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HI We are alive Lets take advantage of this moment and

have fun

. . .

Keller Anderson -

Battery Temple -

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I can only think of the time youre lifted the carpet to reveal hardwood floors untouched when I start to second guess the solidity of our progressive entanglement inconsistencies regarding your overall feelings towards our mutual decision on the color of our living rooms paint makes me want to punish you sexually But the kids need a ride to soccer practice in 15 minutes And your essence is disheveled in the presence of my advances

whizzed into nothingness the condolences outstretch in dark matter \\preach upon avalanches o ur voices Caught in downdrafts

The mechanical movements of your eyes, rigid & shuddering, move to cogitate my essence with deadly abstraction I lay smelted onto the blades of a dark yard in summers heat everything is sadly unasked I say to the static shadows of a sunset sidewalk Maybe thats why Im able to have a whirling suspense of disbelief. Just let yourself sit down for a moment in time I say to my drugged selfies pinned to the timeline of summer nights

My prayer beads are down on the first floor collecting

u s

behind the staff desk of my apartment building maybe


It might be obvious that there are too many corners in the surrounding infrastructure

still Melodies and I have a place

with backlighting

she reappears in the wisdoms of waves dancing within my steady vessel babe fucking nation she is lol she is a diety of feminun ccurvess wow

The world is wounded with fear and hate I love every single shitty thing about the shitty town that I grew up in cause the me of now grew betwixt suburban backyards Because the sound smothered airwaves that flew through the wind are my voice leapt from depths the place of my childhood drips from my teeth when I speak

helicopter seeds fall from the roof of my mouth every time I open it, twirling down to a ground, Dissected by the v little hands that will some day grow to become callused and shaky like mine there is a stupid amount of potential for the evolution of humanity FUCK WAR OH MY BUDDHA WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PLANET? SORRY PLANTS AND ANIMALS. Dig a fucking six foot hole in my fucking chest Thwack my throat indomitable to stillness