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What is this?
This is the first in a Trinity series designed to fill in the time gap between the Darkness Revealed Series and the Alien Encounter stories. But even so, it can still be used independently of both of these Series, since nothing in it bases itself on them. The Series start with BioGenesis, a story about science gone overboard and the terrors that humanity can create without thought of the future. BioGenesis starts the Series, which also takes a look at human morality, and puts the characters in situations where they must choose loyalities. ravaged corpses. Among the biotech are seven broken mylenix containers. A thorough search provides few answers, but among these are the fact that the site is indeed illegal, a BEngi Beast facility. The Beasts, labeled Predators in the one remaining biocomp, refer to complex breeding programs and atleast seventeen different DNA sources, including human genes. Once their investigation is underway, they are trapped inside the base, while the remaining Predators start to close in on their enemies. As the Team tries to avoid being attacked by the Predators, they come across evidence that seems to support that these creatures can breed They will have to annihilate the Predators, before they annihilate the Team. They will also have to try to get the remnants of the surveillance recordings back together so that they can piece together some clues to whos behind it all, all while the Predators are closing in on them. The beasts are cunning, strong, quick and have chameleon-like skin, allowing them to blend in with the surroundings. Their first and foremost thoughts are to kill their prey, this including everything but their own kind. Piece of cake!

The Plot
BioGenesis begins with the characters being sent to Antarctica to research the disappearance of a Proteus Team. The Proteus Team was sent there to investigate possible illegal activities within a Dead Zone. A Dead Zone is a place where technology goes haywire, communication through electronic means is near to impossible and weapons tend to freak out. Even biotech is affected by this, but to a lesser degree. Once the Team arrives in Antarctica at Nuwehi Base, they go on a two day trek before finding the base-camp of the Proteus Team. Finding no proof of the Proteus Team abandoning the camp, they continue towards the installation which was the target of the first mission. Once there they find an abandoned Polar Base. As they enter, the place is first eerily silent and empty, before they get closer to the center. There, the Base turns into an abatoir, a slaughterhouse of the worst kind. Human corpses litter the core, which contains vast amounts of biotech, including very sophisticated biocomps. The corpses include whats left of the Proteus Team, a ripped off and chewed on arm as well as more intact, but still

The general theme of this first story is one of Creeping Horror. The Predators themselves make up most of this part, but also the fact that humanity, neutral or psion, doesnt seem to have any moral obligations against creating these things. The characters should never feel like theyre in control, or that they know whats happening. The beginning should give them the promise of brutal carnage, but it should remain unindulged unto the very end, where all Hell breaks loose. The basis for this kind of Creeping Horror can be found in the first Alien movie, Predator 1 & 2 as well as in Event Horizon, albeit with a different source. The first three movies contain solitary enemies, that are

shadowy and terrifying, only leaving evidence of their passing. Their horror isnt brought to light until the very end, even though only one person remains.

race should they ever allow abominations like the Predators to survive.

The Setting
Antarctica is a desperate and desolate place away from the mining camps and Borealite settlements. A place as hostile as the Dead Zone holds no signs of humanity or its creations. The blasted white landscape is icy-cold and the winds lower the temperature even more. This is Earths final frontier, and the Dead Zone is the last place where Humanity will ever set its foot intent on colonization. In this place, things have never lived, and anything brought here will die unless it has technological or psionic help. Even then, things are hard. Joints freeze shut, machinery fails more often here than anywhere else in settled space, electronics short-circuit and the biting winds and extreme cold makes it hard to concentrate. Even with powered Combat Armor or VARGs, the enviroment intrudes. Blizzards make it hard to navigate, while VARGs tend to go to life-support immediately. Hard-tech VARGs freeze their joints or loose electronic contact with parts of their body. When a blizzard hits, everything goes white, from the landscape to monitors and radars. Almost nothing can be perceived in the freezing whiteness, while the sheer force of winds allowed hundred of miles to gather speed are terrifying. Blowing a man from his feet is not unknown, and even VARGs or military vehicles struggle to go forward in the worst of these blizzards. There is no life, whatsoever, in the Dead Zone or anywhere around it. No creatures venture here and no plants can grow. The temperature never goes above 15 C, and thats at the height of warmth. Usually temperatures here range from 30 C down to 80 C in the coldest nights. Expect no mercy from Antarctica.

