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Cover ...................................................................................................................................................................1 Contents..............................................................................................................................................................2 Prologue..............................................................................................................................................................4 The Universe........................................................................................................................................................7 The Material Realm ...................................................................................................................................7 Sacred Geometry......................................................................................................................................9 Creator Energy .........................................................................................................................................11 Time & Space ...........................................................................................................................................13 Vibrational Frequencies .........................................................................................................................14 Celestial Bodies ........................................................................................................................................15 The Human Complex......................................................................................................................................17 DNA & The Physical Body .......................................................................................................................17 The Mind ....................................................................................................................................................19 The Subconscious Mind ..........................................................................................................................19 The Higher Aspects..................................................................................................................................24 Archetypes................................................................................................................................................27 Feelings ......................................................................................................................................................28 Psychotropic Substances .......................................................................................................................30 Alternate States of Consciousness .......................................................................................................31 Seven Emanations of Energy ........................................................................................................................36 Basic Characteristics of the Chakras ...................................................................................................37 The Material ..............................................................................................................................................39 The Sexual .................................................................................................................................................40 The Primal Emotions.................................................................................................................................43 Universal Love...........................................................................................................................................48


Communication.......................................................................................................................................51 Sixth Sense .................................................................................................................................................53 The Causal ................................................................................................................................................55 Expressions of Consciousness ........................................................................................................................59 Levels of Consciousness Expressed in Humanity................................................................................59 Evolution of the Consciousness.............................................................................................................61 Types of Groups of Consciousness .......................................................................................................63 Connections .............................................................................................................................................66 Karma.........................................................................................................................................................68 93 - Thelema .............................................................................................................................................70 Manifestation............................................................................................................................................72 Beyond the Matrix ...........................................................................................................................................74 Layers of Control ......................................................................................................................................75 Healing and Medicine............................................................................................................................78 Waking Up.................................................................................................................................................79 The True History of Humanity..................................................................................................................80 The Extraterrestrial Connection .............................................................................................................83 Crop Circle Makers..................................................................................................................................86 The Next Event .................................................................................................................................................88 Physical Projections .................................................................................................................................88 Galactic Cycles .......................................................................................................................................89 Predicting the Future...............................................................................................................................90 What Can We Do? ..................................................................................................................................91 Ascension ..................................................................................................................................................92 About the Author ............................................................................................................................................96


com to make sure you have the latest version of this book. please go to http://www. big and small that govern almost everything. the dynamics of the human existence and what lies beyond the veils of illusion. We have been on a fast evolutionary track in the last 100 years and the changes only seem to accelerate.host22.Prologue Before you begin reading. There are many teachers who claim to know the truth but yet with each passing day we feel incomplete and we find ourselves with more questions then answers. We are right now at the verge of the end of another 12 000 year cycle.arcana. The main reason I have written this book is to help you understand where you are currently in the spectrum of creation. why we are here and what we are facing next. This is so you can more easily focus on your own higher guidance and distinct it from the programming of the system our consciousness is currently imprisoned in. lost and confused. social and economic changes. Do you feel they have answered these questions for you or do you feel there is always something missing? There are cycles in nature. What I can offer you is my view on creation. that will completely transform this planet and nothing will ever be the same. Just as there are day and night. at a fraction of our former mental capabilities that remain only in our myths and legends. summer and winter so are there galactic cycles that completely change everything in the solar system in certain time intervals. where we came from and what awaits us at the end of the cycle in December 2012? We don’t have to look too far to notice that we are facing enormous earth. Here we are 12 000 years later. There have been many spiritual teachings that have tried to give us an answer to who we are. the current situation we have on this planet and our most probable future 4 . The last time such a cycle was completed was the fall of Atlantis that changed humanity forever and opened a lot of doors for the forces that would seek to dominate our will. Do we know who we really are.

you will also have to read other sources at different parts of the book. Combined with this is my 12 year experience in the study of all the metaphysical fields. I believe I have provided a truly unique perspective as I have a very strong material background. there would be events in my life that would confirm or help me expand on the topic. based on my experience as a consciousness and based on what I have observed both through my 5 physical senses as well as my astral travels and dreams. I met a hypnotherapist who. the metaphysical and spiritual fields every day for the last 29 years. where I have achieved serious scientific results as well as corporate success through managing people and directly experiencing the frequencies of hierarchical control. Just as I would be focused on a certain topic. without knowing I am writing on this topic currently. In order to fully understand the big picture that I am trying to convey. explained to me the very same conclusions. There were also times when I had outside help from the higher aspects through synchronicities and words I’d receive telepathically (For example I could not figure out what the 7th chakra basics are all about. I have tried to express in this book only what I have directly experienced as true through the perception and awareness of my the end of the cycle. which have all been linked. I have further tried to keep the copying of works from other sources at a minimum. At other times I would reach a topic and have no idea where to start and then I would go to sleep so my higher aspects can download the needed information and the next day I would have a much clearer picture. I have named it Arcana since I believe that a big part of this knowledge has been kept secret from most of 5 . which he had reached through 30 years of experience. At times even I was surprised at the conclusions I reached as a result of the structuring and linking of all the layers of information I had accumulated over the years. influenced through my higher aspects whose nature and history will be revealed at the end of the book. The interesting thing in the process of delivering this knowledge is that about a third of it was not formed within me before I started writing this book. This is the result of my study of science. For example just as I was writing the topic about the subconscious mind. when I received the word causality).

One thing I know for sure is that we are all much more than the oppressors would have us believe. Some claim that at the end of the cycle we will all reclaim our lost memories and powers since the days of Atlantis and Lemuria and beyond. Most of us feel that with the earth changes that we are also expanding in awareness and consciousness. I can only hope that with this book I give you more clarity and inspiration to find your own path by remembering your identity and reclaiming your power. 6 .humanity for the last 12 000 years and that the time has come for this knowledge to be brought to light again.

sounds. the current established and accepted ‘scientific material realm’. x-rays. energetic bodies and levels of mind. I will borrow a line from David Icke and say that the world you see and experience exists only in your head. beginning or the end would be impossible as we are facing infinities in each way we dare to look. With our 5 senses of the human body we are able to perceive and experience only a very small fraction of the reality. As will become clear later we are dealing with infinities of expression and creation going both inwards and outwards. Think about all the radio waves. The first question that may arise is: Why should we bother with the obviously incomplete picture of the current mainstream science and its understandings of the universe and reality? The simple answer is: We must first understand the illusion before we can understand the higher layers of reality. You can find this information very easily on the internet from almost any of the fields mentioned above and as a person with a strong scientific background I highly recommend that any serious student of the truth should at least have some basic knowledge of the scientific rules that govern our current level of consciousness. As there is no real beginning or an end. either within or without but then I realized that we are all an integral part of the whole at the deepest levels and it is here that I’ve decided to make the first reference point. I will slowly start with something that is well known to each of us.The Universe I spent quite some time thinking where would be a good place to start. The Material Realm I won’t go here with extensive explanations the way our view on the material world is structured. smells. 7 . It is my opinion that truth should produce practical results at the end of the day and that you should be able to merge it with your everyday life where you can see results on your daily actions. tastes that are all around us but we are not able to register them. Only then you will be able to piece together the puzzles from the higher layers and avoid diverting into an even greater illusionary path that is completely out of touch with the current reality that we live in and which can easily wreak havoc into your daily life. with the physical human complex consisting of the physical 3D body. being somewhere along this infinite path. To put it in the middle.

additional physicists are involved. It can easily happen that the entire process is redesigned. Let’s say a physicist has identified an error into the readings of one of his instruments. I will be explaining later on what are the truths and lies in religion in more detail. This means that even mainstream science is correct on many things and wrong on many others and you can’t really begin understanding the big picture until you have reached a level of consciousness where you can discern successfully the workings of everyday science. This puts us into extremely limiting situations where we are often faced with very small problem s that are attempted to be solved applying extremely huge solutions from the wrong field of science as the problems have been wrongly analyzed to belong into this field. no matter the current focus of one’s consciousness in something called ‘specialization’ one should always stay alert to anything that reaches to him. instead of taking the snippets that are true from both of them.The main mistake I have often seen in almost any fields is that people tend to take positions and see matters as only black or white. biology. The example from our daily world is science vs. psychology etc. additional funds are spent all in the field of physics and they never think to check that maybe some of the instruments are malfunctioning due to some chemical reaction taking place in one of the components. or maybe the problem is of a psychological 8 . no matter how distant and unconnected it may seem. chemistry. religion. The biggest mistake you can make is by compartmentalizing your consciousness and deciding that some things are not of interest to you because your ‘specialization’ is someplace else. the truth is almost always somewhere in the middle and mixed with endless shades and colors through the spectrum of creation yet people tend to fall for the same mistake even when they are aware that there are snippets of truth all over the place. physics. The main illusion and blunder the current mainstream science has done is to divide itself into branches with very few connection points in fields like mathematics. Since all things are intrinsically connected. This is the best example where we have many truths on both sides yet people tend to stick to one or the other side and vehemently oppose the other. Obviously. Even though our world is one and the same they have led us to believe that it can be dissected into very specialized fields where we can proceed without taking into account knowledge from other fields.

There are many books written on this subject and I won’t be going into too much detail in this book but I can highly recommend the books of Melchizedek Drunvalo dealing with this subject: “The ancient secrets of the flower of life 1 & 2”. such as the Saturn hexagon. I will be explaining later in the book the real history of earth in the last 12 000 years where it will become much clearer how this symbol came to be on so many places. what you really are and ultimately that the box existed only in your mind and the mind of others around you. called the flower of life. Sacred Geometry Once you have studied our immediate surroundings you will start to notice some patterns about which mainstream science still has some catching up to do before it can explain them. In order to get outside of the box. The point I am trying to make is that if you are lost in the forest without any knowledge of why and how you got there. What is truly important however is the next step. Mainstream archeology is completely silent on this subject as of how it is possible that cultures which had no mutual communication or connection (according to them) whatsoever had managed to have this very same symbol in their ancient temples. You must also understand that we each have our own different box which is why exchanging thoughts and ideas with others is so important. After absorbing the information that is there we come to the next step about the basic structure of our universe as well as our consciousness as they are inseparable at a certain level. 9 . When you take a look at the flower of life. before trying to run in a certain direction. In order to solve it a higher level of consciousness is needed. If you take a look at a leaf of a tree or certain herbs or for example a nautilus shell this becomes very self-evident. you must first understand what the box is. only then it is safe to start trying to look past it and move to the higher layers of understanding.nature and one of the colleagues has fudged the data or tinkered with the instruments in order to secure his grant. Getting to know our immediate surrounding is getting to know the material realm and the set of rules that govern it. The phrase thinking out of the box comes to mind and it is often used by many people who claim to be able to do it without ever caring to stop and think about defining the box first before even attempting to think outside of it. You would surely have noticed that many things are fractal in nature. There are countless examples of fractal nature which you can easily find on the internet of which some of the most interesting can be the structure of snowflakes showing hexagonal forms or having the same forms on the level of planets. you will see that it propagates indefinitely. which can be reached by expanding the flower of life for 2 more steps. the first thing you should do is get to know your immediate surroundings and any pointers you can find. You will come to see a certain symbol that has been found all over the world in many ancient temples. I think it was Einstein that once said “We cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them”. called the metatron cube. The analogy to this is that we are all in a certain way lost on this level of existence and operating at only a fraction of our true nature.

