Viewing available jobs, or applying for the job at the agency is currently done manually where in the job seekers has to go to the agency and check the available jobs at the agency. Job seekers check the list of jobs available and apply the job if the job is not available otherwise it is of waste for the job seeker to come to the agency to come to check for the job if the job seeker doesn’t get the job. Then the agency will show available jobs for the job seeker for his qualifications and the then updates the jobs database. This takes at least one to two hours if the job seeker is available at the near by place otherwise it may take more time. We have decided to investigate the use of an Online Foreign Job Applying System. This system would be used by members who may be Job seekers or Agencies to check the availability of the jobs and apply the job for job seekers, and by the agencies to update the databases. The purpose of this document is to analyze and elaborate on the high-level needs and features of the Online Foreign Job Applying System. It focuses on the capabilities and facilities provided by an agency. The details of what all are the needs of the Online Foreign Job Applying System and if it fulfils these needs are detailed in the use-case and supplementary specifications.


Purpose The purpose of Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document is to describe the external behavior of the Online Job Portal System. Requirements Specification defines and describes the operations, interfaces, performance, and quality assurance requirements of the Online Job Portal System. The document also describes the nonfunctional requirements such as the user interfaces. It also describes the design constraints that are to be considered when the system is to be designed, and other factors necessary to provide a complete and comprehensive description of the requirements for the software. The Software Requirements Specification (SRS) captures the complete software requirements for the system, or a portion of the system. Requirements described in this document are derived from the Vision Document prepared for the Online Job Portal System.


Scope The Software Requirements Specification captures all the requirements in a single document. The Online job Portal System that is to be developed provides the members with jobs information, online applying for jobs and


manage their advertisements (job postings) or manage their Resume Alerts. job seekers can submit their profile and manage other things associated with their account.  View/Edit/Delete Emails. Overall Description 2 . • Administration Panel The job board is highly configurable and there are many possibilities for running the job board. overview of the characteristics and constraints of the system. The Online Job Portal System is supposed to have the following features. This document will provide the outline of the requirements. 2. The features that are described in this document are used in the future phases of the software development cycle. • Job Seeker's Area Jobs seekers can sign-up and submit their resume or manage their Job Alerts. by category or by agency. • Main Page Search jobs. Latest jobs listed on the front page. The success criteria for the system are based in the level up to which the features described in this document are implemented in the system. Additionally.3 Overview The SRS will provide a detailed description of the Online Job Portal System. The administration panel consists of a set of web pages where you can:  Approve / Disapprove / Edit / Delete job postings. Job seekers can manage other things associated with their account.many other facilities.  Approve / Disapprove / Edit accounts with the click of a button. browse jobs by country. • Agency's Area Agencies can sign-up and browse job seeker's resumes. 1. The features described here meet the needs of all the users.  View / Edit / Delete resumes.

The complete overview of the system is as shown in the overview diagram below: The product to be developed has interactions with the users: Admin. The system provides jobs catalog and information to members and helps them decide on the jobs to apply.1 Jobseekers                 Features Advanced job search functions Register for a jobseekers account Build your profile Build online CV Build multiple cover letters Upload Word CV Paste your Word CV Enable/Disable your CV's Receive jobs via email Enable/Disable email alerts Save jobs in your Jobs Inbox Apply to job vacancies instantly View previous applications Upload personal photo Easy to use interface Retrieve login information via email. 2. The product has to interact with other systems like: Internet.1 Product Perspective The Online Job Portal System is a package to be used by agencies to improve the efficiency of business. 2.2. Members who are the Job seekers and the agencies of the UHCL.2 Product Features 2.2.2. The Admin can keep the jobs catalog updated all the time so that the members (Job seekers and the agencies) get the updated information all the time. The Online Job Portal System to be developed benefits greatly the members.2 Agencies Features 3 . Billing System and the UHCL Information Security System.

Purchase jobseeker contact details. View applicant cover letters. Upload company logo.3 Advanced CV search functions View detailed bills. contracts and experience levels View/Edit/Delete jobseekers Email individual jobseekers View/Edit/Delete employers Email individual employers Upgrade/Downgrade agency accounts Upload company logos View jobs for each agency Add/Edit jobs for each specific agency Advanced mailing system Advanced content management system Add unlimited pages of content 4 . Hide contact details on job postings. Specify application rules for each job posting. Enable/Disable CV database access. Purchase advertising credits via credit card. Save jobseeker CV's in CV Inbox. Advertise job vacancies instantly.              2. Receive application alerts via email. View/Delete applicant CV's. Administration Features                  Multiple administration accounts Live statistics Create resources Create multiple job categories with subcategories Create countries with regions and cities Specify working hours. Edit/Delete job vacancies.2.

 The member should be provided with the updated information about the jobs catalog.  The member is given a provision to check his account information and change the account information any time in the given valid period. if all the other required rules hold good. (Please refer to Performance Requirements on Heading 5.  All the Windows OS versions.  The members are provided with the jobs available roster and allowed to apply job.  The admin can get the information about the members who have applied jobs.  The admin is provided with interfaces to add/delete the jobs available in the job catalog. The functions of the system include the system providing different type of services based on the type of users [Member/Admin].1 Operating Environment There should be proper commitment of Hardware and communication gears should be equally coupe with each other.  Web Browsers [Java Script enabled]  Google Chrome  Internet explorer  Mozilla Firefox  Operating Systems and versions. Those requirements have been Explained later headings. the due to be paid by the agency must be calculated and the information about the agency and the due amount is sent to the billing system.  Provisions for the members to apply the job they want. Product Functions The Online Job Portal System provides online real time information about the jobs available in the agencies and the user information. 5 . 3.  The system uses the University information security requirements to provide the login facility to the users.1).  The admin can get the information about the members who have advertised jobs. which they want.3. it may help to prevent many inconveniences during the Browsing.  The job seeker when complete the applying. The Product functions are more or less the same as described in the product perspective.

power failures and other catastrophes to maintain the system. 5. The members are assumed to have basic knowledge of the computers and Internet browsing.4. The admin of the system to have more knowledge of the internals of the system and is able to rectify the small problems that may arise due to disk crashes. 6. as the user interface will be provided in English  The product can access the member’s database. user’s manual.  The users know the English language. Assumptions and dependencies  The users have sufficient knowledge of computers. User characteristics The users of the system are members and the admin who maintain the system.  The Computer should have Internet connection and Internet server capabilities.  The users access the Online Job Portal System from any computer that has Internet browsing capabilities and an Internet connection. 6 . The proper user interface.  The users must have their correct usernames and passwords to enter into the Online Job Portal System. online help and the guide to install and maintain the system must be sufficient to educate the users on how to use the system without any problems.  The Online Job Portal System is connected to the computer and is running all 24 hours a day. Constraints  The information of all the users must be stored in a database that is accessible by the Online Job Portal System.  The billing system is connected to the Online Job Portal System and the database used by the billing system must be compatible with the interface of the Online Library System.

7 .

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