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Welcome Alumni Mentors and Student Mentees!

Alumni Mentorship Program 2013

Your Hosts for Today:

Catherine Irvine - Careers Counsellor Fiorella Fong 94 - Alumni Coordinator Catherine Han - Director of Community Relations Dede Huang - Director of Development

Who mentored you?

one elementary truth: somewhere, somehow, someone cared about their growth and development. This person was their mentor.
- Dr. Beverley Kaye, Up is Not the Only Way, 1997.

Behind every successful person, there is

Goals of the Program

to provide student mentees with another way to seek advice and guidance about academics, post-secondary and university options, careers, work opportunities and personal development; to give alumni an opportunity to contribute to the school in a rewarding and productive way; to strengthen the CIS community through the shared experiences and goals of its students and alumni.

The Commitment

Ideally, this commitment will last until graduation of the mentee. Communication should be ongoing, with a hope that contact will be made at least once every two months (this will of course vary depending on the schedules and needs of both parties). Attendance is desired at future mentorship program events such as this one.

The Making of an Effective Mentoring Relationship:

Raymond Kwok (class of 1997) and Angela Pan (class of 2012)

Schedule for today

10:30 - 11:15 11:15 - 11:35 General Introduction Alumni/Student Sessions

11:35 - 12:00 Meet your mentor/mentee Student Session in Room 1805/06 with Ms. Fiorella Fong and Ms. Catherine Han

Getting to know the current CIS student

Year 11
- MYP completion - IB course selections - Personal Project - Community and Ser vice hours - InterQuest Assessment - IB program - Extended Essay - CAS - University applications - Careers

Year 12
- IB program - Extended Essay - CAS - SATS - Activities Resumes - YR12 exams - College Essays (US & UK) - University Applications - Summer plans - Careers

Well-being, stress and time management!

Your Role
Create an environment of open communication, trust, condentiality and active listening; Assist mentee to identify and evaluation options to explore; Share knowledge and experiences about your education, career path, successes and failures and what you have learned from all of this; Give advice and assistance in a manner which allows the mentee to be accountable for achievement of his/her own goals; Provide encouragement and support to give the student the condence to succeed.

Growing the Relationship

Please make an effort to keep appointments with your mentee. Set guidelines for proper methods of communication (email, phone, personal meetings, skype, etc.) Even though the onus is on the student to make contact, please take opportunities to engage your mentee as well especially if you have not heard from him or her in a while Like you have today, please make the effort to attend relevant future functions.

A few reminders
The age of your mentee The parameters of your role and your relationship School policy on alcohol, smoking, etc. Safety of mentee and mentor
If at any time you have questions, concerns or feedback, please dont hesitate to contact me: Catherine Irvine ofce 2512 5991 mobile 9247 4733 email

Thank You!
As an alumni mentor you have the opportunity to make a great impact on the lives of current CIS students. You share common understandings and experiences and these students are striving to achieve many of the goals you already have. You are their role models!

Famous Pairs
Go around the room and ask questions to find the other half of your duo. ONE RULE: You cannot use the name of your person or the partner of your person in the questioning! Once you find your partner, introduce your real names and get to know each other. Please use the icebreaker questions as conversation starters.