13. DATA & TELEPHONE SYSTEM • Data Infrastructure • Fiber Optic & Passive • IP Telephone • Data Center • IP TV 14. CCTV Solution 15. Access Control • Perimeter Detection • Integrated Security System 16. FIRE ALARM SYSTEM 17. AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEM • Public Address System • Paging System • Audio Visual System 18. NURSE CALL SYSTEM 19. MASTER CLOCK SYSTEM 20. MASTER ANTENNA TELEVISION 21. BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • Site Acquisition • Wireless & Microwave


1. After successful of Telecom division. Initially it was focused on to provide infrastructure to the telecom sector. two more divisions were created to work in the field of Physical security and information technology supported by following organizational structure: . BMS & LOW CURRENT activities. These success have encouraged FTC to work on and continue their progress further in the new diversified fields within defined scope of main stream The accumulated expertise in the field of IT. FTC was established in 2005. FUTURE TECHONLOGY GROUP With continuous progress of above cited domains and encouraging diversified oriented business results. Wireless & Telecom. 2. Being a leading system integrator and contractor for multi systems we operate in a variety of business fields with the ultimate aim of improving users’ experience and enhancing clients’ competitiveness. GROUP PORTFOLIO AT A GLANCE FTC was incepted in 1995 with aim to work in the field of IT. GSM. later on. TECOM and LOW CURRENT/ ELV have been provided the strong backbone and success to FTC GROUP. Through our unique approach and numerous alliances we were able to leverage our distinctiveness in many fields.

MISSION STSTEMENT Without compromising on the quality and safety. people and processes to meet future increased demand – modular in every aspect of products and the solutions. enable our customers’ to continuously improve its operations. through the development and transfer of the knowledge and capabilities to the customers’ . safety trainings. Delivery in time with edge technology from early design phase. with a high level of availability and various options of system available. Establish safety and quality culture. and transfer the knowledge to our customers’ by tailoring/designing an end-to-end solution that is Agile. integrated solutions and services (within defined boundaries) supported by some of our own brands. FTC VALUES Reliance on performance with quality delivery and utmost satisfaction of our client.3. is one of our key mission. Resilient. Our great concern is to provide technological expertise to the society facing the challenges of enhancement. . FTC STRATEGY: • • • • Our strategy based on: 6. with safety plans. Scalable. Periodical internal and external audits. with an approach that supports regular technology refresh. and Sustainable: • • • • • Agile. and to embody emerging technologies and approaches. 5. through nationally unified processes that align people and technology in the most optimum way. we believe in a set of business principles: Innovation Sustainability • Make a Difference • • 7. FTC COMMITMENT We are committed to improve the range of services and products that we offer. Efficient. Therefore. Change in technology where client demand and need. Sustainable.providing trouble-free systems for easy implementation by current and future employee/contractors. Scalable. FTC VISION Our vision is to develop this domain for a worldwide recognition as one of the leading name for the provision of advance technology. attain maximum of client satisfaction. Furthermore. being the competitive. 4. improve the technology skills for nationals and to Transfer the technology inside kingdom where it’s possible. in order to address complex operational scenarios. up-to an efficient post installation support. Strong management leadership qualified and experienced resources. in technology. Resilient. To reach new heights of success through sustained growth along with global expansion. Efficient. Investment on resource development by providing them continuous training courses in their field of expertise. Strong emphasis on process and continuous development.

Our quality is the key for achieving objectives sustainably. Efficient co-operation with suppliers and customers is an essential precondition of a current business development. We understand that the responsibilities of health and safety are shared between employer and employees.e. We realize that there is still a gap between where we want to be and where we really are. productivity and schedule. Safety and health of our employee as well the property of third party to be continued as our first consideration. Being a quality partner means being prosperous and predictable. HEALT. for the operation of this company. QUALITY MISSION STATEMENT We are committed for continuously improving the quality of all our services that we provide to our valued customers. SAFTEY AND ENVIROMENT MISSION STATEMENT We believe its responsibility of management to provide healthy and safe environment to our employee at each job site. as well. 9. We are committed to doing so by using our most important resource (our employees at every level. We are confident that implementation of an effective safety program shall improve morale. reduce time loss. The management team is committed to providing the company with the best tools possible to succeed.8. particularly in our hightech activities. we aim to guarantee a positive development of our quality. where managing risks and deadlines are so important. . Employees are authorized not to work if the work place is not safe and healthy. I. we therefore focus continuously and full hearted analyze the situation to fill this gap.