The mood of BioGenesis and the BEngi Beast facility is one of fear. A fear of the unknown as well as a fear of death. The characters might have faced death before, but probably for a greater cause. Here they face imminent death, for no greater cause than the hunger and instincts of these monsters. The story highlights that even though they might be heroes or renowned Psions, without their fancy equipment and the ability to just get the Hell out of Dodge, they are very human and very vulnerable. Even though the facility is a statement to what humanity can create, it is also a monument to the folly of unrestrained creation. There should be a distinct fear permeating the enviroment, from the files where they find the recordings of how the experiment went wrong when the power failure hit to the frozen blood and corpses littering most of the base. The characters are left to their own devices, with their technology failing them and in the middle of nowhere with no real chance of getting away quickly. The Dead Zone disables their weapons and communications devices, even combat armour or VARGs go dead. Even if they had some way of communicating with the outside world, the Dead Zone warps it. They can never be certain their message got there, or if it got there, with the right co-ordinates. Any Upeo in the Team will also find that their powers are muted here, in the place where not all things are right. The landscape is barren, white and deadening to the eyes. Nothing can be seen from the base, and it seems imminent that there is only loneliness and death awaiting outside. BioGenesis is about the fear of being left isolated, of death, of the alien things and a fear of such a primal thing as the dark. BioGenesis touches lightly on the fear and terror that humanity brings to the world through its actions, as well as the fear of what might become of the human

The BEngi Beast Research Facility VI



This is the one and only human settlement in the Dead Zone. It is covered in snow

and ice, its internal fusion core barely keeping the place warm enough for the research done inside. At the beginning, the scientists here kept temperatures at +23 C and worked hard to make sure that ventilation and exhausts werent frozen shut. Since the slaughter, every vent and exhaust has indeed frozen shut, lowering the capacity of the fusion generator as well as making the air stinking and putrid to breathe. Now the temperature hovers at 5 C and tends to go lower, while the lights flicker on and off at their own random will. The facility in itself is hardtech, but there are no electronics at all except for the fusion generator which is shielded inside a biotech-chamber. Doors are opened manually or through heated mechanics instead of electronic usage. The place seems a bit out of time itself, since all the things associated with a polar base cannot be used in this facility. The general research area, the restrooms and the bedrooms of the researchers are tombs and abatoirs. The fourteen researchers that were stationed here were killed in their beds, playing games of dice or trying to sound the alert when the shit hit the fan. The blood is frozen to everything, making it all a macabre sight. Corpses can be found througout the central core, but seemingly ravaged and eaten. Pieces of frozen equipment with Proteus markings litter the rest of the plant, their owners nowhere to be seen. The research area and the seven mylenix containers are completely biotech. Everything from heating to robotics are made up of extremely advanced and shielded biotechnology. The biocomps are sophisticated and top of the line, making the laboratory seem like being inside a dead monster. Almost every piece of equipment has been attacked by the Predators, sliced and ripped apart. Not much remain that can be used, but atleast one computer flickers on and off with the generator. The cameras move to follow anyone in the facility, since they are using their own batteries for the moment. This is not guided in any way, simply that they are

movement sensitive, but can be creepy anyway. The walls are now covered with ice or gore and some of the cameras are completely hidden beneath it. Sometimes part of the facility security systems set in, alarms going off for a few seconds before dying again. Flashing red lights colour the scenes in even more red, even though there is nothing that can alert the systems.

Nuwehi Base
The Nuwehi Base was founded by the UAN in 2111 as a research facility into how extreme cold and harsh conditions affect psionic effects and bioware. It hosted a number of Upeo that helped the teams teleport into areas, conduct experiments and return without having to suffer the extreme enviroment more than necessary. When the Upeo disappeared in 2114, Nuwehi changed its focus slightly, to research into safer ways of travel and transportation in Arctic enviroments. Their research and development has lead to the Arc prototype being tested. It is shielded, heated and has a score of self-repairing biotech that helps it counter random breakdowns. Nuwehi is a small facility, not really made for more than 30 people at the same time. It has a landing pad, three snow-vehicles and a lot of sensory equipment. The base itself is painted pure white, to better blend in with the enviroment in case of an Aberrant attack. Inside there are three floors, the top hosting all research and development equipment, the ground-floor where bedrooms and recreational areas take up all the space. The third floor, beneath the ground, is the largest. Here the Arc prototype is being assembled and the three snow-vehicles and one old Banji hopper are stationed here. Repairs are needed on all, and the few personel available for this are working to keep all vehicles functioning.

