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Quotations about happiness for an essay: Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect. It means that youve decided to look beyond the imperfections. Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. Happiness is like a kissyou must share it to enjoy it. Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you


Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. It was Franklin D. Roosvelt who said these words, and I agree with him. Although money, necessary in modern society and can be a luxury, does not always bring us happiness as many believe. But what does happiness really mean? The state of being happy is a very abstract and subjective thing, it is different for every individual. Some may find it in a person or place or a state of mind of being, being tranquil or peaceful for example. I myself find happiness being in a tranquil state of mind, or being in a peaceful place in the countryside, or even spending time with those I love. There are very different and strange people in this world, each with their own unique tastes. I have met people who find joy in chaos, loud noises, shouting or insulting people. Whether or not they find happiness in these actions or states I have no idea, but that is why I say that happiness is an abstract thing. Money, sex, drugs, feeling bigger than others, etc.. can bring us joy, but only momentarily. A true happiness that fills us up and stays with us wherever we go is much harder to find. Happiness lies in the joy of achievement. Here Roosvelt repeats the words of Aristotle, who said that it is human nature to create and achieve things. Only there can we find a true happiness. A happiness we find in achievement is a happiness that stays with us and makes feel good about ourselves. A material happiness, one found in the possession of money and material objects, does not stay with us, and is forgotten when we die. Ander Killian Gray

Happiness What is happiness? Humans have been asking the same question for thousands of years, since they were created. Happiness doesnt necessarily have to have just one meaning, it can change, depending on different opinions people may have. Every day, as soon as we get up we start a fight. We must continue fighting year after year, but it is necessary. This fight is a lifelong fight, our goal is to be happy. It sounds simple, but it isnt. Some people achieve this goal, but others may die trying it. It is said that success. I totally agree, I strongly believe that if you love what you are doing, you will be successful. However, the road to happiness is not always easy, it can be hard and frustrating. There can be lots of difficulties in your life, but you must fight against them to be happy. According to this, we can say that happiness is not the absences of problem but the ability to deal with them. If you solve the problem you have during your life, youll reach happiness. Sometimes, when we talk about happiness, we tend to talk about money and it is not the same. Money can be useful and helpful when you want to be happy. Nevertheless, the happiness doesnt lie in the mere possession of money or objects, it lies in the joy of achievement and hard work. So, if you fight and work hard, you are going to be happy, but be careful, it doesnt always work. Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect, you have to appreciate what you have, because youll never have all what you want. So, it is better to look beyond the imperfections and to value and appreciate what you have. In conclusion, happiness is like a toy, you have to share it to enjoy it. If you love someone, you are sharing your happiness with that person, so both of you can be happy. If you dont have anyone dont worry the time will arrive. Asier Pagola Bittor Herrero

Happiness I looked for the word happiness in the dictionary and this is what I found: Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions. But in few words I think that happiness is to feel good with yourself and to be in good mood. Humans have always have the goal of achieving happiness, nevertheless, not everybody has the pleasure or luck of possessing it. Being happy is a tough work, only a few people can, but why is that? If you realize, kids are full of happiness, vitality and life. But, whats the reason? Probably you will think that is just the lack of problems or knowledge. However, I think that the real reason is quite different. They are happy because they dont need almost anything to have a good time, just a cube full of sand and a friend to play with. Why adult people has the lack of kids happiness? Of course, they have complicated and stressful lives, lots of housework to do. However, everybody should take a breath and reserve some time for the happiness everyday. There are people that are looking for perfection. This is also a big mistake. A happy world isnt a perfect world. We have to learn to look beyond the imperfections. A perfect life is impossible, so we have to accept what we have and to do a better thing with it. At present, there is a big debate about the topic of happiness and the way of possessing it. Is happiness based on material things? The TV, the DVD player, the washing machine, the computer, the car, the mobile phoneThese sort of things can make our life easier and enjoyable, but is happiness based on my cars model or my TVs resolution? Lots of teenagers would answer to the question a YES, which is very sad. Scientists have an opinion that I think is interesting to explain. They think that the key to happiness is a combination of seven things: 1. Having good health: Not having any illnesses and living without pain is the first clue to be happy and the most important to have a long and healthy life. 2. Coming from a happy family background: Feeling safe and secure in your own house is vital for a good life. 3. Having a good job. It is a dispensable thing, but it helps a lot. If you have a good job, you will be able to maintain your family and buy things which you and your family will need on their everyday life (clothes, school material) 4. Being in love: Love is the most important thing in the world, it makes you feel happy with just being next to that especial person. 5. Having good friends: Although we dont need lots and lots of friends, everybody needs to have good ones. They help you in difficult times of your life and you can share your best moments with them. 6. Having children: it isnt an essential thing, but people who have it, can explain the happiness they feel. Every instant they are with their children, suddenly turns out to be the most important thing of their life.

