Generalities on pronouns Personal: - Case forms: the subjective (I/we, you, she/he/it/they) and the objective (me/us, you, him

/her/it/them) - the objective case is used after prepositions: They are all here except him/ Nobody else knew about it but me./ People like us. - Self-pronouns: No one could do this better than herself./ All were there but myself./ He asked him and myself a few questions. - used for the sake of emphasis: You yourself told me the story. / I saw him do it myself. - ALL+BY+self-pronoun when intensifying ‘without help’: Don’t you feel lonely living here all by yourself?/ She travelled by herself./ You can’t do all the work yourself. - Prepositional dative follows after ‘write’, ‘sing’ and ‘play’ when there is no direct object expressed: Read to us/ Write to her. (but: Read us the news./Write her a letter. - There are verbs always followed by the prepositional dative: LISTEN, ANNOUNCE, SUGGEST, PROVE, INTRODUCE, PROPOSE, MENTION, DESCRIBE, PRESCRIBE. Will you listen to me for a moment? - the pronoun ‘we’ is used with a patronizing tone: Can’t we open our mouth a little wider?/ How are we this morning? - ‘You’ may be used for emphasis: You keep silent!/ You there, get up! - ‘It’ may be used to refer to ‘baby/child’ when the sex is not known: What a cute little baby it is! How old is it? - Possessive in expressions: the likes of him, not for the life of me, the death of him. I’ve got the trick of it. - Instead of the possessive adjective, a definite article is used in certain idioms: I have a cold in the head. - Demonstratives used with an emotive value implying familiarity: You know this guy John…/ It gives you this feeling…/ - in idioms: that’s the/my boy (good for you!) And that’s that!

This many a day (long ago) That is to say Ann this, Ann that That’s another pair of shoes That’s a horse of another colour I know this much Let’s put this and that together But for that (if it hadn’t been for that) That’s all there is to it That’s the limit With that she shut the door That will do That’s it That’s right - THAT is used as an adverb: The water was that deep. - The former/the latter when TWO are implied, the first/the last more than two. - SAME is used in idioms: same here (me too), it’s all the same to me/it’s all one to me (it doesn’t matter/it makes no difference), all the same (despite) - SO is used to stand for an affirmative/negative statement: I’m afraid so (believe, hope, think, suppose, expect, image) - to refer to a preceding verb: He did so. - in idioms: Miss so and so (whatever) -ONE: by one and all (everybody) - INTERROGATIVES used in idiomatic expressions: Mr. What’s-his-name, a what-do-youcall-it, I couldn’t tell who was who/ They are so alike I can’t tell which is which/ Tell me who’s who/ He’s a clever fellow, he knows what’s what (what makes the difference)/ He bought apples, tea, coffee, cakes and what not/ Who on earth/ What is the English for… -WHICH for a limited choice: tea or coffee? -What for more: I’m taking English, French and Italian classes. Which girls do you like best? (a limited number of known girls)/ What girls do you like best? (what kind of)

‘Each’-strongly distributive. him) and his wife. me). every inch (He is every inch a gentleman)/ You have every right to be angry/ There is every reason to think he is speaking the truth. no particular one. him). except (I. Brown and (I. I blame you both. but none was forthcoming. him) are intolerable. had left for London. . 2.‘Every’ is used when the total number exceeds two. 8. They are all lazy except (he. 1997) EXERCISE P. Cluj. him). 5.’ / Neither of my friends has come yet. Such men as (he. a rejection of both of two: Which one of the two pens do you want? ‘Either will do. every two days.On either side of the street (either and the other of two) . 4. him). 9. A Practical English Grammar (with exercises). I blame you as much as (he. Everybody. me). 7. I blame you as much as (he. it dispenses the unity: There were two boys and I gave an apple to each. We found out that (he. Both of us blame you.: 1. Clusium. him).-RELATIVES: Clauses in which the relative pronoun is omitted are called contact clauses: The man you spoke to…(the rest would still make perfect sense) . 10. Expressions: every bit as good as.Have you seen anything of John lately? EXERCISES ON PRONOUNS (Mihai Zdrenghea. -‘None’ takes the singular when referring to uncountables: We hoped the money would arrive soon. went to meet Tom. every now and then. He could only get tickets for you and (I. Anca Greere. without saying a word. There is a friendly agreement between Mr. ‘Neither/either’.Correlative forms: either…or/ neither…nor. practically ‘every’: any cook-book… -‘Anything of”.INDEFINITES . -He is somewhat of a wizard… -‘Any’. 3. every other day. I cannot tolerate such men as ( or the other of two/not this and not the other.166 / THE PRONOUN Choose the suitable form of the pronoun in brackets. him). It gathers the separate items into a whole. me). .They will either have to mail it or to fax it. 6. . It was as if there was no one in the world but (he.

It’s not you who has to answer that letter but ... 4.. 8... 9. Cine ti-a sugerat aceastã metodã? 6.. 7. . it) securely.. he or she) can be replaced by another body..... 7. 5. I-am spus în treacãt care este situatia.. me).. his or her. Tradu-le articolul pe care l-ai citit.. ..167 / THE PRONOUN 1. stiu si eu. him)? 14. Both Doris and . are going). 4... her).. “Who’s there?” “Jesse and .171 / THE PRONOUN Choose the suitable form of the pronouns in brackets: 1.11. I like you more than (she. Everyone had (his. If a man or a woman doesn’t look where (he.. 3.168 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blank spaces with the pronouns ‘I’ or ‘myself’: 1. 3. TRANSLATION P. she. then what happens to (him or her... herself....Ce sã-ti cânt?” “Cântã-mi acel cântec care-i place Mariei... He looks down at me for . .. It’ll take you longer to get straight dressed than (I... Everybody seems to be in such a hurry going after (his or her.” 2. 9. Am vrut sã-i dovedesc cine e mai bun. Nu stiu dacã l-am convins când i-am sugerat un nou stil în pictura sa. their) job(s). 10. “. . EXERCISE P. . haven’t got good marks.... went down with flu last week. Doctorul mi-a prescris mult somn si plimbare.. There is a mutual understanding between John and . Vrei sã ne descrii peisajul marin pictat de tine? 11. 12. this money means very much. No one knew the situation better than .. The most important thing about homework is that it is something which the child must do by (himself. He thought that her drawings were rather like (she. He suggested that each should pay (his. his or her. The only guests were Alice and . 2.. 13. When bathing a baby always hold (him. They saw neither Peter nor ... 2.. “ 6.. Vrei sã-i faci cunostintã cu fata cu care vorbeai ieri când ne-am întâlnit? 7. 6. nu amâna. He is taller than . 5.. EXERCISE P. she. For a poor man like .. . 3. their) fault. her.. 4. . 12. their) eyes fixed on the magnificent pageant. 10.... so that (he. Nu vrei sã ne descrii cãlãtoria pe care ai fãcut-o? 5. they) (is going.. Nu-mi explica ce trebuie sã-i spun. 8. her).. Vorbeste-le acum. their) own cost(s).. he or she. The customer is merely a body to be served as quickly as possible.. itself). What would you like to do if you were (he.. them) is (his or her. .

