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Book Report – Non-Fiction Remember, in a non-fiction book, the characters will be actual people and the events described are things that really happened. When you are writing, you will discuss ¸ Real Events ¸ Real Characters ¸ Real Setting (time & place) Student Directions: Answer all parts of this worksheet with complete sentences. Use correct grammar, spelling, word usage, capitalization and punctuation. Setting: When and where do the events in this book take place?

What is the main idea of the book? (ex. The main idea of Night is man’s inhumanity to man)

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List in order 3 major events that occur in the story: 1. 2. 3.

Identify the main individuals/characters and their roles in the story. Character Role in the Story

List 3 important concepts you learned from this book and provide examples from the book. Lesson Example from book

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What are the most important parts of the book? Explain why you made these choices.

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Using the information from the planning pages, write a well-organized essay about the book you read. Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Support your statements with evidence from the book. Use black or dark ink to write your essay. Begin your essay on the following paper; add other paper if necessary. Your essay should include: • an introduction paragraph: This paragraph must state the topic of the essay, gain the attention of the reader, and set up what you will be writing about in the body of your essay. Here are a few ideas to start your introductory paragraph: ¸ use information from the question ¸ use a quote from a book that relates to your task ¸ ask an interesting question about the topic • body paragraph(s): The body of your essay is where you support your introduction with details and examples. These details and examples must be developed and arranged in a logical and interesting way. A new paragraph is started whenever there is a shift or change in the essay topic. Here are some reasons for starting a new paragraph (these are not the only reasons): ¸ ¸ ¸ ¸ a change in emphasis or ideas to break up a really long paragraph a change in time, place, or action a change in speaker

Be sure to use evidence and specific examples in your body paragraphs • a conclusion paragraph: This paragraph should tie all of the important points of your essay together and draw a final conclusion for the reader. It should leave the reader with a clear understanding of the meaning and significance of the essay. You should be careful not to reuse sentences from the introduction or body of your essay. Before handing in your book report, be sure to proofread and make sure you have included ¸ indented paragraphs ¸ correct spelling ¸ good grammar ¸ punctuation ¸ capitalization 4

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Name _______________________________ Date _______________ Write your essay here, using black or dark ink.

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