Growing like Kudzoo

10/07 Grandma H arrived on October 3rd and has been such a help! I’m back to editing fullspeed ahead every chance I can get to sit down at the computer—which is why I haven’t written blogs and emails. I’m trying to meet a deadline that is now a month overdue. (Too bad the editing couldn’t have been “preemie” instead of the baby!)

Grandma brought more pajamas so we don’t have to do laundry every 20 hours! And also diaper covers so we could quit the pampers. Also, the diaper covers I ordered arrived last week—Bummis Original. I love them. They rarely leak! So we haven’t had to go through so many clothes either. My cousin also sent me some Snappies to fasten them up with. If I never see another safety pin again I will be thrilled! Diaper changes take half the time now. My cousin also sent two wool diaper covers that she knitted from her scrap yarn. They are beautiful (Daddy’s favorite color!) and warm. They work great with some kinds of cloth diapers and not-so-great with others. So fortunately we now have covers and diapers for all kinds and all occasions now.

The public health nurse stopped in about 10 days ago and weighed her at 6 lbs 12 ounces!! That’s “bathroom weight” without even a diaper. So she is right on schedule to double her weight by Thanksgiving or sooner! She is having more awake times and she is noticeably bigger every week. Her hair is longer and her eyes are still blue.  The box of clothes she has grown out of (nearly all the preemie stuff) is getting as full as the box she can still wear. (It is good that the baby shower last night provided all larger sizes!) At the rate she is growing, she will soon measure up to the Kudzoo that grows so prolifically in the South. She has pudgy chipmunk cheeks and just about popped the snaps on her preemie clothes by the time I reckoned them to the “too small” box for being too short. Ones without the feet in them she can still manage to wear. Stretched out she can touch both ends of her peach box of 20” long now. So soon we will have to find a bigger box! She has lots more awake/alert times now. The other evening at supper she was entertaining us so much with her facial expressions. Now Grandma insists that she is intentionally smiling at those who talk to her. So perhaps she has reached the stage where she knowingly expresses her emotions rather than just exercising her muscles. I shot a video of her making faces in her sleep the other day. I would post it here if I knew how. (If anyone can tell me where I can download a program to edit home video, I would be able to post some. But some of them are too long and need cutting and such. But I don’t know where to look. Please HELP me!)

We are thankful for the advice we received after the last blog post. We were going to share it here for the benefit of all. But as wise as it was, I’m afraid I have forgotten it. Fortunately, some of it was written in as a comment to the last blog to prime my memory. Time has explained one thing that really helps. The only time she wails is when she has gas bubbles. It just so happened that was nearly always at diaper changing time so it seemed like a pattern of not cooperating with diaper change. But if I stand her up and bounce her a couple times, it helps the bubbles to pass. It’s just that lying on her back is the most uncomfortable position for dealing with gas bubbles. But I haven’t figured out how to change her diaper in any other position.

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