Running BioGenesis
Getting characters involved with the plot and the story carries its own problems, especially if they have been played earlier and might not be favourable to Aeon. Usually, characters can be contracted or already employed by the Aeon Trinity, therefore making them ideal candidates to go to Antarctica and check up on the Proteus Team. If they are hostile or aversive against Aeon, then they might go to the trouble of getting a private person or company to hire a group to check up on the facility. If this doesnt help, then one of the Proteus Team had a relative with a lot of money, eager to know what has happened, or a mentor that can offer education, training and further help in the future in exchange for the Team checking up on the lost Proteus Team. For those using BioGenesis to cover the time between the Darkness Revealed Series and the Alien Encounter Stories, Aeon is the perfect choice. The characters are already trusted by the Aeon Trinity and they want to send them on more down-to-earth missions, keeping them ready for the coming interstellar missions as well as making sure that one of their most telegenic Teams arent talking too much to the public about certain events in Climbing to Tartarus.

Introducing the Characters

This is one possible introduction to BioGenesis, but definitly not the only one. This one assumes that the characters have been associated with the Aeon Trinity before and that it is atleast relatively experienced, not being newcomers to the organization. In the last three years, Triton Division has uncovered more than twenty illegal facilites and centres of illegal activities on Antarctica. This is a severe threat to the stability of the already fragile region as well as a menace to Aeon operatives sent there to help out with construction or Aberrant defences. Therefore Aeon has increased the amount

of Proteus Teams sent to Antarctica, allowing them to target illegal activities and facilities and remove the threat to other Aeon agents in the area. Most such missions have been fairly easy to accomplish with the help of Psions. The Aeon Trinity feels certain that the most dangerous elements have been eliminated and that it can continue its research there, together with the Aberrant patrols and defence teams sent there. A month ago, one of the Triton satellites picked up an energy emission from what could be an installation in the middle of the Dead Zone. Satellite photos couldnt verify anything, but if something was being set up in the Dead Zone, it meant that whatever it was, its creators didnt want it to come to general attention. The installation became a possible threat once Triton had done initial research and a Proteus Team was sent to the Dead Zone to investigate. That was nine days ago, and the last transmission from the Team came in 8 days and 14 hours ago. Hector Ramirez contacts the characters, either drawing them together to form a new Proteus Team, or calling on them as a former team. Hes worried that something has happened to the first team sent in, and Triton calculations on how long a trek into the Dead Zone and back would take indicate that it has taken too long. (Estimates are that a trek back and forth with a day for investigation would take approximately 7 days) He shows them the information about the Dead Zone and warns them about the fact that they wont be able to contact Aeon, or anyone else for that matter, while inside. There shouldnt be unclear that most of their gear will be unusable and that they must rely on their own skills and abilities to survive in the harsh regions of Antarctica. He also promises to provide them with vacsuits powered by simple but effective biotech batteries that will keep them alive in the cold.

Behind the Scenes

The BEngi Beast facility (#6, or more commonly, VI) was set up by Luther MacNamara, an elder scientist and protopsion. Hes 69 years old, his lifes work sold into the hands of younger and more capable businessmen. He helped found BioDyne Systems in South America, and the money he made out of the sale has boosted him all the way to the top 20 richest people on Earth. His vision as a young scientist was to perfect a race for one aspect and one aspect only. He didnt want to wait for Darwins theories to come through, he wanted to change life itself, right now. He found more problems on his path than he had first imagined. To cope with both monetary problems and legal troubles, he gathered a few friends and kickstarted BioDyne Systems in 2071. It went by slowly, working on auxilary research for other companies or governments until 2105, when he was approached by Guiseppe Del Fuego. Since then, BioDyne worked exclusively for Nrca. He found that the Biokinetics abilities mirrored more than a few of his own powers, powers he had kept hidden in fear of being an Aberrant. When he sold BioDyne in 2119, he turned his enormous fortune to the research he had left behind in his youth. The perfect race. By now, Luther had become a cold and calculating person, almost devoid of feelings or compassion. The ruthless businessworld had stripped away most of his gentle qualities and replaced them with the stone-heart he now carries inside himself. He no longer cared for this world or the people on it, he cared only for his perfect race. The research going on in Facility VI is a sidetrack for his current research. It began as an experiment to see how far biological matter and genes could be interchanged between different animals, so as to provide a scientific background for his more extensive experiments with human genes. When an old friend of MacNamaras, a Joseph Price, approached him with a tantalizing offer, MacNamara offered up facility VI. Price

