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Newsletter April 2009

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From our Temple

Wish you all a very Happy Thursday, Happy Baba's Day. May Baba's love envelope us all ... May His
blessings shower like the longest monsoon in our lives.

We had a festive beautiful month in April - we celebrated Ramanavami with all the parphernalia.

We begin the newsletter with this beautiful thought on humility and modesty from Sai Vichaar in

Baba said, "He (the devotee) should be modest and humble towards all, and worship Me with heart
and soul. If he does this, he will get eternal happiness" in Sri Sai Satcharitra Ch.III. If you derive
the least benefit from anyone, or should anyone contribute to your happiness in any way,
acknowledge his services sincerely and feel grateful to him. Never for a moment think that the
benefit of happiness you derived was due to your own Prarabdha and he was only an instrument and
did nothing to earn your gratitude. On the contrary, you should feel that he conferred a great
happiness. Gratefully remember the help received from him, do not forget it throughout your life
even when circumstances have changed and always try to make him happy and be of service to him.
Do not hesitate, when necessary, to acknowledge his services to you openly before a large
gathering. This will foster mutual love between you and your benefactor and promote happiness and
peace; the spirit of making others happy will grow from more to more among people, mutual
sympathy and the spirit of service will receive encouragement. Remember that he who cherishes a
feeling of gratitude towards his benefactor renders a great service to the world at large; for such
an attitude pleases the heart of the benefactor, he feels encouraged, and the spirit of service and
benevolence gets strengthened within him. Be grateful and never forget the obligation of your

(Courtesy: Wavelets of Bliss - by Sri. Hanumanprasad Poddar)

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Life of Sai Baba


"It would be around 10 am by the time Baba returned to the mosque from the Lendi garden. His
royal court would then be held till 11.30. Some devotees would come to him and tell him of their
afflictions, hopes and fears, others would seek his advice. Some would pray to him to satisfy their
desires. Singers, dancers, magicians would come and after displaying their arts would go away
suitably rewarded by Baba. Baba would usually give them two rupees each.

Devotees would come with offerings to Baba and he would touch these offerings with his hand as a
token of acceptance and return to the devotees as his prasad. Sometimes he would have the
offering distributed to all the devotees present. Only rarely would he take a little of the offering
and put it in his mouth. Those whose offering was thus accepted by Baba would be ecstatic with
happiness. In the mango season Baba would taste a little of the fruit every day and order them to
be distributed to everyone. Other times he would buy mangoes and have them distributed to all.

Baba would give the sweetmeats offered to him mostly to the children as some of the children used
to come to him every day. In case the offering arrived when the children were not present, he
would have the delicacies kept aside to give to them later. Baba loved children. He would talk to
them gently and with love. He would never tolerate anyone talking harshly or beating children.

Whilst he was so intimate and garrulous with the children, he was a model of brevity when talking to
the grownups. He would smile but never laugh. He used to recount small fables when he was in a
pleasant mood. These tales were usually the life story of one of the devotees present, who would be
wonder struck at Baba's omniscience. These stories would sometime contain admonishments too.
Only those persons to whom the admonishment was meant for, would understand the story. The
others would assume that the story was about someone or of someone's previous life. Sometimes
the devotees would totally forget the story told by Baba and try as they might, they would not be
able to remember it even if they got together as a group to refresh their memories. Everyone was
astonished by this.

At 11.30 the bell in the mosque went. This was the sign to the devotees that it was time for the
noon Arati . All the devotees, wherever they were, would hurry to the mosque and take part in the
Arati which would normally start at midday. Baba was worshipped with flowers and sandalwood
paste. The ladies would stand in front of Baba in the mosque while the men would stand in the
forecourt . Baba's face would light up with an otherworldly light at this time. Many devotees have
written in their diaries that two eyes were not sufficient to drink in the glory, power and beauty of
Baba at the times of Arati. One may see Khaparde's diary for more details. One can imagine how
enchanting a spectacle Baba's aratis were, when he was extant.

After the noon Arati , Baba would bless all the devotees, give them udi and would send them home.
He would lovingly greet devotees and ask each one to have his food and return again to the mosque.

Later he would mix his alms with some of the offerings and eat his food together with ten to twelve
devotees. Tatya Patil, Ramachandra Patil and Bayyaji Patil would sit on Baba's left and the fakir of
Malegaon (Bade Baba), Shama, Booty and Kaka Saheb Dixit would sit on his right. Tatya,
Ramachandra and Bayyaji would eat from one single plate, while Baba and the Fakir of Malegaon
would eat from another. Baba never had his midday meal alone and he would not sit for the meal
unless Bade Baba was present.