Such added value resources have given an edge to FTC in this field of expertise compared to other Integration companies in and out of the Kingdom. Building Management System . Master Clock System 8. PRODUCTS & SERVICES PROVIDED BY FTC GROUP: Our services are encircled across three business units as below: The assets of a company are not belongs to material but its well experienced dedicated team. Audio Visual System • Public Address System • Paging System • Audio Visual System 6. Master Antenna Television 9. Fire Alarm System 5. Nurse Call System 7. Telecom Services • Site Acquisition • Wireless & Microwave Low Current Solutions 1. CCTV Solution 3. 11. 12. Data & Telephone System • Data Infrastructure • Fiber Optic & Passive • IP Telephone • Data Center • IP TV 2. Access Control • Perimeter Detection • Integrated Security System 4. and their team work. In view of above philosophy FTC has brought on board their security related team having intensive experience more than 16 years dedicated to security systems.10. The team has engaged with almost all the potential clients in Kingdom as well tuned with kingdom environmental conditions.

We fix the business model and the list of services that functions their projects. Data Center Solutions. Wireless Solutions. DATA & TELEPHONE SYSTEM • We are working hand in hand with our clients from day one of their projects. • • • • .13. Network Solutions. Passive Infrastructure Solutions. Unified Communications. supporting them with the needed advisory services and valuable studies helping them to achieve their business goals by utilizing the latest technology.

hospitals and schools. FTC has obtained considerable experience with regard to varying standards and specifications within the telecommunications field. we understand the importance of maintaining the skillful worker and engineer team. Being in this market for many years. terminate and test multimode and single mode fiber optic cabling systems. With the development of our company. • FIBER OPTIC CABLE INSTALLATION U All projects undertaken by FTC are carried out with the enthusiasm and professionalism that should be expected from a company committed to the ever growing demand of the Telecommunication Industry. resources and experience to understand and implement all aspects of Local Access Deployment. FTC has the proven skills. All are capable of working unsupervised and under pressure to deal with the strict procedures and specifications which guarantee the quality of an Optical Fiber Installation. Data Cabling Installation Service. especially the installation and commissioning of fiber optic technologies. trunking or cable tray. By using most advanced equipment and with the help of our stable working team. OSP & Civil Services. Its founders have a second to none reputation as specialist telecommunications contractors with all the requisite management skills and resources necessary to deliver construction and maintenance services to its clients. U • SERVICES FTC is a fiber optic cabling company that supply. internal/external. install. splicing and testing of Optical Fiber Cables. we are able to improve efficiency and offer the stable good quality fiber optic cable work. Our fiber optic installation engineers have the experience working in many different environments. termination and testing of fiber optic cabling systems based in Riyadh. including short or long-haul into underground duct. and in-building cabling into conduit. data centers. blown fiber/cable. Fujikura FSM-60S splicer and Anritsu MT9083 OTDR tester and we can offer the following services: • • • • Fiber Optic Cable Installation Service. Fiber Optic Cable Termination Service.• FIBER OPTIC & UTP NETWORK INSTALLATION. The following tasks can be managed by our team: • • • • • • • • Int/Ext Installation Fault Finding and Repairs Full Site Survey System Design Project Management Full Documentation Multimode & Single cable Wire Armored cables for harsh environments • Fiber to Desk (FTTD) installation . FTC currently has complete team who had been solely allocated to the installing. repair. we have put a lot of effort to improve our employee treatment and on the quality control. TESTING AND COMMISSIONING FTC is a specialists company in the design. installation. Also they have the skills and equipment to undertake most types of cable installation. Having worked for numerous clients. KSA. We have the latest fiber optic installation and termination equipment.

