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Introduction to Management Group Assignment

A group of four or five students will choose a company to write on management issues or challenges faced by that company .From the theories acquired from this course , give your groups recommendation to this company for solving those issues or challenges . The input for the assignment must be based on direct interviews of senior manager of that company .

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1. Group
-Mac Xuan Tung FB00516 -Chi Bald -Blah blah blah

2. Trang Thi Company

Is a multi-purpose company Founded on 14-02-1955 , Trang Thi company has been experiencing the development and changes in Vietnamese economy system & market for more than half a century . Started with only 40 employees , Trang Thi company has become a large company with more than 800 full-time workers , and expanded widely to the whole country . Received many national awards for its success . Main services : +Commercial services : Numerous services including wholesale , retail of various kind of goods , hotel business , rent offices +Import : Materials , chemicals , vehicles , electronic product , interior decoration , medical equipment +Export : handicraft , sewing product , chemicals , food , mineral , technology .

+Real estate

3. Interviewee
Name : Tran Tuan Vu Role : Head of Trang Thi companys sale department . Main task : Marginal analyze , plan & execute new business , manage product quality , find new source of supply , sell product , organize import , export , organize event & exhibit , prepare plan for special occasion .

1. Plan
Trang Thi company set up an annual goal to expand itself , while still maintain a positive growth . As the head of the sale department , Mr.Vu and his co-workers have a lot to do every year . This includes making new plans , investigating the market , designing new products . Mr.Vu appears to be a head of this , and already has some successful plans . Our group also want to make some minor suggestion based on what we have learned from the book Essentials of Management .

2. Mr.Vu s plan :
a. Summary :
Move in to new market such as provinces around Ha Noi , with some careful market investigation .

b. Interview :
Question : This sounds like a very tough job , do you have any plan to help expanding your company ? Answer : This year , Trang Thi company needs at least a 15% increase in profit . My department has already agreed on how we can achieve that goal .Since most of our commercial center is based in Ha Noi , we havent taken much interest elsewhere . We shall expand our sale and offices to provinces around Ha Noi , such as Hai Duong , Nam Dinh , Lang Son . However , we are still planning on how to move in those market . We need to know more about the needs of people in those provinces , diversify sale and product ,also take special care for marketing in the near future . We can improve our brand by marketing on newspaper , magazines , television , the internet , or at some live exhibitions . Question : How important is market investigation to your plan ? And what have you been doing to investigate ?

Answers : Of course market investigation is a must .And we have been doing a lot of things . First of all , we make specific plans to investigate the market . This can be done by both on desk , and real market investigation . We divide the department into groups to research each parts of the intended market . After this is done , I will compile the reports , and then report back to the company . We have been doing this for a while and gained some success . For example , last winter , we were successful in selling a lot of products , especially Infrared heater and warm clothes . We had a full stock so we made more profit than we thought we would . So yes , I can say that market investigation is very important . Question : You mentioned that Trang Thi had a full stock of winter goods , so do you have any kind of charts or formula to avoid redundant ? Answer : Not really . It was done mostly by skill and experiences from many years of business . It cannot be based on any kind of formula .

3 .Groups Recommendation

C.Executing the plan

1. Interview status
To implement the sale departments plan , Mr.Vu explained that theyve got a lot of problems on their hands . Even though there was no clarity in his talk due to personal reasons , we still managed to catch some glimpses of the challenges Trang Thi Company will have to face in the near future .

2. Problems
a. Summary :
-The lack of budget -Too many complicated procedures with government - Complicated procedures within the companys structure -The lack of human resources - Upward communication is hard

b. Interview :
Question : So when you are implementing your plans , what kind of challenges your department have to overcome ? Answer : Oh challenges and hardness are tremendous . The most important issue is about money , the funding to execute our plans . Also we have to go through many complicated governments procedures which take a long time , and we may not even be able to pass them . The last difficult thing is human resources . All companies want good employees for their firm . Good employees demand high salary in return . We have a limited salary budget , and for some other personal reasons , therefore we cannot pay high enough . This results in the resignations of many good employees . Upward communication to higher directors is a bit lacking , which is again personal reasons .

3. Groups Recommendation

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