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Australia How I Become Australias Top Spy Part 2

My Main Trainer and Where Things Began For Me?

It was about April 2004 I was sitting at home bored shitless, nobody to talk to, nobody to ring, write to, email just sitting here alone. The lonlinest was killing me, they say that about Hermits and people that live that kind of life style, I will be truthful folks Ozboy is a Hermit plain and simple. I have lived this way for years cutting myself off from society, oh I thought I was well educated to the system knowing it backwards and right on top of the news stories. Watching the 5.00 pm News on channel Ten, then 6.00 pm News on channel Seven, then Today Tonight, A Current Affair, ABC 7.30 Report and ABC Lateline, Oh and dont leave out Parliament Question Time every 2.00 pm in the afternoon. I was completely hooked and brainwashed what these people were telling me was The Truth boy did I have a big surprise awaiting me soon to hit. Holy Powers Of Pissed was I one dumb sun of a bitch brainwashed, been totally programmed and under cheap CIA MK Ultra mind control, which behind the scenes in all these TV News, Current Affairs Shows, Newspapers, and Radio. Somebody somewhere were feeding the whole 22 Million of us in Australia scripted stories making us believe what ever they were telling us was the truth.

Then when I looked back from my childhood right through to this time remembering I was 46 years old, believing everything put out there. The News Media Tell The Truth Politicians at Local, State, Federal Level of Government were really honest and cared about We The People These following people were really out there protecting, fighting for the Commonwealth Of Australia, and We The People Of Australia the Whole 22 Million Of Us ASIO Australian Federal Police Australian Military State Terrorism Counter Terrorism Units Office Of National Assessments

If the Australian people ever find out the truth, that all these Police, Intelligence Agencies and the like have been infiltrated right to the centre, then up to the highest person in the chain of command, right down to the lowest people. So there I was sitting at home all alone and I found a Chat Program called Pal Talk, so I down loaded it and ran it on the computer and worked out how to use it. Back then there was a few Rooms under Social Issues and Government & Politics Sub Section so I went to a few rooms and there was a few 1 2.

11th Sept 2001 Was An Inside Job Rooms, I met Nephilim_70 there in the rooms and became friends or sort like friends, we then use to run our own rooms and get 100 150 people in the rooms people asking questions. Then after a few years it got boring so all the shills, dopes, and nitwits started opening rooms and destroyed the whole scene area. Then one day I read a story about 2002 Bali Bombings and then Steve Johnson and myself started to investigate the whole 2002 Bali Bombings Story and proved beyond a doubt it was a False Flag Terrorist Attack carried out by the Israeli Mossad and CIA to get Australia into Afghanistan and Iraq War, they needed an excuse to trick Australians and our Military to go fight the big bad bogeyman Al Qa`eda

The OzBoy File The Truth About 2002 Bali Bombings

So Nephilim_70 wrote a Book and we called it Its a fantastic read and well researched, investigated and allot of first hand pictures the Mainstream Lying Media in Australia refused to show. So basically that is where it all started for me back in 2004 my awakening to the big wide World and it was so painful and hard to learn after 46 years everything was a lie that they feed us at school. Our Australian history classes and so forth and the Mainstream Media lies through their teeth about stories and invent stories.

So Nephilim_70 and OzBoy1717 just moved onto other things I just encouraged Steve Johnson with his Web Sites, Videos and other things, I write and run the Books, Reports, Stories and Articles side.

My Biggest Influence or My Trainer

I say this about the following person because she groomed me for the last few years everything I have been doing researching, investigating, writing and supporting Steve Johnson or Nephlim_70. Northerlady522000 served in the US Military for 20 years in Military Intelligence specializing in Encryption, she spent the next two years from 2005 to 2007 teaching me everything about The New World Order and A One World Government, also about Zionism, Jewish Bankers and Globalist and teaching me what their plans were for the Whole World and Human Race. I learnt allot of Northernlady522000 and Nephlim_70, all that I am today and will ever be in the fight for the return of the human race I owe to these two people a deep depth of gratitude for teaching me.