.. is a book on the table.. În acest magazin se vorbeste engleze. is said so. is you I meant 5. 3.. TRANSLATION P. Se-ntâmplã cã-l cunosc.. Mi-a luat douã ore sã rezolv problema aceea... . 5. 7.. 7.. did (he.. is two o’clock . .. 4.172-2 / THE PRONOUN 1. is time Peter improved his behaviour 10. .” 10. 9. 3.Eu” 10.. Se pare cã astãzi vom avea o vreme bunã.. Este normal ca sportivii buni sã fie deosebit de apreciati. he or she. his or her. Crezi cã e bunã piesa? Asa se spune. 6. 9.. De aici pâna în centru orasului este un drum lung. . “No one really liked him. 2. În articol se vorbeste despre despre descoperirea unor fosile.. 6.. 8. 6.. . they) didn’t... you) can conclude from the facts mentioned in this paragraph that this problem is unsolvable.. he or she. . . is too late to begin now. his or her. In this research paper (I. 8. is a lot of work to be done... is a long way to the university 2..... Am considerat necesar sã-i spun ce s-a întâmplat.. 2.8.. their) beliefs.Cine-i?” “.. they)?” “No.. 5.173-1 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blank spaces with it or there: 1. pentru altii însã este destul de greu.. Nu poti stii ce-ti aduce ziua de mâine. 7.. .. we.172-1 / THE PRONOUN 1.... Plouã de mai bine de douã ore si se pare cã va mai ploua mult.. 12..Este o traditie ca studentii din anul patru sã organizeze o petrecere de absolvire. “. Se pare cã nu vom mai putea gãsi bilete la acel spectacol. 4. S-a întâmplat ca cei doi prieteni sã fie nãscuti în aceeasi zi. .. În literatura englezã Chaucer este acela care a introdus culegerile de povestiri.. We don’t prosecute anyone for (his. 9. 3..... their) right mind(s) would believe it for an instant. 4... Your story is too ridiculously feeble for words. So (I. TRANSLATION P. EXERCISE P.. . Nobody in (his.... 11. E usor pentru unii studenti sã învete regulile de pronuntare în limba englezã. (he. we) are going to analyze a medical problem. is a garden round the house.. is a long way to go.

. a Guardian on the rack beside you.. I thought .. 16..... is a long time since we met..... EXERCISE P. 11.. 15. When I asked Dorothy who were her friends she declared her fellow students to be . floods everywhere.. 7. (not) any shadows because .. 15. foolish to drive fast when .. . dear .. “But .... nearly breakfast time... is more important for you now than later. As .. (not) any sun..... Why not take that? . (she... ..174 / THE PRONOUN Put the pronouns in brackets in the correct form: 1. are not . he....... (I) 10... ....... 14. 13.... but .. “What’s the time?” “..... .” EXERCISE P... negative and interrogative forms of the past or future are required: 1......... (not) any left”. all sorts of stories about Robin Hood........ difficult to find your way round this town.... fifty miles.... He speaks English as well as . John! . 14..(no) any glass in the windows. 9...... ....... 20... were the manager. has to leave now.. ...a thick fog last night ... (not) known exactly who he was or what he did.... (they) 7..... do not like that friend of .. See if that’s .. wet ... if .. 13.. ... so many streets. time to get up! .. Come on.. (not) time for lunch because our train to Glasgow leaves Cambridge at 1... . That was .173-2 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blank spaces with it is or there is... . ... or .. is a big hole in your stocking. 10 . turpentine? 19.. (I) 3. .... Why don’t you go for a walk? .. please”.. 18.. who spoke... long queues at the underground. No. (they. foggy. . to York?” “. several accidents on the motorway... he) 5... the 24th.. In some sentences contracted... lunch time when we get to Cambridge. .. . said nothing either about ...... .11. . (I) .. .... you.... 5... .30... .. is a post office in the village.” “What’s the date?” .. .. a fine day.. 8... is easy to understand why he is late..... so nice outside....... Helen as well as .. funny smell here. sunny she decided to take the children to the sea... 17. . very stormy last night.. but if . .. (I. (she) 2. plural... .. impossible to go out...... .....15.. just as good.... wet yesterday. you) 9.. he) 6..... . 3... so let’s have lunch there.... better than .... all right as .. cold in the room.... . all looking exactly alike.... freezing very hard. going to be a bus strike tomorrow. ..... .... is a game I’d like to speak about but I can’t remember the name.....” 2. she) 8................ .. Oh. 16. 12........ . who are . ice on the lake tomorrow.. “I’m afraid .” 3. . ........... said the customer.. 12. (you... a pity to stay in when .... As . (he) 4......... that is why . “Can I have the Times.. 6.. you. said the newsagent...... 4......... I know .. “How far ........ a lot of rain last week.....

