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/RD/13-14/ 03 To, Rajhans Dudh At Post- Amrutnagar Sangamner Sakhar Karkhana Tal- Sangamner Dist- Ahmednagar 422 608

Date:- 04 JUNE 2013

Attn :

Mr. UbalePatil P.J. (Managing Director) Expansion of Existing ETP Plant


Dear Sir, Many thanks for the courtesy extended to our Mr.D.D. Belalekar, Mr.Swapnil Shinde, when they visited your works for detailed discussions regarding your above requirement. Based on the discussions we are pleased to forward our offer along with Suggestions & terms and conditions as detailed below: AS per our discussion and monitoring of your ETP we have make scheme for up-gradation of your ETP. We are suggesting following up-gradations in the scheme. 1) Your present inlet chambers do not have screens, therefore lot of plastic bags, pouches and clothes are carried in to the collection tank. Chambers are also get chocked. Collection tank and chambers are required to be cleaned. Installation of special screens is necessary.

2) At the inlet of Equalization/Collection Tank there is required a great chamber and oil & grease trap.

3) Present surface Aeration system in aeration tank is not working properly as oxygen transfer rate is very low and there is not proper mixing of bio-mass. If present surface aeration system is replaced by Diffused aeration system with twin lobe blower, there will be proper transfer of oxygen and mixing of bio-mass and energy consumption will be from 60 HP to 30 HP.

4) To treat the Effluent to the MPCB norms there is modification in Effluent Treatment Process is required.

a. Modified Treatment Process required 3 Nos. Of working pumps with flow 253 / Hrs. and 15 meter Head. (3 No. of Stand by pumps.) Total 6 No .Of pumps.

b. To transfer sludge and effluent in aeration tank extra three lines each of 80 NB in MS (total 120meter) is required & 100NB MS line required for header. HDPE pipe of 40NB & 100NB is required for Air Recirculation in second Aeration Tank.

c. To collect effluent and sludge two chambers each of 4M3 is required.

d. Baffle in FRP & its support structure in MS is required in each Aeration tank.

Technical Details. Equipment Details. Commercial Offer.

With Regards, For, Mantras Green Resources Ltd. Dr. U K Sharma CMD

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Basic Design Parameters: This Wastewater Treatment Plant has been designed for following parameters &shall perform as under upon reaching steady state of its operation. Inlet Parameters: PARAMETER Flow (m3/Day) pH(SU) BOD(mg/l) COD(mg/l) Oil & Grease (mg/l) TSS (mg/l) 500 6.5 - 8 1300 - 1500 2100 - 2400 38 180 RAW WASTEWATER

Outlet Parameters: The proposed wastewater Treatment Plants will achieve following result upon reaching steady state of its operation. PARAMETER Flow (m3/Day) pH(SU) BOD(mg/I) COD(mg/I) Oil & Grease(mg/l) TSS (mg/L) 500 6-8 < 50 < 150 < 10 < 70 RAW WASTEWATER

EQUIPMENT DETAILS ETP for 500m3/Day Waste Water Of Dairy Project

1) 2) Blower 1000 m3/Hr @ 0.5 kg/cm2g pressure With 30HP Motor Effluent Pump 25m3/hr @ 15 meter Head self priming With Motor 2 4



Sludge Pump 25m3/hr @ 15 meter Head self priming With motor

4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Diffuser 2 meter long 67mm OD silicon membrane Effluent Flow Meter (LFM) Electromagnetic Type, 0-60 m3/hr for 3" pipe Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Valves (MOC : MS, HDPE & PVC) Buffle plate MS Structure FRP sheet Screen

81 1 2 4

9) Bio Culture 100 Kg 10) Civil Engineering, Project Management, Supervision of commissioning -

Exclusion : All Civil Work will be in Rajhans Dairys Scope.

Commercial Offer Price Price for ETP Expansion Work : Rs Lodging & Boarding : To be provided by client to our Engineer / Supervisor Taxes: Extra At actual Delivery Period: Delivery Period for above plant would be 6 to 8 weeks from technically and commercially clear order and requisite advance, and after completion of Civil work in your scope. Payment Terms: 30 % advance along with order, 60% against Performa invoice and balance against commissioning. Validity: Above offer is valid for 30 days from date of quotation. Hope the above offer is in line with your requirement. We now look forward for your valuable order. Thanking you and assuring you our best services.

With Regards, For, Mantras Green Resources Ltd. Dr. U K Sharma CMD