1. A prepaid service 'TRUMP' was launched by (A) VSNL (B) MTNL (C) Bharati Cellular Ltd. (D) None of these ANS- B 2.

Which of the following countries won highest gold medals in 27th Olympics ? (A) Russia (B) USA (C) Australia (D) china ANS- B 3. Which of the following languages belong to the Austric Group ? (A) Marathi (B) Laddakhi (C) Khasi (D) Tamil ANS- C 4. Who did not oppose the attack of the USA and her allies on Iraq in March 2003 ? (A) France (B) India (C) Turkey (D) Pakistan ANS- A 5. SMS is a service associated with : (A) E-Mail (B) Cellular Phones (C) Internet Surfing (D) Fax Transmission ANS- B 6. What was the original Nationality of Annie Besant ? (A) British (B) Irish (C) French (D) American ANS- B 7. Which foreign country is closest to Andman Island ? (A) Sri Lanka (B) Myanmar (C) Indonesia (D) Bangladesh ANS- B 8. Which country is not a member of G-8 ? (A) Italy

(B) Canada (C) Germany (D) Australia ANS- D 9. The language spoken by the largest number of people in the world is : (A) Spanish (B) English (C) French (D) Mandaren ANS- D 10. Wich of the following is not a Negotiable Instrument ? (A) Cheque (B) Promissory note (C) Bill of exchange (D) Receipt of fixed deposit ANS- D 11. Which of the following is nat a part of the exportable item from India ? (A) Tea (B) Shoes (C) Steel (D) Milk ANS- D 12. GATT was founded in the year : (A) 1940 (B) 1942 (C) 1947 (D) 1960 ANS- C 13. Who among the following has not been awarded death sentence in the case of attack on the Indian Parliament ? (A) Mohammed Afzal (B) SAR Geelani (C) Shaukat Hussain Guru (D) Afshan Guru ANS- D 14. Stock Market are regulated by : (A) RBI (B) SEBI (C) The ministry of finance (D) None of these ANS- B 15. No smoking is a : (A) Rule (B) Procedure (C) Plan (D) Policy

Famous Food and Drug store "JUSCO" belongs to : (A) Britain (B) Netherland (C) Japan (D) Switzerland ANS. The words "Satyamave Jayate" are taken from : (A) Gita (B) Garur Puran (C) Mundaka Upnishad (D) Mahabharat ANS. Which of the following is a flightless bird ? (A) Emu (B) Hen (C) Swan (D) None of these ANS.A 16. The bats are able to fly in dark since their wings produce : (A) Sound waves (B) Ultrasonic Waves . In raw Jute and Jute goods production.ANS. Sweat Glands occure in greatest niumber in the skin of : (A) Forehead (B) Armpits (C) Back (D) Plam of hand ANS.B 22.B 21. India ranks at number : (A) One (B) Two (C) Three (D) Four ANS.A 23.C 20. National bird is observed on : (A) October 12 (B) November 12 (C) December 13 (D) December 18 ANS. Which of the following is not a component of revenue expenditure : (A) Interest (B) Public Administration (C) Subsidies (D) Buying of capital equipment ANS.B 18.A 17.C 19.

B 25.C 30.3 % ANS.(C) Infra red rays (D) Ultraviolet rays ANS.0 % (D) 12.D 26 Which of the following is a mixed fertilizer ? (A) Urea (B) Ammonium (C) CAM (D) NPK ANS.D 29. Light emmited by sun reaches Earth in : (A) 1 second (B) 10 seconds (C) 13 seconds (D) 8 seconds ANS .5 % (C) 10.D 27. Which of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution ? (A) Diesel (B) Kerosene (C) Hydrogen (D) Coal ANS.C 28.B 24. Blood grouping was discovered by : .0 % (B) 3. Which of the following diseases is inheritable ? (A) Leukemia (B) Colour Blindness (C) Maligency (D) Hepatites ANS.B 31. The average salt content of sea water is : (A) 1. Which of the following is an exception to cell theory ? (A) Bacteria (B) Fungi (C) Virus (D) Lichens ANS. Honey has the largest percentage of : (A) Water (B) Starch (C) Glucose (D) Sucrose ANS.

Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at : (A) Ujjain (B) Nalanda (C) Shravanbela gola (D) Patna ANS. The extreme form of Ahinsa or non-violence is practiced is: (A) Buddhism (B) Hinduism (C) Jainism (D) None of these ANS.A.C 33. The Dutch first established their hold in India in 1605 at : (A) Goa (B) Surat (C) Gujarat (D) Masulipatnam ANS. Who among the following was a prominent officer of Azad Hind Fauz ? (A) Aruna Asaf Ali (B) Shahnawaz Khan (C) Dr.A nsari (D) Ghaffar Khan . The great Hindu Law giver was : (A) Kapil (B) Banbatta (C) Kautilya (D) Mnau ANS. The English weekly edited by : (A) Kesari (B) Comrade (C) Bombay Chronicle (D) Young India ANS.D 34. M. The court language of Mughals was : (A) Arabic (B) Hindi (C) Persian (D) Urdu ANS.C 36.C 35.(A) William Harvey (B) Landsteinar (C) Robert Coach (D) Luis Pasteur ANS.D 38.D 37.B 32.

Which of the following is the Black Mountain ? (A) Andes (B) Alps (C) Rocky Mountain (D) Vosges ANS.D 43. At present India's largest mineral resource is (A) Copper (B) Coal . Who is the longest serving Chief Minister in India ? (A) Bhajan Lal (B) Chimanbhai Patel (C) Jyoti Basu (D) Hiteshwar Saikia ANS.ANS. Which of the following is a deepest lake ? (A) Lake Victoria (B) Lake Caspian (C) Lake Superior (D) Lake Baikal ANS. Dry farming in India is extensively practised in : (A) Kanara plains (B) Deccan region (C) Coromandel Plains (D) Punjab Plains ANS. Deepest mine in India is located at ? (A) Anantpur (B) Bellary (C) Kolar (D) Hspet ANS.B 45.C 42. Among the following which is the largest Island in the world ? (A) England (B) Japan (C) Borneo (D) New Guinea ANS. The original home of the Gyosies was : (A) Russia (B) Persia (C) India (D) Egypt ANS.B 41.B 39.D 44.C 46.C 40.

D 1.3.1 (C)1. The length of the Konkan Railway is : (A) 560 kms (B) 660 kms (C) 760 kms (D) 860 kms ANS.3 . MS Kim Campbell is the first woman prime minister of : (A) Congo (B) Portugal (C) Philippines (D) Canada ANS.3. Muslim League launches Direct Action 4.Kaul (D) Nana Palkhivala ANS. 1.2.4.(C) Iron-ore (D) None of these ANS.C 48. Jinnah’s wrecking of the Shimla Conference Codes: (A)2.N.D 50.A 49. Put the following events in chronological order and choose your answer with the help of given codes 1. Buddha is depicted on the coins of? (A) Wima Kadphises (B) Kanishka (C) Nahapana (D) Budh Gupta 2.3 (D) 4. Who wrote the famous book "We The People" ? (A) JRD TATA (B) Khushwant Singh (C) T.B 47.1 (B) 4.2.2. The arrival of the Cabinet Mission 3. Which of the following is known as Queen of Arabian Sea ? (A) Cochin (B) Trivendrum (C) Aalleppey (D) Mangalore ANS. Formation of an interim Government 2.4.

Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of (A) Controlled fusion reaction (B) Uncontrolled fusion reaction (C) Controlled fission reaction (D) Uncontrolled fission reaction 5. Who had composed the ‘Gita Govinda’? (A) Dhoyi (B) Govardhanacharya . (B) Assam (C) Gujarat (D) Rajasthan 6. Where is the wild ass sanctuary? (A)UP. Panini and Patanjali are the renowned names in the literary history of ancient India.3. Under which dynasty did they flourish? (A) Pushyabhukti (B) Kushanas (C) Sungas (D) Guptas 10. The first Gupta ruler to assume the title of ‘Param Bhagawata’ was? (A) Chandragupta I (B) Samudragupta (C) Chandragupta II (D) Srigupta 9. Yapaniya was a school of? (A) Buddhism (B) Jainism (C) Saivism (D) Vaisnavism 8. The city plan of ancient Shravasti is in the shape ? (A) Circular (B) Crescentic (C) Triangular (D) Rectangular 6. The great Jain Scholar Hema chandra adorned the court of?_ (A) Amoghavarsha (B) Kumarapala (C) Jaysimha Siddharaja (D) Vidyadhara 4.

Which medieval King of India introduced the ‘Iqkta system’? (A) Iltutmish (B) Balban (C) Alauddin Khalji (D) None of the above 12. The Kirtistambha at Chittor was built by? (A) Rana Sanga (B) Rana Kumbha (C) Rana Pratap (D) Rana Udai Singh 15. Which among the following organisations supported the Suddhi movement? (A) Arya Samaj (B) Brahma Samaj (C) Deva Samaj (D) Prarthana Samaj . Which musical instrument was played by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb? (A) Sitar (B) Pakhawaj (C) Veena (D) None of the above 13. Who among the following rulers is famous as “Prithvi Raj Chauhan”? (A) Prithvi Raj I (B) Prithvi Raj II (C) Prithvi Raj Ill (D) None of the above 16.(C) Jayadeva (D) Lakshmana Sen 11. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? (A) Babar —Battle of Khanwa (B) Humayun—Baffle of Chausa (C) Akbar —Battle of Haldighati (D) Jahangir —Battle of Balkh 14. Jam temple of Abu is made of? (A) Sandstone (B) Lime stone (C)Granite (D) Marble 17.

6% (B) The share of service sector in India’s GDP is only 25% (C) 58% of its working population is engaged in agriculture. which is 25% above the cost price. 2. what is the probability that the work will be finished on third day? . Three years ago she was three times as old as Sumita.000. Reema is twice as old as Sumita. With which Uprising is Mangal Pandey associated? (A) Barrackpur (B) Meerut (C) Dethi (D) None of the above 20. How old is Reema now? (A)6 years (B) 7 years (C)8 years (D) 12 years 22. If the shopkeeper sells the table at 8% discount on the marked price. If both of them work together. The ages of father and son in 1940 were respectively? (A) 58 and 16 years (B) 50 and 15 years (C) 42 and 14 years (D) 34 and 13 years 21. A can finish a work in 6 days whereas B can finish the work in 9 days. In 1938 the father’s age becomes 10 times the age of his son’s age in 1930. but the contribution of. . The institution of local self government got a fillip during the Viceroyalty of? (A) Lord Mayo (B) Lord Ripon (C) Lord Dufferin (D) Lord Curzon 19. Which of the following statements is not true of the Indian Economy? (A) Its share of world population is only 16% but its share of world GD is 1.18. agriculture to the national income is 22% (D) it occupies only 2.4% of the world’s geographical area 24. The marked price of a table is Rs.his percentage of profit would be— (A) 14% (B) 15% (C) 16% (D) 20% 23. In 1930 a person’s age was 8 times that of his son.

B.(A) 1/2 (C) 1 (B) 1/6 (D) 0 25. Which of the following rivers flows through a ‘rift’ valley? (A) Ganga (B) Brahmaputra (C) Narmada (D) Krishna 31. The headquarter of R. 90°E Ridge lies in? (A) Atlantic ocean (B) Indian ocean (C) Pacific ocean (D) Mediterranean sea 30. How much distance does the ox cover in 14 rounds? (pe=22/7) (A)300m (B) 250m (C)264m (D) 232m 29. Who is the brand ambassador of BSNL? (A) Shah Rukh Khan (B) Abhishek Bachchan (C) Preity Zinta (D) Deepika Padukone 27. is situated at? (A)Delhi (B) Kolkata (C)Mumbai (D) Chennai 28 An ox in a ‘Kolhu’ is tethered to a rope 3m long. Which layer of atmosphere is responsible for Aurora Borealis? (A) Troposphere (B) Thermosphere (C) Ionosphere (D) Exosphere 26. The Ruhr basin is the famous Industrial region of? (A) China (B) Germany .I.