The devotees would wash their hands and feet and sit on either side of Baba, and after mixing all
the offerings would keep the vessel in front of Baba. As soon as they sat down to eat the curtains
in front of the mosque would be lowered down and no one else was allowed to enter it. Baba would
offer the food to god and send a part of it outside as his prasad to be distributed to the devotees.
Baba would take the remaining food and mix it with one part of milk, one part of sugar and one part
of rotis and knead well. This would be distributed to all.

Later Nimonkar and Shama would serve all the devotees who sat with Baba. If there were a
particular food that a devotee liked very much, Baba would have more of it served to him. Shama
was given a large helping of semolina pudding at meals as he was fond of it. M W Pradhan describes
these occasions thus, "I used to eat with Baba at the mosque. Baba would serve us himself and heap
our plates with food. I used to send a part of it to my house which would suffice for the entire
household. Baba used to give each of us a fruit at the end of the meal. He noticed that my son Babu
did not care for cooked food and gave him fruit instead."

(Source: Suchitra Devi in Sai Padham)

About Shirdi


Nana Saheb Dengle brought a wooden plank of about 8' wide and 5' in length and gave it to Baba for
sleeping. Baba tied this plank with old rags to the hooks on the ceiling like a swing. After lighting
four Panthis He kept them in each corner of the plank. Baba The Yogi Raj' then slept on this plank.
Many people wondered, and tried to watch Him get up and down this plank, and so, one day Baba
broke it (Ref. ESS, Ch.X). Dasganu says, "The plank hung so close to the ceiling that no one could sit
upright, one could only sit on it bending one's body like an arch. Yet this great Yogi slept on it"!
(Ref. Bhakta Leela Amrit, Ch.31). Devotees look with wonderment at the ceiling in front of the
"Nimbar" at these hooks.


In a Masjid the Nimbar is said to represent the Darga at Macca. The devout Muslims do Namaz in
front of it. In Baba's Dwarakamai it is next to the everburning lamps on the western wall. It is
garlanded daily. Mention is made of this Nimbar in several places in the Sai Satcharitra. The Urs
started in 1897 during that time the Sandal Procession also took place. This procession is held in
honour of great Muslim saints. Chandan paste and scrapings are put in a Thali and carried around
the village in procession. After returning to the Masjid the chandan is pasted with the hands on this
Nimbar. This Sandal procession was started by Amir Shakkar Dallal of Korhla. Now the descendants
of Abdul Baba carry on this tradition. (Ref. ESS, Ch. VI).
After the Noon Arati the devotees went home, Baba then went inside, and sat behind the curtain,
with His back to this Nimbar for meals. There were two rows of Bhaktas one on each side, after all
the Naivedya was mixed together and placed before Baba, who consecrated it and everybody dined
to their hearts' content. (Ref. ESS, Ch.XXXVIII).
Source - Adopted from Ambrosia In Shirdi by Dr.Vinny Chitluri, this book can be read
at and this book is a
virtual guide on Shirdi with lots of rare photos on Baba

Sai Baba Sayings

53. Saints exist to give temporal and spiritual benefits.

54. I have come to give such good things to the devotees.

55. My business is to give blessings.

56. A devotee objected to people going to Baba for temporal

benefits eg - employment, money, children, cure of disease
SaiBaba: Do not do that, My men first come to me on account
of that only; they get their heart's desire fulfilled;
and comfortably placed in life, they then follow me and progress
further. I bring my men to me from long distances under many please.
I seek them and bring them to me, they do not come(of their own accord).
I bring them to me. However distance - even thousands of miles away - my
people might be, I draw them to myself, just as we pull bird to us with
a string tied to their foot.

57. This is Brahmin, a white Brahmin, a pure Brahmin. This Brahmin

will lead lakhs of people to the Subra Marga and take them to the Goal-right
up to the end. The is Brahmin's masjid.

Sai Babas Charters and Sayings

From the book (The God and the Apostle)
By Pujyasri B.V.Narasimhaswamy
Published by All India Sal SamaJ, Chennai.

Experiences, Saileela

Meeting with Lord Vithoba of Pandharpur

"Om Shri Sainathaya Namaha.".

Dear Sai devotee readers I request you to please forgive me as I do not have the chronological
sequence of events as were experienced by my father. I am narrating to you as they come to my
mind. My father used to describe them to us whenever he used to come into that spiritual mood and
hence chronological order is not possible for me to state.
As informed earlier, the Tarkhad family started worshiping SaiBaba on daily basis and on Thursday
evening they used to perform the Aarati collectively at their residence. My grandmother was
completely at peace of mind and she was very happy that her headache had disappeared forever.
She was now getting attracted more towards spiritualism. She started reading spiritual books
regularly. Once she expressed her desire to my father of going on a pilgrimage to Holy Pandharpur
and to take Darshan of Lord Vithoba. She went on to inform him that, the holy books suggest that
before one parts with this world, one should visit Pandharpur. My father advised her to check with
Baba and seek his clearance.

