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Ryan Crame Mrs. Notaro English Pre-AP 4 18 December 2012 Coretta Scott King King, Coretta Scott. My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr.. Rev. ed. New York: H. Holt, 1993. Print. 315 pages. The arduous life of the women written about in this book, as well as the heroic woman herself, is both interesting and inspiring. This book, however, is not just about Coretta Scott King; for, her life with her amazing husband, Martin Luther King Jr., plays a prominent role in it as well. It tells of their life together along with all the great trials they have endured. It explores her life in its entirety, from her difficult birth to her death. Although most would say that her husbands fame greatly outshines her own, Coretta has also benefited the African American community immensely. Just like her husband, Coretta Scott King will always be remembered as one of the most revolutionary African American people due to her contributions towards their struggle for political and social equality. The achievement of greatness is something admired by others, but sometimes, the incredible deeds of become overshadowed. Martin Luther King will always be remembered for doing great things in his life and though not as many people recognize the achievements of Coretta Scott King, it does not detract from the nobleness of her actions. She helped with the African American Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, donated to countless charities, and became active in the Womens Movement but none of these can top her biggest achievement. Her biggest achievement is carrying out her husbands dream after his death. Though not an easy

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task, she persevered, the thought of giving up never once crossing her mind. Her efforts proved to not be in vain because on January 15, 1986 she was able to make Martin Luther King Jr. Day a national holiday. Through that holiday and her vast achievements many successful charities were made. However, her focus is not just on the equality for African American. She is also an active feminist. Her part in the Womens Movement helped womens rights take a big step forward. After the third wave of feminism, the American womens struggle came to an end in the 1990s. With the help of Coretta, womens rights were finally realized. Charity has always been a part of hers and martins life since they were together too. They used to always donate to their church and the Civil Rights Movement. Coretta also donated and supported gay rights, South Africa charities, and much more. Even after her husbands death she still achieved what he set out to do and through her, his dream was made into reality. This biography, in particular, is one of my favorites. The actions of Coretta Scott King are really inspiring and heartwarming. Unfortunately, not many people nowadays remember the great strides Coretta Scott King produced towards social equality, making this book a must read if only to remind others of her greatness. I would recommend this book to 8th graders and up. Basically, it would be most beneficial to a more mature audience of young adults. While everyone could benefit from reading it, I feel that younger people wouldnt be able to understand some of the things it discusses or would be judgmental over some of the things they stood up for. For those old enough to understand it, this book would help them recognize this great American and what she and her husband achieved. Any biography telling of an important person or American should be recognized so that we dont forget the past and nor the great struggle that went into securing the rights and freedom we have today.