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Solved Papers i UGC-NET/IRF Exam., 12 . Bihar Kshetriya Gramin Bank Officers Exam., 12 UP Upper Subordinate Services (Mains) Exam., 12 Management Aptitude Test, 13 f = S80 C.PO. Sub-Inspectors Exam, 11 oo > ant WATIER Foo ss ‘ Prime Minister Manmotign Singh's Visit to Geinsany) CEO ee AC ees Civil Services Exam., 2012 (19th Rank) CE Ge ecm Ge eC) PIEREMe ae Meee ee ee eS HIEtOrIC SerDIa-KOsOVO Accord Browereo OV EU Is WNL ELE ee MEE el Dest METALL eo sa cee Gas e enles ne E ss pNAL Se 207 Tion’ ~< 3 fee Anno 1868 1088 1872 1875 Feviersctionsal Upatstes Current Affairs 1811 Spocte Wark 81a Memorabl ean scence and Techno 1824 Eoonomic Seenari Career News 1596 Frnplaw ine anal Carooe Nemes 1885 1888 Campetitive Examinations World Panorama sand “eThekwini Declarataon Dialogae (MOD); New Begin Pursonality Development ‘pee i244 Pecsceslity is yorur Palit Inspiring Youth : interviews: apt 1848 Topper: Civil Services Barn. Articles, Bo Intemational Diplomacy Article H5¢ Ten year ales kre War : Deeekpiog, Sena af New | '927 linperialies, tea2 Wsternational Trade Relations Article a WTO an Thohs et ten ‘Contemporary Indian History Article 88? Pearant-Moverente in india (1814-1945) ‘Career Article 183 HBSS 8, tae Themes Winypraf the Arad Forces 1984 What ? How and Why? 1986 ‘Tele-baniting Article 1885 meee Mobile Handing and Pinancial lacheion 1950 is po evenly Caravane hone vate ks ec cacanea cole aan 2 ear ee Paci M0277 BBB Li ‘Wht eat: em prog Communication Skills Article Eesentials of Writing and ¢ Vividha palm Countries ofthe World : Ata Glanen Vietnam Annual Report 204 De Rissrareh, Proansrices Intemational Organisation pal Cricket Connell IOC} atustry ot Chae Question Papers Optional Papers UGC-VETIKF Exam, 21 UGC-NET/TRF Exar, 2012; Comptes Science ane Commerce ened Juurnalice Other Papers: Fardhcaming Ciel Seeviows (Pre) Apatusy Tiss, Salve Made Raper Porthcaming Civil Services (Pre and Bank Pith Baum, Salved Model Paper: General Assarencsa Dihar Kebetryya Gramin Think Cifficers Exam., 02 General Knew ledge Usiar Pradesh Upper Subordinate Serwices (Matte) Byun, 3912: General Shudies Management Aptitude Test, 293 | Indian and Global Gevirocement S52CRO Bub-Inepoctorr Ea, 20: Namerieal Aptinede Your Pages Essay Contest Dette ante Covent Ou Test Your Kamswledge: Resin PRATIYOGITA . em awe 83, eoran Maberate dain neGeremes cence BVA, Swadesh Dima Nagar Aran 00 ADMINISTRATIVE AND EDITORIAL OFFICE 1, Shae Feed Catoaty Opp. Wor Chana serra ‘AprerMrfbura Dayo pass, Ag—2RP 15 Te. IN, aC, ATEN anancHorRceS Bat 4045, Amari Pod Canpink Mee Dee “ol BBR, 20 10 testes 144408, LAL Cover [Moar Siendaraah Pork ‘acer thorns Encinas Bags Linger Vpertarat Se. sac Paine Paniars Chi adam, Pateo-d6n 068 Te. aera 2 gh ered Sp of fee iat ra bet ror sdhenca. watuoat the smsuneaccarecy of he irderratim publisher! he era. na Te Gur Reackrs ‘ear Headers, Bee with a sense of great delight that 99 are presenting, ‘oye the dune immu of pour Ewourna magnaine Prathregite Darpan’, As ususl tbe preset ius of the magazine 2l60 Sorta ttahil matarial ralauaNe to commpetttive examina ‘Homa. Our eifnorial board and the team of qualified wuthora ‘ata palnanaicing affurts to present tha atudy material keageng in raw tha nea of createed redira. Ee are sure that if you read !s intalligentiy and wisely 3 will go a ‘ong way i equipping you with knowledge to face the grusTtinit attla of the axaminaticn and tring you sane suosca ‘Ro aheays try to Understand the emands and require: manta of cur randars, thelr suggestion and hanged m tha ‘pattern and coments of the competitive examinations. We mnake ol nifurts to tnduxde them, a far as posatbie, in further ‘teoues of the magazine, It twas iss rent satisfaction to know ‘thst cur readers have unanimously endorsed the utility of he magazine In the preaent issue 8 number of cone articles of Important national snd inbernationa aventa contefbuted bie reputed authors have been given. Someof the reprussnts:ive article tn the prasant lame of this magazine are : Prana Minlater Manmshan Singh's Vait to Germany, Mackear- ‘Cupabla AqULIE Miaatle Taat-firad Succasatutly, Indo-China Border Tiff, Victory for Wicclas Maduro in ¥enezuatan ‘Freckiantial Election and Himorle Sertia-Kesmus Accond ‘Brokrad by EU. ‘The most Tpertant seetion of the Magazine contain auember of question papers selected from ¥artous competitive smaminations, These are fully sobeed with relevant bint ‘and shert but clear-cut explanations, Atl efforta ere made to five thair error-free eckrtions. A cxreful study cf and peactioe agodion WIth thees papers will be very useful to face any eompective exammstion ‘The columns ‘Compendium’, "Fest Your Knowledge’, ‘Mumorable Pointe’ and Gonoentric Quix hays een widely spprecisted ag trusted tools for the bene of our readers. An intelligent gusty snd memorizing of ther contents will ‘bis highly uneful in aclving quantigns in any futons axamin Ben, Pratiyogita Durpam gives you the bes yisidonce and reading material. Tela topta you te mada tha bert iad OF toe bright succeas tn any competitive examination, With best wishes for your bréllinns success and bright future, Binennaly yours, ‘MAIENDRA JAI Caaitor aren rch ogscnrvcor warns mein sy ea by ay ream, Keto wuten pedir the ‘TONES every oe ha Ie ra peblaber eran of erp scape omy epee fre ay are oF sevminm Ao ls ha cantet be ol ar vena the sidhew # renga iy sll althosed aad wot aryl ayy Ba re Sob nF ant rr ening the anal. Fret Cepia te acipeniy ane ed pnt encod by he eather ow bw ey date unk in the sdbeniencet picked in the Magra nes SAI