Client’s particular standards/restrictions. We have the latest fiber optic termination equipment. . Our engineers have different of experience working in many different environments. Cat 6 UTP/STP Cabling. • Site Survey. FTC founders have carried out major projects including complete equipment and cabling systems solutions for a diverse range of customers.) installation • Testing and commissioning. We use the most modern equipment to test and certify all cables to the latest standards. • Vertical and Horizontal Cable Management. • Project Management.) OTDR Testing Fault Finding and Repairs Full Documentation Multimode cable (OM1. • Patch Cable Installations. Minimizing disruption to client personnel. 24U … etc. Marking and protection of installed cable. Splicing etc. Epoxy Polishing. as well as private sector. The following tasks can be managed by our team: • • • • • • • • Int/Ext Termination (Cold Cure. • Installation. • Combination UTO and FO LAN systems • Telecom cabinets ( 9U. • Fluke Testing. other trades and the general public. • System Design. Fujikura FSM-60S splicer and Anritsu MT9083 OTDR tester.Installation will always be conducted with consideration for the following criteria: • • • • • • manufacturer's recommendations for bend radius and pulling tension Specific risk assessments and H&S restrictions. • Fault Finding & Diagnosis. JOINTING/SPLICING AND TESTING U FTC is a specialist in the termination of multimode and single mode fiber optic cabling infrastructures. test & commission. • Workstation to Patch Panel. • FIBER OPTIC CABLE TERMINATION. FTC engineers have the experience and knowledge to terminate fiber optic cores ensuring the lowest loss joints. OM2 and OM3) Single mode cable (OS1 and OS2) Internal. External and Universal sheath options Fiber To The Desk (FTTD) • DATA CABLING INSTALLATION U • FTC STRUCTURED CABLING SOLUTIONS U We are current with the latest structured cabling technology. • Installation of data cabling . Cat 6A UTP/STP. 15U. • Termination. Fast and efficient working.Cat 5e UTP/FTP/STP Cabling. Cat 7 STP & Coax Cabling . Within the telecommunications industry. • Enclosed Cabling Installation. commercial and industrial entities.

Site selection & Access. Raised floors. Uninterruptible Power Supply. Air conditioning determination. Installation of rear door heat exchangers. Space requirements. Static electricity and floor resistance. Under floor Water Detection. Generator Backup. Electromagnetic compatibility. video motion detection. Video over IP. We install the rigid galvanized poles And execute associated civil and electrical work. SECURITY & CCTV SYSYETM We offer integrated turnkey solutions in the following fields: CCTV.S. Floor construction and floor loading. We offer wide range of indoor and outdoor cameras including normal. Temperature and humidity recording instruments. strong alliances with top technology product vendors and first-rate project management. deep technology expertise. . Hardware specification sheets. 14.A.• DATA CENTER PREPARATION & SERVICES Establish flexible. We do understand the extreme weather Conditions and have done intensive Study to match and select the product with the environment of K. Relocation and temporary storage. Video content analysis (VCA). Computer room layout. • DATA CENTER SERVICES & TASKS Computer room location. . We have expertise to install the equipment inside and outside of plant including the perimeter areas of petrochemical sites. Environmental design criteria. System air distribution. robust and resilient data center networks that respond positively to your growing business needs with our data center solutions that help you plan for and meet changing networking requirements with a structured delivery methodology. HD and megapixel cameras. General power information.

