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Empire Theatre | Toowoomba

Wednesday 17 July 2013

The Leadership Summit will help you develop your leadership skills through the latest innovative research on leadership, real life examples from business and community leaders and practical,

hands-on workshops.

Featuring ...

BRAD SMITH Multi award winning entrepreneur CORINNE BUTLER Queensland President, Australian Human Resources Institute JAMES GILSHENAN Director and Investment Manager of two global macro Hedge Funds

Who should attend? CEOs and senior leaders Business owners and directors Middle managers HR managers New or aspiring leaders

Keynote Presenter
At just 25, Brad Smith has cemented an unquestionable reputation as one of the countrys most successful entrepreneurs. The two-time Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year, fourtime Australian Retail Business of the Year winner and runner-up International Young Entrepreneur of the Year started out as a teenager oozing passion and ideas but lacking finance, yet managed to grow his business braaap into the flourishing enterprise it is today. Along with running his multi-million dollar empire, Brad dedicates time to creating events and platforms for young Australians to get active and find their passion. Weekends That Count is dedicated to helping kids get a clean adrenaline rush through safe means rather than via drugs, alcohol, crime or violence. His relaxed appearance may be that of a typical bike enthusiast, yet Brad is a corporate and personal leader with an astute head for business and a heart for personal development and growth.

DIRB (Do it Real Big)

Presented by Brad Smith
Hear the story of how Brads passion for superlite riding and racing led him to start his first company at age 18. He grew the business to be the multinational and international award winning business braaap. Brad will provide practical advice and expertise on how to think bigger than your comfort zone and stay true to your vision even when you are faced with challenges. You will also learn how to bring your team with you on your journey and inspire them to take action.

This session includes:

Understanding how a vision will overcome your challenges The power of persistence Inspiring your team to take action

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9:25 9:40 MORNING TEA

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9:50 11:00 WORKSHOP 1 Please select one workshop from below.
ANN HOUSTON founded Integra Management Services eight years ago. Ann works with business owners and managers within the industrial, trade and professional sectors, enabling them to build their personal effectiveness in leadership, marketing and strategy. After extensive experience managing hospitality, agricultural and consulting businesses, Ann brings a blend of practicality, tested theory and empathy to her clients.

Technician to team leader

Presented by Ann Houston
Audience: Middle Managers, New Managers and Supervisors
Most of us got promoted into supervisor or manager roles because we were good technically and could be relied upon but managing a group of people is a whole new ball game. How do you influence the morale and productivity of a group of really different individuals? This a hands-on practical workshop explores the basics of leading others effectively. This session includes: Learning how to set expectations Giving instructions that will be followed Providing meaningful and effective feedback

Strategic thinking for innovation in your organisation

Presented by Luke van der Laan
Audience: Middle Managers and Senior Leaders
In a rapidly changing world, many organisations are turning to new ways of thinking and decision-making to increase their chances of success. This workshop will introduce a simple but effective model that allows leaders to anticipate unexpected change and to create preferred future possibilities for their organisation. While the future is unpredictable, understanding the dynamics of change and the reasonable ways in which the future could occur for your organisation is increasingly important. Its not necessary to predict the future accurately to be successful. Rather the ability to move with change, to rapidly counter threats or capitalise on opportunities, is a critical capability for modern professionals. This session includes: Understanding the drivers of change Skills to develop viable future possibilities for your organisation Learning how to make strategic thinking work for you

LUKE VAN DER LAAN has served as the Chief Executive Officer of a national not-for-profit organisation for eight years and as a director of numerous enterprises. Currently the Director of Professional Studies at USQ, Luke holds a PhD in foresight and strategic thinking. He has published broadly across the areas of leadership, strategic thinking and sustainability in regional communities. Luke is an experienced speaker, both nationally and internationally. His unique practical insights provide the best of contemporary strategy research and techniques from a variety of fields including strategic foresight, leadership and innovation. Luke also assesses leadership teams foresight and strategic thinking profiles and offers leadership development advice as to how these capabilities can be enhanced.

Leading a small team

Presented by Sam Dean
Audience: New managers and Small Business Owners
Leading a small team has its unique challenges. Small team leaders are responsible for nurturing the success of their entire team on an individual level as well as a complete unit. Because small teams work closely together, there can sometimes be confusion about your role and your working relationship with other team members. In order to lead a small team effectively, the leader needs to understand their role as well as rely on and draw from the contributions of other team members. Even though you may be the leader, others within the team may have experience, expertise, knowledge or relevant insights that could add to or enhance efforts of the team. This session includes: Understanding the role you play in your team Understanding the balance between delegation and completing tasks yourself Strategies to help lead a small team to achieve results

SAMANTHA DEAN is the managing partner of MCS Advanced Business Solutions a division of McConachie Stedman (MCS), the largest locally owned accounting firm in Toowoomba. The division offers specialised services for small-to-medium sized businesses to help make business owners lives better through improved business performance. Samantha has over 20 years client advisory experience in Brisbane, Longreach and Toowoomba. She knows the difficulties faced by SMEs firsthand being a business owner hersel; as a partner in MCS and having successfully set up, expanded and then sold on a family based small business. Sam has a passion to not only help SMEs improve their businesses but to lead them in their future planning.

