In April 2013 the MBLC awarded the Town of Barre an emergency grant to repair the Woods Memorial

Library’s lower level which was damaged in a 2011 flood. The Library is owned by a private, nonprofit organization, the Barre Library Association. The individuals who applied for the grant were Library Trustee President Lester Paquin and BLA President Katherine Lathrop. Lathrop has never responded to a May 8, 2013 email seeking additional information. The above contract reveals a startling fact: The MBLC directed money to the Town of Barre which in turn has an employee, Stephanie Carpenter the Library’s Director, managing the Project to repair a private, nonprofit’s building.

Such a premeditated arrangement – which involves Sen. Stephen Brewer (D-Brewer) who’s a member of the BLA – has a certain whiff of laundering. How else could taxpayer money be funneled to a private entity to restore its building all the while said entity – and the Town of Barre – meet discreetly beyond the public’s view in countless executive sessions and private meetings? Just wonderin’. What the hell, it’s only $15,886.50.

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