Accordingly, during their next visit to Shirdi, she asked Baba to permit her to go to Pandharpur.
Baba told her" Oh Mother for us Shirdi is our everything and there is no need" She was rather
disappointed . She told Baba that Pilgrims visit Pandharpur, as they firmly believe that Lord Vithoba
is stationed there and once you have his Darshan then your path to attain Moksha (salvation) is
clear. She expressed to him that she has developed very strong urge to visit and perform his pooja
at least once in her lifetime. Baba knowing her desire to be genuine then declared "Oh Mother do
not worry you will visit Pandharpur and fulfill your desire." On returning home they informed
Babasaheb Tarkhad about that and after proper planning my father and my Grandmother proceeded
to Pandharpur. Readers will appreciate a point that as Mecca is to Muslims, Bethlehem to Catholics
so is Pandharpur to Maharashtrians.

On reaching there my father made all the necessary arrangements.

After taking bath and breakfast when the morning rush hours were over they walked up to the
Vithoba Mandir along with pooja material. On entering the sanctum sanctorum they seeked the
permission to perform pooja from the priest of the Mandir. My grandmother proceeded in her own
way and almost completed the pooja. Now was the time to adorn the Vithoba Murti with the garland
and there was a dilemma. My grandma would want to garland with her own hands but the priest
would not allow doing so, as no one is permitted to climb the platform where the Murti is situated.
My grandma told my father that her pooja would remain incomplete if she were unable to garland
the Murti with her own hands. My father advised her to pray to Baba and seek his help as he had
granted her permission to visit Pandharpur. She closed her eyes and raised both the hands holding
the garland, and requested Lord Vithoba to accept her pooja. Then came a miracle. Lo and Behold!
The Murti of Lord Vithoba slided down the platform. My father instantly shook my grandmother
Bodily. He told her to open her eyes and see for herself that the Lord had responded to her
prayers and now she can adorn him with her garland. She instantly placed the garland o n Vithoba's
neck and the Lord was back to its original place. Both mother and son prostrated in front of Lord

On seeing this, the priest was completely astonished and flabbergasted. He jumped down from the
platform and held the feet of my grandmother and father and declared that they are the Vithoba
and Rakhumai and he would not allow them to go away. He pleaded pardon for his arrogant behavior.
My father consoled him and told him not to have any wrong ideas about their identity. He told him
that they are devotees of Shirdi SaiBaba and on getting consent from him they are visiting
Pandharpur. He further told him to have strong faith in Lord Vithoba who is Jagrut (wakeful) over
there and is no more a stone God. He advised him to perform his pooja from the bottom of his
heart and seek his blessings in return. He then requested the priest to give them prasad so that
they could leave the Mandir. They purchased Brass Idols of Vithoba -Rakhumai and placed it in
their Sandalwood Mandir to offer daily worship.

This experience was like receiving heavenly pleasure for both of them. Though they use to offer
prayers to God very sincerely they never ever imagined that Lord Vithoba will greet them in that
fashion. After this visit when they visited Shirdi next, Baba asked my Grandmother (mother) could
you meet Vithoba?" My grandmother replied "Baba this is all your making. I am now read to part
with this world as I consider my life is complete now." She profusely thanked him.

Dear Sai devotee readers my father used to say that God always exists in any stone Murti which
you worship. I for one strongly feel that all those divine experience they encountered purely
because of their solemn and good deeds of the past and undoubtedly they were under the umbrella
of Grace of Sai"s blessings all along which made this possible.


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Topic of Discussion

Question - Killing of insects, non-violence ?


During Baba's lifetime devotees visiting Shirdi used

to voluntarily take part in executing some duties such
as cleaning of Dwarkamai, sweeping the road from
Dwarkamai to Lend! Baug which Baba use to walk upon
daily. These duties were not entrusted upon but
devotees would perform them as though they are
offering their worship to Baba through such social
deeds. The resident devotees of Shirdi were regularly
performing such duties. My father whenever in Shirdi
would undertake the job of cleaning the Petromax
Lanterns and lighting them up in the evening and hang
them in assigned places all over Dwarkamai. He would
use that opportunity to seek clarification from Baba
on any query he would tumble upon. Once he declared to
Baba that he would no more light up the Petromax
Lanterns because that act of him is making him to be a
sinner. No sooner the Lanterns are lit and darkness
approaches, lots of insects gather around the lamps
and after hovering around for sometime they fall
beneath the lamp and die. In the event that he does
not light the lamps they would not come there and
possibly would not die My father basically wanted to
know why God had created such a phenomenon and Baba's
explanation on that matter. Baba laughed at that query
and said "Hey Bhau you are mad. Do you think that
these insects will not die if you do not light the
lanterns? They would go to the place where there are
lamps and light and would die there. This is all
Lord's creation. He had planned their death at the
time of their birth itself. In case Lamp or light is
not there then other creatures would finish them.
These types of deeds do not add to the sins of a human
being. Your main intention of lighting the lamp is to
remove the darkness from Dwarkamai so that the
devotees can perform their worship with ease. You are
therefore not indulging in any act of sin. The very
fact that the dying of insects hurts you in itself is
an indication that you have a kind heart. The Lord
knows his duties very well and we need not interfere
with his work. He has planned our end side by side
while putting life into us. You therefore need not
worry and continue to perform the work which gives you
pleasure. Lord will be kind to you (ALLA BHALA
KAREGA)". So Baba's teachings were very simple and of
a convincing type. Through this incident he
administered a noble advice to my father and made him
aware of a norm created by God.

