Oracle E-Business Suite ’s Procure-to-Pay Solution

Improved Bottom-Line “Using Oracle Advanced Procurement and Oracle Financials has enabled us to transform the purchasing department to a value-added organization, resulting in over $74 million in documented cost savings.” – Ralph Maier, Dir. of Purchasing Services University of Pennsylvania

Oracle E-Business Suite’s Procure-to-Pay Solution lowers procurement costs, improves supplier management and payables strategy, and reduces fraud, errors and process inefficiencies.

Lower Total Procure-to-Pay Costs

In this ultra-competitive business environment, you need to optimize supply management performance in order to get the best pricing and terms. Improving communications and relationships with suppliers will ultimately benefit pricing structures and terms, and therefore the position of your business in its market space. Oracle E-Business Suite’s Procure-to-Pay solution allows you to collaborate with suppliers by offering a simple, easy-to-use Web-based interface for closed-loop collaboration. Oracle iSupplier Portal streamlines the on-boarding of new suppliers and the maintenance of existing ones while simplifying order fulfillment and invoice payment. Oracle’s pre-configured integration with Transcepta's e-Invoicing and supplier enablement services maximizes supplier adoption for electronic invoice transmission. Flexible and robust sourcing, contract authoring, requisitioning, receiving, invoicing, payment and communication options allow you to establish a process that meets the needs of your enterprise and trading partners. Furthermore, it gives you controlled enforcement to established procurement contracts for both goods and services so you can ensure that negotiated savings reach the bottom line.
Improve Supplier Management and Optimize Payables Strategy

As global competition increases, successful companies are lowering the cost of doing business by standardizing and automating business processes. Oracle E-Business Suite’s Procure-to-Pay solution automates the entire business process flow from supplier selection and sourcing through invoice processing and payment. Seamless E-Business Suite integration paired with flexible and packaged external integration points make your system open and secure. Oracle E-Business Suite’s Procure-toPay solution supports seamless policy enforcement and minimizes communication gaps and lag times with structured supplier communications and policy-driven requestor self-service. It cultivates optimal payables strategies with real-time supplier and banking information exchange, supplier self-service

Oracle E-Business Suite ’s Procure-to-Pay Solution

KEY BENEFITS Link purchasing and payables to maximize return on invested capital

invoicing, workflow-driven approvals management, and out-of-the-box, global, electronic payment capabilities. In short, it takes your procurement and payables groups out of routine data entry and transaction processing roles, and allows them to focus on higher value-add activities like sourcing for best value, contract management, control, audit, and analysis.
Reduce Fraud, Errors, and Process Inefficiencies

Optimize supply management with with an easy-to-use Webbased supplier interface

Automate the Procure-to-Pay business flow with seamless integration to all Oracle EBusiness Suite applications

From duplicate payments and fictitious vendors to off-catalog purchases and unauthorized/unapproved payments, organizations face a variety of operational and financial risks within their procurement and payables operations. The need to balance improved governance, transparency, and more agile processes and systems to meet compliance mandates while improving performance and increasing value requires consistent and automated controls across your procure-to-pay process. Combined with Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), Oracle’s Procure-to-Pay solution can help organizations reduce procurement and payables fraud, errors, and process inefficiencies with an added layer of controls and reporting to help ensure policies are consistently and automatically enforced.  Continuous Controls and Transaction Monitoring: Automated process controls and advanced analytics tools from Oracle’s GRC Controls Suite continuously monitor and audit controls and transactions, from sourcing new suppliers to optimizing payment timing. Timely Detection of Fraud and Errors: Alerts to control violations, management overrides, configuration changes, and transaction anomalies enable the timely detection of problems before they can escalate, or even occur. This not only reduces direct loss of capital, but also protects against other related risks including damage to brand value and supplier relationships. Embedded and Preventive Controls. Oracle’s GRC Controls are embedded directly into Oracle’s E-Business Suite Applications for a more robust internal controls environment across the procure-to-pay process that is transparent to users.

Reduce fraud and errors with continuous monitoring and preventive controls across the procure-to-pay process

Mitigate unauthorized purchases and payments by enforcing enterprise-wide business rules

Oracle E-Business Suite’s Procure-to-Pay Solution consists of the following Oracle products:
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Oracle Financial Analytics Oracle Financials Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance Oracle Imaging and Processing Management

Oracle’s Procure-to-Pay solution enables a holistic approach to managing the different risks and controls across your procurement and payables operations. The solution not only improves the integrity of transactions and financial reports, but enables risk-based intelligence to be incorporated into daily sourcing and procurement decisions.


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Oracle Internet Expenses Oracle iProcurement Oracle iSupplier Portal Oracle Landed Cost Management Oracle Procurment Contracts Oracle Projects Oracle Purchasing Oracle Services Procurement Oracle Sourcing Oracle Supplier Network

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You can manage what you can see: Oracle E-Business Suite Procure-to-Pay improves the security, productivity and efficiency of your trading partnerships by offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of tools - so you can automate and manage 100% of your corporate spend. Once captured, pre-packaged payables, spend and supplier analyses let you expose savings opportunities, current spend information, as well as trends and expenditure behavior over time with complete drill-down to supporting transactional data. All of this allows you to simultaneously monitor the quality of your trading partnerships, catch expenditure anomalies before they become problems, and understand the fiscal health of your organization.

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