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Eaton: New DC Switchgear Series for Photovoltaic Applications

http://electrical- engineering- new- dc- switchgear- series- for- photovoltaic- applications April 12, 2013


Eatons Moeller Business has added to its portfolio a number of products for DC applications such as photovoltaic or standby battery applications. The new range that is designed for DC voltages up to 1000V comprises DC fuse switch-disconnectors, DC switch-disconnectors and DC circuit-breakers with IP20 protection or enclosed with IP65 protection, as well as DC compact circuit-breakers. Eatons Moeller Business is offering powerful switches for AC and DC tasks with operating voltages up to 1000V AC/DC and rated currents from 1 to 1600 A AC/DC. Top

DC fuse switch-disconnector up to 20A

The C10-FD fuse switch-disconnector reliably prot ect s PV st rings with a maximum rated current of 20A/ 1000V DC from overload and short-circuit. It is designed as a modular railmounted device for top hat rail mounting in service distribution boards and is available as a single-pole (1 width module) and two-pole (2 width module) version. A further product variant indicates with a flashing light (LED) that a fuse has tripped. Top

DC switch-disconnectors up to 60A
Eatons Moeller Business offers its P-SOL DC switch-disconnectors for the rated current ranges 20A, 30A and 60A. The DC isolators are available either with IP20 protection for direct mounting in the power inverter or with IP65 protection for external mounting close to the inverter. The high load switching capacity allows the switch to be operated during operation, i.e. also under load. With extensive large-scale photovoltaic plants, shunt and undervoltage releases enable the (lockable) switch-disconnectors to be tripped remotely if required. The solar plant s are connected via special solar plug connectors, and these are also used for the power inverter connection to the enclosed switch-disconnectors. Depending on the power required, two, four or eight solar strings can be connected on the incoming side via MC3 or MC4 connectors, depending on the power required. Alternatively, versions are available for direct terminal connection and cable inlets using M12, M16 or M20 cable glands. Eatons Moeller Business offers prefabricated solutions for different system configurations, thus eliminating the need for Y cables. The rugged housing material allows mounting in the protected outdoor area. Integrated pressure compensation elements prevent condensation. All enclosed switch-disconnectors are

TV-approved. Top

Fuseless DC string protective circuit-breakers up to 60A

PKZ-SOL string protective circuit-breakers with an overload and short-circuit release are suitable for use in all currently available PV system configurations and are rail mounted in PV terminal boxes. Designed for operating currents up to 60A and 1000 VDC, PKZ-SOL circuitbreakers can also be combined with components such as terminals or lightning protection equipment. If required users can fit optional shunt or undervoltage releases in order to implement remote tripping. The switching status is fed back via mounted auxiliary contacts. Top

DC switch-disconnectors and circuit-breakers up to 1400A

Eatons Moeller Business is offering DC switch-disconnectors specially designed for large PV plants. These are available in three sizes 250A/ 500A/ 1400A with a differentiated rated current and a maximum rated voltage of 1000V. If users also require overload and short-circuit protection in addition to the basic isolating function, circuit-breakers are available in three sizes with a rated current of up to 500A and a maximum rated voltage of 750V. All switch-disconnectors switch the plus and minus pole together. On the four-pole breakers, the incoming and outgoing wiring is implemented only on the bottom of the device. Jumper kits that ensure the current connection across all four contacts are available for the two large circuit-breakers with a rated current >300A. A protective cover offers allround fingerproof protection (IP2X). The circuit-breakers can either switch on three poles, only plus or minus, or alternatively one and two poles of either plus or minus cables. The short-circuit breaking capacity is between 15 kA to 70 kA depending on the device type. Circuit-breakers from the standard Eatons Moeller Business range can be used for this DC application. Eatons Moeller Business offers proven three and four-pole circuit-breakers with thermomagnetic or electronic release for the AC voltage side. The versatile range in four sizes covers rated currents from 20A to 1600A, rated voltages up to 1000V and short-circuit breaking capacities up to 150 kA. DC and AC circuit-breakers come from Eatons Moeller Business tried and tested NZM device family and can be fitted as required with system accessories such as control knobs, box terminals, indicating auxiliary contacts and voltage releases. SOURCE: EATON