wanted to create a perfect predator, one that would stop at nothing, with great cunning and ferocity. Price, a leading member of the Hellfire Club (or The Hellfire Society for Gentlemen) had been set with this project so that his fellow members could face a greater threat, and a greater thrill, when hunting. Big game hunting had long lost its lure for the members of the Hellfire Club, and Price wanted to be the one to give them all a greater challenge. The research went on pretty smoothly, the shielded biotech-generators providing electricity in the Dead Zone and powering the biotech shield that kept the inside of the facility fairly free from Dead Zone interferences. When one of the hardest snowstorms hit the facility, the generators maxed out to keep the facility warm and keeping the mynexglass shielded with an elektrokinetic shield. When the four Predators understood what was happening, they began to pounce on the mynex. The shields were given more power to keep the angry Predators inside, but when a transmission came in and the computer started the radio, the systems finally gave up. The mynex burst as the Predators escaped and began to hunt. They needed food, preferably human flesh, and they needed it soon. Since the Predators were part of MacNamaras world-wide experiments, they had been created so that they could procreate. Procreation by injecting eggs into other lifeforms, the Predators were consumate parasites, parasites that had a strong will to survive and an even stronger will to ensure the survival of the race. Three days after the blizzard hit VI the first Proteus Team arrived in the area. Triton had surveyed the area and had recorded a few images of what could be a hidden base in the middle of what Triton Division had deemed inhospitable and an Omega Class surveillance area. They had missed the foundation of the base much because of this, and the interferrance of the Dead Zone. When they finally began to suspect something, a Proteus Team was sent to Nuwehi Base to begin a trek to the area and investigate. The team lost its SnowCrawler and nearly died in a icequake, but continued on foot.

They were trained for this kind of trouble, and werent about to give up just because they had to walk the last week. Once there they were met with carnage and soon came under attack. When the Aeon Trinity doesnt receive a transmission from the Proteus Team after nine days (the general response time) they decide to send in another Team to find out whats going on at the base and to rescue the first Team should it become necessary.

The Dead Zone and Psions

The Dead Zone interrupts the flow of electrons through all hardtech devices, and interferres beautifully with most biotech devices. Even humans are affected by this influence, although it isnt readily apparent as with the gear. People tend to get headaches, nervous twitches and other neurological problems while inside the Dead Zone. Psions, on the other hand, are a completely different bunch of problems. The psion particles shield their bodies from most of the influence from the Dead Zone, instead drawing the mysterious energy to themselves instead of the electrons. A Psion has a more active psionic field, which even though it protects him from the Dead Zone also makes his powers very hard to use. While outside the Research Facility, all psi rolls are at +2 difficulty. If the characters get one or two successes, their psionic powers kick into gear, but not exactly like they wanted them to. A Clairsentient who wants to know where home is will get seven different directions. A Biokinetic that tries to adapt to the enviroment might turn into a furry polar-bear looking aberration. Electrokinetics might short out their own nervous system for a while. Feel free to be erratic with your choices. Sometimes nothing might happen, the other time its almost the Apocalypse. Once they get inside the Research Facility, the biotech sphere redirects some of the energy from the Dead Zone, lowering the use of any psi to +1 difficulty.

Nuwehi Base
When the characters first arrive at Antarctica they come to Nuwehi Base, an UAN base dedicated to researching the effects extreme cold have on both human and animal physiology and working on several prototypes to ease travel in areas with low temperatures. The characters are welcomed by Hector Ramirez, who has been waiting for them at Nuwehi. He has acquired an Orgotek SnowCrawler, partially designed at Nuwehi and Mark IV Snow Armour for all of them. (See Equipment for more information) He instructs them in how the SnowCrawler and the Mark IV Snow Armour works, what they can do while donning the armour and all specifics. He also warns them that the Dead Zone doesnt allow for communication in either direction, since the field seems to break down electrical and bio-electrical devices. He also warns them that nothing has been heard from the first Proteus Team in nine days and that they should be expecting the worse. Hector, whos usually a very charming person has taken a hint from the cold landscape and might even seem worried about the characters. He takes precautions to make sure that no-one trusts their biotechnology or hardtech weapons in tight spots. He can provide shotguns and combat-knives for those that see the need. They are then helped into the Snow Armour, given a map of the area and told how the SnowCrawler works and sent on their way. The trip to the Dead Zone takes approximately four days, and Hector checks in on them three times a day.