7. Feeling you are making a difference in the world: A lot of people feel very proud of themselves after doing something good for charity or for the global heating. Happiness is like a kiss, we must share it to enjoy it. If we share it with people that we appreciate or love we will make them feel happy and we will do the same with ourselves. As you can see, happiness consists of small moments, little details of everyday life. The only things you need to remember are to relax and to enjoy the best things that life gives you with your family and the people you love. Itsasne Urruzola Neerea Berrotaran Ane Galardi Nerea Zubizarreta


Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence I do not think that there is a single person in the world who can say that knows what happiness actually is and, more importantly, that knows how to achieve it. We sometimes get the glimpse of pure happiness but those moments are so rare and so intense that we only recognise them too late. Each of us understands this feeling in a different wayI, for instance, see it as the one that can make you feel that there is no worry in life and nothing and nobody can hurt you anymore. For me, it is when you feel like you can do anything and forget about the past, the future, just enjoying the mere present. In my case, it is one of two feelings that can make you cry with all your heartbecause it is too much for you to express in plain words or pointless gestures. Tears are words that the heart cant express a wise man once said and could have never said it better, as happiness is that joy which is so strong that sometimes even hurts. However, I never remember the recipe for happiness and even if I did I do not think it would work again because one of its components is also hazard. Still, this does nt make me stop searching for it and devote it everything I do, I am and I achieve. Likewise, each person Ive ever met, consciously or not, did the samewe want to get something, to become someone. Why? Not because that would make us feel miserable, but fulfilled and maybe a little bit more: happy. Hence, I strongly believe that happiness is the main purpose of our lives, the whole aim of our ephemeral existence. We are born happy and we want to die the same; this is the true ideal that we all crave for reaching. Money, wealth, knowledge mean nothing, without someone who cares about what you have achieved. Human beings, whether they like admitting it or not, need other human beings to share their secrets with, to share their joy or sorrow; as genuine joy can only become happiness if there is another person by your side. In other words, happiness is, in my opinion, the actual meaning of life; and life seems so complicated especially because we seldom get to its core, we almost never get to know what happiness feels likeand afterwards all that remains is an unclear memory of the moment and a wish of feeling it again. Bianca Vasilache Emil Racovita National College, Iasi, Romania

Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect. It means that youve decided to look beyond the imperfections. Since the dawn of time, we have all been trying to pursue happiness, which is still associated with the term of perfection or, to be more specific, happiness is the picture we have in our minds of what reality should look like. We all have different goals, different values and wishes. Some see happiness in the form of owning a fortune. Others see it as having a successful career, or having a big family. But what is, actually, happiness? The ancient philosophers had very contradictory perspectives on this matter: while Socrates believed that only the poor, who had nothing to lose, could be happy, Aristotle thought the opposite. Also, while Epicurus stated that Pleasure is the absence of suffering, another ancient Greek philosophy said life IS about suffering, and that happiness meant accepting the obstacles with serenity. I tend to agree most with the last theory mentioned here because, truth is, everyone suffers, and everyone stumbles along the way. Thus, if we followed Epicuruss ideas for example, happiness would not even exist. Therefore, what we can actually do is try to see everything not necessarily as the good or the bad, but as lessons. I believe happiness means life freedom and experience. I am sure everyone wishes they had an adventurous life, or at least, interesting at some point. Still, few are willing to do something about it: choose their own path, their own pace, and their own ideas. It has been hundreds of years since independence was introduced into the world, and I am worried that the concept has lost some of its meaning, although it is true that everyone sees freedom quite differently. Why do I mention this term? Because we also need to learn how to create our own happiness independently, without letting anyone control the way we perceive things, or label the good and the bad. Craving the unattainable, and by that I mean perfection, is a waste of time, whereas going with the flow, getting through the bad times with serenity and dignity, and knowing how to truly appreciate what you have, that makes you a happy person. Raluca Maria Irimia Emil Racovita National College