Merkaba The first platonic solid and one of the most important ones is the tetrahedron. What can’t be easily found and is not readily acceptable is the important link between these building blocks and the flower of life. The rest and their application in our material world can be easily found all over the internet. Suffice it to say 10 . It is sufficient to point out here that the tetrahedron is a basic expression of creation and very important to be aware of. We get the so called merkaba and its 2D representation in the form of the star of David. There are theories that go as far as applying the golden mean to the dimension of time as well and there are currently indications that it may truly be connected. The golden mean was used in the ancient world extensively in the art and is an integral part of the human body. Further application of the sacred geometry principles brings us to the golden mean. The platonic solids Star Tetrahedron . The merkaba and tetrahedrons came to my mind years before I had any knowledge of sacred geometries and I regard them as a very important piece in our existence here. which importance you will come to understand as we go along through this book with the main point being that the ancient civilizations knew a lot more about our reality and who we really are than our current mainstream society.Once you analyze this extremely important figure you can begin to notice that you can derive from it all the platonic solids. we receive another important element closely linked to the human body and experience as well as that of earth itself. which are the building blocks of geometry and this world. Again you can find the details in the books of Drunvalo Melchizedek as well as the teaching of Nassim Haramein which I also highly recommend. When two tetrahedrons are placed against each other.

to bring the energies into balance as much as we can. if all this happened this way and was created by someone then who created the creator or what happened before all this existed? I don’t have an easy answer for this and I doubt anyone on this planet within these levels of consciousness has reached to that answer. People usually ask me. We will later discuss that our own evolution of consciousness and current existence is driven by this rule. It is of utmost importance that we as humanity recognize the reality of these vortexes and work together with Gaia. which is the consciousness of earth. All we know is that the creator simply IS. As sacred geometry tells us. I won’t go into much detail here as it is all explained in the books of Drunvalo but I will only say that you can never understand the totality of this world and our immediate layers of existence without a deep understanding of both the male and female aspects of consciousness. Only then you can truly reach out and go beyond the polarity into the higher layers where there is only unity and oneness. in a state of being. My personal understanding is that there is an 11 . The Golden Mean Proportion Squaring the circle – male vs. church or the many new age teachings. female Through the sacred geometry applications we can also go a step closer to understanding the dynamics between the male and female energies within these levels of polarity consciousness. has been and will be. all is inter related and bound to the same laws propagating into infinity so it makes sense that there is a certain element of design and non-randomness on all the levels of creation which further implies a greater creational force that made it all happen.the knowledge of the golden mean is extremely important to be aware of because of the direct relation it has to the structure of energy vortexes on the earth and the ancient temples built along the lines of these vortexes. the logical question would be if there is a consciousness at the deepest levels of creation that is aware of all there is. Creator Energy Once we have started to understand the building blocks of the universe and our own consciousness through the sacred geometry. This reaches out to the concept of the unknowable which was very well explained in the books of Carlos Castaneda which I will come back to later on. very much in the now and that we share a greater connection to this basic creational force than we were ever told in school.

intuition have an underlying energy carrier which I see as an energy filament of the creator energy. Every thought. reality based as well as abstract and energetic. They can be knowledge. When I say ALL I don’t mean only looking around and feeling it everywhere in time & space terms but also seeing it in every waking action of your being and the entire world around you. Do not try to fully understand the creator. They can be anything you can and can’t imagine from the entire creation. light. have their own vibration and their own intent. The goal of this book is not to get too philosophical but much more practical and to the point. This merge is seen by many people as reaching nirvana and eternal bliss but I think this is just another layer of illusion and in order to truly merge. The main point we should come to realize is to not see the creator as an external factor but to see it permeating ALL there is. for our consciousness to merge and become fully one with these creational levels of existence. actions on your side. 12 . Connect to the creator as much as you can until you realize there is indeed a greater work at place and you have a part in its creation by being one of the many expressions of this creational base energy that further creates through you. smell. past lives and the astral levels I’ve managed to access. based on my first hand experience both in this reality. wisdom and even polarized negatively expressed through some other beings of lower frequency. according to my current understanding. This will be presented in more detail when discussing about the densities of our immediate levels of existence. one must truly understand all the levels of existence that are emanations of these filaments. love. this is impossible to do it with your mind at the current state of consciousness but do try to connect to the creator. All these filaments of energy permeating all the facets of existence. What this means in everyday life is that with enough dedication we can tune our consciousness to be much more aware and in alignment with all these filaments which is when we truly become in harmony with the universe with the ultimate goal being. present and future) with time being only an illusion on these relatively low levels of existence. feel its totality of existence and try to feel the concepts being radiated towards you. rays of light.underlying creational force underneath the entire creation (past. sense. feelings.

Ask and you will be answered. 13 . Time & Space are one of those things that are taken for granted and never really examined by most people for what they really are. We already know from General Relativity that Time can flow with different speeds depending on your relative speed. as once you start moving to relativistic speeds (speeds approaching the speed of light).After you realize that the creator energy expresses itself through the many layers and densities you will begin to see that each movement of energy in the universe happens for a reason. sometimes you will like it and sometimes you will not which is not really what is important. your physical size also changes. Randomness does not exist. The same principles apply to space. The more conscious you become of this communication and the more you use it in your life. We see as random only those events that we still don’t have the understanding of how they work and it is quite likely that for many of them we never will from these levels of consciousness. This has already been proven with atomic clocks and you can find this information easily in any high school physics book or on the internet. Time & Space A lot of what goes on in our daily lives is taken for granted and never really thought about in much detail. The next step is to realize that the creator energy expresses and acts through all of its creation. What is extremely important is the knowing you have a two way communication with this creator energy and that you can be given options and choices as you move along. the freer you become that it is always up to you and the creator energy present within you which choices will be taken. It is simply the nature of the human body to adapt to its surroundings and program the things that are more or less stable into its subconscious mind so it doesn’t have to waste energy processing them again. This is the underlying principle leading to the law of Thelema which will be discussed later on in the book and according to which I currently base my entire existence. Do not be surprised that certain acts for your help or otherwise may come from people that are more in tune with this creational energy than those who are not.

If we have proof already that time & space can be very dynamically changed only through the speed of our motion. For now. The importance of being aware of our current official science here becomes more and more obvious as in this way your understanding gains a whole other level and you can easily connect the dots starting from the reality that you see with your 5 senses all the way up to the higher layers. which is a shift of consciousness that tunes to those levels. then we can only imagine what happens when we apply the higher layers into this equation such as changing the vibration frequency of matter. we have to only be aware that our notion of time is very limited and that we should pay close attention when we are faced dealing with this concept.It is ‘mind-boggling’ for us to even start comprehending how time really works and all the possibilities there exist in case time travel were to be possible. There is a definite need here to discern between viewing or reliving events that happened in the past and actually being able to be present at those events to the point where they can be influenced. Since everything is energy and as we have seen above it behaves according to certain sacred geometry principles and processes. everything around us is only an expression of energy and that matter as we see it and feel it is only an illusion. the next thing we know about energy from science is 14 . Vibrational Frequencies For sure you have heard the term vibrations many times in the new age and spiritual literature. Many of us are already aware that many of our actions and especially the way we communicate with other people have a certain vibrational feel to it. Space. we will have reached a completely new level of existence that goes far beyond our wildest imaginations. even though more exposed to us. From my experience in the astral I can say that time is almost sacred and not to be tempered with lightly. We already know from quantum mechanics that even according to our mainstream science models. I believe that when we begin understanding the nature of time and we begin to be able to manipulate its energies in a fully conscious way. is also another great mystery and we have still a long way to go before we start understanding its deep nature. The possibility to relive events from the past and project possible future is within our domains already and can be done at certain levels of the astral or simply through hypnosis.

Obviously 15 . The same applies to everything else outside of our solar system. When we take a look in our immediate physical surrounding and see the biggest energies of focus expressed as matter we see the planets and celestial bodies. completely changes the picture you are seeing. Celestial Bodies As I spent the teen years of my life studying everything I could about astronomy and even won a 1st prize on the national science Olympics in this field I can say with big confidence that what we know today about the celestial bodies from mainstream astronomy and science is extremely limited and very materialistic in nature. Once we have established that everything is energy. including matter and our consciousness then it becomes very self-evident that the world that we perceive is only an immensely small fraction of the entire spectrum of frequencies to which the energy all around us is vibrating and more importantly that we are also composed of energy that is vibrating to a certain frequency. What this means is that two energy waves on the same frequency can interact with each other while energy waves on different frequency will completely ignore each other. you can clearly see the hexagonal shape which is of extreme importance as we have come to see in the sacred geometry. Since we are energetic in nature and everything around us is also energetic in nature and we know from physics that energy inescapably interacts with itself. When you take a look at Saturn for example. You can see this happen daily on your television sets where a very small change of frequency. we start to see that everything surrounding us has an influence on our own energetic fields. This becomes very important when we start understanding that we can change the frequency of our consciousness which in turn leads to us perceiving and interacting with other frequencies in energy which are outside the ones that are seen by our mainstream science.that it often has a certain frequency. The celestial bodies are so much more than big lifeless lumps of rocks and gasses as mainstream astronomy would lead you to believe.