an airplane and a puppy.. 4. joined . I) 20...... half . She always goes her .... 8. That flat is his . 10. (you... master... then . Smith and .. pânã si vederea lui îl scoate din sãrite... (I) 12... I) 16... Si-a scuturat capul..... you. had a discussion with .. De ce-mi faci observatii..... (we.. Când l-a vãzut si-a pierdut capul. said Mary “It is .. who came first? (he) 17.. Let my friend and .176 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blank spaces with possessive pronouns or adjectives: John and Mary are twins... what was on T... (he. “Yes”.. and . .. 5. he.. (she) 22... (I) 15. uncle gave them lots of presents: a doll.... 9... mãtusa si verisoarele lui.. There is nothing between . will be .. will be . TRANSLATION P.. My money is my ... yet.. 6... They are all ... . He is his .. and half . a drum...... There is some candy for .. Cine crezi cã a venit la seratã. Let ...... They are all. La petercere am cunoscut pe unchiul. 10.. . de aceea le-a împrumutat pe ale tale. flat. 7. 3... .. way.. The puppy belongs to both of them.. she) 18. let’s play . How can you talk to a man such as .V..... . since ... 2...178 / THE PRONOUN 1...... 5. Mr. The bicycle and the airplane belong to John.. Everybody was invited except . Te superi dacã fumezi aici... has fallen ill. Asta nu-i treaba ta. The landlady asked Anne and . (I. 3...a trick: ... today. you. . 9.. . For reasons of our ..177 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blank spaces with the adjective own: 1... we. birthday. It is . ... all go for a ride... I saw it with my . . and . Nu-l poate suferi.. They knew all about my friend and .. What’s the name of ... . leave now. EXERCISE P... 6. (he) EXERCISE P...... (I) 19. 4.. .. He does not know .. she) 21. a bicycle..... (he.. outlook on life.. I.. (we.. 7.... were speaking about a play when .. you... .. . Michael cu ai sãi. ... Nu mã împrietenesc cu cei de teapa lui... 2. and ...... the theatre tickets. 8..... I’m all on my .... . except . .... he) 14... That is his . we refused to go to her party.. Harry gave Peter and ...... Pentru nimic în lume nu as fi de acord cu asa ceva..... 11..... Yesterday it was . eyes.......... .. It is your ...11.. Turkish coffee has a flavour of its .. Si-a pierdut cursurile... The doll and the drum belong to Mary...... Isi face rochiile singurã..... . they) 13..... she..

Durerea ei e si a mea. The newly appointed manager is one of your friends. Nerecunostinta copiilor sãi o sã-l vâre în mormânt. EXERCISE P. EXERCISE P. 2..” 1. dar acum i-am prins smecheria. 6. Îmi gãtesc singurã..12. Într-adevãr îti place pãlãria aceea veche a ei? 19. “Did she say that she solved that difficult problem without help?” “Yes. 16. Popestii nu-ti sunt prieteni? 23. We met one of your former students at a party last week. 3. I can’t approve of . This is one of my favourite books.. Mr. but I can’t imagine his passing an examination.” 3. Si-a pus cãrtile.. 20. 18. but I can’t imagine .. 25. 8. one tonight. N-am stiut cum de nu greseste niciodatã la acest joc. 21. “Can Jack attend tonight’s concert. Una din rudele mele invitate aici s-a împrietenit cu un coleg de-al tãu. 24. 5.. 13.. caietele si penarul pe masã.. 10 That photograph belongs to one of my nephews. but I’m rather doubtful about . 22.. I-a trebuit mult timp pânã când sã se hotãrascã. it all by herself. 4. Ideea a fost numai a lui. Then complete the answer with the appropriate possessive adjective according to the model: “Is George going to pass the exam?” “”I’m sorry. Ne vom gândi întotdeauna cu plãcere la tine si la ai tãi. I have to call on one of my relatives who lives in York.. One of Mary’s neighbours has the annoying habit of playing the piano early in the morning. examination. 15. “Did you win a prize for your flower arrangement?” ... Robinson?” “No. according to the model: One of our friends has just been taken to hospital becomes A friend of ours has just been taken to hospital. I-am cumpãrat fiului meu cãrti . iar fiului lor jucãrii.. It is one of my habits to sit up very late. Când s-au întâlnit. 17. One of his films has been severely criticised.” Using the underlined word in the question and a possessive adjective this becomes: “I’m sorry.” 2. This is one of your good ideas. Have you seen one of my husband’s books lying about somewhere. Îmi place aceastã idee a ta.180 / THE PRONOUN Read the question.. 9. 7. amândoi si-au scos pãlãria.179 / THE PRONOUN Using a double genitive reshape the sentences below so as to express the same idea. 1.

my typewriter whenever you need it..... but his wife won’t hear of . 4. Mr... The management had doubts about . She didn’t forgive him. 10...” May I borrow your typewriter... 8.” 5. Brown didn’t mind. Please forgive my intruding on you this way. such a fine cake just to please the two of us.. 5..” 12. 2.. my family are delighted at .. “ Did John go to the party. You can easily understand that. 9. the only one there made the choice very easy..” 8. I recommend their going by train. Did your father agree to your borrowing money? 4.. “Must you get up at five o’clock tomorrow morning?” “Yes..himself should have been forgotten by everybody.” 9. He came home much later than usual. Do you mind our coming. Mrs.“Yes.. I clearly remember that.. 6. He is in love with an unusually lovely girl. “Doesn’t Mr.... 1..... “Did she say that she made this delicious cake just to please us?” “Yes.” 11... I don’t like his asking such a personal question. but I can’t forgive your being rude to my parents. too. Brown was late for the concert. . His sons didn’t pass the examination. I can forgive your being rude to me.. 7.181-2 / THE PRONOUN Make one sentence of each of the following pairs by using a gerund with a possessive. Combining the two sentences we get: I clearly remember her saying that she wasn’t going to write again. according to the model: She said she wasn’t going to write it again.” 7.” 4 ..” 10. 3. was a surprise to everyone especially when he acted as if .. You think I took it without permission. “Was he the only one that showed up?” “Yes. for the job.. considering how he embarrassed himself the last time?” “. You may remember that. though I’m not convinced of . at such a young age... “Did your sister have troubles with the mathematics examination?” “Yes. EXERCISE P. He felt very angry about it... I certainly don’t mind . “Is he qualified for the job?” “He’s not sure.. I just can’t understand your wanting to do this exercise again. . The teacher dislikes their singing out of tune. 2. but somehow I am doubtful about . “Did your son marry Jane?” “Yes.. 3.. Do you remember his returning the bill? 6.. Mother objected to Ann’s coming late home. though we objected to .. Willis want to buy a Jaguar?” “Yes. so early. such an expensive car.. difficulties with the exam... but nobody was surprised at . Jane?” “Of course..” EXERCISE P.” 6.. It is no use. a prize.. 5.181-1 / THE PRONOUN Replace the possessive forms of the (pro)nouns by the corresponding personal pronouns in the objective case: 1. She said she didn’t like travelling by train.