All of our various access control options come with our patented quality client care. 16. FIRE ALARM SYSTEM FTC offers a full range of fire systems which cover every application in electronic fire detection. our technicians can work with you to create exactly the kind of access control you desire. . consultation. ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Access control is an incredibly vital part of modern security. we have the solution to every alarm requirement. Control every door in building from a single touchpad and have CCTV cameras in place so you can identify who is where and at what time. No matter how unique your needs might be. Today’s technology is constantly changing and improving and you need a company that is a step ahead on your side. Today’s technology allows for an incredible amount of accurate information gathering. Whether you require a conventional or addressable system with Red care cover to inform the Fire Service of alarm activation. It doesn’t matter if your office is only one small room or a giant warehouse that stretches on for a half mile. design. or mains operated smoke detectors with battery backup. which is why we can formulate. installation and follow up the Project..15. design and implement specific access control features to the security system you order from us. Every company has their own specific set of needs. At FTC we understand that out of the box solutions are often too broad. you can get the access control solutions you need at a price you can afford FTC. All products used are supplied by recognized suppliers of fire alarm equipment and are installed to comply with BS 5839-1:2002 and BS 5839-6:2004. Alarm and Fire Fighting.

focusing on efficiency and matching requirements with functionality. FTC has mastered the art of audio visual systems integration to bring out the best highly sophisticated solutions. projection. FTC brings focus and unique expertise to offer. computers. the FTC for Audio Visual Systems delivers seamless and highly functional AV applications with robust and consistent control interfaces. design and install different types and sizes of audiovisual systems ranging from custom-designed smart classroom and interactive desks and boards to complete systems solutions covering cinemas and theaters. AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEM As a prime audiovisual systems integrator and equipment supplier. video conferencing and wireless room control with a variety of media players and content sources. marshalling its resources to generate an elegant line of stylish and functional products and solutions. As a full service company. opera houses. multiple displays. integration and maintenance of turnkey communication systems. networks. These integrate sound. . and large scale stages and complex corporate conference room systems. FTC AV specializes in the design. Combining advanced technologies with technical expertise. To cover every aspect related to audiovideo solutions and as security becomes increasingly.17.

18. competitive castings and a level of after sales support unparalleled in the industry. Our success and expansion over the years can be attributed to our dedicated professional staff. NURSE CALL SYSTEM FTC is leading supplier for Nurse Call systems for an extensive range of products from world leading manufacturers. .

slave clocks can be synchronised either by current impulses or by a digital signal coming from the master clock. • Impulse time distribution A signal is sent through polarised impulses every minute. Our clocks operate with any of ntp time resources. Permits the automatic synchronisation of all the equipment that is connected. Security Services and Air Traffic Control where precision timing is critical. MASTER CLOCK SYSTEM A master clock drives and synchronises the slave clocks by cable.. and limited wiring distance.. and keeps precise and accurate time to all clocks. This type of distribution is mainly used in large installations (Airports. The master clock is usually connected to a Radio or a GPS antenna. Why is NTP Important? Time is essential in many applications.) over a network. The protocol is known and used worldwide. In a wired network. half minute or second. This technology is suitable for small installations where there is a limited number of slave clocks.19. . including our Sigma NTP server. Cost effective solution for small clock systems with analogue clocks • Coded time distribution The AFNOR / IRIG B (Time Code) signal provides an accurate and secured time transmission. Digital signal coming from the master clock Perfect for large installations including digital clocks in new buildings • NTP Time distribution NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a protocol designed to synchronise clocks or equipment (computers. Bodet analogue or digital clocks utilise ntp over ethernet to continuously display an accurate synchronised time. especially in those such as Trading Offices. Railways) with a long distance between the slave clocks.

Installation is therefore very straightforward.Several types of time distribution* are available: • • Wired Clock System: using a dedicated cable (Impulse. Our range includes wireless clock system. No mains socket is required. the clocks can be Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices. Afnor / Irig B) or using your ethernet network (NTP) Wireless Clock System: using radio signal across your premises (DHF) Our clock system solutions accept both GPS or Radio synchronisation for perfect time keeping. For simplicity of operation. according to your application. * Time Distribution: Connection between the master clock and the clocks . a wired clock system or a wireless clock system would fit your requirements. A clock system uses a master clock to drive and synchronise the slave clocks. the device is powered from the network jack plug. making it a very portable system. and the units can be easily moved. keeping precise and accurate time to all clocks and managing winter/summer changeover automatically. banking and manufacturing.FTC dealing a wide range of clocks and clock systems which combine design and technology for industries such as transport. For a new building.