The Dead Zone

Once they close in on the Dead Zone, the weather begins to turn bad. Erratic weather reports warn of blizzards that have been sweeping in from the mountainranges and that there might be one on the way very, very soon. Sometime on the fourth day the team enters the Dead Zone and their equipment should feel the force of the event. Their radio dies, then lights up again and responds with messages lost a month ago, goes static and so forth. Be creative with their equipment, since most characters have learnt to rely on their

gear, this should be a refreshing reminder that even technology fails. About a day into the Dead Zone, their SnowCrawler fails. All systems go dead and they are stranded in the middle of a world of snow and ice. To add insult to injury, the blizzard the radio warned about two days ago hits the characters with its full fury. The team now has two choices, either to continue using the tent inside the SnowCrawler, or to return to Nuwehi Base to regroup. Should they regroup, it should be apparent that they are leaving any possible survivors to a certain death. The coming days should be ardeous and it should be apparent to the players that their characters are suffering the worst of what the blizzard has to give. They are lucky that the physical maps they have of the region are pretty easy to follow, with great gorges in the ice making up easy trails to follow towards the unknown base.

Research Facility VI
Once they arrive at VI, they find it almost completely covered by snow, a long cable and a small entrance the only things which betray the hill for anything else but a dustbeaten pile of ice. The entrance is sealed, but a pneumatic handle can be pumped to open the doors. This is because the designers didnt want a base like this completely relying on electricity when it could fail at any time. The doors arent locked, which means getting into the facility is fairly easy. The pneumatic handle on the inside has a fire-axe lodge in it, frozen to the spot. Nothing else can be found at the entrance. A character with Danger Sense active will immediately feel a looming danger which grows as they penetrate deeper into the Base. It should escalate the first time the Predators communicate to almost drastic levels. The Dead Zone enhances the Danger Sense so that it almost becomes unbearable the further in they go. The first bedroom the characters find is empty and the feeling of a hollow, haunted base should permeate

the first scenes. Let them find half-eaten food scattered on the floor in the dining room. The supplies have been raided for all pig-meat. All other kinds of meat has been left alone in the frozen supplyroom. When they enter the upper research level, let them find the first evidence of things gone horribly wrong. Biotech-computers sliced and ripped apart by what looks like alien claws. As they continue through the base, the sights grow worse and worse. Half-eaten corpses, frozen blood and bones litter the inner sanctums of the Base but no evidence of the murderers can be found. When they find the mynexcontainers on Sublevel 1, the scattered glass and claw-marks should make it apparent that something has escaped. At this time, when they first begin to suspect what it is they are facing, let them hear the first clicking noices. The Predators communicate by both physical vibrations, scent pheromones and clicking noices. The noices are the first thing that should become apparent to the team, unless one happens to be a Clairsentient with his senses sharpened. Once the team is growing worried, let the first traces of the Predators become apparent. A claw mark that wasnt there the last time they passed the kitchen door, a ripped off human arm, frozen solid, lying on the floor. The Predators arent very intelligent, but they are clever and understand the use of setting traps. If it becomes apparent that they are loosing a battle, they will try to flee. If theres no escape, they will attack the strongest characters to weaken him for the others, so as to even the scores a little. They begin to harass characters, striking from airducts, ventiliation shafts and at any stragglers. If the team splits up, theyll attack the smallest team if possible. Some places are inaccesible, except through the use of the ventilationshafts. A few doors have frozen to the spot, others have had their locking devices destroyed by the Predators. One of these places hold a surviving member of the former Proteus Team and his dead teammate. The living member will try to contact the new team to get away, and he has precious information regarding the

