TARGETED BY CIA AGENT BARBARA HARTWELL who calls in (*click)to intimidate during our interview following Northwest Airlines

Racial Profiling Attack aboard McCain affiliated Northwest Air. My name is Aaron James. (204) 477 6497 My mother and I were racially profiled and attacked aboard McCain affiliated Northwest Airlines. ( ) of which we have provided detailed (*click)account also with computerized video reenactment (*click) and have spoken out.

It is the ties between Northwest Airlines, the McCain administrative body and all said factions that have precipitated this egregious response to our lobbying against Northwest . McCain has Northwest Airlines as the top two clientele along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his executive legal council and Northwest was the official air carrier for the McCain campaign

. also: http:/barack-omaba-onmccain-northwestU.S. Gov. Asserts US "Right" to kidnap and talk/2008/08/northwest-airlies-supporting.php Foreign Nationals from Foreign Soil-without evidence in VIOLATION OF Canadian Concordantly, we have received threats and Charter Rights section 7 harassment from FBI and CIA, the most noted of guaranteeing liberty and which in the form of email based threats received security of the person. No one carbon copied to Senator *John McCain safe in their homes!(click) attacks bloggers:

cyber-threat_re-john-mccain.jpg upon our lives.

amidst *attempts olumns/huston/060304 Threatening email from FBi Agent Steven Davis cc'd to McCain: m/images/aaron/fbi-cyberthreat_re-john-mccain.jpg Northwest Air sends “Goon Squads” to Silence Cyber Critics NWA-eWatch/ Our attorney Warns Police against abduction attempts <click> Police attempting abduction are criminally charged! <click> Sample of 14 Abduction Attempts: Oct.27/07; Jan 7/08; July5/08 Text; Audio, July 9/ July 10th, Aug 31/08; Oct 10/08 ;Our Complaint to Law Enforcement Review Agency; Our affidavits:#1,#2; Abduction Threats re FBI & U.S. Marshals in Winnipeg Police notes; Threat on Mom in police notes!

For our efforts in having spoken out, there have been numerous attempts upon our lives (abduction attempts without basis in warrant or charges) in order to silence our voices. Involved are factions within the McCain administration FBI CIA and Northwest Airlines corporation, acting surreptitiously in state initiated cross border collusion "psy ops/blackops" operations upon our family. CIA Agent Barbara Hartwell Exposed: Calls in to harass within minutes of my having mentioned her name as evidence of wire tapping in conjunction with attempts upon our lives. Wire tapping has also been used to keep monitor of my communications and radio broadcasts with a pattern of attempts at my abduction and attempt at sanitization and removal of our online material following closely after our independent radio or internet broadcasts of our ordeal, our online updates or blog posts and prior to media release and publication of same. This pattern should be noted as a poignant and evidentiary extension of the original abduction attempt following extensive petition and interaction with government.

Our complaint to Law Enforcement review agency re Abduction attempts: http://policecollusionusacanad Our affidavits: My affidavit (click) My mother’s affidavit (click)

The original attempt Oct 27/07 was not only immediately after having met with government but also only days prior to Lesley Hughes Canadian Dimension Magazine’s release of her magazine article giving discourse of covert state initiated afflictions upon us in a Nov.1/07 addition of the magazine. Interview with Alex Jones Sept 2/07 had been conducted only 7 weeks prior

We had just done interview with CKLN Radio days prior Oct 16/07, and Canadian Dimension Magazine journalist Lesley Hughes was due to release her publication of our ordeal in their bi monthly magazine, on Nov 1/07, only days subsequent to the initial abduction attempt. CKLN has placed online archive remarking on the initial abduction attempt taking place only shortly after interview with their station. CIA Harassment Followed BY Sabotage of Our Website and Sanitization of Online Material Prior to Further Kidnapping Attempts: As stated prior, CIA agent Barbara Hartwell called in to an RBN broadcast my mother and I did from undisclosed location in early Jan/08, shortly after the original CIA /FBI driven Oct 27/07 abduction attempt, to harass. CIA Agent Barbara Hartwell would appear once further over 10 months later- Oct.2nd/08 CIA agent Barbara Hartwell called in once more during broadcast on RBN radio to intimidate the second day in a row having called in on a WTPRN interview for which I had been guest the day before-and only 10 minutes after I had mentioned her name in capacity the presence of CIA stalking of our persons while discussing also, the connections of our persecution to the McCain administrative body;

Although Barbara Hartwell claims to be X-CIA (similar to claims of being X-MAFIA) Hartwell has been exposed online by renown international journalist Fintan Dunne, as a CIA disinformation agent. CIA have taken considerable steps to conceal all of this. 1. An mp3 with Republican Broadcasting Network was just sanitized from the internet and so I had to upload the interview in which Hartwell calls in on RBN as per the above, from my archives on my own computer. 2. Fintan Dunne, an international reporter whom we are now in contact with, had written article on Barbara Hartwell exposing her which I referenced online. We spoke on this only yesterday (April 29/09). Today, after 7 years, his 2002 article < > HAS BEEN SANITIZED. (he can be reached at fintan(at)breakfornews(dot)com in order to verify this. I have archived an excellent link exposing Barbara Hartwell herein: FBI / GOVERNMENT SANITIZE INFORMATION AND REMOVE OUR WEBSITE Only 4 days later on Oct 6/08, Government attacked and shut down our website in response to the interview above and *REMOVED their defamatory account of our ordeal from to sanitize ALL online account of our ordeal –positive negative or otherwise-prior to further abduction attempts to come only 4 days later Oct 10/08 KBOO reporter Chris Andre has given discourse of the attack upon our website online Interview Oct.8/08 with KBOO host Chris Andre ( ) who gave discourse of the above cyber based attack by government, and on Oct. 9/08 with Charles Guiliani to discuss the same (hour 1: , hour 2: )while also giving discourse of the involvement of the McCain administration as per his corporate affiliation with Northwest Airlines , was followed closely by attempt at my abduction Oct 10/08, while agencies acted to silence our online voice under a greater stealth having successfully for the time being, removed our online material, and with it our ability to effectively give discourse of their insipid actions. According to research and reputable resource, CloakandDagger was downed by government agencies only once prior in its history- when Bush and then P.M. Paul Martin met in the U.S. to discuss concerns that the high broadcasting capacity of their station was reaching U.S. audiences by radio, who were calling into U.S. radio stations and demanding to know why certain censored material concerning the actions of government were not being broadcast. The descision to cut CloakandDagger from MOJO radio was made and at a *loss of funds, Coast to Coast was put up in its place. "[their program had to be shifted from the MOJO Radio Toronto show to the Internet due to pressure from Bush associates; It was former Vice-President Al Gore's office that advised The Cloak that President Bush personally told Prime Minister Paul

Martin at their meeting in Monterry, Mexico that "there would be no oil concessions until that loudmouth in Toronto is off the air." told Martin to get The Cloak and Dagger show off the air"] Cloak and Dagger Shut Down For The Second Time on July 3/08, and according to their station, on account of vetting our ordeal. Only 2 days later on July 5/08 came yet another abduction attempt upon my person. On July 5/08, police congregating outside and having been found by family in the back lane to the effect of 3 police cars and one ghost car (the abduction-prepped vehicle we gather) in the back lane. I had contacted media and they recorded the ordeal on audio podcast. There is also written documentation concerning the ordeal. Cloak and Dagger was shut down July 3/08, by their account, on account of having upset government in giving discourse of our ordeal and the wrongful illegal afflictions set upon us by FBI, on their broadcast. Broadcaster Lenny Bloom of Cloak and Dagger states in mp3 recording, "The cloak and dagger is down folks-the cloak got attacked....they didn’t like us talking about the FBI's attempt to abduct an innocent man from Winnipeg...we'll be having Aaron James come on later after the Berry Chamish section…”

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