My Early Life and Childhood

I was Born 8th Sept 1958 at Ryde Memorial Hospital Sydney NSW Australia, the second of 5 children to Patricia Bugden her maiden name was and Lesley Richard Vance. We lived in a big old Federation Wooden House right on Victoria Road there in Gladesville, and the Catholic Church and Primary School was just down the road where mum taught reading and sewing to the kids. Mom died of an Asthma Attack on 25 Oct 1965 and dad tried to look after us at home, but my grandmother, my mothers mother took over the whole family and forced dad to give us all up and put us into Catholic Childrens Homes. So my three sisters Karen, Maree and Louise were put all together at St Bridgets Girls Home in Victoria Road Ryde, Sydney NSW. I was placed with St Michaels Boys Home at Baulkham Hills and then transferred over to the Marrist Brothers at Westmead at age 11 and stayed there til I was about 14 years old. And my younger brother Aaron went to St Josephs at Croydon from the age of about 13 months old Aaron never came out till he was about 4 5 years old allowed home, I remember a young nun there forget her name raised Aaron as her own son. We use to go home once per month and see dad from the childrens homes, by the time after catching trains and buses it was midday Saturday and then dad had to return us all before 6.00 pm Sunday Night.

The whole family unit was destroyed, all childhood bonds built up prior were destroyed and I always blame my grandmother for this, she took over and forced her will upon the family and thought because she was our moms mother she had some right to us and our destinys in life the outcome of them, in planning, mapping it all out. My grandmother was very jealous of me and absolutely jealous of my influence over the younger 3, my eldest sister Karen is a bit backwards, she isnt as well educated about life, and the big World as Maree and I were and we tried to teach the younger two Louise and Aaron. Dad remarried about 1974 and we were then all pulled out of the childrens home and sent home to a father we hardly knew and a stepmother 10 years older then me now 64 she is and I am 54. How was a woman suppose to cope with raising 4 kids plus one of her own she had out of marriage herself, she couldnt and the fights between Dad and her were brutal she attacked him, clawing and ripping his shirt to bits in their fights when she use to complain about us all when he came home from work. After a fight one day, she tried to attack me, so I threw a garbage bin at her and walked out of home, I was about 14 when I left home for the big wide World to make it on my own and here I am 40 years latter. Still poor and trying to make my way in a Mad, Mad World. Along the way its been a Interesting journey to date, and I have met allot of interesting people along the way.

People High Up in Freemasons Rich Jewish Families who were very Anti Zionist and Anti Israel a homeland for the Jews. I sat on Community Committees The Cairns Welfare Council Cairns Community Youth Support Scheme Cairns St Vincent De Paul Society at The Cairns Catholic Church Townsville Welfare Council Townsville GLSC Group I also mixed with the Local State & Federal Members of Parliament and they all knew who I was. Not like the rude bastards standing for Parliament today, these Traitorous Treasonous things you wouldnt give the time of day to, these days. I have met rich Jews, High Up Freemasons and rich Politicians and Business Owners over the years who in some way had a part to play in the person I am today. Also at times who helped me out financially in life, by dumping a Box of Groceries on my Front Door or even giving me work around their gardens and houses.

I know some people say about Freemasons, but while you ever have a friend who is one you will never go wanting. The same with rich Anti Zionist Jewish people you will never go wanting, of which I will tell a true story about my childhood and how my whole life could of changed and I be brought up in a rich Jewish Home.

My Grandmothers Background
My Grandmother worked for very rich Anti Zionist Jews on the North side of Sydney they would have been up there with the 50 most riches Jewish Families at the time in all Sydney. I visited there a few times with Grandma. We use to catch the bus from her NSW Dept Housing Unit in Sydney NSW to the train station at Redfern and then catch the train to North Sydney. Then get off catch a bus to these rich Jews House. I remember my first visit getting off the bus at the bottom of the hill and walking up the hill about Mile walk then when there at the top of the hill was there house. At 8 years of age it looked like a Mansion on the hill overlooking all Northern Sydney Harbour Lines. They were very kind to my grandma and I remember many years latter I asked her about the money dad needed to bury my mother and he didnt have it.

So this rich Jewish Family just gave her the $5,000 to bury my mother, without ever asking for the money back, I often look back and think to myself if I ever blabbed about being molestered and abused and rape in the boys home, if this family ever found out they would of told grandma we are adopting Lloyd and if his father didnt like it stuff cheddar.

My Grandmothers Background
Grandma also worked at Moore Park Senior Citizens Centre as a cook, cooking all the food for diabetics. Grandma also worked as Treasurer of The TIP in Pitt Street Sydney for 15 years and every ANZAC Day I use to go to that centre and help serve these old fellows. At the Senior Citizens Centre, I use to go out with the van about Milsons Point and The Rocks area and all North Sydney area-delivering meals to the old people. Many of these lonely old peoples faces use to light up when they heard they were getting a visitor delivering their meals for the day Please Meet Lloyd the delivery women would say and these old peoples faces use to light up as if I was Royalty coming to meet them. Looking back at these times I wonder how many of them ever thought the young boy delivering their meals 44 years latter would be working to try and save the human race from Corporations Globalist and Zionist Jewish Bankers One World Government. So here I am today and this is some of what I do.


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