research system and the Predators. Their electrokinetic hacker, a man named John St. Germain, had managed to get the password for the computer before the Predators attacked the first time. It is BioGenesis. The computer is severly damaged, and only a few sectors can be accessed. Among these are the EEPS (Emergency Escape Pod System), a few of the historical recordings from the security system and a log-file by Dr. Poulidori, the lead researcher on VI. If the team tries to hack into the system without the use of the password it has a Fail-Safe of 8 and retrieving the password requires an Engineering roll at +3 difficulty. The system is designed to violently attack anyone that tries to hack it should the system lock onto the intruder. It will burn out a computer if used, or it will attack the characters nervous system if using Interface. Should an electrokinetic fail against the computer, he takes 4d10 lethal damage, which can only be soaked if he has the Static Shield active The security log shows a clear shot of a man delivering four canisters to Dr. Poulidori and receiving nothing in return. The logs also have about 45 minutes of worthless surveillance of corridors, which shouldnt interest the characters except for the last three minutes. The logs are from the time before the breakdown, and at 42:09 the alarms go wild and the logs print out that the mynex-containers have been breached. Alpha Level Alarm. A few flashing images of something speeding down a corridor followed by the sick sounds of flesh being torn apart and bones snapping. At 44:56 the log ends. Dr. Poulidoris log contains day to day progress reports as found on Handout #1. Everything before and after those logs have been destroyed by what the computers labels as physical intereference with the memory blocks. The computer itself can give clear instructions on how to activate the EEPS, should the need arise, but will also warn the team to the ELE procedure which will take effect once the EEPS is activated. It takes an Engineering roll at +2 difficulty

to piece together that ELE stands for Extinction Level Execution. Once the EEPS is activated, strategic missiles from an orbiting satellite will strike the base to remove any and all evidence of the illegal research conducted there. Once this happens, the Predators should launch their first attack. Two Predators burst from the ventilation shafts and attack. The Predators are deadly enemies and should be dangerous. Their speed and terrible strength should send characters hit flying through the room or being attacked before they can react. In the end, the characters should survive, but they should be damaged. Most importantly, their Mark IV Snow Armour should be torn into shreds, making escape over the icy fields impossible. As soon as the first attack has begun, try to send the characters into confusion and have the Predators retreat as soon as they are suffering heavy damage. If the characters are really good, they should be able to take down one already. Let the chase begin down the corridors, either the Predators trying to chase down the team, or the other way around. The Predators communicate overtly by tapping their claws, thus filling the ventilation shafts with clicking sounds and lending an intelligent tone to their enemy. The Predators can also communicate with pheromones, so if someone has a torn suit let them smell the strange odour in the air just before an attack. All in all, this is the most important part of the story, which is why it should be left up to each Storyteller. You know you troupe better than I could ever do, therefore I expect that you know how to scare them best. Ill give a few examples on what worked when we playtested this adventure in the Appendix. The one important thing at this moment is that atleast one of the team-members are wounded by the Predators claws. This will be of importance later in the adventure. Just as it seems that the team is winning the battle against the Predators, or the other way around, the Predators are almost killing the team, trouble comes crashing down. One of the Predators attacks the main computer to feed, thus triggering a threshold level of

damage on the computer. This threshold automatically activates the ELE (Extinction Level Execution) and prepares for the selfdestruction of the base. As per standard protocol, the computer will begin the ELE countdown and announce this through whatever speakers are still intact in the complex. At this point, it will be a race against time as the team has to get back to the computer, try to work around the now exhaustive damage on the computer (making all Enginnering rolls at +3 difficulty) as well as fighting off the Predators that have become excited thanks to the amount of sounds spilling out of the normally pretty silent speakers. This should take time and be sure to count down the time all while they are having a hard time. This is the time when you should push the Team to its utmost capabilties here. Healers (be they combatmedics or Vitakinetics) should have their hands full, the gunslingers should be running low on ammo, the hacker-guy should be sweating while the others should do whatever they can. As above, you know how to push your troupe to the breaking point. Once they activate the EEPS and they are led to the podlaunching area, they can finally get out of the base, hopefully with only minutes left As they are preparing to get into the pods, which can only take minimum weight and no extra equipment, its time for the vaunted final battle with the last Predator(s). Launch whatever you think is necessary against the PCs, since you want to give them a feeling of loosing this. Accompany the whole battle with the computer counting down their last seconds. Unless they screw up, they should kill the Predators or drive them back, jump into the pods and launch away from the base mere seconds before it is annihilated. The G-force makes them unconcious (unless someone happens to be a fighter-pilot trained to withstand gforces, you can always describe a journey in complete darkness to them, since the pod is sealed) and when they wake up they are taken by Proteus and Neptune agents to a Trinity facility. When they ask where they are, they find out that they

have been taken to the Karatin Facility in South African State, in the UAN. Karatin is a small outpost for Trinity, doing ocean surveillance, and they picked up the pods descending from their launch and crashing into the southern-most Indian Ocean.

