THE INCARNUM METHOD part 2, Domus Kaotica; KHAOS, 156/663 Class A Frater Vertigo (-4°) -Aly feel free

to edit as you wish, my grammar is lousy as usualInkarnum Part 2: Finally! So i heard you liek inkarnum; here's some more for you all! It took a lot of time to me to finish up this thing: University has me hostage, and the economic prison is slowly but surelly trying to get a hold on me. But as long as i've got you all, i'm quite safe. Thank you all for the way you s upported the first part of this work and, well, for being yourselves (lol XD). So, yeah, better late than never, let's do this: this essay talks about my latte r experiments with the inkarnum methods and some things i overlooked last time. Filters When i posted the first part of the inkarnum method, i didn't realize something that was going to be really important while developing it further: In my essay i talked about the external inkarnum to be assorbed to reach your go al in very generic terms, like visualize the incarnum of X situation . External feedback made me realize that THERE was where the Spirit Model could ha ve entered the Inkarnum Method with the full HONOR it deserved as such really qu alifying Inkarnum for the title of Post-Meta-Paradigmal Technique . As a matter of fact it's obviously still possible (and very pratical) to obtain the external energy you need for a khaomeld just with the usual , generic, metho d but nothing stops us from using ,IE, the specific energy of a Godform, Toughtf orm or Metafisical Concept (Like the Sephiroths). Doing this, i'll call Using a Filter or Filtering Inkarnum with (X) from now on, beac ouse it's cool and appropriate. NOW obviously for doing this would be a good idea to be in good terms with the s pirit you plan on using, and that brings back in inkarnum a lot of urban shamani sm that was left behind last time! Obviously for us in the DKMU, filtering inkarnum with Doombringer, Trigag, Zalty , Ino or Ellis should be doable without great problems (you are allready on good terms with them XD). You want other godforms? Just use whatever suits you, everything is true! I Tried it all with The Green Fairy of Absinthe, the Wicked Witch of the West an d Frollo from the Hunchback of Notredame, and THE GODDAMN BATMAN and it seems to really be working wonders (Frollo in particular i used to gain insight on the w ork of the authoryties here in my university, it's doing neat things!). Now What i sayd assumes you're using traditional godforms and spirits, associate d with a certain character : anthropomorphic representations of energy (yeah a litt le like us , lol) But there are godforms that do not follow such a guideline and that aren't linked to characters per se, but to Philosophical-Mystical Concepts (like sephiroths an d qlipphots, or why not? Laws of physics! I CALL UPON THEE, THIRD LAW OF THERMOD YNAMICS!) or Political Ideals (those capitalist swines...). Now, you can't be on good terms with something wich hasn't got a personality prope r, or isn't anthropo or zoomorphic to begin with: for those things you''ll have to tweak the rules. Being on good terms with something that's purelly conceptual just means to show a link to it. You want to filter your inkarnum with some nazi energy? Dress like a goddamn naz i, or read some passage from the mein kapf aloud just before doing your magick. Wo rking with planets or sephiroths of astrological signs? Dress with something of the appropriate color and try to reach the right mindstate to link yourself to i t (Sephiroths in particular ARE mindstates...).

