload speeds Connections that don’t slow down at peak times Greater reliability Better support Disadvantages of a Dedicated Connection (compared to ADSL)    Cost – Leased line costs have fallen. Longer Wait – Leased lines may take about three months to install rather than two Follow . Dialing up with a modem is still the cheapest and most widely available way to connect to the Internet. as ADSL can be provided over a pre-existing circuit (your phone line).Data Communication and Computer Networks I – 2011 Final Answers .tk/ Page 7 . fixed-bandwidth. but because it offers comparatively slow connection speeds.1 Dial Up Connection  Dial-up networking uses a modem as the interface between a single PC and a network such as the Internet.3.

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