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A Fair Amount of 'Licking of the Chops' Going On | Deep Brain Radio [Anonymoused]

SLAP TALK! Live and Liberal!

SLAP TALK! Live and Liberal!


A Fair Amount of Licking of the Chops Going On

Your Jovial Editor June 16, 2013 Posted In Uncategorized No Comments

Remember. I am free to WRITE about William John Joseph Hoge. That is my first amendment right. I am not free to contact William John Joseph Hoge. Because that would be bad and he would cry, soil himself, and call the police. That being said, I might be excused for feeling like a pork chop set in front of William John Joseph Hoges enormous son. I am being eyeballed and salivated over. See, Im sorta left with the feeling that William John Joseph Hoge will not wait for me to actually violate the peace order he had taken out against me, thereby ensuring that every Twitter flame war will end in a courtroom. Note the language here.

Now keep in mind, this is the man who BELIEVED that my telling LA Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey Beware the Ides of March was a death threat to HIM. This is the man who believed that I, on the night of Super Storm Sandy, as many of us sat without power, used a computer IP address from Kansas City to manipulate a computer server owned by a guy in Brazil to send a swatting threat to him under someone elses name. So, I do not put it past this individual to have a dream at night (or during the day, or a hallucination) in which he BELIEVES I have attempted to contact him, thus violating the peace order. I just wonder what sort of proof he has to provide to affect my arrest. Does he actually have to provide evidence that I somehow sent him a message, and does there have to be proof in the form of a hard copy of this attempted contact, or is his reedy, raspy voice wheedling to the cops all he needs? I am left with the feeling that, at least, he believes that all he has to do is BELIEVE the peace order has been violated. And his good friend and intestinal parasite, Aaron Walker egging him on reminds him



A Fair Amount of 'Licking of the Chops' Going On | Deep Brain Radio [Anonymoused]

Snort. Snick! Lick! Drool! SHALL! See? SHALL! Means they GOTTA shall arrest, yup! They can hardly fucking wait. But all I have to do to stay clear of this is NOT directly contact him. I am to sit silently and smile as he does this

And he gets to enjoy good fun like this.

Whee! Ha ha ha! Humor is FUNNY! Its even better when you get to KICK somebody and then he is precluded by law from kicking you in return. Thats the BEST kind of flame war, when you can do all the flaming and get no heat back in your own face. Aaron Worthless can hardly wait to see my ass in jail, too. And R. Crazy McStain is salivating at the thought. But he does that all the time anyway. These fair minded, First Amendment loving, freedom cherishing Republicans, God love them! Who needs a REASON to put someone in jail when you can JUST MAKE SHIT UP! THEY have deemed that an @mention is a direct contact. Therefore, it IS a direct contact. THEY have determined that Twitter Itself does not know what it is talking about when it says the best way to silence harassing contact (should such contact, in fact, be harassing and not just dishing back what was dished) is to block, or block and report. Twitter 2/6


A Fair Amount of 'Licking of the Chops' Going On | Deep Brain Radio [Anonymoused]

suggests going to the cops if violence is threatened, but weve covered that with the make-believe Ides of March threat and the I Used A Brazillian Guys Computer gambit. Anybody who believes that HeWhoMustNotBeNamed will NOT be egged on by Aaron Worthless and whoevers paying HIS electric bills these days into INVENTING a reason to have me arrested is dreaming. My only hope is to get some legal help from someone who is actually emotionally invested in freedom of speech. No offense, Tae. But you seemed to think you were just gonna walk in and win this one, while The Bearded Bloviators lawyer mopped the floor with you.

Happy 6th Anniversary to the Holes in My Head! Let's call liars what they are! It's the Butt Stuff That Makes Them Say 'Ick!' Is There a DOWN SIDE to This Talk of Secession?
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A Fair Amount of 'Licking of the Chops' Going On | Deep Brain Radio [Anonymoused]

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A Fair Amount of 'Licking of the Chops' Going On | Deep Brain Radio [Anonymoused]

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A Fair Amount of 'Licking of the Chops' Going On | Deep Brain Radio [Anonymoused]

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