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How to turn the « Charmr » Concept into Reality ?

Introduction Disposable Loading Direct Penfill Loading

Medicine today relies on proven

and tested technologies to ensure
the efficiency of medical devices.
Treating diabetes with an insulin
pump requires as much as rigorous
precautions than any other medical
devices because of the pump itself
is a vital element placed at the
hand of the patients.

Many patients using insulin pumps have asked

manufacturers to innovate and to improve the currently The « Charmr » concept is the most striking
available devices on the market to make their use easier example. However, likewise many ideas, the
and simple with a smaller size and light weight, like a cell passageway from conceptual idea into concrete
phone for example. product cannot overcome the barriers of
technical and industrial feasibility. To validate a
concept and its feasibility, there is a need to
Limitations consider the real limitations of an insulin pump.

An insulin pump should deliver an exact and precise By looking at the constraints related to an insulin
quantity of insulin in a form of liquid by perfusion. The pump, it becomes obvious that many ideas will
pump should possess a compatible insulin reservoir for its never be brought to life as they cannot be
storage during the delivery. applied to this field.

The only compatible long-term storage material for insulin is a recipient made of a glass such as vials and penfill
cartridges. Another condition includes the fact that the pump should have a sterile means to deliver the insulin at a low
cost. The only solution available on the market is a small disposable syringe made of plastic that has to be filled
manually by the patient by transferring the insulin from the vial to the disposable syringe. This is the procedure that
patients have to perform several times a week when using their insulin pump or patch. This handling exercise is
however rather difficult for many patients because of the fragile nature of the insulin. The use of syringe is also
pretty complicated for disabled persons or persons with limited mobility, for children and ageing persons.

The other possibility is to use an insulin penfill cartridge made of Only 2oz with a penfill
glass as a tank for the insulin pump. Until recently, there is a
possibility to integrate the system of insulin pen delivery into the
pump system. However, this system cannot ensure the required
cartridge of 3ml (300U)
precision for a pump because when pushing directly the cap of the
penfill cartridge, the friction is too important, irregular and
uncontrolled due to the phenomenon known as a “stick slip” effect.

The alternative pumping system such as the peristaltic pump does

not give enough precision and the MEMS technology cannot
aspirate the penfill cartridge.

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How to turn the « Charmr » Concept into Reality ?

The ideal solution

The solution is to have an ultra small and very light pump using a technology that is capable of
infusing the insulin directly from a penfill cartridge without manipulating the insulin and this new
pump will have a better precision and a lower cost that a syringe.

The insulin pump should also consider all the conditions for its daily use such as the availability of a battery everywhere
at anytime, the resistance to impacts, the sealing, the user friendly, the light weight, the communication with a PC, the
connexion to a glucose sensor and all of this wrapped up in a small device ideally with the same dimensions as a box of

It is therefore fairly obvious that putting together all of those elements into a micro medical device requires lots of
investments, lab developments, testing by manufacturers and the patience of the patients.

Today revolutionary
such a
solution exists; here is the
« PicoSulin »
PicoSulin has far exceeded the stage of concept and
ideas and certainly is the solution for thousands of
patients waiting for an easier handling of their diabetes.

PicoSulin is a truly technology breakthrough offering

new perspectives for treatment, easy to use in a very
small and compact size.

PicoSulin paves the way for new therapies by allowing

for the first time the delivery of small nano-bolus
which imitates the natural secretion of insulin by the
pancreas; the delivery is also possible in a closed loop
system with an integrated glucose sensor. Ultra small 0.58” x 1.46” x 2.5” (2.83”)

What is the secret of « PicoSulin » ?

PicoSulin is the result of several years of research and developments in the field of micro liquid delivery. The
simplicity of the system is based on the use of plastic micro pump which is connected to an ultra precise
mechanical system (patent pending) capable to deliver a bolus of 25nl (0.0025U) that is 20 times more precise
than any other pump on the market which delivers 500nl (0.05U).

Moreover, this micro pump uses a principle of volumetric pump capable to aspirate the insulin directly from
any type or brand of penfill cartridge. Its major advantages beyond its performances are its very small size and its
modularity that gives the « PicoPump » a portable pump, 50% much smaller than one of the smallest pump on the
market such as the Animas 2020 and a patch, 20% smaller than OmniPod. The « PicoPatch » differs from the
OmniPod by having only one disposable plastic element which is an environmentally friendly solution.

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How to turn the « Charmr » Concept into Reality ?

To sum up, « PicoSulin » offers the following new features

ƒ Unique direct loading with a pen fill cartridge of 3ml (300U) in ten seconds

ƒ No more handling of insulin

ƒ An automatic self-priming system

ƒ A 20 times more precise pump (0.0025U)

Lowest bolus of all insulin pumps

ƒ A basal rate of 20 times smaller (0.0025U/h)

Lowest basal of all insulin pumps

ƒ A 50% smaller and 40% lighter pump

than the Animas 2020

ƒ A 20% smaller patch than the OmniPod

PicoSulin, is a viable and technically feasible product that would
A very secure easy to use system for
make the life of thousands of patients easy. The manufacturing
disabled persons or persons with restricted
process is similar to the existing insulin pumps. The time to market
mobility, for children and old persons
should be faster because of the minimum time required for
adjustments and the necessary investment which is similar to the
A modular solution applicable in a patch or
standard insulin pump available on the market
a pump
By introducing the PicoSulin to this contest, we would like to give An environmentally friendly patch
hopes to those who have lost their motivation to battle against
diabetes. If challenges are part of our daily life, diabetes are what Possibility to use more concentrated insulin
patients have to face everyday. We are very committed to take the (ex. 500U)
challenge of this disease.
An optional extended reservoir to be filled
manually for an insulin quantity of 5ml

Possibility to use a mini penfill cartridge of

1.5ml for future smaller pump

A disposable matching the cost of syringe

in the market

A reduced number of external elements

(Insulin vials, loading kits,…) to handle and
to transport
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