This distributes analogue and digital terrestrial channels (Free view channels) received by a single central antenna to multiple viewing points. and Information Channels throughout you facility. Installation. Cable TV systems commonly referred to as CATV use a dedicated coaxial cable connection to each viewing point to distribute TV from a single set of antennae at a central point or head end. FTC provides the Total Solution for design. All IRS. Both add satellite reception but in different ways. Digital Program Materials. The simplest system is a MATV (Master Antenna TV) system. You can distribute Cable. either a free view set top box is required or a TV with integrated Free view tuner. Two developments of the basic MATV system are the SMATV system (Satellite Master Antenna TV) and the IRS (Integrated Reception System). hotels. In order to do this without a loss of signal quality.20. FTC offer All leading brand of broadband or baseband distribution systems as per requirement. Satellite. To receive analogue channels a standard TV is sufficient. SMATV and CATV systems designed and installed by us in accordance with the standards. schools and other buildings distribute TV and FM signals to a number of receivers. MATV (Master Antenna Television) in which apartments. MATV is useful for the following types of facilities: • • • • • • Small to medium business and retail shopping malls Office buildings Motels and hotels Schools and universities Apartment buildings Health care facilities . To receive free view channels. Supply. these systems must be carefully planned through the effective use of MATV equipment and techniques. and Testing & Commissioning of CATV/MATV & IP TV. MASTER ANTENNA TELEVISION SYSTEM Distribution of video program content within your facility can be accomplished using Community Antenna/Master Antenna (CATV/MATV) distribution systems designed and installed by FTC. On Demand Content.

but reception would suffer because the antennas would interfere with each other.An MATV system is a network of cables and components which processes and amplifies signals. FTC offers the following MATV services: • • • • • • Consultation and design Supply and installation Termination. For example. if there were 100 televisions in a building. fit-off and testing Frame stage cabling for cost effectiveness Service and support Maintenance and repair . Not only would it be unsightly. it would be extremely expensive to install and maintain 100 separate antennas. then distributes them from one central location.

trend BMS installation and site management. Cost effective product solution.21. fully complying with the Requirement of the Projects. UK designed and manufactured Global business and partner network. Our site staff has long-term experience of low voltage. BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSYTEM FTC & TREND Strength: • • The TREND system generally has many advantages as following: • • • • • • • • Global language capability. Legacy connectivity (Backwards /Forward Compatibility) Wireless technologies One Software Tool for All Flexibility & Scalability Quality & Reliability Quick & efficient to commission. covering: • • • • • • • • Industrial and commercial power cable installation Control monitoring and building management systems Computer data cable management and installation Fire alarm and smoke management installation Emergency lighting Audio visual presentation systems Animation and control systems Voice alarm and public address installation As a system integrator we provide a complete BMS Solution in supervision and installation Testing & commissioning service. OUR SERVICES: Trend BMS On-site installation. . Largest UK installed based – 30 year legacy. Testing & Commissioning.

Installation. SERVICES AND SUPPORT . • Oil and Gas • Mineral and energy • Transpiration • Critical infrastructure protection • Hospital and health sector. 23. well experience dedicated team having more than 16 years of physical security system. • Physical security implementation for industrial sites including • Airports. system design. 24. ports and public sites. • We do support towards installed systems for the long term reduction of faults and improve its reliability. design and implementation. procurement. • Holy places SECTOR EXPERTISE WHY CHOOSE FTC GROUP FTC do understand the kingdom environmental conditions and able to deploy active outdoor components.22. • Post installation support and provision of spare parts. Integration. testing commissioning. Experienced in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia of learning curve with the following clients at multiple sites: • Ministry of Interior • Ministry of defense & Aviation (MODA) • Saudi Armco • SABIC • MOMRA • SEC • Private petrochemical plants in Jubail and Yanbu area. handover. Our design team with intensive experience of worldwide partners and in-depth knowledge meets the client requirements with taking into consideration the HCIS as well international engineering standards. user training and post installation support for low current systems. • Tailored long life solutions with outstanding quality of design starts with client requirements concept development. FTC are.


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