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Construction Financial MANAGMENT

A Simple Solution for Better Budgeting Financial Planner is offered as an add-on module of Viewpoint Construction Software’s financial planning tool– Financial Manager. Fully integrated with Viewpoint V6 General Ledger for simplicity and efficiency, Financial Planner provides easy-to-use tools for detailed budgeting, planning and forecasting in key areas such as Operations, Salary and Capital projects. Enable unlimited collaboration without sacrificing control thanks to utilization of Web technology, a secure centralized database, dynamic data entry views/templates and a multi-level workflow system. With Financial Planner you’ll have the tools necessary for exceptional financial management that meet the needs of every area in your business.

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Reduce budgeting cycle time and eliminate spreadsheets. Easily manage the budget approval process with multi-level workflow routings. View immediate impact of a budget change on a specific account, department, division or entire organization. Assign flexible security roles in combination to specific users to achieve desired access while minimizing maintenance effort. Easily plan and forecast staffing requirements and expenditures. Following are the features of Financial Planner that help decision makers keep their businesses optimized: Budgeting & Planning Support multiple planning scenarios throughout the budget process - the number of versions is unlimited. Precisely control budget data for editing and analysis through the use of highly flexible views and templates. Ability to define selection criteria, subtotaling, filtering, ordering and the inclusion of comparative and calculated data provides users with a highly productive interface. Manage the budget approval process through multi-level, role-based workflow routings.

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current year commitments. future year commitments and interest calculations where applicable. Track every change made to the budget including who made the change and when and why it was made. Create journal entries or balanced budget transfers.     Ability to plan and forecast for multiple future years. Plan Requests Requests can be ranked at a departmental or corporate level. Ability to forecast the projected closing balance for each fund. FTE or fixed dollar amount. Shift forward tool provides capability to move projects forward by any number of years. Salary Planning Utilize a single data model to allow easy definition of elements such as pay cycles. Increase or decrease selected data by specified percentages or amounts. Capital Projects Planning Manage funding sources with opening balances. Operations Budgeting Data can be allocated based on percentages or other specified drivers. copy existing journals and reverse. benefits parameters. Access data with the Reporting tool for the production of user-defined reports. positions and steps/grades. Ability to combine or change sets of data based on defined formulas. The security system ensures that each user can view and/or change only authorized information. Historical data for budget and actuals can be presented to the user to assist with change management. Split individual compensation and benefit amounts among multiple departments. projects or cost centers based on a percentage. Generate forecasts by combining budgets and YTD actuals. union groups. Provide a variety of modeling tools to end-users and budget coordinators.             .

SCOPE OF SERVICES The Construction Manager. and (2) The Construction & . but is cost effective and that will maintain or increase in value. Technology. design. and engineering have all advanced.CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Construction Management is not a new idea. This team’s goal is to provide a project on time. but to assist all involved in meeting their goals and to create an environment where all are working together as a team. In the last few years construction practices have changed dramatically. owners demand accountability and accurate guidance during the entire planning and construction process. and with the greatest value-to-cost ratio. government bureaucracy. financing. is there to provide a cohesive planning anddelivery effort and to act on the owner’s behalf. materials. our emphasis on Construction Management has been to provide clients a “team approach” to total project coordination. The function of the Construction Manager is to work on behalf of the owner to complete a project within the plans and specifications provided. Mara wood Construction Services offers construction management services that promote frequent and direct owner input. & Pre-Construction Phase. Design. This is where the true worth of a project is realized and provides the owner with a product that not only meets their needs. At Mara wood Construction Services. With the complexity of the construction process increasing. on behalf of the owner. Our construction management systems have enabled us to become a leader in the industry in Central Wisconsin. Owner participation is elemental from preliminary design through completed construction and occupancy. within budget. Our construction management services are divided into two main categories: (1) The Planning. Our role is not to replace any other profession or craft. from the inception of the project.

structural integrity. • Establishment of operational procedures. At this phase. and budgets. • Providing a value/cost analysis to both the owner and architect/engineer. mechanical systems. • Bid assessment and qualifying. Construction & Delivery Phase It is during this phase that the Construction Manager assumes the leadership role on the project team in delivering the building within the agreed upon plans. The Construction Manager. 2. specifications. • Contract review and execution. Services provided by the Construction Manager during the Construction Phase include: . materials.Delivery Phase. & Pre-Construction Phase It is during this phase that the scope and budget of the project is defined. is the liaison and coordinator for all activity involving the construction of the project. The assistance provided by our Construction Management Team at this point includes: • Assist the architect/engineer in defining the owner’s needs and setting the project criteria. • Advising the owner of construction methods. • Organization of responsibilities and work flow projections. It is in working through and under the direction of the architect/engineer during the design and planning stage that maximum value can be added to the project (i. space used. Design. energy efficiency.. and market value). • Research of the labor market. • Bid packaging and coordination with the architect/engineer. • Awarding of contracts. our Construction Management Team can be used as a sounding board in providing information and analyzing alternatives for both the architect/engineer and owner.e. and structural components as the project plan matures. acting as an agent for the owner and the architect/engineer. • Budgeting and cost estimating. Planning. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SERVICES INCLUDE…… 1. design. • Identification of long lead time material items.

MCS will run a true “bid day” process. Budget. We will bid all portions of self performed work 24 hrs prior to the bid time. b) Construction progress vs. MCS begins the bid solicitation process and if necessary. c) Change order summary. surveys. d) Quality of workmanship review. etc…). Marawood Construction then compiles all bids and presents the construction price to the owner in an open book format. a) Cost vs. • Preparing punch lists in advance of completion and establishing management systems for correction of any deficient work by the appropriate contractor. supervision. • Coordinating all general condition items including temporary facilities. We will also accept and open sealed subcontractor bids at a prescribed time and location. and coordination.• • • • Providing on-site construction administration. issue contracts and begin the construction process. • Assisting the owner/architect/engineer with selection of the surveyor and testing labs. • Accepting delivery and arranging storage. MCS will notify the selected contractors. CM-at-Risk: Benefit Summary • Reduces owner’s soft costs (architectural and engineering fees. studies. Maintaining cost accounting and cost control records. advertises the project in the appropriate trade journals. • Arranging for inspections by the appropriate governing authorities. and security for all owner purchased materials. systems. Developing and maintaining construction schedules. well prepared for success. • Processing change orders initiated by the owner. . Once the owner approves the construction documents. • Eliminates owner’s exposure to change orders. Once the owner accepts the project. protection. • Monitoring adherence to safety programs & coordinating all safety requirements. Scheduling and conducting all job site and construction meetings. schedule. and equipment.

• Provides assurance that the owner will receive a project that is both on time and on budget. seamless control from start to finish. • The CM can assist in Architect and Engineer selection. . • Significantly reduces the owner’s risk and exposure.• Single point. • Provides one contact for both management and construction. total project management provides a centralized.