that there was still plenty of work to do.. 2.... knee....... They were blue in ... .... 8.. 5. while they were lighting the fire.. EXERCISE P......... you’ll hate . back.. 2. Cats keep .. You must allow this matter to take .. EXERCISE P.. I saw Mary looking at . 4... a new dress... What’s the matter with you? You haven’t been .. You must stop . 5... EXERCISE P.. 14... ill by worrying... The dramatist ... You ought to be ashamed of .. He had to stop because of an acute pain in . John has married that awfully bad-tempered girl. 9.. 6. Aubery looked astonished but there was no trace of irritation in ..... he is constantly breaking .... Peter sat at the table and helped a corner. What do you think of that? 8.... so of course I believe it.. 7.. I don’t like that... I couldn’t see .. 6........... properly. in the mirror.. He settled . face. delivered the speech for the opening night.. and dress .7. 13.. 5..... As she didn’t want anyone to see her.182-2 / THE PRONOUN Supply the correct self-pronoun in the sentences below: 1.. The stone struck me in . 10.. 3. 10.. She bought .. The little boys quarrelled among .. she locked ....... as there was no mirror in the room.. Poor Jim looks like a fish out of water sitting all by. 7. She always reads my letters.. My boys burnt .. to anything you fancy.. only... we must take plenty of exercise. 3... You must buy .. 8.. Make ... to listen because the street noises forced ... for it. She kept . at home and help . 12. healthy..... ... We have sold . Smith is very proud of her figure. She’s very selfish.. 3...... 4. 10.. You can’t trust him..185 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate self pronoun: 1.... . He had made a reasonable excuse. she thinks of .. Aunt Ann told me the story .......182-1 / THE PRONOUN Complete the following using either possessive adjectives or the definite article: 1. If you lie to your parents. Mrs.. from eating between meals if you want to make ... If we want to keep ... 2. 9... 9.. 7... thin by not eating too much... My son is only four and he can’t wash . Nobody could understand that... Jane has made . old car....... 4.. 11... on his attention in an odd way.. 6...... not in our stars.... a new dress. about the toys... The fault lies in . proper time.. to the cake....... clean by licking.. I reminded . promises. for some time..... You came so far for such a dull play. 15. I couldn’t deny it.. in her room... face with cold. thinner..

” 19... Poartã-te frumos! EXERCISE P. He went to the railway station . She does the cooking . take pride in our achievements. Miss Green pinched . superior to all their fellow students..... 15.. . This is a machine that works by ........ Crezi cã si-a revenit atât de repede? 11. You can’t do all the work .. I cooked .... Poti vedea singur la ce rezultate s-a ajuns în aceste cercetãri. . 11. 12. The world of the sky became magic ... We gave .... 15.. If one wants a thing done. Nedând crezare celor auzite. 14.... 2. but she didn’t hurry ..... mai bine vorbeste în numele tãu.... . She washed the windows. Decât atâtea interventii... They think .... 8.... 2.. to save money.. Toarnã-ti încã o ceascã de cafea... De când s-a ars cu chibriturile. They have got a typist. a lot of trouble by joining them on that horrible trip.. 9.. You’ll have to remind . Sam nearly killed ... to help me.186 / THE PRONOUN 1. You ought to be ashamed of . to the party. Trebuie sã ai grijã de tine în excursia pe care o faceti în munti.... 13.. 10. “I am urging you to tell him.. We . She stood admiring . 6. ?” TRANSLATION P. 13. a nice dinner... My daughter tidied her room ... 7.. When I arrived there I was met by the headmaster .. A vorbi mult despre tine însuti dovedeste proastã crestere..... 16. Nu vorbi rãu despre tine. 4. 17.... Geamul s-a spart de la sine..11......... he repaired the puncture ..... 5. .... 9. 20... to find out if she was awake. in front of the mirror. . 3.. . 6. 13. 14.. s-au dus acolo chiar ei. “Who invited him to the party?” “Nobody. to do it.. Thomas nu era în apele lui seara trecutã. what have you to say for .. 4. Am fost invitati la o seratã unde ne-am distrat foarte bine... when he fell off the ladder.... to meet his friend. .... 12. one had best do it ..... copilul n-a mai pus mâna pe ele.. in a house as big as this.......... as they had to oppose the invaders...” “Why don’t you tell him . The receptionist told us to hurry. 3.? 15. 12.. They don’t have to type any letter by . 14. 18.. She is perfection . Tony s-a lovit rãu la genunchi. He invited . esti prea modestã... 7. . 16. The forts were built by ..187 / THE PRONOUN Supply the correct self pronoun to fill the blank spaces in the following sentences: 1.. 8. Nobody helped him.. Sezi de mult aici de unul singur? 10. Stãpâneste-te! 5.

... The two colleagues invited . Când i-am vãzut pe cei doi scriitori. Timpul era atât de scurt pâna la plecarea trenului încât trebuiau sã se despartã unul de celãlalt înainte ca sã fi discutat problemele care îi interesau.S-au ajutat una pe cealaltã pentru a termina mai repede treaba. Cât timp Tom a fost plecat îsi scriau unul altuia. 12. 7. I travelled with that lady from Paris to Calais and when we reached the sea we really began to know ... Hearing the story the two children looked at . 6. When the famous scientist visited our faculty he was met by none other than the dean. She recovered consciousness only two hours after the accident. 5. .. 14. The children were playing hide and seek looking for ... He personally opened the door to see who was there. 6... .. 11. .. It was a nice team. they will pass the exams getting good marks..... He imagined he was a genius... the two students comforted .189 / THE PRONOUN Insert the correct reciprocal pronouns: 1. 9. 7.. 10. 2.. Auziserã una despre cealaltã de la prieteni comuni.. to work hard for the examination.. ..... 10.. .. 8. 6. 9. They may have all these books at their disposal. Au hotãrât sã se astepte unul pe altul dupã examen. S-au uitat unul la altul mirati. After failing in the exam.. 4. astonished. It was a statue that no less an artist than Brancusi might have carved. The two girls greeted ... ei vorbeau unul cu altul. 7. 4.. The little girl was quite alone in the dark room and she startled at the faintest sound. 3. At the party the people invited had to pass the plates to . EXERCISE P.. The two engineers quarrelled with .. 13.. I don’t think he will be able to manage without any help..... Se cunosteau unul pe altul foarte bine. and then they came to the same conclusion. 2. 8. 8. 5.. 3. we saw it with our own eyes.188 / THE PRONOUN Replace the words or phrases underlined by expressions with self pronouns: 1. . Don’t you feel lonely living here all alone..... You look another man today.Even Shaw never wrote a more interesting play than that.. He changed the wheel without anybody else’s help. 4. 5. 10.. 3. S-au înteles sã se anunte unul pe celãlalt de îndatã ce vor avea vesti noi. all were very fond of ..189 / THE PRONOUN 1. 2.EXERCISE P.. El si sora lui se iubesc foarte mult. If all the students of the group help . We are absolutely certain. 15. I personally prefer tea to coffee. 9... She is the embodiment of kindness.. TRANSLATION P.