have a big influence on us and have a consciousness of their own. 16 . It is unfortunate that such a serious matter as is the influence of energy we have from the largest bodies in our surrounding has been so trivialized and abused in the form of astrology to the point where it has become a laughing matter for many. I’d recommend studying the basic principles of astrology and the type of energy each of the bodies has on our existence here on earth without going into too much detail such as making daily predictions. The truth is that we are a lot more connected to our Sun and Earth going to a very deep level. Another great example of the sacred geometry expressions on an extremely large level is the following vesica piscis formation. created after a star expanded into a Red Giant. Once we begin opening up our full potentials this connection becomes conscious and we begin co-creating in harmony with these immensely beautiful beings. The explanation that astrology gives is very basic in nature and explains only certain influences we have from the celestial bodies. The dynamics of this creation are also explained by Nassim in his videos which you can find over the internet. Nassim Haramein explains very well the physics and nature of the celestial bodies and I won’t be going into much detail here as you can make your own research in case you want to know. The main points that should become obvious to you about the celestial bodies are that they are very much energetic in nature with energy grids and chakras much similar to the human body structured according to sacred geometry.there are laws and processes which propagate on planetary level and further go on galactic level as well. called the hourglass nebula. What this means is that not only they have an influence on us and everything around us but we can also communicate and live in harmony with them.

e your ability for example to communicate with beings in the astral layers). From simple observations we can see that certain races on earth (i. which you can also research on the internet. Just as we have with our normal two eyes. The same principle applies to the ability of the physical body to have access to a bigger or smaller range of energetic frequencies. Certain people have the DNA that provides them with a much 17 . Obviously the first place to start is the physical body and its configuration expressed according to its DNA. slightly different DNA structures) have predispositions which provide bigger or smaller performance in some fields. Since we are all multidimensional beings there is a vague border where we can no longer consider ourselves to be human which will be explained later on as we reach to it. The physical link that makes this possible is the pineal gland. which is located in the center of your brain. that in certain people or animals we have increased ability to see the same applies with the pineal gland. This is practically what is called the third eye and it literally has the structure very similar to an eye.The Human Complex After we have passed through the basics of our immediate surroundings the next place to look is what I like to call the human complex. DNA & The Physical Body What we know about DNA from mainstream science is that it provides the building instructions for our physical bodies. Here I will focus on the role it plays in our daily experience and more importantly that DNA is a dynamic structure linked closely with our consciousness. that define what it means to be a human being on planet earth at this point of time.e. both material and energetic. What this means in our daily life is that your DNA directly influences on your ability to perceive and access the higher layers as certain parts of your body that provide this link can be developed to a greater or smaller extent (i. The human complex is the sum of all parts. You can research on your own to see the details about the DNA structure on the internet.

The first and most obvious connection is accessible to us through our mind and intellectual level. In the majority of cases you will notice that those abilities run in the family. There have been certain experiments done that prove this concept where a salamander egg was turned into a frog by simply radiating it with a laser that was passing through the DNA sample of a frog. This inevitably leads us to the conclusion that the physical body of the human is only a bio-computer whose performance is directly dictated by the DNA structure.more developed pineal gland which in turn allows them bigger access to the higher layers than the average human body. You can also research the experiments with a chicken and a duck done by David Wilcock. With certain training and focus this performance can be altered but if left to develop naturally it tends to go back to the original DNA programming. depending on the situation and how it suits them. What this means is that the DNA is of extreme importance to our ability to increase our band of frequencies that we can interact with and that we can alter the DNA itself to a certain extent as it is closely linked to our consciousness and responsive to energy. providing a transfer of DNA through energetic means only. You can reach this conclusion very easily by asking the so-called psychics about their immediate relatives. This is of course nonsense as the only factor that plays a role in this is the ability of the physical body to channel these energies and express them as abilities. Knowing this it is extremely important to understand that so called psychic abilities are the function of the DNA of the physical body. The way our consciousness integrates with our body is on several layers and through the 7 chakras. Religion has been fast to abuse this and attribute any such activity as direct acts of god (or the devil). 18 . The same principle applies to the other parts of the human body which according to their development allow for greater or smaller energy transmissions to the 7 chakras which will be explained in detail later on and which greatly influence on the character of the person. it doesn’t tell us anything whatsoever about the level of consciousness of the one that possesses them. This means that whenever these abilities are present.

The Mind The mind is largely an illusionary construct directly linked and influenced by the limitations of the brain. The Subconscious Mind This is the part of brain where the entire body is run from. The right is where all the creativity. Before we can access our higher energetic layers there is another part of the mind which has to be dealt with and which is a much more complex structure than the conscious mind. It is this continuous processing that creates a big wall of perceptional energy and blocks us from consciously accessing our higher layers. The left is usually where all the analytical thinking takes place. structured approach with strict planning and evaluating of each step. The mind is usually very busy and occupied with continually processing data it has from its surroundings or data which ‘seem’ important to be processed. Usually one of these parts is dominant in most people but in rare exceptions a true balance is reached and it is only then that the potential of the human complex is maximized. It has two main sub-constructs which can be seen in a lot of literature explained as left/right brain constructs and are often associated in as the left with male energies and the right with female energies. limitless thinking and imagination take place with many steps seemingly irrational. such as driving your car 19 . This is the sub consciousness. starting from maintaining the physiological functions such as the beat of the heart and breathing up to the programming that has been done in order to free the capacity of the conscious mind. The majority of people spend so much of their time inside the conscious mind that anything else seems difficult to imagine.

For those with IT background. The subconscious construct provides the link between your conscious mind and the higher aspects of your energetic being. For other without IT background it may be a little bit difficult to imagine how the subconscious mind works. Since it is in control of most of the functions of our behavior and body of which we are not normally consciously aware as well as has a direct link to our higher aspects. hear and do things that we not only don’t know why we are doing but which we quite possibly would never do with our conscious mind. it can issue instructions both ways according to its programming even if we do not consciously agree with them. effectively blocking any signals that may be trying to get from your higher aspects or other sources of guidance. It becomes quite obvious pretty soon that it can either multiply the effect of anything we are doing or literally wreak havoc in case its programming is opposite to what the conscious mind or the higher aspects are focused on. no matter the consequences to the body or itself for that matter. the subconscious mind can be most adequately compared to the processor in a computer unit. It has certain instructions which are coded inside of it and it does whatever it can to make those instructions happen. see. The next question that naturally arises is: Who does the programming of the subconscious mind and is there a way to re-program it? 20 . This is because the subconscious mind is very much alike a computer unit doing whatever it is programmed to be doing. The fact that it has almost complete control of the physical body is very important because that means it can issue powerful hormones and chemicals through your entire body making you feel many things without any apparent reason and clouding the judgment of the conscious mind. As we can see the subconscious mind can make us feel. without thinking about the consequences or reasons. It does not have any evaluation on the actions and possible consequences.without ‘thinking’ about it. You can best imagine it as something that is always doing what is told. It simply does anything according to its programming.

starting with the physiological preferences of the given DNA structure up to living memories from our ancestors that have been imprinted on their DNA. There is a multitude of instructions that can be passed through DNA. In many cases that apply to the majority of people. changes all the time and there are many influences that can either directly or indirectly insert or modify instructions inside of it.The programming of the subconscious mind is actually very dynamic. The problem in such a case would be that the subconscious is trying to accomplish two tasks which are cancelling each other. subjects and places or anything else associated with a certain positive or negative memory passed through their DNA. As the body develops through the years the subconscious mind takes on many other programs from the people that are part of the growing process. With each failure the belief 21 . The first programming comes since the day we are born and is directly imprinted according to the instructions passed to us through our DNA. In an extreme case this can be for example if an ancestor of yours was killed with a knife in his leg and bled to death you may have big fears of knife or even a physical scar or problem in your leg. Most of those are imprinted very deeply during childhood as the mind is still very open to new programming during those years and still in the process of forming itself. This implies programs taken from the parents such as for example “You are not good enough for some kind of a task” or “You have to prove yourself to us”. This becomes very important when you realize that the bigger the energetic impact of a given memory the bigger it has an impact on your subconsciousness as well. the influences are very mild and are in the range of preferences or irritations to certain objects. One single program of this kind imprinted deeply and strong enough could send a multitude of instructions during your entire life where you feel a great urge to become good in this task but never seem to succeed as bad things always happen along the way. So it keeps trying and failing and here we reach to another influence on the programming which is very recursive. It is trying to make you prove yourself in that task but at the same time it is programmed that you are not good in this task.

the subconscious mind will be programmed inefficiently or incorrectly. the danger is that the subconscious mind will evoke a multitude of pictures and feelings associated with the word sick and imprint those. At this level of communication our higher aspects may also have their energetic imprints which have great influence to our subconscious mind. the fear of fire is strongly and deeply imprinted to the point where they have this fear in their daily life for no apparent reason. We should not forget another part of ourselves which has a direct link to the subconscious mind and over which we have a great deal of control at our present state. When we want to influence our programming we must give instructions made in positive terms and timed in the now (for example I am healthy). when these aspects of consciousness connect to their current subconscious mind. It will wait for an indefinite period of time just like a computer program would do. which are in direct communication with our subconscious mind. This is the conscious mind. positive affirmations etc. Such a strong imprint could stay within their higher aspect parts of their consciousness so in this life. The next obvious programming comes from our higher aspects. Even though they belong to these higher aspects their expression reaches all the way to our daily life because of their strong imprints. the subconscious mind will continue with its default programming and will not make you healthy right now. If we say I will be healthy. If we think in negative terms or in a different time period. This is the reason behind all the teachings about positive thinking. A good example for this would be the extreme case of someone having had a past life in which they were burned alive.inside the subconscious mind is only strengthened more and more. which will give you the opposite result from the one you wanted. If you say (I am not sick). The programming can be done with its help although this is not as easy as it may sound. Again in the majority of mild cases this again translates into preferences and annoyances for a multitude of different things or concepts due to such experiences imprinted in past lives. 22 . we keep failing more and more and the program becomes even stronger and deeper.

although I don’t agree with all their theories about past lives and the higher layers. such as watching TV and subliminal messages but the fact is it goes so far beyond that. If some event made a programming inside the subconsciousness while you were a kid. Another very important fact is that the subconscious is continually bombarded by many outside sources. In many cases only the sources in the purely physical are mentioned. But it is less obvious that if you have a depressed neighbor. based on many years of practice. It is obvious that if you watch depressing images on TV all day that in the end you will also feel for a more detailed look about the interactions with the subconscious mind. then you need to go back to 23 .http://www.The next sources of programming for the subconscious mind are all the outside sources on all the levels of our being. The important points which should be understood is that the subconsciousness plays a crucial role and is the first gate we must pass and have in order before we can hope to successfully begin to activate our higher aspects of our being. There are many examples on the internet about how such defensive programming and re-programming of undesirable programs can be done. your own subconsciousness will inevitably pick up on them which will result in a greater or lesser programming being made according to its abilities to ‘defend’ itself against such influences. This extremely important fact is very often completely overlooked in many of the new age books teaching you about the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. especially at this point of history and we have to incorporate a lot of defensive programming so these sources don’t wreak havoc in our consciousness. One key aspect that must be kept in mind is that any kind of reprogramming must be done at the level in which the programming has originated. I can recommend the works of the web site Odyssey of the Soul .odysseyofthesoul. When you realize that all our aspects of our being are energetic in nature and exchange information and energy on all of their respective energy levels with everything else in the universe. the influence on our entire being is extremely varied and can be extremely strong. There are entire books written only on the topic of the subconscious mind and I can’t go in much more depth in this book about it. then because of his energy patterns and programs being transmitted through his energy field. In more serious cases the help of professional hypnotherapists can be of an extreme help as they can directly access the subconscious mind and overwrite any kind of programming that is causing you problems for which you are usually not even consciously aware.

