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30th & 31st March 2011
Medina Executive, Brisbane, Australia

What you will gain from this forum:
• Update your knowledge on best practice and find practical solutions in earthing, lightning and surge protection technologies • Clearly understand the Australia New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 1768 of Lightning Protection of Persons and Property • Network with experienced experts and your peers • Discuss compliance to standards with experienced electrical engineers • Learn how optimal electrical earthing, lightning and surge protection design can improve production and reduce costs • Learn the application of standards in earthing designs • Learn how to manage lightning risk • Understand how to select surge arresters for the primary power system • Learn how to apply IEEE 837 Standard in substation grounding • Learn about the new methodology for carrying out lightning risk assessments on distribution lines


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who should attend:
• Electrical Engineers and Technicians • Engineering Managers • Project and Design Engineers • Instrumentation and Control Technicians and Engineers • Plant Operators • Safety Facilitators • Process Safety and Loss Prevention Managers
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• Government Safety Regulators/ Inspectors • OHS/Training Managers who want to better understand best practice in earthing and lightning • Risk Assessors And all other Engineering Professionals who have an interest in earthing, lightning and surge protection

Technology Training that Works

AECOM Cocktail Hour . ABB Aust. including motor cabling and motor itself. the choice of the right surge protector can be easily simplified.Australian Power Engineering Consultant This workshop provides an overview of the latest version of the Australian/ New Zealand Standard 1768:2007 on lightning protection of persons and property. WA 6872 E-mail: idc@idc-online. concern has been expressed as to whether an earth leakage system will afford proper protection from an earth leakage fault on the VSD load side. however why can it be so difficult to choose the right surge diverter? Is the Imax rating (kA) the only measure for selection? What is the importance of all the other technical features of a Surge Protection Device (SPD)? The challenges of selecting the right SPD for the application are made all the more difficult with the differing local and international surge protection standards. Soil resistivity data is of fundamental importance in performing earthing system analyses. Lightning can also cause extensive damage when it strikes buildings and facilities.holmes@idc-online. Poor earthing practices can be the cause of continual and intermittent difficult-to-diagnose problems in a facility. The aim of this forum is to demystify the subject of earthing.Product Manager . manufacturers and end users) to work together in order to overcome current practice based on very “stretchable” and often incorrect interpretation of rules and safety requirements. In particular. Earthing as a subject has been under-represented over the years and this event will attempt to remedy the gaps in technical knowledge and improve practices in the industry. lightning and surge protection which can be commonly understood and widely applied.Introduction to EARTHING. Protection of Persons and Property .Power Quality. Variable Speed Drive (VSD) applications remain a rather grey zone in conjunction with earth leakage protection.Drives Technical Support Manager. There are a number of earth leakage protection relays available on the market. It would also be the author’s attempt to challenge all sides involved (authorities.3.00pm NETWORKING SESSION 2.30pm Fundamentals of Earth Electrode Design Chris Holst .Principal Earthing Engineer. however it appears that all in fact operate outside the regulations. You will develop an excellent basis for the reasoning behind existing earthing practices Register now: Fax: 1300 138 533 Mail: PO Box Web Site: .idc-online.00am 8. too grey for authorities (writing and policing regulations) to recognise its specifics and adapt regulations accordingly as well as for consumers to accept the facts and take more flexible approach. calculation of earth resistance from known dimensions and soil resistivity measurements. However. Bentonite. Reliable