Another beautiful answer


"Whenever I injure any kind of life I must be quite certain that it is

necessary. I must never go beyond the unavoidable, not even in apparently
insignificant things. The farmer who has mowed down a thousand flowers in his
meadow in order to feed his cows must be careful on his way home not to strike
the head of a single flower by the side of the road in idle amusement, for he
thereby infringes the law of life without being under the pressure of

- Dr. Albert Schweitzer

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Children Section


I dreamed that I went to Heaven and an angel was showing me around. We walked
side-by-side inside a large workroom filled with angels.

My angel guide stopped in front of the first section and said, "This is the
Receiving Section. Here, all petitions to God said in prayer are received. "I
looked around in this area, and it was terribly busy with so many angels
sorting out petitions written on voluminous paper sheets and scraps from
people all over the world.

Then we moved on down a long corridor until we reached the second section. The
angel then said to me, "This is the Packaging and Delivery Section. Here, the
graces and blessings the people asked for are processed and delivered to the
living persons who asked for them. "I noticed again how busy it was there.
There were many angels working hard at that station, since so many blessings
had been requested and were being packaged for delivery to Earth.

Finally at the farthest end of the long corridor we stopped at the door of a
very small station. To my great surprise, only one angel was seated there,
idly doing nothing. "This is the Acknowledgment Section," my angel friend
quietly admitted to me. He seemed embarrassed.

"How is it that?

There's no work going on here?" I asked.

"So sad," the angel sighed. "After people receive the blessings that they
asked for, very few send back acknowledgments.
"How does one acknowledge God's blessings?" I asked.
"Simple," the angel answered. "Just say, "Thank you, Lord."

"What blessings should they acknowledge?" I asked.

"If you have the food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof
overhead and a place to sleep ... you are richer than 75% of this world. "If
you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish, you
are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy.

"If you woke up this morning with more health than illness ...... you are more
blessed than the many who will not even survive this day.
"If you have never experienced the fear in battle, the loneliness of
imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation ... you are
ahead of 700 million people in the world.

"If you can attend a temple or church meeting without fear of harassment,
arrest, torture or death .. you are envied by, and more blessed than, three
billion people in the world.

"If you can hold your head up and smile, you are not the norm, you are unique
to all those in doubt and despair."

Let us always be under the lotus feet of Almighty, thanking him

for his blessings.

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interest. Kindly compile those answers (along with child's name, age) and email us the same.
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Priest Section

Meaning of Kakad Aarti - portion 10 in English

Composed by :: Sri Dasganu Maharaj

Sai raham nazar karnaa Bachonkaa paalan karnaa

Sai raham nazar karnaa Bachonkaa paalan karnaa
Refrain:Sai, look at us mercifully, and take care of your children. Sai, look at us mercifully, and take care
of your children.
Jaanaatumneh jagat pasaaraa Sabahee jzhoott jamaanaa
Jaanaatumneh jagat pasaaraa Sabahee jzhoott jamaanaa Sai raham…
You know this mundane world, this world full of illusion. You know this mundane world, this world full of
illusion. : Sai:

Mein andhaa hoon bandaa aabkaa Mujhse prabhu dikhlaanaa

Mein andhaa hoon bandaa aabkaa Mujhse prabhu dikhlaanaa Sai raham…
I am blind and ignorant devotee of yours, give me Gods vision. I am blind and ignorant devotee of yours,
give me Gods vision. : Sai:

Daas ganu kahe ab kyaa boloo Thak gayi meree rasnaa.

Daas Ganu kahe ab kyaa boloo Thak gayi meree rasnaa. Sai raham…
Das Ganu says : What shall I say now? My tongue fails me : Das Ganu says : What shall I say now?
My tongue fails me : Sai:

Shri Satchitaanand Sadguru Sainaath Maharaaj kiJai

Let us Hail! Shri Sachchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj!

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