In order to fully remove this anomaly you will have to resolve this in the level of consciousness where it all began through the use of hypnosis or meditation. there are other layers of ‘bodies’ of energy that can be used by our consciousness to access different spectrums of energy.that level of consciousness and reprogram it in terms that will be acceptable to the level you had back then. After the pineal gland and etheric body. There are certain techniques for developing this part of the brain which are explained very well on the site of a friend of mine at his website and book . You will be amazed to find that through regressive hypnosis your kid level of consciousness can be fully accessed and communicated with. The Higher Aspects The subconsciousness directly connects to our energetic bodies. This can be done either through regressive hypnosis or through focused analysis of what happened to you and how it could have been done in a more positive way by actively visualizing and imagining that you are talking to yourself as a kid. we not only perceive our physical world visually but also the astral frequencies as images.http://globalhealingmeditation. the pineal gland in the middle of our brain. Usually in literature this is known is bioenergy and many people have such a strong field of this bioenergy that they can transmit it to other people who have a weaker field. The first link from the physical to the energetic is as we have mentioned already. The same principles apply to acupuncture which mainly works through blocking certain energetic pathways to influence positively or negatively the working of your energetic and physical body. Within the immediate vicinity is the etheric body which is consisted of all the meridians running through the physical body and connected to all the chakras. sounds and pure energy. Once our consciousness is at the frequency of the 24 . For example if your shoulder hurts because of a past life injury. Due to the increased vibrational range. I see this only as a temporary measure and I’d advise trying to resolve your illnesses and problems on the level where they originated. Through meditation and training it is possible to develop this part of our brain up to the point where we can literally perceive with our eyes closed. The one after the etheric body is the so called astral body. This is what is known in the literature as remote viewing and can be extremely tricky as an inexperienced viewer could easily have his perception mixed with his own feelings and thoughts. having a bioenergy healer transmit you energy into this place will solve the problem only for few .

I don’t necessarily agree with much of his .html and the part about entering a state called trance.astraldynamics. To fully explain the astral experience and astral realms is beyond the possibilities of a book and words for that matter as this is something that can be fully grasped only through direct experience. The astral plane is a set of frequencies which can be perceived in many ways. telepathy etc.astralvoyage. The important concepts that should be known about the astral realm are that it is a band of frequencies generally perceived in three rough Usually since we are limited in our perception by what we know from this realm our perception in the astral is mainly in visual imagery similar to our experience but in time with experience you begin to notice that there are no limitations and you can use your thoughts to perform many feats such as teleportation. flying. This is also the frequency where we can access memories of our true nature and any past lives we’ve had. I also highly recommend the training methods of Robert Bruce at Astraldynamics http://www. It is through this layer of frequency that we are linked to our higher aspects and all the factors such as past lives and future plans on a higher level come to full effect. The middle 25 . The art of Kagaya comes pretty close though with the visual representation of some of the places found in the astral. The so called lower astral where many dark and negative beings dwell and where sceneries much alike hell can be found. For a basic explanation about the astral layers as well as the so-called astral projection you can read one of the best sites about it: Astralvoyage .http://www. but this technique is very functional and I have managed to produce it several times myself.astral body many things become possible out of which is the ability to transfer our consciousness through time & space. which is including our past lives and past events.

where dealings are similar to what we know on earth and where places like created holograms of sceneries exist. One thing that can be directly observed is that there are certain templates of energy configurations both in the astral as well as expressed through certain body types. How many times have you noticed in your life that two people are very much alike. The higher astral is the band of frequency where the concepts are starting to transform from being visual into a state that can be best identified as being connected to everything and experiencing a certain higher knowing about anything you focus on. both in their physical body and their so called personality? 26 . That through our astral body information and influence can be received from our entire experience on earth and other realms including other planets. Memory is truly holographic and multidimensional. This leads to the conclusion that memories are not mere information stored in our brain.astral. Information about the future can be received as well but due to other factors it can’t be taken as reliable. Your thoughts directly project a reality which can be best experienced while in your astral body. The brain would never be able to store such a huge amount of information on a purely physical level. both current and past is a very important point which must be taken into account when exploring your own nature. I believe we should first focus on understanding our nature above our physicality. Each time we try to retrieve a certain memory the process is always contained of many components depending on our current vibration of consciousness. which is why one has to be very careful and disciplined about their thoughts in order not to interfere with what is being perceived. others from the memory banks of our subconsciousness while others are retrieved directly at the energetic imprints in the universe of that specific subject by using our higher aspects such a the astral body or pineal gland to access that information. through the etheric layers and into the astral before trying to grasp the concepts that are above all of these. Some of it is retrieved from the memory banks of our brain. I will not be going into much speculation about what are our even higher aspects of our being above the astral layers even though I have certain ideas of how the universe proceeds afterwards. in which many beings can be found both purely energetic and those that have previously had incarnations on earth. This is why under hypnosis people are able to access past events to an extreme detail. It is somewhere between the middle and higher astral bands that the akashic records exist and they can be visited and accessed through our astral body.

you will undoubtedly see many people sharing a certain body types that look almost exactly like each other. it has also meant that there a limited number of body types or simply clones of a certain amount of original DNA samples. 27 . The astral layers and our own higher aspects can even effectively simulate these archetypes where we can have a direct communication with them. Since the human body was mainly genetically engineered by higher forces. On the energetic level we have archetypes of certain personalities. where certain mixes of ingredients produce certain meals. Our physical bodies and DNA is not as unique as we may think. If you look around at many people.Archetypes Archetypes are configurations of energy containing a certain set of patterns that produce a specific goal. This can be seen for example in the dynamics of parent/child relationships where we see the same pattern of events happening to many people. Another reason for this is that they may have tuned into the life of Cleopatra and decided to re-live it on the astral layer which has made it seem like a memory of their own. Another example is the professional or romantic relationships that are formed between different people. This would be experienced for example by conversing with some of the Greek gods and experiencing it as a past incarnation of yourself while in reality you are just accessing this archetype of energy and downloading it into your own energy configuration making it seem like a part of yourself. The archetypes of situations and patterns of events is also a very important concept that can be easily recognized in our daily lives and which in some cases can be very predictable. which is something that will be discussed in more detail later in the book. These configurations of energy are pertinent not only to what we call personality of a certain person but also it goes above that to setups of situations we experience in our lives as well as our physical bodies. This can almost be compared to recipes of food. such as the gods of mythology which are very real energy patters which can be accessed through our higher aspects and downloaded into our subconscious mind which further organizes our personality according to the characteristics of certain archetypes. This is part of the confusion why so many people in regression think they’ve been Cleopatra.

The first and most obvious source is our conscious mind. Quite often we 28 . As we have clearly seen our energetic bodies are continually influenced by all sources of energy and information which further translates into feelings. this causes a lot of confusion and if this food is causing us a problem. who put it into the bowl and when it was put there. mixes it together and mistakenly takes it as one type of energy. What we call feelings and emotions are nothing else but information and energy received into our being which can’t be directly translated to words. everything that is registered in the mind that can’t be translated directly into words is called a feeling or emotion. In short. Feelings So far the information provided has been focused a lot more on the intellectual level than on the intuitive and emotional level. The subject is further complicated by calling feelings the same as emotions. This is very important to be able to discern when being aware of your feelings and especially when taking any actions based on those feelings. This will further help you to discern the parts of the archetype pattern from the parts of your higher aspects. mixing them into one big bowl and calling it food. You can see the most frequent patters in other people’s lives if you look for them or also through history and mythology stories as well as through analyzing your own life and past lives. In this case you can easily see the real reasons behind what is happening to you and very accurately predict the next steps you can expect in any given situations. While it is certainly correct from a certain point of view. leading them to taking medications. The biggest problem humanity has in present time with feelings is that it puts many concepts into one big basket. emotions or current events of your life are only a part of a larger energy pattern. we are not able to see which ingredient is making the problem. What we know as feelings are only the end results of very complex energy interactions which we register and translate into our brain.Knowing about archetypes is very important because once you are consciously aware of them in your life you can very easily recognize when some of your feelings. in the current understanding. where it came from. There are several important sources that cause us to feel something. It is no wonder with all this extreme simplification people are often overwhelmed with ‘feelings’ and unable to deal with them. The analogy of this mass confusion is like taking all the possible eatable ingredients on earth.