Kenya 4. (C) About 7:00 am. Columbia 3. Venezuela Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) 1 and 2 (B) 2 and 3 (C) 3 and 4 (D) l and 4 33. Cuba Select the correct answer from the codes given below? Codes: (A) l and 2 (B) l and 3 (C) 2 and 3 (D) 3 and 4 36.Canada 2. If the Sun rises at TIRAP in Aru nachal Pradesh at 5:00 am.m. (B) About 6:00 a. The Anglo-American Culture Realm does not include— 1. Which of the following countries are located on the Equator? 1.(C) Japan (D) United Kingdom 32. 34.m.S. U. Which one of the following islands of the East Indies is divided into three countries? (A) Borneo (B) Celebes (C) New Guinea (D) Timor 35.m.A. 3. then at what time the Sun will rise in Kandla in Gujarat? (A) About 5:30 a. The Kalpsar Project for supply of sweet water is located in? (A) Gujarat (B) Haryana (C) Maharashfra (D) Rajasthan .Mexico 4. (D) About 7:30 a.Brunei 2.

Which one of the following is not included in the “National Food Security Missions”? (A) Oilseeds (B) Wheat (C) Rice (D) Pulses . Select the correct answer using the codes given below— Codes: (A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (B) Both (A) and (R) are true. but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) (C) (A) is true. Consider the following statements— Assertion (A) : River Damodar was known as ‘River of Sorrow’ in West Bengal prior to the development of the Damodar Valley Corporation.37. Reason (R) : Damodar in its upper reaches flows rapidly and in its lower reaches it runs too sluggishly. In which one of the following States is Suil river project loca ted? (A) Uttarakhand (B) Haryana (C) Punjab (D) Himachal Pradesh 42. In an area with annual rainfall of more than 200 cms and sloping hills which crop will he ideal? (A)Jute (B) Cotton (C)Tea (D) Maize 39. Which State has decided to establish a University for the disabled during 2009-2010 (A) Maharashtra (B) Kerala (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Uttar Pradesh 41. but (K) is true 40. Which soil needs little irrigation as it retains soil moisture ? (A) Alluvial soil (B) Black soil (C) Red soil (D) Laterite soil 38. but (R) is false (D) (A) is false.

S. relates to? (A) Electoral reforms (B) Police reforms (C) Religious and Minorities (D) Tax reforms 49. 47. The Indian citizen who has been honoured with Ramon Magsay say award for the year 2009 is? (A) Bhimsen Joshi (B) Deep Joshi . Which country launched the World’s first satellite dedicated to monitoring ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ in 2009? (A)Japan (B) Brazil (C)India (D) U. The Rangnath Mishra Commis sion report which was tabled in the Parliament in December 2009. Who has written the book “The Rediscovery of India” published around November 2009? (A) Ram Chandra Guha (B) Megnad Desai (C) Arun Shourie (D) Mohan Bhagwat 46. Sukna scam case was recently (first quarter of 2010) much in the news.43. With which State is it concerned? (A) Himachal Pradesh (B) Janimu and Kashmir (C) Rajasthan (D) West Bengal 44 The author of the book which recently became the root cause of the controversy regarding the script of the film “Three Idiots”is (A) Abhijat Joshi (B) Mohammad Khalid (C) Chetan Bhagat (D) Rajkumar Hirani 45. How many nations were members of the BASIC Block at the December 2 Copenhagen Meet? (A)Five (B) Four (C)Three (D) Two 48.A.

Which of the following is a substance abundantly available in the sea and administered in a certain deficiency disease? (A) Iron (B) Vitamin A (C) Fluorine (D) Iodine .(C) Indira Sinha (D) Pankaj Srivastava 50.

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