data is required to achieve good correlation case between design and measured earthing system performance. effect of soil resistivity.00pm to 6.00pm An hour dedicated for all attendees to meet and socialise with experts and industry peers at the Forum Cocktail Hour.10.12.00pm Surge Protection – Overcomplicated or Just Misunderstood? Wes Stephenson . as you will learn during this presentation. NHP Surge technology is highly developed and the benefits well known. Earth Leakage Protection and Mining Industry Regulations Fuad Mehmedovic .30am Registration Opening Address HALF DAY WORKSHOP Includes Morning Tea . In fact. This paper study presents the findings of numerous soil resistivity tests in the Sydney area for rail system earthing design.Senior Sales Engineer and Regional Sales Manager QLD/ACT. You will gain knowledge on the following topics: • An overview of improvements from previous standards and comparison with equivalent IEC Standard • Scope and applicability of the standard • Characteristics of lightning • Risk assessment of lightning hazard • Ground flash density maps • Personal protection • Protection of structures.15am 8.15pm Session 5 Variable Speed Drives. Concerns regarding the reliable operation of earth leakage relay systems when used with VSD equipment are increasing. 1.30pm Session Lunch . discussion on parallel earth electrodes and calculation of resistance for parallel ground rods. Electrical systems are exposed frequently to lightning induced surges and the effects may be felt in locations that are several miles away from the actual point of strike. space limitations and adjacent buried metal services or structures. Explanation of what soil resistivity and earth resistance is. The installations were inside the rail corridor where testing was often very restricted or not possible due to hazards. For more information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities please contact Arna Holmes via email arna. shielding and lightning protection of electrical and electronic systems.5. post installation measurement of step and touch voltages. lightning and surge protection and present the subject in a clear and straightforward manner.5. electrode depth and electrode thickness on the earth resistance. You will view a comparison of the results which indicates the possible variation of soil resistivity at various depths over small distances and how this can be accommodated in the design process. LIGHTNING & SURGE PROTECTION Few topics generate as much controversy and debate as that of earthing and the associated topics of surge protection. Sponsorship Opportunities Representing your business at the 2011 Earthing Lightning & Surge Protection Forum will provide you the opportunity to reach key decision makers from a multitude of industries. discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of common earth improvement techniques including the use of soluble compounds. Understanding the purpose of the surge protector and its capabilities will ensure an educated selection of the surge protector is made. West Perth. GEM and chemical earth rods. design principles • Protection of people and equipment inside buildings • Surge protection 4. 2 Closing . earth measurements and calculations. ERICO This paper captures the fundamental principles of earth electrode design. This presentation aims to clarify the differences in the local and international surge protection standards and the significance of the testing and parameter listing of a surge unit. Australia needs a unified approach to earthing. FORUM DAY 1 – 30th March 2011 8.30am See back page for Tony Gillespie's bio 3.30pm Session 4 Afternoon Tea .An Overview of AS/NZS 1768 Session 1 Tony Gillespie . It is well established that lightning is the second most dangerous of all natural phenomena (the first being flash floods) based on reported fatalities on a long-term average basis. methods of testing soil resistivity and earth resistance. This forum will explore these issues from a fresh yet practical perspective to help you reduce expensive downtime in your plant and/or equipment by applying the correct principles effectively. This presentation is to examine known facts from relevant manufacturers versus currently applicable mining regulations in Queensland and New South Wales.15pm Session 3 Accurate Soil Resistivity Testing for Power System Earthing Karl Mardira .