Another source of what is termed as emotions or feelings can be simply caused by a chemical imbalance in the physical body. This is also similar to other types of feelings where we feel something is not right or something is very right What is extremely important when analyzing and processing your feelings is to successfully discern the level from which they are originating. This could easily mean that our subconscious is processing and being focused on information that is sad for us but we are not consciously aware of it. After this discernment is made the next step is that with enough focus on a certain feeling. In this case we can find ourselves for example feeling very sad and don’t have any logical reason for this. This could be for example due to some positive or negative experience in a past life with the consciousness that is currently inside this person that you are meeting for the first time in this life. by focusing on this feeling things may start to become much clearer and you may start receiving information on the reasons this feeling is present in your body. It is widely known that there are certain chemicals that have great influence on the body such as endorphins and hormones which are released into the body as a way of giving a reward by the body itself after certain actions that benefit it 29 .feel certain things because we have engaged in thought processes that directly evoke those feelings. As we go upwards to the astral layers. there can be many other sources for our feelings and they can be combined. We could meet a person for the first time in our life and feel a profound connection with them. closeness or on the opposite a big aversion towards them. The next source is the subconscious mind. This is what empathy is all about. the picking and feeling of the feelings of other people. information translated into words can be obtained about it. We are for example starting to think about someone very dear to us and we feel positive emotions regarding this person. The same feeling of irrational sadness could also be easily caused by another energetic being (either in the astral close to us or a living person) who is feeling very sad and we are picking on his energy. For example if you are feeling angry for no apparent reason.

they are on 30 . The most frequently used psychotropic substances are the psilocybin mushrooms which have been used since ancient time by the shamans to help them in their spiritual journeys and LSD which is a relatively new substance. I’d go as far as recommending the use of psilocybin for one or two times so you get a feel on just how fluid our physical body hardware is and how even a little change can completely shift our perception into the higher layers. Alcohol is also known to wreak havoc in the processes of our physical body and greatly influence our behavior. making you perceive and experience frequency bands that are outside of its normal function. The way they work is that they simply alter the hardware in your brain where certain centers of the brain are either shut down or greatly enhanced. This is mainly because as you go along you will find out that our body is very capable of producing these changes in a natural and controlled manner and also because we do not yet have a clear understanding of how these substances affect our body and brain in order to use them in a controlled and safe manner. Perhaps sometime in the future after we have reached a sufficient level of understanding they will be a valuable tool with which we can speed our evolution. the next realization is that this applies the same for the pineal gland which can be influenced in this way to operate outside of its normal capacity. You must however make sure that you are properly balanced and in a positive mindset before you do such a thing as you can very easily become psychologically addicted to the feelings in your body this substance provokes and the escapism it brings with it.(like doing sports). The reason I have mentioned only psilocybin and LSD is that from my limited experience and research. While I have personally tried on only one occasion the psilocybin I have never had the chance to try LSD and I doubt I ever will due to its high risk in messing with your brain circuitry and unpredictable results. it is important to set the boundaries that I do not advocate the regular use of any kind of substances that substantially interfere with the normal operation of our brain. Once we realize that the processes of our physical body can be influenced and changed through certain substances. Psychotropic Substances Before we go in any depth on this subject.

Also note that everything I am writing bellow on sleep. the same applies with two other substances which we find daily in many foods. A lot is written all over the internet about the dangers of these substances to your brain and the dampening effect of your psychic abilities and memory. I fully recommend studying about it and avoiding them from your diet as much as you can. Unfortunately. many of today’s official medications issued by psychiatrists dealing with your brain are incredibly dangerous as they are simply numbing your brain down. aspartame and fluoride. alpha. meaning that you run the danger of a complete nervous breakdown once the energy pilled into your higher layers becomes intolerable and unable to ignore. your ability to think straight is also reduced which means that much of what is seen are pure hallucinations produced only by your conscious and subconscious mind.astral projection. Unless your body is specifically enabled through your DNA. to meditation or sleep. the only way to expand even further is through altering the state of your consciousness. It is exactly because of this that music (which is nothing but acoustic waves on different frequencies) has such a big effect on our mood and feelings. The first range is the Beta frequency and this means that your brain is operating at 13 to 40 cycles per second. As they directly influence the hardware of the brain.the opposite spectrum of effects. which is again a direct expression of the state of consciousness we are currently in. To go even further. This is a relaxed meditative state where our brain is operating at a lower capacity and our consciousness is starting to transfer some of its activities in the higher layers. A prolonged use of those leads to piling up of problems inside of your subconsciousness which are not dealt with and an increasing resistance to these drugs. many times even before I had read the theory behind it. the state of your consciousness also changes. It has been scientifically proven that even the frequency of your brain changes as you change your operational mode from normal daily operation. During this frequency range you are fully awake and engaged in normal activities. meditation and trance has been gained not only from theory but also experienced through firsthand experience. Alternate States of Consciousness We all go through many states of consciousness during the day and night. The second range is what is called Alpha and is in the range of 8 to 13 cycles per second. This is a state that we can reach during meditation and hypnosis and is very good for consciously assessing our 31 . Think of a state of consciousness as a certain frequency. Psilocybin greatly defocuses your attention and makes you spread and become one with everything around you while LSD is the opposite and makes you enter into a hyper focused state where you can tune in into various astral currents and decode their energies in multiple ways. Once that frequency is changed even the slightest. in this frequency range you are not able to consciously access the higher layers as your brain is blocking most of them through its high activity. Once we begin to reach the limitations of the physical body in terms of the range of frequencies it can process. You can easily find this information all over the internet and the waves of the brain are called beta. killing brain cells and making you not feel anything while your subconsciousness is sending strong signals that something is wrong and must be taken care of. theta and delta. dreams .

You can actually feel this separation threshold and the immediate increase of frequency afterwards. there is a download of information from the astral layers into the physical brain which we experience as dreams. the information from the astral must pass through your subconscious mind. have a dream that seems to last for an hour and wake up again at 7:00. Once you begin falling asleep the frequency of your brain changes and you begin to lose awareness. There will be a lot more written on meditation and its importance in our daily lives towards the end of the book. According to your ability to process this information. as we have seen in the previous sections of 32 . The same applies for experiencing dreams that are the product of our subconscious projections. which is sleep but to be more exact.thought processes. the speed of time is greatly reduced. With enough practice you can train yourself to contain the frequency of the brain in this range and maintain a REM phase for long periods of time which in turn means you get to fully control your dreams and download them into your brain afterwards. As the consciousness is operating in the astral at a higher frequency. if you manage to produce the trance technique we talked about earlier in the book. The point where it starts becoming real interesting is once we start reaching the Theta frequency range which is 4 to 7 cycles per second. the several seconds are only the length of the download taking place of a dream that has lasted for example of well over an hour in the astral. which makes it actually increase it frequency many times than what it was limited to while in the physical body. It is not true that dreams last only several seconds. This is a state that everyone is familiar with. The process that goes on is that due to the lower frequency of the brain. it is no longer capable of fully containing your consciousness which separates from the brain and enters into the astral body. dreams can be experienced as either highly symbolic or very literal. the REM phases of sleep. energy body and even reprogramming our subconsciousness. This is also the cause why sometimes we experience extreme time dilatations when we wake up at 6:55. which then borders with remote viewing and astral projection. During this operation the link is not completely severed with our brain and during short intervals of sleep called the REM phase. Once you begin experiencing a dream in your physical brain. feelings.

Another good way to increase your dream recall is to program yourself before sleep. try very hard to remember all that you have dreamt and repeat it over and over again to make sure that this information is transferred into your physical brain as well. As we have seen memory is multidimensional. The most important point for starting to remember your dreams is to learn to recognize the first moments when you begin to awake. so if something is not transferred into your physical brain then it remains on the higher levels where it is more difficult but still possible to retrieve. love and similar high frequency concepts. During these short moments it is important not to move physically as this will only snap back your consciousness from the astral at a fast pace. If the information is altered by your subconscious mind then you perceive it as highly symbolic or in images that are known well to you. You can then reprogram the hologram of experience you are having and experience anything you want or you can effectively shut down the influence of your subconsciousness as much as you can and try to increase the frequency of your consciousness by focusing on universal peace.this chapter. For example if you see an alien space ship in the astral. Once you begin mastering this. According to its programming. it could be translated to something more known and comfortable and seen as a flying sailing ship in the sky. since this is so foreign and disturbing to your mind. by continually suggesting that not only you will remember your dreams but you will also become conscious during them. This is the moment that your consciousness is still occupying both the astral body and your physical brain. In order to extract useful information from our dreams we must first learn to remember them. Lucid dreams are those dreams in which we know we are dreaming and from there we can take full control of the process limited only by our subconscious beliefs. you will notice that you may start feeling a surge of energy through your entire body and the surrounding of your dream may 33 . With experience and training however. it can severely alter the information or just pass it along. Once you find yourself into this situation. you can condition your subconsciousness to not alter the information that is passing through it which means you begin to see it very literally and sometimes even in images and feelings that you don’t understand and seem very foreign to you.

Many get lost in all the technicalities. As was mentioned earlier. explained on my friend’s website 34 . It is only through alpha where can enter meditation or hypnosis that we are able to tune into these memories which remain somewhere in our higher aspect bodies such as the astral body. This is something that most of us do regularly. You can find tons of techniques and new age theories on how to access the higher layers. explains this very well in detail and I can confirm from firsthand experience that it works. continuing from there by using your visualization or a technique that is based on visualization. The last phase is the delta frequency. During this cycle the normal operation of the brain is lowered to a minimum and it is not able to contain our normal awareness in any form. visualizations and so on.5 to 4 cycles per second. This means you are becoming successful into increasing your frequency and going from the lower to the higher astral layers. which is about 0.literally change from dark to very light one. it can receive directly information from many sources of which your conscious mind can become directly aware without your subconsciousness filtering it down. but the memory of this is never downloaded into our brain and we are not able to access it during our beta periods. The base from which you must start however is always the brain and altering its frequency range so you are enabled to enter into an alternate state of consciousness. The site of Robert Bruce mentioned in the earlier sections. There is no single correct or ultimate technique so you will have to find the one that suits you best and prepares you the best for what you encounter once you manage to shift your consciousness into the higher layers. for this I recommend the training of Zener cards. This also means that the subconscious part of the brain is operating at minimum but you must be aware that the subconscious programs can still be active inside the astral body as it contains a copy of them. Do not be surprised if during this process memories from past lives start coming or knowledge about your abilities in how to use the astral energies. All this is explained in detail on the website shared earlier about astral projection so I won’t be going into much more detail about it. Another problem you may soon face is that you will be losing awareness rather easily each time your frequency increases. The only thing that is needed is dedication and daily practice. even though a much more fluid one. It is as simple as that yet people tend to make it much more complicated. As I already mentioned in the previous sections. It is during this phase that we can have a very clear astral projection or a very deep trance in which we can experience fully with our astral body or even higher aspects without much interference from our brain. I personally recommend entering a straightforward trance through meditation and clearing your mind and after your consciousness has transferred into your astral body. You can even work together with someone using hypnosis to put yourself in a hypnotic trance. Since your consciousness is in a direct link with many energies.

