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Personal Development Plan

Submitted By: Eesha Chaturvedi PGID: 61410324

Introduction Personal development is a quest that has defined humanity since time immemorial. This personal development plan will first contain an overview of the Neo P3 analysis. The current position with respect to those goals in then analysed. and have always strived to move forward and maximize their own capacities and their own abilities. Ambition in itself is an important manifestation of this desire. as I feel that first and foremost an understanding of one’s own inherent traits is crucial to the success of any development plan. As a species. NEO-PI-3 Summary Range Neuroticism Extraversion Openness Low Average Scope for action Intend to keep it low Reducing dominance Application Stay positive. humans have always wanted more out of themselves. This personal development plan aims to create a planning framework. and then measures and action points are devised and implemented as to how the goals should be reached. count blessings Be a better listener Prioritise and focus on priorities. It will be followed by an identification and action plan that will detail how the objectives will actually be achieved by specifying the points of action and implementation to be carried out. Very High A small control to avoid distractions . wherein the future short term and long term goals are recognised first and foremost. Then a MAPS analysis to define the development objectives and current position with respect to the objectives will be included.

Develop advanced forecast model for fashion and apparel retailing.Agreeableness Average Be more assertive Need to express opinions firmly but politely Conscientiousness Very High Lower mingling of personal disappointments with work Control personal distractions at the time of work.    responsible leader.  Develop more attention to detail and start looking at all issues affecting task at hand. You can position the text box anywhere in the document.] work. Use the Text Box Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text  Proactive actions towards constructive  Being an effective.  Understanding job expectations and looking at exceeding them.  Need to be more coherent and structured in expressing opinions. Respect others’ opinions and private space. respected and box. Standards Organization Expects   Ethical Behaviour at all times Diligently prepare for the tasks assigned. Perception of Others  Need to listen more and understand other’s perspective better. Effectively maintaining the work-life balance. (Source: 360 degree feedback report given by ISB) .  Focus and overcome obstacles around task at hand. (Source: NEO-PI-3 survey by ISB) MAPS Analysis Abilities Mission [Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. Be open to suggestions and scope for improvement.

 Voice opinions assertively.  Make special note of issues not grasped and seek help. Success Criteria  Confidence level in the subjects.  Peers and superiors respect opinions and pay attention to suggestions made. Understand their point.  Read and understand additional material on subject.Objectives Understanding and working on quantitative course subjects in order to develop complete understanding of business issues at hand while at ISB. . Developing Team working and managing skills in order to ensure effective conflict resolution and maximize productivity.  Be more coherent in expressing opinions.  Think about what needs to be said. Actions  Complete all the course work on time.  Ability to practically apply concepts without errors.  Better results arising out of teamwork.  Develop better listening skills. and frame it clearly in mind. Implementations  Work on practice problems and do extra practice relevant to the concepts.  Successfully analyze and understand complex business issues.  Apply learnings to real life situations by analysing how myself and others can use this in various fields of work.  Do not speak until the speaker has completed their point.

Taking time out and making efforts to Develop good photography skills and  Manage time better to take out time for perusal of photography. Conclusion: Personal development is an ongoing process that is absolutely essential in order to lead a happy and balanced life. .  Entering photography competitions and seeing where I stand. I hope to plan and work on my development systematically.  100 – 150 pictures added to the collection every month. and feel much better equipped to handle my goals and ambition.  Read on composition and framings. With this personal Development plan.  Understand lighting and depth of field properly. and also in order to realize one’s dreams and ambitions.  Balanced and well framed pictures. Be conscious of the pitch and volume of voice while talking.  Understand compositions better and look at developing interesting frames of compositions. The first step towards developing and improving self is awareness of one’s strengths and shortcomings.  Schedule 4-5 hours per week for photography practice. and realizing what one’s final goals are.