That which remains

Once the team has been through the standard physical checks, it becomes apparent that one of them, or more, have been infected by an abnormal physical presence. It seems as they have become walking, talking incubation chambers for the Predators eggs. Preferably, not all of the team should be impregnated, so as to make this an emotional time where it seems as if the Trinity research cannot find a way to dislodge the eggs without killing the host. The theme here should be possible loss, the end of life itself and the inevitable death that seems to loom over atleast one character. Encourage roleplay at this part of the story, as the team isnt allowed to leave the complex or mention the mission to others, they have only eachother to relate to. In the end, after a few tense days, the researching doctors proclaim that they have found a way to remove the eggs, but that it means that the eggs must be destroyed in the process. Trinity seems to waver for a few hours how to solve this situation, but in the end decide that the life of an operative is worth more than the potential information that can be found by letting the eggs hatch. The operation of the character will work very smoothly and the doctors will proudly declare that the eggs were destroyed and removed and that the afflicted character will recover in a couple of weeks and should be up and about before a week has passed. True to their promise, nothing ill happens the character and everything seems to have been taken care of.

The Aeon Trinity managed to save one of the eggs, even though different information was given to the Team at this moment. The egg will be hatched later to

be used as research-material and to study the way different genes were spliced together to create this monstrosity. Among those things that become apparent after going through the remains of the eggs is that Chromatic DNA was used. Chromatic DNA is extremely hard to come by, and according to the Aeon Trinity, there are but a few criminals that can get a hold of a Chromatic extract. The man shown on the security log, handing over four canisters is well-known to Aeon. His name if Jonathan Hawks, a mercenary that has been employed by Aeon for shadow operations, since he takes pride in not killing while on a mission. This will lead the characters into the next story, Sins of Society. It takes Aeon a while to locate Jonathan Hawks and set up a mission to cover the fact that the Team will have to dig through Hawks computer and the ship-log to get to the real employer.

Dramatis Personae
Special Agent Hector Ramirez
Ramirez is a Hispanic man who would be stocky if he were a bit shorter. He has an energetic, friendly personality with a firm undercurrent of confident authority. He carries himself in a military manner when on duty, with precise movements. During BioGenesis he wears the standard Aeon uniform, with several decorations of valour, and the Neptune emblem. See Darkness Revealed: Descent into Darkness, page 39, for more information and complete statistics on Ramirez.

MacNamara would mean the continuation of the project for many years. Thus was Research Facility VI given up to creating the Predators. Three weeks ago, the researchers in Research Facility VI managed to splice the genetic sequences together and immediately began cultivating the Predator eggs. The creatures grew fast, being fed a steady diet of proteins and other nutrients. Once they reached maturity and the generator failed, they became uncontrollable, bursting through their containers and attacking the research team. A Predator was created to hunt others, but also has other instincts that are a bizarre blend of the creatures used in its creation. Among those instincts we find procreation and pack mentality. The Predators work together as a pack, hunting together and sharing the food. They also procreate through parasitic infestation, injecting others with their eggs which then gestate inside another creature. The Predators can see in the darkness, although their vision is only black and white. Their hearing is equal to that of a human, but nothing extraordinary. Their sense of smell and touch though, are extremely enhanced, which means that they can easily differentiate between people through smell or keep watch simply by monitoring their vibrations. Image: The creatures themselves look like giant ants, walking upright or on all six insectoid legs. They have hard carapace with a thin secretion of slime covering it all, making them extremely hard to hold on to or attack with hand-to-hand combat weapons. (+1 difficulty when attacking them) Their two arms have almost humanlike hands, with vicious claws, and a tube-like extension just below the palm. This tube shoots out once they hold someone with their hand and inject the eggs, thus ensuring successful procreation immediately. Their four legs are used only for movement, but they can hang from ceilings or crawl up walls with them. They are also extremely agile, fitting through almost any small entrance. A Predator