35 . There are basically two components you need to work on. dreams.(inside the 2012 topic) and book . Another way to train and increase your mental strength is through lucid dreams and controlling all the aspects of those dreams with your awareness.http://globalhealingmeditation. It is unfortunate that our DNA has been limited to such a low degree and we don’t have the necessary time to do this in a much more serious manner that we have to resort to such ways. hypnosis or trance) and the second is developing mental strength which you will need after your consciousness has transferred into the astral body. it is all about improvisations and playing tricks with your subconscious mind. One is putting your brain in a low frequency mode of operation (either through as it is proven to be functional and greatly increases the mental strength of your awareness. meditation. As you will come to notice. This is also something which I’ve experienced firsthand and has helped me increase my mental strength considerably.

It is quite possible however that there are many more emanations producing concepts similar to these. what I like to call the human complex is also highly energetic in nature and has many different layers of frequency awareness and operation. The more chakras we have operating properly the more expanded our awareness and 36 . What they fail to understand however is that these are a lot more than simple energy centers. The sum of our actions is always to a big degree directly influenced by how functional or nonfunctional our chakras are which in turn means we are able to interact with more or less with the seven specific frequency bands. that even the progress of evolution of our soul is done on seven distinct layers called densities which directly correspond to these seven emanations. as I will share later. We have also seen that the sum of components that create a human being. and the chakras in our body are only energetic centers meant to allow us to interact with them. I know that most of the information following could be found on the internet but still I felt it important to summarize and give my point of view as many details on the internet are mixed and wrong . The next step is to start to look at the different colors of energy of all these layers and how they combine to produce the concepts of energy which we live through daily but may not be aware of them yet. they are in no way unique only to the human body but to the entire frequency spectrum in which we currently reside.Seven Emanations of Energy We have seen so far that the universe around us is pure energy in different frequencies. called chakras. In a lot of new age and ancient literature these seven emanations are briefly touched upon and presented as energy centers of the human energy body. which we can’t perceive nor understand from our current form because we don’t have the capacity or energy conduits in form of chakras to interact with them. There are indications. I will try to explain them using the chakras in our body as they are very well known to us and if you are self aware to a certain degree you can directly feel them on your own body. Even though these seven emanations are universal in nature. The seven emanations of energy are radiating and expressing basic principles and aspects which combine to produce everything we can perceive around us.

In this scenario the chakra would become blocked but no matter how hard you tried to meditate and focus on it you would not manage to make it fully operational as the type of energy needed to run through it would not be available. Depending if the flow is balanced. Please have in mind that according to your level of consciousness. 37 .balanced our actions are as this directly means we are able to perceive the world in its full spectrum which in turn greatly expands our awareness. In many cases the chakra isn’t blocked at all. For example if you have a so called blocked chakra. which is done to balance the chakras. this doesn’t mean that the problem is in the chakra itself. The correct course of action in this case would be to change your environment and find someone to communicate with so a balanced flow of energy can be provided to the otherwise completely healthy chakra. Once we begin to be self aware and start feeling these energy flows. but more often than not the problem is someplace else. which will be discussed in detail later in the book. each of the chakra is an energy center that transfers in and out a certain spectrum of energy through itself. By all means meditating and focusing on your chakras is positive when done correctly without putting too much pressure on them in case they are not operating well. to be misguided and in the wrong direction. Basic Characteristics of the Chakras Before I start describing each of the seven major chakras that we all have in the energetic body. the symptoms for the balanced. so don’t take the one specified later on literally. the problem is always multifaceted and should be approached as such. such as our subconsciousness and the blocked chakra is only the result. nothing else to communicate with. They are more provided as an example and a guideline taken from someone with an average level of consciousness. we need to understand what their main function is and how exactly they connect to our other aspects of our being. This being said. with nothing else alive. blocked or hyperactive we can then take actions to bring it back into balance. The chakras are basically energy centers through which energy flows in both directions. Since our subconsciousness attracts the environment we live in. The blockage can be either in our subconsciousness or in our exterior environment. You could actually harm your chakra if you focused hard on it and made it to function into a hyperactive mode with a very limited energy available to it to draw on to. it is only that the source of the energy running through it has become blocked. The same applies with all our minor problems within our chakras. They are supposed to be taken only as indicators that something is not right within our subconsciousness or in the environment we live in as they are responsible only for transferring energy. blocked or hyperactive chakra operation can be greatly varied. Imagine for example you lived alone in the world. It very well could be. we can use our chakras to measure the flow of energy through each of them. Pretty soon you would experience problems in your throat chakra which is responsible for transferring energy dealing with communication since you would have no one to fully communicate with. If you feel that energy is not flowing very well in some of the chakras or it is flowing in a hyperactive manner. It is unfortunate that this is a concept that is not well understood causing much of the healing and focus.

The analogue of trying to open an unbalanced chakra would be to try and run with a thorn in your foot which would undoubtedly cause a lot of harm besides some of the good you would accomplish through the running. If you have a thorn in your foot the reasonable action is to sit down and remove it before increasing your activity. The best we can do is to keep this flow in a reasonably balanced manner which enables us to operate in line with our intuition. As our energy capacity grows and our awareness expands. This way you can gain more insight. the Kundalini as it literally feels like an energy snake moving around the inside of your body until it 38 . so does the energy transfer through our chakras. This is the synchronous transfer of energy through all of them. The same applies if you figure that the problem is in your environment or if it is a combination of your subconscious programming as well as your environment attracted by it. With proper reprogramming of those parts you can then restore the normal flow of energy. starting with the base and ending with the top which is called in the new age and ancient literature. any problems which may be manifesting with your current levels of energy will be greatly multiplied as you go along and open the chakras to transfer greater amounts of unbalanced energy. There are many techniques where this process is influenced and forced through visually opening and enlarging their capacity. Sometimes you may see that the problem is within your subconsciousness where some of this energy has been blocked. another step is possible. This is something I recommend only if you have sufficiently balanced all of them and you feel that you are ready for a larger transfer of energy. Once we have all the seven chakras balanced and operating to a certain degree. What has to be understood also. which in turn directly translates into unbalanced physical experiences. and thoughts connected to this energy could start coming to you.then I’d recommend meditating and focusing on this chakra with the only intent of gaining more information why this situation has occurred. as most of the time the flow of energy fluctuates through the chakras. is that there is no perfect balance. not trying to close or open the chakra by visual force. You have to keep in mind that if you were to do this with unbalanced or hyperactive chakras.

links to the top of your spine. This is something that can come spontaneously or there are techniques which focus on forcing this process in your energy body, which is something I don’t recommend unless you really feel you are ready for this path. A direct access to this kind of energy in your energy body can wreak havoc if you don’t have the mental capacity and experience to or in case some of your chakras were transferring disharmonious energy which would be greatly multiplied through the Kundalini energy influencing negatively all the other chakras.

I experienced the Kundalini firsthand in a very positive manner once I meditated for couple of months for few hours daily and resolved some blockages in my subconsciousness. This inevitably led to my chakras starting to transfer energy in a balanced manner which further led to a spontaneous link of energy connecting all of them. Depending on your previous development of the energetic pathways, this can be a very powerful or mild experience. In my case I could feel it as water flowing through my spine for two weeks and it was unmistakably strong and energetic even during my entire waking hours. Now that we have a basic understanding on the nature and function of the chakras in the body, we can move on to describe the types of energy that they are responsible for interacting with. In most cases you will notice that their characteristics directly correlate with their physical expressions on the body.

The Material
The first emanation can be best described as the material. This is the frequency where the main topic is everything that is connected to our lowest vibrations, which is our physical body. From our point of view this is represented to us through the matter we need to survive, be that in the form of a house to live in, a car to drive, food to eat or money to buy all this. This is further expressed in our social norms when dealing with anything that concerns these subjects and concerning our material necessities for existence including our security for sustaining them once obtained. In our ‘modern’ society this frequency band is greatly dysfunctional and in many cases the primary focus for most people. The following are characteristics associated with this emanation and the chakra through which we interact with it:


Main focus:

Material, necessary for physical survival, directly connected to earth, security Red Middle of the legs, facing openly downwards to the earth, providing the base of our spine and body Material necessities are secured and there is no fear or concern with maintaining them. Physical possessions are kept to a balanced level necessary for the optimal functioning of our life. There is also a balanced connection to the earth. There is always a struggle to secure physical necessities, the feeling of being disconnected from earth and there is fear of losing physical possessions even when they are present. Whatever is gained that is connected to the physical survival is never enough. More and more is piled beyond what is really needed. Physical possessions are linked to personal success.

Color: Physical body expression:

Proper Function:

Blocked Function:

Hyperactive Function:

Whatever your life plans on earth, before beginning any kind of a venture in any field, this chakra must be properly balanced. Moving ahead without taking care of your ability to physically survive and without feeling secure is always very difficult, will hinder a lot of your progress and may do a lot of harm to yourself and those around you.

The Sexual
This is the emanation through which the polarized male and female energies are expressed the strongest and through which the first spark in the reproductive process is begun. In 40

this frequency band, we find everything that deals with the interactions, dramas and archetype situations between the male and female energy, beyond the mere sexual act, which further has big influence on the way we deal with the other emanations through our chakras. The influence of the physical body on whether we tune in the male or female polarity is very big but another factor that decides the dominant polarity is our preference from past lives. This is why homosexuality is not caused by the chemistry of the body and there is no genetic statistics to prove it otherwise. If it were a trait of the body then it would be a lot more evidently transferred through genetics and it would run in the family. From observation we notice that this is not the reality in most families. This is due to the fact, that it is our higher aspects that have a direct influence on the polarity we wish to flow through us and this flow further influences the body to chemically respond in either a heterosexual or homosexual way by producing different set of hormones. For example if someone has had the last 10 lives as a female, they may find it very difficult to adapt the male energy into their system in this life if they were born into a male physical body. It is likely they would still tune in the female energy a whole lot more meaning they would be attracted to the same sex.

