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Epilogue- the sacred Sha'nai sat upon a seat of power absolute.

For a thousand years the Holy Triumvirate made salient the lands that surrounded the river fork, which separated the land into three dominions over which sat three magistrates. Growth of the cities encroached on formerly natural lands, consuming the acreage while fueling the fires of industry. High above the floodplains of the river Dynisius, the triumvirate sat in council, hearing the petitions of the citizens who swarmed there for justice. In the one-thousand and fifty third year of the rule of the triumvirate over the Dynisian floodplains, there was a foray by the neighboring Cronesians into the plains, across the Alpanic Mountains that separated their lands. Jutting from the earth like a fist thrown at the Gods, the Triumbolisk oversaw all that occurred in the fertile soils of Dynesia. Kept in secret, the thunderous argumentation through which the lands were administrated echoed through the halls of judgement atop the Triumbolisk. Least of these voices was the Sauropodian, a shrewd haggler who played the game beyond the game, sowing discord and mistrust among his compatriots. Mad eyes concealed the clever gleam of cruel intellect that drove his being to fervent episodes. Next in volume came the falsetto croons of the Belanthropist, tugging at the edges of ones restraint. Often do the courtiers that confound and festoon in the needle-like tower erupt in outrage at the blasphemies that he utters. Phonating above his slavering siblings, the Sifluvium ensnare the minds of the hesitant, twisting their very thoughts into perfect lines of obedience and patriotism. Quiescence that had lain over Dynesia for centuries was disturbed by the Cronesian incursion. Rising to their feet, the triumvirate watched as the battalions dived from the high cliffs of the Alpanic range to glide on leather-winged reptililic mounts, picking off the peasants as they toiled in their fields. Sauropidian opined with an oil-slicked tongue: The armies of our tower-keep are sufficient to repel the advance of the Cronesian mongrels, but the famines to the south more earnestly demand our attentions. The Belanthropist shattered a crystal flute upon the flagstones and shrilly remanded-Long have the Cronesian lords of Isomere gazed lustfully at our fertile lands, waiting for us to falter. Upon this profanity the Sifluvium detonated a thunderous report that consumed all knowledge. Vacant minds opened to the possibilities of the universe, and a unanimous consensus was reached after considering every variable in a simultaneous confluence.

When the seas had stilled and the winds returned to the skies, all was at peace, and no beast or bird rose from its positions as it had been placed on the earth. Xenotaurs grazed the pastel grasses and spread diverse pollens across the grasslands, and Pernia buzzed sedately from pod to pod. Years passed as such, and the peoples forgot the threat that lurked to the east. Zelbionites from the west broke through the frozen passage of the Stratomous Cleft and opened a trade route to the grasslands. As the cultures of the Dynesians and the Zelbonites blended and reacted to the other, a fervent zealotry arouse among the Cronesian tribes. By the light of the cloven moon, the Zelobnitice crusaders descended the Alpanic foothills. Cries of terror and despair reached even the perilous towerkeep's highest parapets. Deep within it's fortified chambers, the Sufluvium tugged at the puppet strings.

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