. Aceste douã sãptãmâni ploioase au fost bine venite pentru recolta de cereale. Ai primit cei trei sute de dolari? 7. Acesti ultimi trei kilometri au fost foarte greu de parcurs.” 11. 2.. Îti mai spun ultima datã sã nu mai lipsesti de la seminarii.... half of the nineteenth century. I know you prefer the .. 8. N-am putut face altceva decât sã astept în aceste douã zeci de minute.. Vi-i prezint pe studentii din grupa mea.. 4. “Care-i cartea ta?” “Iat-o.. . At their practical work. 3. 9. century.. 7.191 / THE PRONOUN 1. 8. 6. and the last: 1... The Danube and the Volga are two large rivers in Europe. Dean of their Faculty is now Rector of the University..192 / THE PRONOUN 1. It’s for the .” 9.196-1 / THE PRONOUN .. 5.. the . sã-ti faci temele si sã fii activ si cu asta am terminat. Aceste fete si acesti bãieti s-au pregãtit împreunã pentru examenul de admitere. Maria în jos. 6. Ajunge. asta-i tot. ones seemed to him more interesting than the . 2. Nu si-a fãcut tema. the ... John e student slab si pe deasupra mai si lipseste de la seminarii. 3. said they wanted order. 2. Ãsta-i adevãrul.... EXERCISE P. He read more books during the holidays... mulþumesc... Iatã-i lucrurile acolo.. 10. the Indians were often chased by the American army. ones.. 3... the first. 8. 9. 5. Fii drãgutã si vino cu mine la teatru. 4.. the .. Iatã cum si-a petrecut vacanta. “Ce s-a întâmplat?” “Ne-am certat. TRANSLATION P. Bravo bãiete! Ai fost într-adevãr la înãltimea asteptãrilor. de altfel el întotdeauna are de obiectat când una când the. I read only the ... the latter. The Romanian people won its independence in the .. EXERCISE P. 7.. 5.... the students used both the Oxford English Dictionary and Longman’s Dictionary of Contemporary English..... Nu-si face temele inventând ba una ba alta. Vi-l prezint pe George Bradley. Îsi alintã fetita: mereu Maria în sus..... They found more phrasal verbs in the ..... time I tell you this. I was given both June’s composition and Ann’s.. is longer than the . I like both Bach and Beethoven.. wanted liberty.. 10. Am întârziat pentru cã mi s-a întâmplat un mic necaz.. 4.. 6.193 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blanks with the former....and many idioms in the.. The .TRANSLATION P. In the ... The .

. She speaks Italian so and . dar ele nu sunt acelea pe care ti le-am împrumutat.. 2.... Costumele tale sunt deosebit de frumoase. hundreds of schools opened in our country. Don’t read any further... 3. but .. 10.” “Thank you. 5... 5.. “I wish you happy holidays. Your stupidity is of a degree that might fill me with despair. 2...196 / THE PRONOUN 1. 3.” EXERCISE P.. All the . Ai adus niste cãrti.... în special acesta gri.. blue . Poets of the same kind as Keats and Shelley are rare. 12. 8.. to you. You don’t agree with me now. O voi cumpãra pe cea gri.. I don’t like him. results as hers ought to be admired by her colleagues.. Scrie unsprezece cu doi de unu. .is your cake and . The people over there are our neighbours. In the .... 9. 3.. the silly man is silly by character... 4.... 6.. Într-o zi va pleca pentru totdeauna. 1. is what he answered.. fine weather! 4. will do. . nu-i asa? 7.. 14.. hardly knows what to answer under such circumstances.. 9.. the ... He is a brilliant physicist and is everywhere recognized as a brilliant physicist.. TRANSLATION P..... 7..... day you’ll realize I’m right.. I like these blouses much better than the blouses over there. . . Du tu pachetele grele iar eu voi duce pe acestea usoare... 4. give me ... I’ve tasted four of your cakes. .. 6. Both poems are nice. .. the silly child is presumably acting silly. The old cups over there aren’t good enough.. A silly child is not the same as a silly man. .. . John excels in mathematics.. 8. John and William are both hard-working students. but I prefer the .... .. Nu vreau poseta aceasta...... o vreau pe aceea mare.. .Insert suitable demonstratives: 1. I don’t like . . 9.. I considered it was her mistake and I told her .. is mine. 11.. Vreau o pãlãrie. is the best... The plays written by Shaw and the plays written by Shakespeare have very little in common... 6.... Am petrecut acolo o lunã... William in history... .. 15. 7.. 13. the . dress. The man you see here is the man who rushed into a burning house to save a child.... Nu stii niciodatã ce aduce ziua de mâine. 8. 5.196-2 / THE PRONOUN Replace the words underlined by demonstrative adjectives and pronouns according to the model: “All possibilities of the same kind must be considered” becomes All such possibilities must be considered. 10. 2....

... 10.....200 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blanks with who or which: 1.. film star is your favourite one? 14.. De ce ai scris scrisoarea? 6..... ..10.... .. of you is willing to help us? 5. .. . I don’t know ... Wolf...... . . ..... is the cleverest student in your group? 9.... meeting lasted three hours? 6.. Ce râu a traversat el înot? 9.... writer was awarded the first prize? 7. ........... . you had married. Unul a spus la altul si asa stirea s-a rãspândit repede în sat. .V. could he be? 2. of the two brothers is younger? 3..... I myself have written...... . would you like me to put on? 13... 5. Ce carte ai cerut? 5...... . one do you prefer? 2.. of the three students I lent the dictionary.... .... is the matter? 8. I can lend you both the typed course or that . . I can’t tell you .. river flows through London? 11.. . woke you up? 6. Cu cine ai reusit sã vorbesti ieri? 3.201 / THE PRONOUN Insert which or what in the blank spaces: 1. language was the easiest for you to learn? 9. . of you heard Peter play at yesterday’s concert? 7. I don’t know to ... are you laughing at? 3. Pe lângã ce ai trecut în drum spre scoalã? 8......... books have you read lately? 4. is wrong with my handwriting? 12..... of the two T.... as the film has already begun? TRANSLATION P... ... .. She didn’t remember . La ce se foloseste asta? . is the way to the college? 10. Despre ce vorbesti? 4........... I would like to read: D.... I don’t know .. Cu ce ai deschis-o? 2.. Cu cine te-ai dus? 7.. is the largest country in Europe? 15.. Thomas or V.. .. sets did you finally buy? 8...... 4..... advised you to act like that? EXERCISE P.. EXERCISE P..201 / THE PRONOUN 1.... is better: to wait for them or to enter..