As this type of emanation is directly involved with the process of reproduction and creation of new physical bodies, there is a whole lot more that we don’t understand about the full potentials of these frequencies of energy and the way our higher aspects behave when we exchange this energy with the opposite polarity. In our ‘modern’ society, this energy is greatly misunderstood and abused to no end, where most people don’t have the necessary depth to touch its real potential but are limited to its lower expressions manifested through the senses of the physical body and its chemical processes. In many cases people are dominated by this energy and not able to contain it or consciously control it, leading to a severely disharmonious use where it creates havoc in all the other chakras or their overall Karma (the concept of Karma will be explained in detail later in the book). The exchange of this energy with the opposite polarity can take many forms. Having physical sex is usually where the biggest exchange happens but it can also happen on the astral layers or through energetic transfer, sometimes on a merely subconscious level. During this exchange, besides the sexual energy in many cases there is an exchange going on also of DNA 41

sterility. The following are characteristics associated with this emanation and the chakra through which we interact with it: Main focus: Color: Physical body expression: Proper Function: Sexual. the powerful sexual energy currents must be tamed to some level. exchange of energy with incompatible partners Interactions with the opposite sex is always sexually charged. this was considered as a very sacred and strong energy and many rituals of spiritual initiation involved it in one way or another.female interaction. there is a balanced regular exchange of energy with a fully compatible partner. If this merging is done with partners who are not energetically compatible. merging of our subconscious programs and connections being made through all our other chakras.information (as we have seen that DNA can be influenced by the energy). many animal instincts are triggered and emotional links are created with those partners even though we are not compatible with them on those levels. I believe that Tantra is one of those teachings that deal in more detail but I have not had the chance to read it so I can only point you without being able to give you my personal opinion. As you advance spiritually and begin to control the flows of energy in your being you may find that your capacity to handle this energy is also greatly increased as well as your ability to use it creatively in harmony with all your other chakras. In ancient times. creational Orange Reproductive organ Interaction with the opposite polarity is not influenced by the sexual energy. This may not be an easy task in our society where 42 . the physical reproductive organ is functioning properly There are issues connected with sexuality or the opposite sex which can be also emotional. it can cause us a great deal of conflicts resulting in blocked chakras. the sexual energy is has a big role in all activities Blocked Function: Hyperactive Function: Before having any kind of a meaningful spiritual balance. the reproductive organ is not functioning properly. male . Another problem is that due to our DNA programming. You may also notice that you are much more able to recognize easily the partners which can offer the most compatibility for an energetic exchange of this kind. The problem of causing unwanted pregnancy and fathering children in a relationship that has no long term future can also create a multitude of problems and difficult Karma for all the involved parties. there is an urge to exchange energy (physically and energetically) on frequent basis with several or one partner. These are some of the reasons that promiscuity has been shunned in many spiritual teachings. reproductive.

The whole chain of events leading to us perceiving a certain emotion. happiness. We have to remember from earlier that the only concern the subconsciousness has is to follow its programming strictly and that part of this programming is the continuous evaluation of circumstances and whether their impact is positive. Opposite to popular belief. then we have built a powerful base of raw primal energy which we can channel through and combine with the higher emanations. emotions fall under what is normally known and experienced to us as feelings. I call them primal. The Primal Emotions This is the emanation that contains all that is connected to the primal emotional frequencies. The life of monks where this energy is mastered through meditations may prove spiritually effective to a certain point but it can never reach the full potential and connection to all the frequencies of this world which is interwoven with the female and male energies. As we have discussed earlier. starts with us receiving information in the subconscious mind through all the 5 sensory perceptions. emotions are highly logical and highly structured and a product of a very rigorous program that continuously evaluates and analyzes information. These criteria 43 . Personally I think that the highest expression can be reached only through a proper exchange of energy with the opposite polarity. focused mainly on the physical aspect of this energy and often dysfunctional but once we succeed into establishing a balanced flow. neutral or negative according to its programmed criteria. which make them very easy to predict and relatively easy to control by controlling their underlying causes. Before we go any further we need to define what exactly these primal emotions are and what the cause for their existence is.everything is highly sexually charged. because they are somewhat limited to the lower layers of existence in which we reside and most of them are not present once we move to the higher layers of the astral due to reasons I will explain shortly. Normally what is known to humanity at this point as emotions incorrectly incorporates within itself also concepts such as love. as well as through the higher energetic layers popularly called 6th sense. primal emotions are dominating factors in most people’s lives. As much of humanity is still dominated by its physical instincts and is unable to differentiate them from the more subtle higher aspect signals and intuition. joy etc which are experienced by us through our feelings but in truth have very little to do with the primal emotional band of frequencies.

it sends multiple signals to our consciousness which are nonverbally experienced as emotion which is in this case fear. What happens here is completely opposite with the fear.depend only on the programming inserted into the subconsciousness (through all the various sources as was earlier explained) and can be reprogrammed. attachment and addiction which is quite often mistaken with love by most people. our subconsciousness or part of it has evaluated (which can be wrong in many cases) that certain circumstances have a positive effect on us so it issues information to the consciousness that makes us perceive the primal emotion of attraction. As we go higher in frequency and we start to detach from this programming. this primal emotion is experienced much less and in a much milder manner. which is in turn greatly influenced by the programming of our physical body DNA and its instincts gained from the days it had to survive in nature. neutral or negative. attachment or even addiction towards these circumstances 44 . Let’s say for example you see a big poster with a scary monster. This primal emotion is most strongly experienced on the physical plane and the lower astral layers as on these there is still a great lack of understanding and we are much more influenced by the programming of the subconscious mind. Once the subconscious has processed the information and made its evaluation against its criteria to determine if the circumstance is positive. it starts to send signals to our consciousness so we can act on that information. Fear is a necessary response of our subconsciousness issued when faced with circumstances which have been programmed as negative. The next widely misunderstood primal emotion is what I like to call emotional attraction. Your subconsciousness takes this picture and compares it with its programming. Once something is perceived as negative in our subconsciousness. These signals can take many forms and one of these forms are the primal emotions. Fear is the first and most obvious primal emotion. It evaluates that this is something that is programmed as negative and starts sending this information to our consciousness where it is perceived as the primal emotion of fear.

once you are attached to something powerful emotions of fear are released in the system. Fear is pretty easily identified by most of us but emotional addiction can bring a lot of confusion and it can be easily mistaken with universal love. What this means is that we can imagine a person or an object as part of our life sometime in the future and based on this 45 . which is incorrect. you feel drained of energy and constantly thinking about this person or activity and a constant exchange of energy must be maintained. Another important aspect that needs to be understood is that we can not only get emotionally attached to people and objects in the present but also we can get attached to the idea of having those people and objects in our lives. If you are aware of the energies of your body you can literally feel the missing connection in the middle of your stomach area. then you can feel it very strongly as a hole in this area where in extreme cases it can even change the color of your skin on your physical body. often on daily basis. The symptoms of emotional addiction are very much like a physical addiction. The reason love seems opposite of fear is that once we start living without being flooded with the emotion of fear or attraction and our third chakra starts to balance. The emotional attachment and addiction is a very powerful force that can quickly overshadow your logical mind and make you do actions that you would not normally do. before this force grows to such an extent that it dominates your actions. The ways of recognizing this powerful emotion on you are relatively simple. we can much more clearly perceive the next layer of energy which is the fourth chakra – universal love.Quite often fear and universal love in new age literature are put on the opposite ends of a scale on the same level. You can notice this the best if this connection is broken suddenly. the fear of losing that connection. This is why it is extremely important that you recognize the situations and actions leading to it in the very beginning and protect yourself in time. When you are temporarily disconnected from the object of your addiction (usually someone from the opposite sexual polarity but it can also be a certain activity or an object). Quite often fear and attachment go hand in hand together.

Whatever impacts us negatively is processed by our subconsciousness as something that needs to be eliminated or avoided so it issues information to our consciousness which is perceived as anger which in turn makes us take actions for the elimination of those circumstances. The Ego is a very useful construct and a representation of our subconsciousness responsible for our well being. we can find the construct called Ego. A lot of new age literature and new age people will claim that they have lost their ego. these can be cleared from the system.imagination. expressed under different circumstances. we then focus all our actions into attaining this illusionary goal. Parts of your subconsciousness can also get attached to spirits and you may never be even consciously aware of those attachments but only feel the effect they have on your energetic body. neutral or positive. For example anxiety could be explained as the fear of the future unknown events or for example infatuation is just another word for the emotional attachment explained above. As is always the case. The cause must be searched within the programming of the subconsciousness and the criteria according to which it ranks circumstances as negative. Only through the re-programming of those parts with higher values and wisdom we can influence and remove the negative aspects of the Ego. as the lack of Ego means also a lack of a subconscious mechanism for detecting not only negative but also positive circumstances. In the majority of cases possessions and spirit attachments happen due to a programming of the subconsciousness that has evaluated for some reason that they are positive. which can produce a vicious cycle. Ego is an illusionary construct that is brought forward once these energies start dominating our actions. Within these frequencies and interaction of these two primal emotions. The following are characteristics associated with this emanation and the chakra through which we interact with it: 46 . It is not to be taken as something negative at face value as many uninformed new age literature would have you believe. What I am trying to explain is that all the other primal emotions that we feel through our third chakra are derivations of these two basic energy components (fear and attraction). Removing the Ego completely makes us extremely susceptible to all the negative influences. but in most cases this is pure nonsense as you can actually feel it quite strongly within them with them being so proud and boasting that they have done this incredible feat. which can be completely false. In a way we get emotionally attached to an illusion which we have constructed in our mind and our subconscious responds defensively against anything that would break this illusion. it shows that anger is also directly related to the subconscious programming of ensuring our survival. While this is possible. only through the reprogramming of the subconscious part responsible for this and all the causes responsible for this programming. On first look the emotion of anger may seem like something completely unrelated to fear and emotional attachment but once we start dissecting it. I would not advise it unless your intuition is very well developed and you have a very clear link to your higher aspects with which you can replace the functions of the Ego.

because it is only its programming that decides how powerful they are. try to let it flow through your system and leave it to calm down so you can also experience the more subtle information that is coming to you from your higher aspects or simply evaluate it according to your established logical reasoning. even though logical rationale often says there is no possible negative impact to our physical body. This is especially important. The Ego is functioning properly and the level of self awareness is on a high level. emotional attraction. Fear and primal emotions dominate our actions and are experienced very strongly. Never forget that the subconscious mind is very powerful and it can not only send you powerful primal emotions but also it can take control of the physical body and act on them in case they are felt powerfully enough. They flow in a controlled manner and are used only as indicators and guidelines. This will only make you numb and further damage your arm as the thorn still remains and you are unable to feel the sensory information telling you something is wrong in the form of pain. Proper Function: Blocked Function: Hyperactive Function: Whenever you register an emotion. attraction and attachment and all the derived primal emotions are experienced in a balanced and constructive manner. The Ego is not expressed in the system and there is a sense of rigidity. which is of course 47 . The rationale behind is that there is a chemical imbalance in the body. fear. addiction. always try to analyze it as soon as possible while your conscious mind is still not overwhelmed and clouded by not only this emotion but also all the other emotions which will be triggered because of it. In such cases the programming is so strong in the subconscious mind related to some circumstance that it literally blocks the physical body in case such circumstance is experienced. Fear is neither experienced nor registered but the same with attraction and attachment. The Ego is overactive and also has a dominative role in the system. The best examples for these are irrational phobias. Fear. resulting in depression.Main focus: Color: Physical body expression: Primal emotions. To truly master the energies of the primal emotions doesn’t mean that you block them or suppress them. Since your subconscious will often send you signals that are the result of primitive programming and instincts. not being allowed to dominate the actions. Blocking and suppressing them is the analogue of putting an aesthetic on your arm with a thorn in it. attachment Yellow Slightly above the bellybutton. The bellybutton is the physical attachment we once had ensuring our survival as well as the fear it had caused of losing that attachment. It is unfortunate that ‘modern’ society does this blocking through anti-depressant drugs.

