Pukeokahu School Newsletter 17 June | Psychology & Cognitive Science | Cognition


    PUKEOKAHU  SCHOOL  NEWSLETTER   19  June  2013.  
Greetings   Last  week  we  said  “Bon  Voyage  “,  to  Mrs  Gilbert  as  she  left  on  her  overseas  trip.  We   at  school  now  await  report  progress  from  her  as  she  journeys  through  the  United   Kingdom  and  Europe.   We  welcome  back  Mrs  Heather  Gilbert  who  is  stepping  in  to  cover  Carol’s  absence.   We  will  be  keeping  very  closely  to  the  same  classroom  organisation  to  limit   disrupting  the  children’s  routines.     BOT  Meeting   This  month’s  board  meeting  is  to  be  held  on  Wednesday  19th  at  7pm  at  school.   Proposed  Trip   We  propose  to  visit  the  district  science  fair  as  well  as  the  library  in  Taihape  on   Wednesday  3rd  July.  Further  details  and  a  request  for  transport  will  follow  shortly.   School  Happenings   We  are  expecting  two  visitors  to  school  over  the  next  two  weeks;  Jerome  Kavanagh   and  Sandra  Spiers.  Jerome  will  continue  teaching  Te  Reo  as  well  as  other   appropriate  cultural  activities  and  Sandra  will  be  taking  basic  first  aid  lessons  with  all   children  on  Monday  24th  June.   We  have  commenced  a  unit  of  work  focussing  on  Bees.  It  will  be  tackled  as  an   integrated  unit  covering  objectives  across  several  curriculum  areas.          


      Your  child  might  come  home  over  the  next  few  days  and  ask  you  some  “curly”   questions  like:  Can  I  make  a  vortex?  How  can  I  predict  what  the  weather  is  going  to   be  tomorrow?  What  makes  waves?   We  are  looking  and  talking  about  a  series  of  inquiry  type  science  questions  over  the   next  few  days  as  we  learn  to  understand  natural  phenomena  that  occurs  around  us   every  day.     I  Pads     We  have  just  purchased  covers  for  the  two  remaining  I  Pads.  This  will  allow  the   seniors  to  take  home  these  on  a  rostered  basis.  A  list  of  rules  and  expectations  will   accompany  them  home  so  families  are  aware  of  the  appropriate  handling  and   usage.   Happy  Birthday   Happy  birthday  Jack  Waldron.  He  turned  8  on  Sunday.  Next  week  Ashley  Boreham   celebrates  her  7th  birthday.  Happy  birthday    Ashley.                                                                       Logging  Trucks   Last  week  I  noticed  the  trucks  were  busy  transporting  out  logs  past  the  school.   While  they  are  causing  no  problems  I  would  just  like  to  make  people  aware  of  their   presence.   Have  a  good  week.   Tim  Jones  Relieving  Principal.  


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