Nowadays varistorbased Class I SPDs compete with spark-gap-based Class I SPDs. 2 . Severe storms can magnify the impacts and damage. and consequently damage the affected equipment.Over Voltage Protection Consultant (Ex Telstra) Lightning damage to telecommunication equipment mainly became a problem with the advent of active electronic circuits and particularly the arrival of mains powered telecommunication equipment. R2A Due Diligence Engineers There have been two primary paradigms of safety risk management co-existing uneasily over the last few decades. correct classification and use of ports.12. however. This has proved not to be the case in Japan and the USA. A multilevel alarm. for further information: Phone: 1300 138 522 Closing . Paul Hollingsworth . You will also understand the significance of this standard in grounding designs.45pm Improved Safety Alerts with 21st Century Lightning Detection in Australia 3. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of both technologies in the context of real-world power supply systems and end devices which need to be protected efficiently by SPDs. plant.Director. excessive potential differences will exist between them during a lightning impulse. Lightning Protection International Lightning protection. determining when to install protection and adding protection when necessary. All around the world.30am Session 9 Lightning Protection and Earthing – Why the Two are Intimately Linked Ken Ticehurst . IEEE 837 is called upon in various specifications and other standards in Australia. Through case studies a practical method of earthing and equipment layout is provided to mitigate these risks. Knowledge about geographical distribution and seasonal variability of lightning activity for the Australian continent are vital for developing adequate lightning protection measures.15am Standard IEEE 837 Qualifying Permanent Connections Used in Substation Grounding Rohit Narayan . We will investigate the underlying conflict between the two positions and the manner of expected resolution using EG(0) as the case study.Chief Executive Officer.4. The conflicting needs of earthing networks for power systems.Bureau of Meteorology The hazards associated with lightning are common in Australia. like earthing was one of the first fields of electrical case engineering dating back to the days of Benjamin Franklin.00pm Components Session 13 for Surge-Protective Devices – Comparison of Spark Gaps and Metal-Oxide Varistors John Ortika . ERITECH The Standard IEEE 80 . only wide area real time lightning detection is able to provide the intensity. Many people may think that fibre to the home will be free from lightning damage. speed. Richard Robinson . This paper discusses spark-gap and varistor-technology with the help of measurements taken in the laboratory.Facility Electrical Protection.15pm Thunderstorm and Lightning Climatology for Australia Professor Yuriy Kuleshov . the effects of lightning-initiated bushfires are so extreme that they are classified as natural disasters. One is related to hazard case based risk analysis driven by technical professionals using target levels study of risk and/or safety.45pm . spark-gap based Class I SPDs have been used successfully for the protection against full-blown lightning strikes. strokes are depicted on a screen map in seconds of occurrence. Power System Earthing Guide.45am Session Afternoon Tea . The publication of the EG-0. Class I spark gaps can lead through lightning currents up to Iimp = 100 kA (10/350 μs). If we are to prevent damage occurring to the new National Broadband Network (NBN) with optical network terminations.30am Session Overvoltage Protection for Telecommunication Equipment Phil Day . 10. providing advanced storm severity before ground strokes begin. You will get an appreciation of the types of tests that are required under this standard and the future direction of this standard. FORUM DAY 2 – 31st March 2011 8.2. relative to areas of interest. Efforts to study contain and direct the lightning currents can be effective.Australian Power Engineering Consultant This presentation details the selection of surge arresters for the primary power system. surge voltage arresters (Class II) or device protection (Class III). Due to improvements in MOV technology varistor-based SPDs are nowadays able to pass through lightning currents up to Iimp = 25 kA (10/350 μs) – even with a relative low protection level.00pm Session Power System Earthing Due Diligence 11 7 Morning Tea . Preventing lightning damage is complex and requires adequate resistibility of the equipment.Product Manager.15pm Session key note 10 9. 6 1. If these earthing systems are not bonded together in some practical form. it is clear that the requirements for an effective lightning protection earthing network are often poorly understood. 4. Whilst there study have been many long standing practices in both fields. instrumentation and lightning protection often result in installations that almost guarantee damage to equipment during lightning events. Depending on the discharge capability SPDs are classified as lightning current arresters (Class I).Guide for Safety in AC Substation has evolved into one of the leading standards for substation grounding design in Australia and New Zealand. The other is the precaution based risk analysis driven by the courts focussing on ‘due diligence’ being a demonstration that all reasonable practical precautions are in place based on the balance of the significance of the risk vs the effort required to reduce it.15pm Session 12 8 11. Using real time displays. telecommunications. Equipment installed in most facilities will often have a direct or indirect connection to several earthing systems. we need to take appropriate steps now. equipment and case buildings. Part 1: Management Principles by Energy Networks Australia in May 2010 supports the hazard based / risk target approach to risk management whilst the impending (2011) national OH&S legislation requires a positive duty of care for officers to exercise ‘due diligence’.All forum papers are reviewed and selected for their high quality and technical value by our panel of specialists experienced in the theory and practice of earthing. lightning and surge protection.WeatherBug USA Lightning can have devastating effects on people. You will learn about the spatial variability of thunderstorm and lightning activity in Australia using the developed thunder-day map and lightning ground flash density maps. In some instances.10. which are included in the AS/NZS 1768:2007. provides the means to implement proactive response plans to mitigate the impacts. The current version of the Standard IEEE 80 refers to Standard IEEE 837 for permanent connections and recommends that only connections that pass the requirements of the Standard IEEE 837 can be used in substation grounding. Learn about how new 21st century technology detects a high level of inter-cloud lightning. direction and magnitude of those currents.Managing Director Kattron Jim Anderson . A similar hazard exists for personnel during a lightning impulse. Lunch . This paper will explain the test regime described in the IEEE 837 Standard. Phoenix Contact Pty Ltd Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are classified according to IEC 61643-1.30am Session Surge Arrester Selection for the Primary Power System Tony Gillespie . You will gain knowledge on the following topics: • Power system application • Overvoltage types • Arrester construction • Arrester characteristic • Test waveforms • Arrester voltage ratings • Switching surges • Arrester energy capability • Discharge classes • Lightning protection • Protection distance • Temporary overvoltage and earth fault factor A worked example of calculations for arrester selection is also provided.