The Predators
The Predators were created as an genetic experiment and working towards specified goals, namely to create the ultimate predator. Theres a two-fold reason for this, first the goals of the godfather of the BioGenesis Project, Luther MacNamara, to create the perfect race, this being a step on the way. Secondly, Prices membership with the Hellfire Club and the amount of money they were prepared to pay

weighs in at around 200 pounds, its size nonetheless. Roleplaying Hints: You were created to hunt. The pack must hunt to feed. The pack must hunt to procreate. The hunt is the most important thing. Trap the prey and strike them down. Study the prey before striking. Feed. Nature: Follower / Leader Allegiance: The Predator Pack Physical Attributes Abilities Strength 5 Brawl 4 Might 3 Dexterity 5 Athletics 4 Stealth 5 Survival 3 Stamina 5 Resistance 5 Endurance 5 Mental Attributes Perception 3 Intelligence 1 Wits 4 Social Attributes Appearance 0 Manipulation 0 Charisma 0 Abilities Awareness 4

lent to Aeon because they have helped fund the research here.

Orgotek ARC: The ARC (Arctic Research and Combat) is a recent development and is specially created to faciliate fast travel in arctic enviroments. It has special tracks made not to get stuck in the snow, with internal heaters so as to melt away snow should it pack on the tracks. It has internal radar, an extractable antenna that can reach as high as 15 metres (50 feet) to faciliate communication during snowstorms. It has a small fusion-reactor to fuel it and keep the temperature steady. Among its other enhancements is a small laboratory, two beds folded into the side and a high effect laser to cut through ice blocking the way, or for defence. After all, the South Pole can hold Aberrants and the ARC is made to survive any kind of onslaught on it, even an Aberrant attack. The ARC II exchanges the laser with two medium laser cannons, so that it can be used in real combat. Its final, and most important factor, is the SSS (Superior Safety System). The SSS includes extremely powerful armor and an internal bubble system. Should the ARC go down through the ice or down a rift, giant airbags explode on the outside, to keep the ARC from being destroyed, while on the inside the bubble system unleashes a rapidly hardening bio-concrete. This bio-concrete makes sure that no-one inside will be hurt by the crash, as well as keeping them warm for atleast 10 days, even if the fusion generator breaks down. It helps with oxygen and also gives of small amounts of nutrients. VT: Track CS: 70 km/h TS: 110 km/h Tech: Hardtech (with some biotech enhancements in the SSS) Weapons: High Effect Laser 3 [5] Accuracy -1, the ARC II has two medium laser cannons instead of the HE Laser. Armour: 5 [10] Cost:

Abilites Intimidation 3

Willpower: 7 Psi: 1 Special Abilities: The Predators have a few tricks up their sleave, having been created to become ruthless murdermachines. Carapace: A Predator can use his Stamina to soak Lethal damage as well as doubling his soak vs. Bashing damage. Claws: The Predators claws do Strength+2d10 Lethal damage. Darkvision: They do not suffer penalties to Perception rolls when in the dark.

The extreme enviroment of Antarctica and the special conditions of the Dead Zone demands a few technological gadgets you dont usually find in the everyday place. All of the technology presented here is recently developed for the extreme conditions of the South Pole, only being

Steinhardt Mark IV Snow Armour: The Mark IV Snow Armour is a development of the original Snow Armour designs, created by Steinhardt in 2104. It was designed as an experiment for arctic warfare as well as being an excersice in integrating integral life-support systems in an armour smaller than the Mark III Combat Armour Steinhardt was producing at the time. Both experiments worked out wonderfully, and the Mark IV was created and manufactured at the Nuwehi Research and Development Area hired out to Steinhardt. With the new Snow Armour, it makes quick forays into frozen wastelands both economic and practical, instead of being costly. The radiopack designed into the armour sends out a signal every 2 hours to ensure higher chances of survival should something happen to the user. It also has an emergency signal which it emits every 30 seconds if the bodytemperature drops below 35 degrees C. Its only major flaw is that should the armour be breached, or the helmet removed, the system keeping the temperature at 19 degrees C can collapse, thus sending the user into the fast-freeze death. Otherwise the life-support system of the Mark IV Snow Armour keeps the user warm enough not to impair movement or health, recycles urine to be used as water as well as processing enough nutrition into the water that returns to keep the user alive in arctic climates for atleast 15 days. Field-testing has shown that people with higher stamina and endurance for harsh climates have survived over three weeks in the suit before loosing consciousness. Bashing Soak: 1 Lethal Soak: 2 Bulk: 0 Tech: Hardtech Cost: Life Support: 15 days

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