By Nickclette Izuegbu


Characters: CHI – mid-late 20s. African American female. Smart but down on her luck. Fighting spirit. MIKE – 21 years old, African-American male. Eager but has a few demons.


FADE IN: EXT. TRAVIS COUNTY JAIL – AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY Midday, summer in Austin, Texas, outside Travis County jail. CHI exists the building looking frightened and disheveled. She walks past cop cars toward downtown Austin. She walks all the way home.

EXT. APARTMENT COMPLEX – AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY Midday, summer in Austin, Texas, outside of an apartment complex in a neighborhood in the early stages of gentrification.

EXT. APARTMENT DOOR – AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY CHI enters frame and approaches the door to to her apartment.

EXT. CLOSE UP. APARTMENT DOOR – AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY All of CHI’s belongings are haphazardly placed in front of the door. There is an eviction notice taped to the door. She attempts to open the door. Failing, she bangs on it a few times, and finally realizes that she’s locked out. She collects her belongings and leaves.

EXT. AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY CHI walks all over Austin as she attempts to figure out what she is going to do next including several shots of her walking south along the 1-35 N feeder, passing abandoned property. Eventually, weighed down by her heavy luggage and the oppressive summer heat, she dumps her belongings and hides them underneath a freeway underpass.

EXT. APARTMENT DOOR – SOUTH AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY CHI waits outside of a different apartment door. She knocks on the door; no one answers. She looks around, sees a 3

plant, and looks in it for a key. Not finding one, she looks under the front doormat. Still nothing. Finally, she spots the outside front-door light and reaches behind it and discovers a single key. She uses it to open the door. She enters the apartment.

INT. APARTMENT – SOUTH AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY CHI enters and goes to the fridge. She drinks two bottles of ice-cold water and leaves the bottles on the bar counter. She notices a bottle of Jameson Whiskey and opens the bottle. She takes a long, burning gulp. Overcome by the desire to vomit she races to the bedroom. When the nausea stops, she goes to the bedroom.

INT. BEDROOM – SOUTH AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY CHI looks around the bedroom then collapses on the bed into a deep slumber.

INT. – APARTMENT – SOUTH AUSTIN, TEXAS – DUSK MIKE enters the apartment. He discovers the open water bottles and the opened bottle of whiskey. He nervously scans the apartment. He picks up a brick near the front door, a brick he normally uses to prop the door open. He notices his bedroom door is ajar and walks towards it.

INT. APARTMENT BEDROOM – AUSTIN, TEXAS – DUSK MIKE sees a form in the bed. He slowly creeps over ready to attack his assailant. He takes in a deep breathe and let’s out a big scream as he races to the bed CHI Whoa, whoa, whoa! It’s just me bro! It’s Chi. MIKE Chi!? --MIKE drops the brick on his 4

foot. MIKE Ah!!! Fuck. --CHI races to MIKE to comfort him. They embrace. CHI Shit, you ok? MIKE What are you doing here? CHI Visiting my baby brother. MIKE No one’s seen you in like… shit, 2 years. CHI You know me. Busy, busy, busy. MIKE Busy. Busy? So busy that you couldn’t reply to a text message, or a voicemail, or a fuckin Facebook post?! CHI Yup. So… bro… can I stay with you for a few nights. MIKE Why? You in trouble? CHI Other than needing a place to stay, no. MIKE Chi…


CHI You’ll barely notice me, I swear. Please? --MIKE slowly walks to his bedroom. MIKE Living room.

FLASHBACK to MIKE’s day. INT. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF DANCE BUILDING – AUSTIN, TEXAS – DAY Midday, MIKE, dressed very smartly, is standing outside of a conference room. He is about to have his mid-semester review. He paces back and forth.

INT. INSIDE CONFERENCE ROOM DOOR – DANCE BUILDING – DAY The door slowly opens and MIKE enters. Door closes behind him.

INT. OUTSIDE CONFERENCE ROOM DOOR – DANCE BUILDING – DAY MIKE exits room. He has an envelope in his hand.

INT. DANE BUIDLING LOBBY – DANCE BUILDING – DAY Slow motion shot. MIKE slowly walks through the lobby of building. It is filled with happy students, faculty members and visitors. MIKE is the only person struggling to exude joy.

INT. LOCKER ROOM – DANCE SCHOOL BUILDING - DAY MIKE scans the locker room and notes that no one is there. He places the envelope on a bench and sits next to it.


INT. CLOSE UP. LOCKER ROOM - DANCE SCHOOL BUILDING – DAY MIKE reaches for the envelope and opens it. It’s a letter on university letterhead. As MIKE reads the letter, the camera picks up bits and pieces of its contents. MIKE has lost his scholarship due to a combination of budget cuts and department politics. He is also potentially going to be kicked out of the program. MIKE crumbles the letter.

FLASH FORWARD TO PRESENT TIME. INT. APARTMENT BEDROOM – SOUTH AUSTIN, TEXAS – DUSK MIKE closes the door to his bedroom. He pulls the now crumpled up letter from his pocket and throws it at the wall.

INT. PRIVATE BATHROOM – APARTMENT – DUSK He takes off his button down shirt and shoes and sits on the bed, staring at a poster of Alvin Ailey on the wall.

INT. APARTMENT BEDROOM – SOUTH AUSTIN, TEXAS – DUSK MIKE lights some incense, opens the window and turns on his fan. He reaches for one of his textbook. It has a secret compartment for pot. He makes a joint. He smokes and stares at a poster of Alvin Ailey on the wall. FADE OUT: