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Application Data Sheet

ADS 4950-14/rev.A October 2004

Water and Wastewater Industry


Municipal wastewater treatment employs a number of processes designed to clarify, disinfect, and condition raw sewage so that it may be safely released into rivers and other bodies of water. These processes involve both chemical addition and biological action. Chemical concentration control, as well as sample monitoring, are necessary for efficient operation, to avoid upsets, and to protect certain aspects of the overall process. Figure 1 shows the primary wastewater application.

Influent: pH and other analyzers are used to detect the presence of off-spec industrial waste and provide warning to avoid major upsets. For additional details, refer to ADS 4950-12. Aeration/activated Sludge Process: Dissolved oxygen measurement is used to maintain an adequate oxygen supply to the aerobic bacteria that is responsible for treating the sewage. For additional details, refer to ADS 4950-01. Chlorination Chamber: Chlorine analyzers are used to ensure adequate disinfection without overchlorination. For additional details, refer to ADS 4950-10. Dechlorination Chamber: Chlorine (Dechlorination) analyzers monitor the effluent leaving the plant and provide a signal for control of dechlorination chemical addition. For additional details, refer to ADS 4950-10.

For more information on influent monitoring, see ADS 4950-12.

For more information on aeration basin/ activated sludge process, see ADS 4950-01.

For more information on chlorine measurement in wastewater, see ADS 4950-10.

FIGURE 1. Primary Wastewater Application

All instruments shown are capable of measuring pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, and Chlorine. Model 1055 Analyzer
Two 4-20 mA outputs Three progrmmable alarms. NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure. Choice of enclosures for panel or pipe/surface mounting.

Model 54e Analyzer

Three alarms, one fault alarm, and programmable timer function. Two 4-20 mA outputs. HART and AMS aware. Optional PID and TPC control

Model 5081 Transmitter

Two-wire transmitter. Robust NEMA 4X and NEMA 7B enclosure. Choice of HART or Foundation Fieldbus communication. Large, easy-to-read display with infrared remote controller.

Model Xmt Transmitter

Two-wire transmitter. Choice of enclosures for panel or pipe/ surface mounting. NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure. Choice of HART or Foundation Fieldbus communication.


Total Chlorine Sensor Model 499ACL-02
Maintenance takes only a few minutes a month. No tools required to change membrane. Replace sensor without running new cable using the Variopol connector option.

Sample Conditioning System Model SCS921B

Amperometric measurement permits analysis of turbid samples. Low reagent usage means unattended operation. Uses ordinary 5% white household vinegar.

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