as spaces are limited. 6872 By E-mail: idc@idc-online. ✃ mr / ms / Dr first name: surname: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Enquiries 1300 138 522 RegistRATIONS We encourage you to register early. mr / ms / Dr first name: surname: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Delegate 2 Unable to Attend If you are unable to attend the full forum . Australia Simply complete this registration form and return by fax.KeYnote speaker Tony Gillespie . Medina Executive. contact us for details to attend individual sessions or to purchase the Forum Resource Kit. Brisbane. Earthing Working Group that recently published EG-0 Power Systems Earthing • Online: www. Registration Form: Earthing. For alternative local accommodation. He is also a part time lecturer on transmission line electrical design at the Queensland University of ABN 78 003 263 189 Company Purchase Order Number: _ ___________________________________ Please charge my: Direct Debit MASTERCARD VISA CARDHOLDER’S SIGNATURE: EXPIRY DATE: / CARDHOLDER’S NAME: BOOKING CODE: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T u v w x y z Register Now • Fax: 1300 138 533 Email: idc@idc-online.idc-online. contact DETAILS name: __CONTACT ___________________________________________________________________ COMPANY NAME: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POST CODE: state: suburb: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PHONE: FAX: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Venue Medina Executive 15 Ivory Lane Brisbane (07) 3218 5800 Accommodation The conference venue has accommodation available. morning and afternoon refreshments are included. Australia engineering award for development of a risk assessment for lightning protection which is part of AS/NZS 1768:2007. In August 2008. email or post or complete online. $ total: PAYMENT DETAILS I wish to pay by: Cheque PLEASE NOTE: Full payment is required prior to the commencement of the forum. Contact directly on (07) 3218 5800 to make a booking. Cancellation Policy Full reimbursement will be accepted if written notification of cancellation is received by IDC Technologies on or before 15th March 2011. A fee of 20% will apply to any cancellations received between 16th March and 22nd March 2011. Your payment must accompany the registration form in order for it to be processed and confirmed. Version 1 – May 2010. Lightning & Surge Protection Forum 30 & 31st March 2011. Tony received an I. GENERAL INFORMATION Confirmation Details A confirmation and information letter will be sent to all delegates approximately 10 days prior to the forum. Tony is convenor of Australian Standards Lightning Protection Panel EL 24 which produced AS/NZS 1768:2007 Lightning Protection. please contact us for more information. By Fax: 1300 138 533 By Mail: IDC Technologies PO Box 1093 West Perth WA. He was also convenor of Energy Networks Australia. contact IDC on 1300 138 522 Early bird offer: 20% off the forum fee for registrations received before 28th February 2011 3 for 2 offer: Register 3 people and only pay for two . operation and design of transmission lines and substations. direct phone: job title: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL: FAX: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ please select: 2-Day Forum: $1645 2-Day Forum EARLY BIRD OFFER: $1316 Delegate 3 direct phone: job title: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL: FAX: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ please select: 2-Day Forum: FREE NOTE: Third delegate is free if registering two other participants Discounts for larger groups On our Web Site: www.E.Australian Power Engineering Consultant Tony Gillespie is a power engineering consultant with 30 years electricity supply industry experience in Queensland including maintenance. Tony won the Cresswell prize for best speaker at the EESA conference in Brisbane.Save $1645 registration and DELEGATE DETAILS surname: mr / ms / Dr first name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Delegate 1 direct phone: job title: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FAX: E-MAIL: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ please select: 2-Day Forum: $1645 2-Day Forum EARLY BIRD OFFER: $1316 Food and Beverages All lunches. No cancellation requests can be accepted after 23rd March 2011 however substitute delegates are welcome. In 2002. Prices include GST.idc-online. Part 1 Management Principles. Please ensure that you provide both your mailing address and email address on the booking form.

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