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11:10 12:30 WORKSHOP 2 Please select one workshop from below.
JAN ELSLEY has worked with a diverse range of teams, managers and individuals in large health, education and tertiary education organisations. She has extensive experience in the areas of managing large and small teams, mentoring and empowering others, change management, project management, discrimination and harassment. In Jans current management role she is responsible for developing and coordinating strategies to create an inclusive organisational culture that supports and values staff from diverse backgrounds. This role includes providing support and assistance to managers and staff to resolve workplace concerns and conflict before they escalate into formal complaints and grievances.

Dealing with conflict

Presented by Jan Elsley
Audience: New Managers, Middle Managers and Senior Leaders
Conflict is a part of life: it happens in the workplace and in personal lives. While conflict has negative connotations, managed well the outcomes can be positive. Do you have the skills, knowledge and toolkit to manage conflict? Fair Work Australia, Safe Work Australia and discrimination laws place responsibilities on employers and individuals. Responsive and timely action to conflict in workplaces helps reduce any legal liabilities and maintain a productive and safe workplace. Using tools, frameworks and examples, this session will provide participants with the opportunity to share and expand their knowledge of the principles, approaches and resources for managing conflict in the workplace. This session includes: Strategies to deal with conflict Learning how to manage relationships more effectively Understanding the effects of conflict in the workplace (inc. legal implications)

Personality and its influence on the team environment

Presented by Corinne Butler
Audience: New Managers, Middle Managers and Senior Leaders
Productivity and teamwork are critical to the success of every business, yet clashes among employees, supervisors and managers often impact negatively. We may consider these clashes personal, yet in reality they are about personality. Are you facing challenges communicating with your team? Do they seem to speak a different language and not understand you? This session will give you insight into and appreciation of your own personal style and that of colleagues, resulting in more effective and productive working relationships. This session includes: Understanding your own personality Learning how this impacts on team dynamics Using this knowledge to build more effective teams

CORINNE BUTLER is the Queensland President of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). She has been involved in human resources for over 15 years across locations throughout Queensland, NSW and Victoria. She has experience in a variety of industries including health, transport, building, civil engineering, retail, agribusiness, and construction. Corinne is experienced in strategic planning, cultural improvement activities, continuous improvement, human resource management, project management, program management, change management and risk management. Corinne has a Masters of Project Management and is accredited in DiSC, Genos and TMS (team management systems). Corinne currently works with regional business to minimise their risk and maximise their growth and sustainability through their people.

Getting things done

Presented by Alistair Green

Audience: New Managers, Middle Managers and Senior Leaders
In todays world, yesterdays methods for personal organisation, efficiency, time management and productivity, just dont work. Our productivity is directly proportional to our ability to relax. Only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective results and unleash creative potential. Getting Things Done (GTD) can transform the way you work and live, showing you how to pick up the pace without wearing yourself down. GTD is a powerful method to manage commitments, information and communication. It alleviates the feeling of overwhelm and instills focus, clarity and confidence. This session includes: Apply the do it, delegate it, defer it, drop it rule to get your inbox empty Re-assess goals and enable yourself to stay focused in changing situations Cease feeling confused, anxious and overwhelmed by your workload

ALISTAIR GREEN has more than eight years experience in senior operational management roles. Alistair provides leadership to managers and staff, contributing to strategic direction in small to medium private enterprises. Alistairs consultancy is based on a very simple premise: To find a better way. This forms a consistent methodology in his work to remove the burden of onerous business practices, allowing organisations to concentrate on their strengths and provide exceptional service to their customers. He achieves this by replacing laborious, inefficient and expensive processes with simple, rigorous and innovative practices that promote growth, profitability and sustainability.

12:30 1:10 LUNCH

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1:10 2:10 WORKSHOP 3
TROY MORGAN is managing director of Willows Health Group which includes Willow Health & Lifestyle Centre (Fitness Australia Gold Quality Award Recipient 2012), Willows Health@Work, Vision Exercise Physiology and Troy Morgan Coaching. He presents nationally and was recently appointed as one of 10 National Ambassadors for the Australian Federal Government Diabetes Care Project. Troy serves on several committees and boards, including being a foundation member of Healthy Active Lifestyles Toowoomba (Inc), the not-for-profit organisation behind Toowoombas Peak2Park event; and is currently a serving board member for Skills Alliance Queensland.

Please select one workshop from below.