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence Ever since the beginning of mankind people have fought for happiness. Kings, princes, servants, slaves, workers, artists, singers, men, women, everyone have aspired to a feeling, an emotion, a state of mind they were not even sure what or how it was. It seems that the sense of happiness is something we are born with. Even though we have different opinions of what it really means, we are all meant to discover it one way or another. The search for happiness is the ultimate goal of human existence. If you think about it, happiness is a concept which should not be defined. How can a dictionary say what happiness means to all the 7 billion people in this world? Almost all of us live our lives based on a scheme that consists of a number of steps we have to make in order to achieve happiness. It is an unspoken truth no one wants to admit. As children we go to school and our parents tell us that we must learn in order to get high marks so we listen and when the moment comes we feel good about ourselves; we are experiencing a moment of happiness. Then, if our parents reward us with a new toy or a little treat, we become even happier. A few years later, as teenagers, we are told that if we do not study hard we will not be able to go to the college we want to, get a good job, make a career and have money. In other words, if we fail to do these things we will never be happy. The society we live in and are part of has elaborated a lifelong plan in order for a person to be happy that basically revolves around the word money. While I do believe that there are people on this planet whose only purpose in life is to gain fortune, I know for sure that there are also some who could not care less about the material happiness, but instead spend their lives searching with their soul for the spiritual one. I for one could not imagine life without the never ending pursuit of happiness. After all, true happiness is made of all the tiny moments you are able to smile, help, give, love, trust and be better than the day before. It does not matter if you are 15 or 55, we all crave for the good, for joy, for peace and happiness. To conclude, I think that we must be grateful that our life is blessed with such a noble purpose, the one of finding happiness and holding on tight to it. At the same time, if there were no human spirits to crave for it, happiness would not even exist. This is why it is the end of human existence. It seems that happiness may be mankind`s most devoted friend. When the time comes, they will both fade away. Madalina Pruteanu, Emil Racovita National College, Iasi, Romania


Being happy doenst mean everything is perfect. It means youve decided to look beyond the imperfections. What is happiness? Is it about love, about money or about enjoying life? You cant give a global description of it. Its something personal and difficult to describe even for yourself. If you can tell for yourself what happiness is, you can reach for it. And what about perfection? Also in this case you cant give a description to it. In my opinion, the quote is right. Things dont have to be perfect to be good. When things go wrong in your life, you have to look for the good things. You dont have to emphasize on the imperfections but you need to see that there are always good and bad sides on everything. In life nothing is black and white. Even when you think everything looks bad, its not true. There must be a good side also. When people ask me Are you happy? , most of the time I give a positive answer, because when a day doesnt go perfectly, there is always a good moment to remember or to think of. And that are the moments I think about when someone asks me that question. I think you cant be happy if you are moaning about everything without looking for the good sides of things. How can you smile about something in your life when you only see the dark sides of everything? For example, in a couple there are always imperfections, but that doesnt mean you cant be happy about that relationship. You need to deal with the imperfections that it implies. Because everyone is different and not everyone has the same opinion about an idea or a feeling. So you cant be with someone without fights, so in this case without imperfections. My advice would be, dont worry about little things when most of the time nothing looks like it seems. Charlotte Monchicourt

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it. Being happy isnt something you can do alone. You may think it, but everyone needs someone that cares care of them. People can pretend that they have everything but when there is nobody to share it with, you dont enjoy it to the maximum. After a while, youll feel lonely because youre keeping everything to yourself. When you feel down, you need someone to talk to. You cant keep it all to yourself, youll never feel better. Telling what is wrong to somebody will take a burden of your shoulders. Same thing when you are happy. Whats the point of feeling happy if you cant share it to the world. That person will be happy for you. When youre in love, the only thing you want to do is tell the world about it. You cant keep something like that to yourself. When you buy something new that you really wanted for a long time, youre super excited when you finally have it in your hands. You want to tell somebody that you bought it because you feel so happy, but if theres no one around, your joy and excitement will go away much faster then usually. When I buy myself a new pair of shoes, I always tell my friends because Im satisfied that I got them. They always ask the way they look, the color etc they become happy because you shared something that makes you happy. Keeping everything to yourself isnt a good idea. You need people around who care enough to listen to what makes you happy. Juliette Brecx Julie Van Gompel Essay: Mental health.

Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect. It means that youve decided to look beyond the imperfections. Happiness and perfection are very difficult word to describe, because each person has its own definition of it. I think that there are two mayor groups of people. Some people describe happiness as the joy of having things of having money. Other people describe it as having love, family and friends. I think that the quote is completely right, because not everything has to be perfect to be good. Each person has its own imperfections but that doesnt mean that you arent happy. I think that every person is perfect in his/her own way and in my opinion I think that everyone has to think that way. I a couple there are also a lot of imperfections and maybe some fights, but that doesnt mean that you two arent a good couple. You cant have a relationship without jealousy or fights, it just simply cant. Jealousy is a sing of love for that person and it means that you dont want to lose him/her. So if you have problems about jealousy or you have fights in your relation, you can still be completely happy with that person. I think that you for yourself can decide if you are happy or not. If you make from each little problem something big than you will have a really hard life. Some things you should simply let go and just go on with your life. When people ask me if I am happy, I always say yes because I dont want to moan about silly things in life. I think that you just have to enjoy your youth and that you dont have to complain.


Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence What is happiness? Some say that it is just a lifestyle and having a good life. Not many people define it as an emotion. Being happy is different to everybody. For some people money is the happiness, for some it is love. On the one hand, happiness depends on what we do. If you do something you do not like, it is obvious that you cannot be happy. People should do they are born to. When you are able to do something you are good at and others tend to admire it, you are over the moon. It all leads to success. It makes you even happier. There are many people who have a lot of money and perfect life. But they are not satisfied with their lives. They have a good job, but they do not enjoy doing it. When people do unwanted job, they do not enjoy working, then life seems boring and they find difficult to be happy. On the other hand, you do not need money to be happy. When you have a loving family and good friends, it is enough to be happy. Money comes and goes. Your family is always near you and supports you. This is something people need to remember and value. Besides family, every happy person has many good friends. Some people are happy if they have many good friends but others like if they have a few best friends. As we know, all people are different. We love people who are close to us, we love our work and sometimes we even love life. Sometimes life can be difficult and we feel sad. But life cannot be easy. We have to hold our heads up high and be happy. Even if the day is rainy and we feel depressed. Everybody must learn to value each day and notice every single little thing that makes us happy. Happiness is not eternal. It passes away. But it is your choice to be happy again. It is difficult to be happy all the time. Trying to be happy is like catching the wind you just have to let it flow into you. There is no straight road to happiness. You have to deal with different difficulties. Straight road is easy and boring. That kind of life is not worth living. The road has to be winding. Actually, it is quite easy to be happy. You just have to catch the day. Enjoy everything you do. Do not forget people who are important to you. Happy people live longer. Your life and happiness is in your own hands.

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence Every human being pursues to happiness. It is in human nature. We all want to be happy, not miserable. But how do become happy? How to find your way to happiness? Aristotle have said: Happiness depends upon us I totally agree with him. It is our own decision whether to be happy or not. I have had days when everything seems bad and hopeless. Suddenly, I decide not to worry, I look behind the imperfections and start to focus on all the good things around me. What is the point of being miserable when I could be happy? Many people are sure that success makes them happy. It is necessary to love what you are doing to become successful. That makes you put more energy to the activity and you will make much bigger effort. Thus, success makes you happy, but to become successful you need to be happy as well. You have to enjoy the journey, because arriving to the destination may take a lot of years and why should you should be sad all that time. In my opinion the most common happiness-killer is that we tend to worry too much. I often make problems bigger than they really are. I tend to think too much of things that may go wrong. I do not say that nothing cannot go wrong, everything can. But we cannot live happy if we are always afraid that something turns out like it should not. When something goes opposite of what you have planned you should not let it affect you that much. I like to think that everything happens for a reason. Even a bad experience is an experience and every experience is good for you. It makes you who you are. You do not notice your happiness unless you have experienced misery. In short we all can be happy if we want to. It depends on us. All we need to do is to leave everything bad behind, pick up the good pieces and we will find our happiness. I know that it is not easy, but I am sure it is worth to try.

