YELLO BANK, Plaintiff,


Civil Case No. 12693 For: SUM OF MONEY AND DAMAGES

MERCEDES Y. YAP, Defendant. x-----------------------------------------x


PLAINTIFF, by counsel, respectfully states that:


That Plaintiff is a corporation duly organized and existing under the Laws

of the Philippines, having its principal office at Magallanes St., Cebu City;


That Defendant Mercedes Y. Yap is a Filipino citizen, of legal age, and

residing 58 Villa Aurora St., Kasambagan, Cebu City where she may be served with summons and other court processes;


That on August 1, 2011, defendant executed a promissory note in favor of

the plaintiff in the amount of P500,000 payable within 18 months from the date of the promissory note (attached as “Annex A”) which reads as follows:

Cebu City, Philippines 1 August 2011

I promise to pay YELLOW BANK the sum of P500,000 or order within 18 months from this date. MERCEDES Y. YAP

4. MAE JONABELLE B. That due to the unjust refusal of defendant to comply with the demands.00). Cebu City PTR no. 5. 0138435 Issued at: Cebu City IBP no. plaintiff was compelled to file the instant action engaging the services of counsel in the amount of P10.00. plaintiff respectfully prays for judgment in his favor through a Decision directing defendant to pay him FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (P500.00) as Attorney’s Fees. 597036 Roll no. with legal interest 30%.000. defendant refused and failed to pay the amount stated in the promissory note. Cebu City 20 March 2013. ATTY. as ACTUAL DAMAGES and TEN THOUSAND PESOS (P10.000. Other just and equitable reliefs are also prayed for. 36687 VERIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION OF NON-FORUM SHOPPING . POBLETE Counsel for the Plaintiff IT Park Lahug.000. PRAYER WHEREFORE. That the 18-months period had elapsed and despite demands made orally and in writing (attached as “Annex B”) by the plaintiff.

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