Understanding your why

Presented by Troy Morgan
Audience: New Managers, Middle Managers and Senior Leaders
All organisations need leaders, real leaders, leaders that understand what drives the organisation, themselves and those they lead. To do this these leaders need to continually espouse their vision and make it integral to everything they do. In this session we explore finding the why behind what drives us; not the how and what of what we do. Truly finding our why helps us to better lead and inspire the people in our life. Those who know their why are the ones who lead, they are the ones who inspire (Simon Sinek). This session includes: Understanding what drives your behavior Learning how this influences your organisation Knowing how to make your vision a strong part of your organisation

Making change happen

Presented by Helen Black
Audience: New Managers, Middle Managers and Senior Leaders
Whats your most important goal (professional or personal) and whats holding you back? The biggest obstacle to achieving a goal can be our own self! We get stuck in patterns of behaviour and react in the same ways to triggers. Making personal change can be hard, moving an organisation through change can be even harder but change is inevitable in todays environment. Learn how change can be easier for you and your organisation. The reasonable person adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to themself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable person. (George Bernard Shaw). This session includes: Understanding change from a brain perspective Case study of change in a SME the good, the bad and the ugly Five strategies to help implement brain friendly change in the workplace (and personally as well!)

HELEN BLACK has had extensive experience leading teams in both the private and public sectors and has a passion for helping people succeed. Through roles such as a university marketing lecturer and as a business mentor for the Queensland State Government, Helen has shared her knowledge and skills to assist others achieve their potential. Helens extensive practical experience has been supplemented with significant university research that has focused on the personal factors that lead to business success. Helen uses the latest research into Neuroscience to help explain why some people can harness the power of their brain to work with them, rather than against them to achieve the results they seek.

Mindset of a successful young leader

Presented by Mark Cecil
Audience: New and Aspiring Managers
In the modern world there are more challenges than ever facing young leaders high organisation expectations, time management issues, older colleagues and the generational gap and career stagnation to name just a few. In this session well gain an insight into the journey of a successful young local leader and get some useful tips which can be implemented immediately into our working lives. This session includes: Understanding how your decisions and your energy are affecting your career Learn how to stop talking and take action Tips for getting you to where you want to be

MARK CECIL is the Wealth Protection Manager at Dornbusch Partners, a highly reputable, local Stockbroking and Financial Planning firm. Mark is also the current President of the Future Leaders Group of Young Professionals in Toowoomba. In his relatively short career, Mark has worked in a range of different roles including at one of the major Banks, at a nationally recognised Accounting Firm, and running his own business. His fast progression at each workplace has given him the experience to be recognised as one of the most promising young leaders in the local business community. He will speak to you about his journey and the lessons in leadership he has learnt along the way.

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Experience two very different (and equally successful) leadership styles in our thought starter sessions.
JAMES GILSHENAN is a Director and Investment Manager of two global macro hedge funds. James has spent much of his time living abroad, particularly in Asia a decision made to be best positioned as the global shift in assets and growth moves from the West to the East. James has vast experience in business, owning and leading businesses at various times from Switzerland to Singapore and the UK. It is James ability to run these enterprises from no fixed geographical location, whilst leading and managing his teams (think Tim Ferriss), that makes his experiences so much more compelling.

A new leadership paradigm

presented by James Gilshenan
We have an environment today, both economically and technologically, where change is exponential. This change can create either disruptive opportunity or stress. So how do we position ourselves to benefit from the opportunity, and not suffer from the stress? Linear companies are vanishing, while exponential companies are taking over. $28 billion bluechip companies can vanish, while a company with 13 employees can go from nothing to $1 billion in a matter of a few years. We are more networked and connected today than we ever have been this fundamentally uproots the existing business models we have operated under. Continuing to think in the same (old) way will not work; in fact it may begin to work in reverse. History is arriving. Are you prepared for it and are you prepared to thrive?

Ich Dien leadership

presented by Janet MacDonald

Leading large teams means the term singing from the same songbook becomes absolutely essential to the effective message of the success. Janet will discuss a leadership style she terms Ich Dien (I serve) and discuss some leadership roles that might help you guide your management plan, including the Philosopher, the Alchemist and the Invisible Avenger. If you want to build a ship, dont drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the endless immensity of the sea. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 20th Century French novelist and aviator

JANET MCDONALD is currently the Associate Professor and Head of the School of Creative Arts at USQ. Janet has also served as Chair of Youth Arts Queensland from 20082012. She strategically integrated and effectively managed change-management plans for both organisations to secure their future. Janet has received a national citation for outstanding contribution to student learning and has a unique perspective on leadership in large organisations.


As you move through the journey of leadership, there is so much to learn from your peers at every stage from Leading Hands to Supervisors to Managers, CEOs or Directors. This workshop will provide a thought provoking and engaging session with peer to peer discussion on common issues and the opportunity to brainstorm solutions. Cross industry collaboration is a fruitful, but often overlooked, source of innovative business ideas. Connect with new ways of thinking and expand your network in the process.

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