Here 's how you do it with inkarnum (i guess you can use the same method with allmost any kind of ritual or meditation studied to reach a certain mindstate). The formers? those can be proper instruments of art!!! If someone with a little more patience could come out with some good masks for our godforms to use on wor ldwide rituals. or esperiencing that ce rtain physical sensation you chosed trigges the khaomeld for you. You are at your home.Wanna use laws of physics? Buy a goddamn textbook and do some exercises before s tarting your magick! It's really funny when you start to get it XD [on a side note: i look really badass dressed like a nazi XD] Naakil gives us another neat idea regarding the use of masks for invocations (an d evocations? you be the judge) I tried it too both with enchanted phisical masks and with pure inkarnum ones. it'll m elds itself istantly. a physical sensation o r a sigil to trigger it. When the khaomeld is done. Repeat various times with the same Khaomeld: linking it again and again to the igger (and making it all the more strong everytime you meld it! Woot!). like when i charged my Ritual Sword: it was steamy hot for a lit tle while then the effect waned.This was one of those things that wh ere self-evidently GREAT from the first time i tought about them in relation wit h inkarnum. but when you start c hanneling the external one. or looking at the sigil. As a matter of fact every method i used in the past to enchant items seemed a li ttle off to me. When just repeating the mantra. With inkarnum you can at least keep something Charged when you're allways keepin g it on you: linking it to a node. PUFF!!! Instant Inkarnum! Sometimes you just need it: something allready there ready for you to use. but somethimes only the cartoon-like magick al formula to be uttered for having a result just manifest istantly cuts it. to cr awl out of a shitstorm or cause one with minimal warning (and extreme prejudice) or just to have a couple of tricks under your sleeve. You meld a khaomeld you guess that could be usefull to be istantly-used. And that's Pavlov's dog and NLP applied to khaos. So. Awesome. don't call anything strange: just use the Inkarnum o tr . a sound. taking all the time it takes and doing things as smoothly as possible. here's how i do my Inkarnum enchanting: Use the basical technique regarding your personal inkarnum. T he latters are a little like invocations in themselves and as such are really go od for great works. Enchanting Objects with Inkarnum OOH yeah let's get to the Serious Buissness. choose for it a word. quiet and relaxed. This technique was developed with this in mind: One of inkarnum's strenght is th e readyness with wich you can use it. the WIN could be so much as to take physical form and pwn realit y. Then when you're facing something that calls for it? You just let it go. no crisis yet to be seen. you've done it ! Just remember to meld it every once in a while so that you subconscious doesn' t forget it.

face value. Bind there melds for creativity. to give you strenght or to protect you or who you love. It' like scrolls wands and staffs from d&d 3. it moves and adapts so that you can get a solid ho ld of the object you want to use: it corresponds to the element of Water and you can bind there melds for empaty and adaptability Inch: Opponsable. glossolalia penthecost effect etc etc. manliness etc. so that to a meld on yourself corresponds a meld on the object (or to the object itself) so everytime you use the first khaomeld you're using the object too: you don't eve n need to take it with you everytime this way! I don't think i need to expain to you the enormous amount of things you can do w ith both those methods. and/or to govern or rule things. publ ic relations.f the object you want to enchant. makes Manuality possible and a s such corresponds to the element of fire: creation. here's a little su mmary of the subnodes of the hands: Little Finger: It's Flexible. construction and destructio n are ruled by the inch. you use it to indicate something.Also Biochemistry Magick could be a Superiour am ount of win awesome and general mass. Face: In theory it should be 3th node but as a matter of fact you can use it as a node onto itself. it just have as many c harges as you want it to. . Alternativelly. Other Subnodes Shoulders: Litterally and figurativelly. manuality. watching it solidify in your mind and becoming exactly what it was from the beginning. the Assault on reality: give the w orld your middle finger! Meditation and altered states of consciousness are good to bind here. Then you take those two melds and you link them. then either link the object to a node and keep it allways on you (IE: a ring. Ring Finger: can bend a meld the usuall way. An idea woth exploring: studying the various glands of the endocrine and nervous systems and the various hormones those execrete and making khaomelds to have th em execrete whatever at command. as if it were a normal meld. material possession.PWNAGE. so that everytime you need said enchanted oblect you just take it f rom where you keep it and trigger it anew. Bind here things to change the way you're perceived (inkarnu m masks) or to make the others get your message. Bind here things to help you face the problems of e veryday life. element of earth Middle Finger: Spirit and equilibrium finger. then t ake the oblect you want to enchant and build it with wisualization. Communication. however i must say that i found Rings to be the most exp loitable object of them all so far: they're just TOO handy! To help you understand the finest details of ring-enchanting. defense and destruction. Index Finger: Element of air. they represent strenght. Toungue: Communication proper.5. keeping it visualized. the stronger and bigger finger. bind here melds fo r giving a direction. an amulet etc) or prepare a trigger as previousl y explained. richness. the ability to move weight. actually.

) until then have fun and post your feedback. Frater Vertigo. Seriously: Khaos Qigong and Khaos Kaiki!!! (or a series of exercises that i use for my Manifestation of Glory) We talked about fisical. pratical everyday magick since now. hawaiian shamanism. It's now time to talk a little about how Inkarnum can help us with the Great Wor k. hypnosis and NLP and the newly born Inkarnum to help me with the MoG. martia l arts. i guess it'll be up after christmas and. if not. Yours in Khaos. It'll take some time. right for march (exams. The next time i'll talk about how i took the better things out of qigong. 4th degree (Obliterati) DKMU .NEXT TIME: And now.