Happiness is like a kiss you must share it to enjoy it. My mother told me once: Dont be just happy, be the happiest. I have thought about this a lot and I understand why she said like this. You can share happiness in order to make others happy. Then you are also happy because it is good to make others happy. Even a little smile can be the beginning of your happy life, full of people who care about you. Smile does not ask any bread. You cannot buy happiness for money. We have happiness when we share our good emotions and feelings. Sometimes happiness overtakes me. The sky is blue, the sun is so bright and everything is just fine. Then I say in a loud voice: I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOWand there is a big smile on my face. I used to say that when I was younger and life was easier, but I must find it again. We must find happiness in small things. We all need to learn how to notice little happy things behind the big problems when we grow up. I believe that everyone has experienced this feeling once in their lifetime. We have joys and worries in our life and we solve problems because valuable great and positive emotions give us strength to deal with them. You always have to find a reason to cheer up. Some people are glad having an ice-cream in their day. Most people smile and shine when they have a payday. After rain always a rainbow appears. That keeps us going! Look around and think about your place in the world. Discuss with your inner voice about your future and sometimes dream, because every morning you have two choices: continue sleeping full of dreams or wake up and chase your dreams! When you know what you want you can strive for it. You will be successful and then you will have the happiness inside of you. And if you are happy means that you have noticed you do not have problems.


Happiness We all want happiness. Happiness is the definition of Life. If we are not happy, we will get a very sad and lonely life. You can be happy in so many ways. For many people happiness is about getting a lot of money, but happiness is not about making money, its about sharing, and if you dont have anybody to share your success with, we will feel alone and definitely not happy. I think happiness is like a kiss.. you must share it to enjoy it. For someone to be happy they need to know that everything that may have happened in the past, has happened for a reason, and that it happened, in order for them to become a better and maybe stronger person. You cant live your life being afraid of the past or of what may happen in the future. You just have to leave the past behind, and believe that everything will be okay, and that you will find happiness if you just believe that you can. The best kind of happiness is when you care about someone, and you know that the person care about you to. Even though you know that the person is just your friend, you care about her or him so much that you would do anything in the world for them, just like you would with your family. With a friend you can talk about anything but you cant talk about boys or stuff like that with your family, because somehow we dont talk with or family about that. That is why i think it is so important to have a good friend to talk to and having fun with, because you need other people in your life than your family to be happy. I simply love Christmases and birthdays, because I love to see my friends and family lighting up in the room. They are just so happy, and it makes me feel happy to when I know that they appreciate my gift, which I put a lot of thoughts in, just for them to be happy. To be happy you also have to treat other people, like you want to be treated. You have to help people. If somebody sat all alone in a corner, you should think: I wouldnt be happy sitting there all alone. And then talk to the person, because that makes you a better person , and then you wont feel any kind of guilt, because you actually helped the person. Two things that really makes me feel happy beside family and friends, are music and my home. With music I can just relax, close my eyes and just listen to the nodes. Its almost the same with coming home. After a stressfull day, I love to just come home, and relax. Both things makes me calm, and the best part is that I dont have to think about anything, I just have to relax.

Happiness Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect. It means that youve decided to look beyond the imperfections. I think that that is the best way to describe happiness. If you want a good life you have to believe that it will be a good life instead of constantly thinking negative. Think positive instead. No one has a perfect life with no problems at all. We all want it but no one has really got it. Some people have got money but still arent happy, maybe they have family problems or something, and some people havent got any money but maybe they have a great family which they just dont appreciate enough. Both of these examples may think that if they just had what the other person had, their lives would be better and they would be happier. The grass is always greener on the other side. It is hard to look beyond the imperfections and actually believe that even though you havent got the newest car, or phone, prettiest eyes or maybe you arent the popular kid at your school, you actually have a great life, and you are happy, but I think that if you are able to do that, you will soon see a lot of positive things in your life and you will become a happier person in general. I would love to say that I am one of those people who always think positive and always believe that happiness is a matter of the way you see things, but the fact is I am not always like that. When I read the quotes about happiness I think; that is so true! But on an everyday basis I feel happy when I have had a great problem-free day, maybe spent some time with friends or family. Then I feel happy. I try to think positive and see the positive things but I also know how hard it is and how easy it is to tell others to do that even though you dont really believe it yourself. I like the motto that says: Smile at the world and the world smiles back at you. That motto says the same as the above. If you smile and feel happy and believe that it is going to be a great day, week, or year it probably will be, at least there is a bigger chance that it will than if you sit down in a corner thinking this is going to suck, this will be the worst thing ever. Unfortunately there are not that many people of that kind in the world. Maybe you are not the prettiest in your class or the best at math but if you look beyond those small imperfections in your life you are probably good at something else or you have got something else that makes you really happy instead. Think of what you have got instead of what you havent got or what you cant get. Happiness comes from the heart and the brain. If you want to be happy, believe it and make everyone else believe it too.