.. Am auzit un strigãt puternic..... Cele douã gemene seamãnã atât de mult încât nu le pot deosebi. . n-am stiut ce contin acele multe dosare primite. was written on the copybook? 2... 4..... 4. stie el sã se descurce. I am going to pay a visit to the Rector of the University... Apologise to my friend. 13. .. Te-am întrebat cum o cheamã. . did you meet? 3. Vãd multe fete cunoscute. Sharpen that pencil... . . Tell me. Answer. 10.. Caietul Mariei era plin de însemnãri fãcute la diferite ocazii cu proverbe.....203 / THE PRONOUN 1. Ce-ai zice sã mergem la teatru? 6. El si-a fãcut deja temele.202-2 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blanks with who.. I’m waiting for George s grandmother. . She was seen riding on a tiger. 2. Pe care s-o aleg? 12. languages can you speak? 13. . Oare ce-i trece prin cap? 10. 3..... dar tu? 7. did you sing that song for? TRANSLATION P. happened yesterday? 4.... of your colleagues did you make friends with? 8... is he? He is a teacher.. student were you speaking to when I met you? 6....... . Nu-ti fie milã de el. cu citate celebre si câte altele.... Take another piece of cake. .. (with) EXERCISE P... Uite douã editii ale cãrtii.. I have seen that exhibition.. .. Tell me something. Give it to one of the girls..202-1 / THE PRONOUN Give interrogative responses using either the prepositions underlined or the prepositions in brackets: 1. of the students were you speaking to when I saw you yesterday? 7.. 14. is she like? 10. La ce orã ai venit acasã? 8. what. Oare cine ti-a spus minciuna asta? 11.. and which: 1. writer do you like best? 5... Ca orice secretarã în primele zile de lucru. dar n-am stiut a cui voce era... (with) 8. was it you wanted to see me for? 15. university does he come from? 12.. 2... .. (for) 7... 5. dar poti sã-mi spui cine sunt? 9.. is the subject of the short story? 11...EXERCISE P... . cat is the child playing with? 9. ... please. 9. (with) 6.... . .. (about) 5.. (to) 3. ...

Ce este ea? 20.. Cine naiba ar putea fi? 25.. 1.. Ce înteles are al doilea cuvânt? 26. E ora douãsprezece noaptea si sunã telefonul. 10.. can approve such a behaviour.. Ce tren nu întârzie niciodatã ? EXERCISE P. That was the nearest inn at which we could put up. Spune-mi ce ti-a adus..206 / THE PRONOUN Reshape the sentences using an infinitive according to the model: “The only man who helped her was her brother” becomes The only man to help her was her brother.. Care este cel mai mare mamifer marin? 22. 5. I will never agree with somebody . No one . I bought the child a toy which helps him to differentiate things. Nu stiu ce este mai bine: sã pornim acum sau mai târziu? 24. 5... 2. suffered the accident is very thoughtful and silent. Care dintre aceste cãrti este a doamnei care a fost aici? 28. 3. told me this was one of your students. Ce limbã strãinã înveti la scoalã ? 29.. Care piesã shakespeareanã ai vãzut-o ieri ? 27.14 Pe cine ai invitat la petrecere? 15. Oare cine ar putea cunoaste motivul? 19...... The sergeant . Care este capitala Scotiei? 21. According to the critics this writer is the best . 4. 2... was inspecting the two constables came from London. heard him play Chopin will ever forget that evening. Ce adresã are? 23. Cine vine la seratã? 16. Care este studenta pe care nu ai mai vãzut-o de mult ? 32.. was ever been awarded a prize.. EXERCISE P... too. 9.209-1 / THE PRONOUN . The recruit ... treats the life of the American Indians...208 / THE PRONOUN Insert the relative pronouns required by the meaning of the sentences below: 1..Care dintre aceste cãrti ti-a plãcut mai mult ? 30... 17. The path .. A composition . The girl ..... Here is a new method which we can apply in our work. is long is not necessarily good. This is the volume .Care dintre fratii tãi vrea sã vinã cu mine la banchet ? 31. This is the only aspect which has been taken into consideration. leads to their house is very narrow... 4. This is the only piece of advice which you should take.. Cum se spune “carte” pe frantuzeste? 18.. Anybody .. 6... 7. 3....... 8..... EXERCISE P. speaks three languages can stand in for this exam.

The bed had no mattress...... .. The lady. I will give him all ............. have never been at the seaside can’t appreciate its beauties.. We give our dogs everything . 20. 7.... I met Amelia.. Can anyone . She was crying because you deceived her. Their parents hated each other.. The young woman . he praised were delighted. 5.. 2. his father wants him to be. you saw in the hospital is George’s son. 6.. 5.. The baby .. spoke next was a newspaper reporter..... 15. 17. 6.. we ate there was delicious.. 12. The boy .. I have ever met have disliked him. Speak to me about the novel .. EXERCISE P. There wasn’t any directory in the telephone box... .. is late.. EXERCISE P. You sent me a present.. 16. 8.. 6.. The girls .. is left after meals. This is the very book ..... Nothing . she said. 2.. 9. . 13..... Romeo and Juliet were lovers... I can let in nobody ... She had been running to meet me.... he wrote is to be taken into account........ It made him angry.. Her son won the championship last year. 4.. 10. 8. 7. Go to that restaurant.. I was phoning from this box.. 3.. is not explained.... 14.... I told you about... .. book it was angry at me for not returning it. came from England.. listens to you is a fool. there’s much in it . 8. I could look over.. 18..... 4.... I can tell you about it. Those .. . Any man . 9. These are the books .. He helped the old lady cross the street.. I need... . I agree to everything .. Refrigerators . They poked fun at him.... Don’t ask me that...I can’t understand is how he succeeded to finish the work so quickly.. He is not the man . we talked about is my teacher. there’s little .. 2... 3.. The woman .. 9... All the people . he asked me to... belongs to Mary shall be hers.209-2 / THE PRONOUN Add the necessary relative pronoun to the following sentences: 1. was so highly appreciated. Eve gave me this for you... are bought by hire-purchase are very common in England. I sleep on this bed. This is the only composition . 10. 3. 4. This is Mrs.210-1 / THE PRONOUN Combine the following pairs of sentences using relative pronouns 1.... I know..... This is the best hotel ... is done must be well done......... Jones.. 5...... 19.. The book is a practical one.....Insert relative pronouns in the blank spaces: 1... you have just met is a good physician. will not work shall not eat.. saw that film ever forget it? 7. This is the statue . Thank you very much for it. 11.

