To create an interactive workshop that inspires a passion for learning among kids ages 8-18 by turning the process of making music into as engaging an experience as playing a video game.

Create a safe, high-energy, risk-free environment for kids to explore their talent, imagination and ideas Motivate kids through the potentially intimidating nature of learning computers and a musical instrument by making it a fun experience with peers and computers, showing immediate results and validating each student’s ability Leverage computers in the study and practice of music by demonstrating how to record, listen, playalong and improve – alone or with others Teach the fundamentals for today’s musicians to write, record and release music, including foundational music skills, music production and engineering skills, and Garage Band music software Inspire a passion for learning and music through the experience of musical collaboration to create music loops/tracks, ringtones, podcasts and an actual song


Participants will explore the fundamental aspects of music creation and recording using Garage Band*. During this workshop, kids will develop their skill and experience the thrill of collaboration through writing, arranging, rehearsing and recording an original piece of music with peers and professional musicians. Students will learn how to become proficient in Garage Band by recording real and virtual instruments. At the end of each workshop, they will have a ringtone, podcast and an original piece of music to be shared online with friends and with family. o SUMMER: 4-day workshops offered throughout the summer (Mondays – Thursdays, 9 am – noon) o SCHOOLYEAR: 3-day workshops through the 2013-2014 school year (Thursday/Friday afternoons, Saturday mornings) o 8-10 students per session, including 2 scholarships per session for underprivileged kids o Open to students of all abilities and any instrument o All equipment and instruments provided by the workshop

*Garage Band is a digital audio workstation and music sequencer produced by Apple (part of the iLife package) that allows the user to record and play back multiple tracks of audio; utilize virtual software instruments, simulated amplifiers, stomp boxes and effects processors; edit and playback tracks and songs; download pre-recorded music lessons; create podcasts and more. Familiarity with Garage Band covers all the fundamentals needed for creation, editing and production of today’s music.


Sponsorship Proposal: Chromatic Akademie

Matthew Novachis


“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
--- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sponsors will enjoy positive alignment and association between their company and inspiring a love of learning and music in today’s youth.
Costs Benefits Sponsor branding on all workshop collateral/signage and promotional communications in House of Music and community locations Press release announcing sponsorship to local media Ability for sponsor to provide promotional coupons to be distributed to participating students during the workshop Referral to company (as applicable) for any follow-up equipment purchases students make pre- or post-workshop Sponsorship allows outreach to underprivileged students to enable them to participate in this workshop experience Sponsor will receive a photo and thank-you letter from scholarship recipients
* Equi pment i ncl udes : 15” Retina Di s pl a y Ma cbook; 27” Thunderbol t Di s pl a y; i Pa d; i Pod Touch; Apogee One a udi o i nterfa ces ; Apogee Mi C Mi crophones



$2,000 (per student)

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ABOUT OWNER/INSTRUCTOR MATTHEW NOVACHIS For the last 20 years, Matt has studied and played jazz, rock, country, African, South American and Electronic music. He has played with Jonatha Brooke and toured internationally (and appeared on the CBS Morning Show) with Keri Noble, at the time a Manhattan Recording Artist. A well respected member of the local music scene, Matt has been a member of the Contemporary Worship Band at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi for nine years. He currently teaches between 30-35 private music lessons a week at the Linden Hills House of Music with students of all ages and abilities on piano, drums and guitar, and conducts teen band camps and adult music workshops as well. Matt lives in South Minneapolis with his wife of 8 years and his son Otto.


Sponsorship Proposal: Chromatic Akademie

Matthew Novachis



When I was in the 6th grade, I listened to Led Zeppelin II for the first time, and it was a lifechanging experience! I immediately decided to form a band. I started on guitar but switched to drums, and almost immediately realized I had found my instrument. As we played together, I developed a love for music that has since provided me with a career, a never-ending source of joy, and a way to connect with other people all over the world. In my early twenties, I decided to teach in addition to my professional music career, in order to pass on the gift of music to younger generations. Just under three years ago, my son Otto was born – and seeing his early interest (some might say obsession!) with music and instruments reignited my desire to teach. But I realized that music was losing out to overscheduled kids, sports and other leisure activities, especially video games. To compete for the time and attention of students, I struggled to make music lessons fun. Then, with the digital revolution in music, I recognized an opportunity for an interactive learning experience using instruments and computers that was more like a game than another class with “homework”. This Music + Computers workshop is the result of this inspiration. My workshops are purposefully designed to mix and match kids of all ages, abilities, ethnicities and economic status, because I truly believe that music spans all differences, and diversity creates a richer learning environment for each student. I have found that older kids provide mentorship to the younger students, and in turn, their unfiltered imagination acts as a creative engine for the group. Each participant adds his or her own set of skills, interests and ideas to the project, making it a more impactful experience for all. I also designed the workshop to serve underprivileged children, as many talented students do not have the money to take private lessons – and are not getting the exposure to music they used to get through the public schools. I appreciate your consideration of my sponsorship proposal to help me get this Workshop started, and would love to set up time to discuss ways for us to work together at your convenience. Thank you for your time and I look forward to being in touch in the next two weeks. Matthew Novachis 612-685-7670


Sponsorship Proposal: Chromatic Akademie

Matthew Novachis


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