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. Franklin D. Roosvelt
Happiness can be a lot of different things; different people have different opinions, about what happiness is. For me happiness is being successful, having a family and close friends that you love for who they are, and who love you for who you are. A lot of people would probably say that money is happiness, but Im definitely not a fan of that statement. The quotation above states that happiness isnt in the mere possession of money but lies in the joy of achievement and in the thrill of creative effort. In my opinion thats probably one of the truest things, youll ever be able to mention in a quotation, thats exactly how I feel. As Ive mentioned above I want to be happy by having a family. Thats what I want to achieve, happiness by having a family and close friends. Money is a physical thing and happiness is a mental feeling, these two things can never cooperate, in my opinion at least. With money you can buy everything, but true love and a family life can never be bought with anything. Getting your own family is something you need to fight for. How can you ever be happy just because youre waking up in the morning in a 100,000$ bed? I certainly have no idea, I wouldnt be happy just because of that. I would be happier if I woke up on a mattress, as long as I dont wake up alone and on my own. With enough money you would be able to have a chef cooking your food, but I would rather cook with my family than getting it served by some chef. Im not saying that I dont want to be rich, I would love to, but being rich wouldnt be the thing that makes me happy. To achieve happiness one of the main things I think is necessary is also to have a great job after your own choice and opinion, not a job thatll make you rich and famous, but a job with colleagues that you like, and a job where youll be able to wake up in the morning and be excited to go to work. That can be hard to find, and you have to work for it, you need to be unique and somehow better qualified for the job than other appliers. Last but not least, you have to achieve the job. Being together about a lot of things in your life, would make me happy. It would make me very happy to have someone to share my experiences and my joy with. I dont understand how you can have a great life without having anybody to share it with, how can you go on a vacation or a trip without being able to actually share it with anybody. I dont understand it. Happiness is an achievement.


Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon Once upon a time there was a girl named Anne. She was opened and self-confident. That is why she had a lot of friends. On an ordinary day she noticed a guy on the corridor. She saw something unique in him. After one glance she felt more, she got touched by his look. She went home and felt a new feeling what she had never experienced before. She discovered that the new thoughts made this feeling. On the following day she was looking forward to the breaks..She wanted to see the boy who was in her mind all the day. While she was looking at him her heart was beating strongly. After a week she went abroad and she was thinking about him all the time. Maybe she needed the distance to realize: she was in Love. Some month had passed like in the beginnings She was waiting for him in every break; she wanted to meet with her love. One night she went out with her mates, and there she met with Daves best friend Richard. Anne asked him to talk with Dave. He did. However Dave wasnt too talkative he only said: she is a cute girl. It meant a lot for Anne she wrote a letter to him and she told him her feelings and she put it in to Daves post box. She was waiting and waiting but there was no answer. She couldnt wait any longer. She decided to talk with him. He refused her. She didnt show it anybody but her heart broke into pieces. After a long time she was still thinking about him in every moment. She shut herself even more up. She never spoke again to anybody about her feelings. 3 years later they met again in a camp. They turned to adult and more serious. Dave was surprised from her Look. Anne in her free time went in her room with her secret diary. She wrote down everything what she had felt for 3 years, she was still love him. She knew about him a lot except his thoughts. It hurt her the most. After she came back to her friends she caught a glimpse of Dave. They started to talk about those three years what elapsed quickly. Then they said goodbye and went to sleep. While Dave was walking he noticed a book on the table. On the book there was a name: Anne D. Anderson. That book was her diary, what she left there. He decided to give it back, but while he was lifting up a photo slid out. Dave recognized himself on it. He got interested in the whole diary. Anne had written about every moment and day and all her feelings in her secret diary about Dave. At that time he was really surprised how she still loved him. Dave knew that he had to do something. He knocked on her door then he asked her for a walk. She said: AshYes Sure. They were really happy on this evening. And she was always thinking about: Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you

Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. Once upon a time there was a castle in the middle of the forest. A family lived in it, they had three little girls. There were the parents, grandparents and the staff. They were a very troubled family; they had a lot of unsolved problems. I would like to tell the story of the youngest girl in the family. Her name was Emma. She was a very quiet little girl and she was the unhappiest in the family. Sometimes she felt she could hardly breathe under the burden. Every time she had a problem instead of facing it she ran away. She escaped into the deep forest where she a shelter to hide. She did not have a good relation with his father who arrived home furiously from another kingdom. He was shouting and yelling at Emma and scared her to death. As usually she got into the forest searching for peace and happiness but she could not find either. Only the trees and the animals were there and they were silent as they felt the enormous pain of Emma. She was so afraid of her father that she spent the whole night there. Her parents were desperately looking for her; even dogs were helping in the search. When she was found her father made a decision, He closed the way to the forest down. Emma was begging him not to do so because that had been the only place where she did not have to fear of her father. That night in the castle even her sisters laughed at her, saying she cannot be such a fool who runs away the problems. Emma could not sleep all night. She was thinking if she was really wrong and she should stay in the castle under any circumstances. Suddenly a bright star appeared in her window. It was so nicely glowing but as it got closer Emma realized it had been a fairy. She smiled at her and Emma fell asleep. In the morning everything was the same, Emmas father had been in a very bad mood hurting her daughter again and again. So she chose the way to the forest but she could not get out of the castle as it had been locked down. All of a sudden a saying kept echoing in her head what the fairy whispered to her the night before:Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. She went back to the castle straight to her father and told her she could not be his punching bag anymore. Her father was the king and he should have been able to communicate problems with those who generated them instead of bringing them home and making her daughters life miserable. The king understood it and took Emmas advice. Happiness replaced fear and sorrow among the walls of the castle. So we can say that they lived happily ever after.

Happiness is like a kissyou must share it to enjoy it. Life itself is happiness .If you dont agree with me, you just have to look around and Im sure you will see something that will make you smile, even the tiniest bit. Im sure during your life you have done things that have made other people feel better, happier. But can people be happy if others are upset and sad around them? Its such a good feeling to be a moral support to someone, to know that they count on you. The knowledge of this makes me happy, because by helping my friends they become happy as well. Its not only about helping people you know, helping strangers is equally important, because you never know how your thoughtfulness might have an affect on them. Even a smile while your crossing the road might make a persons day, or by helping them with the most simplest thing. Happiness can be found any and everywhere around the world, regardless of whether youre rich or poor. When you feel positive and happy it radiates off you. People around you see it and can feel it in your aura. They crave for that feeling as every human being does. The world feeds from it. Happiness is the engine that makes everything work. People dont know it but by getting up every morning gives them opportunities to gain more and more happiness every single day. For example my Mother believes we should help others who are less fortunate. She has an acquaintance whose child when he was little had to go to the hospital and for some reason the nurses didnt look after him so he choked on his vomit and suffered brain damage .From then he is paralyzed from neck down and lives in a wheelchair. My Mother would like to raise some money for the 14year old boy so she can buy a metal part for his wheelchair to make his life easier. She has thought about loads of thing like selling all my sisters and my old toys and clothes, bits and bobs to children. Why is she putting effort and time in this? Because it makes her happy. It makes her feel happy to know that she has helped the family of five to live an easier life together. There is a saying she uses often: There but for the grace of God go I. It basically means that we could be in the same shoes as the people who arent so fortunate as we are. In my opinion there are two types of people; the ones who are happy almost all the time and the ones who are not as happy at all. The difference between them is that the happier person appreciates even the small things in life but on the other hand the other type doesnt even recognize happiness when it stares him or her in the face. Thats why we should spread our happiness to everyone around us so Earth can be a better place. Roberta Lois Mihk