the content .. I still have.. This never had been done before. The dog belongs to Mr..... 17.. The bus goes downtown. book shop is the first to sell new editions.. gave me some information about the job you and me spoke about... 3. The car crashed into a queue of people..... say such things are fools... 3.. My cat.. This turned out to be true.. 10... 16. The trucks weren’t allowed to cross the bridge. Her brother..... could help you .. may! 2.. Oricine ar fi ei. .. The train... is a great pity.211 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blank spaces with the correct form of the relative pronoun or adjective: 1.... Miss Jameson.. is over sixty. 2. 14.. 7.211 / THE PRONOUN 1. Tom had been driving all day. Four of them died.. came in first in the race yesterday. 9. She said that the men were thieves. EXERCISE P. TRANSLATION P....... 2. 5. 4. desk is next to mine.... Come . I can’t forget the day on . .. ... The lieutenants passed them on to the soldiers. We lit a fire. is an engineer.. He gave me a cigar-box . People . 6. Orice argumentatie e de prisos acum.. He rowed across the Atlantic.... 8. still plays golf. trebuie sã cunoascã regulamentul.. The apples should be washed. ..10. .. The bus had to be towed away. He bought the book at that book shop .. Mr. 19. . 15. The dog barked at you. George’s horse. 20. 5. . 12.. is no more able to catch rats... 13... nonsense.. His bicycle. The apples have been spayed.. 8. must have cost a lot. Poti sã împrumuti aspiratorul oricãrui vecin. EXERCISE P... can write short-hand. name I’ve forgotten. . had never won a race. The bus broke down. was most annoying.. 4.. peste tot vezi vestigii romane.... 3. I was married.. It soon dried out our clothes. 7... Pe orice stradã umbli prin Roma. Your evening suit.. 11.210-2 / THE PRONOUN Insert the required relative pronouns in the following non-defining relative clauses: 1.... 5.. Your neighbour next door. . was very handsome and . He gave orders to his lieutenants.. 4. He was tired and wanted to stop. The bus stops at this corner. age I don’t know.. colour I like so much. is old. 9. 6.due at two o’clock will come at three minutes past two.. Malone. Miss Jones. 10.. . I know no one .. It was not what I wanted . The trucks weighed more than ten tons. . I remember the man .. I saw yesterday.. was bought by his dad.. has wonderful fair hair.. I discussed with Tony... Tom is going to marry. is a beautiful piece of work.... This volume. 18.. Întreabã de ei pe oricine vezi aici... helps her in mathematics.. Munro.

. and the students aren’t either.. 8. of her three friends helped Mary in preparing for the exam in contemporary English.. 5. The teacher isn’t sleeping. Tom doesn’t read the newspaper during the English class. and Dolly doesn’t either. . . You haven’t seen my new hat. . continent and in almost . does not work.Cu care sã începem?” “Cu oricare vrei. Invitã-i pe John si Jane. câinele trebuie vaccinat. . I haven’t eaten lunch yet.. ... .. 8. Tom won’t tell you anything. 4... is on the shelf? 7.. 9. Two girls entered. 2. 4. neither do I. I can’t sing... 6. and Jane can’t either. I have . Jack doesn’t sit up late.... Philip didn’t know you were here... and Bill doesn’t either.. shall not eat... EXERCISE P. Orice ar spune el.. si pe oricine mai vrei..... to whom you spoke have sent you flowers.6... don’t pay their debts.. I asked . 4.216-1 / THE PRONOUN Change the either-clauses to neither-clauses according to the model...... .... Pe oricine întâlneste îi spune ce s-a întâmplat. al oricui este........ 7. “.. Orice spui... 1... Ia-o pe care vrei. 10.. EXERCISE P. Iron ore is found on . country. Is your book . type of protein is made up of twenty basic aminoacids.. 7. driver had to show his licence. Mary can’t cook. 12. ... . Yes.. 3. 5. 3... . and I don’t either becomes Tom doesn’t read the newspaper during the English class.. and Martha hasn’t either..... 6. 2.214 / THE PRONOUN Supply ‘each’ or ‘every’ or their compounds: 1.. student has bought the new grammar book... 5. Iatã trei cãrti care trateazã problema despre care m-ai întrebat... branch of science contributes knowledge of great importance to other fields of knowledge. and my son can’t either.... . e pe placul lui. Jane doesn’t wear a sweater. 6.212 / THE PRONOUN Insert correlative pronouns in the blank spaces of the following sentences: 1.. . who had always been our best friend.. gândeste-te înainte de a-i rãspunde... and I won’t either.” 11. EXERCISE P. laughs last laughs best. and you haven’t either.. fight for peace must win. 9.... 7. 3. 8. and I didn’t either.... 2. Nu mã intereseazã. was wearing an evening dress. man can understand this.

.. .... 8.... 6. case.. (I) The replies may be: I don’t.. 9. money to lend me? 6.can make him give up the experiments he began ... 4. 10..221 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blanks with some..... any.. These two boys are awfully badly-behaved. so ... of them were carrying a basket in . Have you . 3.. . but not . 1. . 11. of these volumes in the library I’ll borrow them. 8.. I like .... (I) 4...” 2.. .... 7. side in the dispute. (cows) 3.. answer is true.. Philip can’t swim.. yet.... .. (the girls) 9.. way or other. In ... or Neither do I.. (I) 8.. they are exactly the same. 13........ I know her very well. You may take ... Brown can’t read without glasses. (Mary) 5. no or their compounds: 1. is there . Peter doesn’t have to get up early. Donkeys aren’t allowed on the bus.... we’ll overcome these difficulties. (film) 2.. either. it’s as simple as ABC.. you mustn’t forget to do that........ Mrs. of them can help you with your problems. about that girl.... . You must not favour ... Use the noun or pronoun in brackets as the subject according to the model: Harry doesn’t snore.. (Mr....... 3. I can’t buy it. The play wasn’t very interesting. letters for me.. She hasn’t ... Cats can’t swim and breathe under water... 5.. (vegetables) 6. This dress is . 12.... .. When Mary and Ann came from the market ... I have two brothers...216-2 / THE PRONOUN Give a reply to the sentences below first with an either-clause.. I heard a knock. “ . more coffee?” “No... thanks... neither or both: 1... Take ... If I find . ... I want . . told me what to do under the circumstances.” “I will take . The boys wouldn’t abandon their work.... can translate that into English. or .. The writer wouldn’t abandon the position he had taken... cheap and up-to-date...... money. of them. They are ..... You needn’t tell me . friends here.. 4.... .. years ago.... ...... of you can do it... lying.....217 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blanks with either. Brown) 10.. hand. I have hardly . 2... (the critic) EXERCISE P...” 10.... of the two.. 5. then with a neither-clause.. EXERCISE P. half. (hens) 7. “Would you like .EXERCISE P. at the door? 7. of the two proposals was accepted. 9.. The meat shouldn’t be cooked too long.. Jane couldn’t remember the poems.... of them are studying mathematics. books are useful and amusing.. Are there . I must tell you ....... more...

