Name of School/Organization City of Jackson Parks & Recreation Department Address 161 W. Michigan, Jackson, MI 49201 Contact Person Name and Title Derek Dobies, City Councilman – 6th Ward Phone Number 517-618-1452 Email Address Title of Proposal Lions Park Swingset Rehab FAX Number

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Dana Ashlock, Jackson Community Foundation, One Jackson Square, Suite 308, Jackson, MI 49201 Deadline: June 3, 2013 by 5:00 PM

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project will use funds provided by the Jackson Community Foundation to rehabilitate the community swing set located in Lions Park in the City of Jackson. Funds will go towards materials only, labor will be donated. The project will involve preparing and priming the swing set; painting the swing set; and purchasing and installing new swing equipment. Currently, there are currently five positions on the swing set. Three of these will be filled with standard green colored sling swings (Figure 2.); one of them will be filled with a toddler swing (Figure 1.); and the final position will be filled with a family leisure swing (Figure 3.). This will allow for people of all ages to enjoy the swing set, and parents will have a swing to sit on while their children play. Some installation materials are included in the kits, and other hardware will be purchased separately. Paint brushes and paint trays will be donated along with labor. A budget narrative is included below: Item Toddler Swing (1) [Figure 1.] Standard Sling Swing (3) [Figure 2.] Family Leisure Swing (1) [Figure 3.] Galvanized Iron Hanger (4) [Figure 4.] Rust-oleum Paint Gallon (2) [Figure 5.] Total Figure 1. Figure 2. Unit Price $54.06 $31.62 $129.99 $39.99 $27.98 Total Cost $54.06 $94.86 $129.99 $159.96 $59.32 (tax included) $498.19 Figure 3.

Figure 4.

Figure 5.

Purchasing sources:

As soon as funding becomes available, the City of Jackson Parks and Recreation Department will work with Councilman Dobies to recruit volunteers to help prime and paint the swing set. After the paint is dry, City of Jackson Parks and Recreation staff will install the swings for safety purposes. This will be a one-weekend project: the first day for painting, the second for swing installation. The project aims to be completed before the end of August 2013. At a later time, the City of Jackson will work with the Jackson Community Foundation to organize a ribbon cutting with press to celebrate the rehabilitated swing set and the partnership created.


Below is a listing of standard budget items. Please provide the project budget in this format and in this order. Time period for project budget: Project to be completed before end of August 2013. Expenses: Include the total amount for each of the following budget categories on this page. Include a budget narrative on a separate page that describes how the total amounts were calculated. Amount requested from Jackson Community Foundation Salaries $ Payroll Taxes $ Fringe Benefits $ Consultants and Professional Fees $ Insurance $ Travel $ Equipment $ Materials $ $498.19 Supplies $ Printing and Copying $ Telephone and Fax $ Postage and Delivery $ Rent $ Utilities $ Maintenance $ Evaluation $ Marketing $ Other (specify) $ Total amount requested $ $498.19 Total expenses Total Project Expenses $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

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