.... say I’m out. little. in to receive.. I should like .. I see you want .. 2......... 7.. As I was very busy I have written. 2. In her first written paper Mary made . where is .. let’s look for two . people like sincerity but . 5. a little: 1... 4. objection to my going there... all . 4.....14.. Are you expecting ... 10. 7. time to get through all that work. great writers ended their lives in misery. 6. I know ... Some people like travelling............. Tom gets plenty of money from his dad but Ann doesn’t get ... waiting for me than the one I expected........ I have . I don’t think I can come to visit.” 9. EXERCISE P. There’s always .. Don’t waste . We all read Homer but ...... Call . mistakes but in her second one she made ... 2... . I’ll have .. You have a lot of grammar books but I have ......... time... of that language.. 17....... for the week-end... more groceries.... I must look for some more.222-1 / THE PRONOUN Insert much.. do not.. 16. I think I have ... “Have you read all those books?” “No... I have . many.. 15.... or another: 1..... If ... for it will take you . Some of the guests were listening to him. .. Have you .. 3..... I can lend you some. “Can you give me some ink?” “Yes.. 9. cup of tea. I have . He hopes to be a writer . . I can’t write the letter in German... of Peter (hardly anything). books treating that problem..223 / THE PRONOUN Insert other(s). Your not being able to spell this word is .. .were playing cards.. be done to help him? I think it can or should be... salt on my beef steak... money is needed in America by somebody who wants to become a president. of them. only ........ This is one of the letters.” 8... . spare time in the afternoon so I’ll pay him a visit.... . 6.. 5....books treating that problem........ is known about his life... I know .. 18... 19. EXERCISE P.letters to my mom this month. . 10... day you like.. 8.. proof that you haven’t learned for today.. 6.. are sincere.. the other(s)..222-2 / THE PRONOUN: Supply few. I don’t like these two dresses. countries have such splendid scenery. I want . calls..... please. a few. time for amusement. 20.. soda water in the wine (= hardly any). little and few in the blank spaces in the sentences below: 1. Put .. please.225-1 / THE PRONOUN .. 5. day... This week we have had .... ? 3... Can’t .. spare time today. 4. There was... EXERCISE P... 3... EXERCISE P. ..

... ........ mustn’t one)? 7.. REVISION P... . but . (has one/has he)? 10...... 5... but if I had six.... on the table.. “Which of my hands is in the pocket?” “ .. Each student was helped by that professor.. tonight?” “No.... Tell me ... children... importance .. 3.. Everyone (likes/like) him.... 5... only . place when I began cleaning the house... ink in the pot?” “No. (did anything/did it)? 8..... No one (has/have) agreed to what he suggested. He helped .. “How ..........225-2 / THE PRONOUN Supply the correct personal......Choose the correct form in brackets: 1.. on my knee.. a lot. Every young man enjoys ... . shillings... during the holidays. “Are you doing . . 17......... 10... Anything has . do you want?” “ . along on .. Nothing went wrong. Everything he said (was/were) true. One must behave ..... ... Everybody worked .. 3....” 18... they are . . 7.......... Will you have .... “Which ... ... 8..” 7.. are good... 19.. Look at my hands.. we all make mistakes. to supervise those children properly. 4. Everybody (is/are) coming. beginning and end.. passed it. I have only two eyes. Now they are .... (mustn’t he. Nothing was in .. (isn’t he/aren’t they)? 2...... One must see .226-1 / THE PRONOUN Fill in the blanks with suitable indefinite pronouns or adjectives: 1. shares your joy at your success.. .. of you. There will be a prize for . 9.......” 12..... Everything has .. 8.. I didn’t feel like talking to ....... is on the table and ...... 2. 11. will do.. 5. (hasn’t he/haven’t they)? EXERCISE P. Everyone was right. I should need them . We .. 6..... more tea? There is plenty in the pot. does that cost?” “Very .. “Is there .. . elbows during the attack. . No country can afford to neglect the education of ..” 9.. will be well.. I suppose a man can get used to ... function on the Earth.... 14. “Which arm have I raised?” “The left ... of us is perfect... “ 16.....own house... possessive or reflexive pronouns: 1..” 13. Somebody (has/have) come in..... Anyone can solve this exercise... (wasn’t anyone/weren’t they)? 4... He wanted some more coffee but there was ........ haven’t you? 4. as well as in other people’s... sat for the examination.. You seem to have thought of .. Everyone (was/were applauding her. . know how hard you have worked.. at all right then.. 3........ “Who is in the corridor?” “... (can’t one/can’t he/can’t they)? 6. 6. 15. under the table. . .. left.. 2.... you know and .

8.. Nu-i un bãiat rãu dar ca student e asa si asa. ‘s poison. 2. . REVISION P. 7. în cutare oras si asa mai departe. E bine sã se procedeze în asa fel încât sã fie multumiti si ceilalti. 6. John a avut destule comentarii pertinente despre acest text. 5. Poti sã nu-mi mai scrii. 4. mi-e egal. 3.. Fiecare cunostea gândurile celuilalt dar amândoi refuzarã sã vorbeascã..226-2 / THE PRONOUN 1..20.. S-ar putea crede cã nici unul dinte ei nu a vãzut vreodatã asa o masinãrie. One man’s meat is . Nu-i asa cã oricine poate sã rezolve aceastã problemã. Trebuie sã completezi fisa mai clar: te-ai nãscut în cutare zi.

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