In such case it is the programming which must be changed. I mean the full totality of the universe). You can most easily recognize the parts that are universal love in the way that they are not bound to any limit or reason and they are the feelings that make you ‘know’ by feeling that you are connected with everything and everyone around you and that it deserves your utmost respect and help. The primal emotions must be allowed to freely flow through your body but they also must be met with a high level of self awareness. unable to distinguish the frequency of love with the more primal emotions such as attachment or pure instinct for survival of one’s self and its genetical offspring. so much that one is often left completely confused and overwhelmed with all the feelings. Much has been written and said about love.true but it is never investigated what has made the subconscious mind to instruct the body to produce this chemical imbalance. They can be easily controlled once you have analyzed the root cause of a certain emotion. Universal Love This is the emanation that is most widely misunderstood as well as most difficult to identify and describe with words. you become fully open for the frequencies of universal love. this immense connection is perceived as universal love. Once this root cause is done then you can act towards it according to your wisdom and self awareness. If the problem is really in the root cause then you can do the best to resolve any problem you have with it. The reason many people find it hard to let this energy flow through their life and influence their actions is because they are dominated with the primal emotions of fear for anything that is deemed negative. Once you have settled down your primal emotions in the third chakra. This is where you start understanding and feeling that we are all indeed one at those deepest levels of our beings. If you go deeper you can begin to recognize the point of connection as being on a very deep level and a very distinctive frequency shared by everything else (When I say everything. On a certain level the subconscious 48 . and once focused on those levels. which can sometimes be buried very deeply. This is all for a good reason as this is the part that connects us to the deepest parts of our higher aspects and much of the information that is shared in this connection is not verbal. but often the problem is not the cause itself but only the programming linked to this cause.

acceptance of who and what they are without passing any judgments and the willingness to help them in their journey. This feeling of connection and respect to everything and everyone ultimately manifests as tolerance for everyone’s choices. I mentioned earlier that often in new age literature fear is mentioned as being opposite of love.programming sees love as a threat. you can then fully open yourself and tune into the frequency that is universal love. sadness is then the opposite and can be felt whenever we feel the decrease of 49 . as if love makes them feel they should help their counterparts (the ones from which there is no logical advantage to be had). which is something which will be covered more extensively later on in the book. Sadness is in fact a very useful feeling of a higher frequency. which is something I think only illusionary for reasons explained earlier. this will only strengthen their relative position and they can have a negative influence on them (according to the programming of the subconscious mind which sees everything in competitive terms of positive vs. If universal love can be best defined as the degree of connectedness to everything around us and we can feel it increase its flow whenever we increase our perception of this connectedness. whose source goes beyond the subconscious programming and is often in conflict with it. Another feeling which is tied to universal love although often misunderstood as a primal emotion is the feeling of sadness. All this of course. Once you begin to understand the programming of the subconscious mind and you begin to be able to differentiate its signals. negative). The true opposite of love is actually sadness. as long as they don’t interfere with your own path and as long as your intuition is guiding you to provide the help asked of you.

this connectedness. The connection to everything else is so strong that it clouds the judgment. Help is provided in an unconditional manner in line with the intuition. we knew they were highly negative but still at some part of our being we felt sad for not having them in our life anymore. This seemingly little paradox is easily explained when you start dissecting at what happens when you experience such a shock of universal love. It is the release of all these piled up feelings that actually makes you feel sadness further expressed as crying. Everyone and everything is perceived as it is and accepted as such without taking any judgments. There is an intense desire to ‘help’ everything and bring it into the ‘love’ field at too great costs to self and others. this is a direct indicator that this is a path that leads away from universal love. connectedness to everything. closely tied with the heart. This also means that the ability to accept everything as it is without passing judgment is overshadowed and interfered with. The following are characteristics associated with this emanation and the chakra through which we interact with it: Main focus: Universal/unconditional sadness Green In the middle of plexus solaris. It is perceived and felt that we are all connected at a certain deep frequency and we are all indeed one at that frequency. There is no connection or very small felt to everything else. love. Sadness can be confusing because it is experienced not only when the degree of universal love is lowered but also when it is increased through a sudden surge. The reason for the sudden surge can be something of extreme importance to you. The heart being a physical representation of the center for connectedness and life force to the entire physical body. Sadness is very important to understand and be aware of in your own being as it is a powerful indicator and a guide telling you which of the paths lead away from universal love. The connection to everything is felt in a balanced manner. The release of all this energy is perceived by the subconsciousness as a certain loss to some of its levels which in turn makes us feel the sadness. which in turn unblocks all your pathways through which universal love can suddenly surge. Color: Physical body expression: Proper Function: Blocked Function: Hyperactive Function: 50 . which in the end interferes with their path and has a negative influence. something for which you’ve piled up a lot of anticipation or feelings. I am sure we have all felt sad even for circumstances which were highly negative to us. This results in the primal instincts and logical thinking taking a dominative function which in turn results in different degrees of selfishness. For example if hurting other people makes you sad.

While universal or also called unconditional love is a needed basis from which one can hope to start entering into the higher aspects of being and a base on which the universe can be seen and understood. The emanation dealing with this process however. Our ‘modern’ society lacks a great deal in both the expression of one’s own energy as well as the receivership of others’ energy. making you misjudge their real impacts. verbal manner. In the most general description. In order for the deeper aspects of communication to begin to become active. Too much of this energy literally paints all the other energies with a rosy shade. Communication There is so much written on this topic on the internet yet it is only touching a small part of what communication is all about. When people speak about communication it is often thought about our ability to convey information in a written. it is also a very delicate frequency which when out of balance can wreak havoc and create a lot of karma. There is a reason for the saying that some people see the world with rosy glasses. This is also part of the reason why I don’t agree that love can be enough to resolve any kind of a problem. or more often. This is why it is extremely important for one to be always aware of his level of universal love and keep it balanced at all times. this emanation deals with our ability to express our own energy to anything else and our ability to receive their energy as well which also translates in our ability to connect to other people and beings through the different chakras. In many cases a surge of too much of this energy can overshadow other energies and in a way make you ‘drunk’ and oblivious to your current circumstances and problems which require action or awareness in some of the other emanation fields.As can be seen from the table above. a blocked or hyperactive chakra in this frequency can have great negative consequences to everyone and everything involved. first we must reach a sufficient level of consciousness and re-program a lot of the limiting programming 51 . goes on a much more deeper and general level and encompasses a lot of areas in our subconsciousness which at first sight don’t seem to have much in common with communication.

honest. This also means there is very little trust in energy received as well as the ability to give proper consideration to it is greatly reduced which in turn leads to rigidity and stubbornness. open and considerate of the impact it will have. It is the representation of the physical body’s primary form of communication. This is only the percentage that has been scientifically proven by our limited mainstream science point of view. The ability to express one’s own energy as well as receive the energy of others is balanced (this can be information. There is a great urge to share all kind of energy and information with others which lowers the trust and the ability to keep things private. Communication can happen on many levels. as true communication is a two-way street. the ability to express and receive energy with the other consciousness’ sharing this existence plays a crucial part. The level of expression and receivership of energy is very high. This can lead to sensitive information being shared having a negative impact on everyone involved. it is dishonest and very limited. feelings. the same level is required of our counterparts as well. Proper Function: Blocked Function: Hyperactive Function: It quickly becomes very clear that in order to function properly in these layers of existence where separation plays a big part. visual representation etc. expressing and receiving energy Light Blue The throat. different levels of communication are possible and necessary.done into our subconsciousness. Even when this is done. Communication is always constructive. Even if there is an outwardly open expression of energy. in most cases simultaneously. This is also our ability of our different levels of awareness to exchange energy between each other. This becomes even more 52 . voice intonations. we begin to see that for different counterparts. In truth our subconsciousness is communicating with other people and entities all the time as well as our higher aspects and so is our energetic body which is all experienced through the fifth chakra. It may be surprising to many people that it has been proven. There is very little expression and receivership of energy. that most of the transfer of information and feelings is done through body language. emotions etc) and does not have a negative influence. The following are characteristics associated with this emanation and the chakra through which we interact with it: Main focus: Color: Physical body expression: Communication. The written word transfers only about 7% of the full information source. Once we begin to understand this.

depending on our counterparts. This center is responsible for the filtering and processing of the immense fields of energy that we are in touch with and re-arranging them in a way that can be further processed by our consciousness and passed through all the way to our conscious mind. in either way our functioning is greatly disturbed and we need to constantly be self-aware that our level of communication stays in a balanced manner. Having this emanation blocked or hyperactive in our system can lead to great difficulties. Another very important part is that this also takes into account the receiving of energy and information. Since this is an emanation that is so broad and touching on many higher levels. This means that in order to be able to receive constructive criticism or any other information for that manner. including books. this emanation must have a balanced flow through our system. this is the emanation that enables the conscious link to those levels. much of its potential still remains unknown to humanity. What is known however is that in most humans. the chakra dealing with this emanation is severely undeveloped and only partially active during sleep as well as during short moments in daily life. It also becomes important to be able to see the level of communication in our counterparts as well. which will greatly help on your path of improvement. This ability to focus and influence these energies once 53 . which is something that is rarely mentioned in the new age literature. Of the known fields of activity to us. Sixth Sense This is the emanation that deals with our ability to perceive the higher spectrums of energy than is normally accessible to us through the other 5 senses. it is through this emanation that we are able to focus our consciousness.important when we take into account that this also includes our ability to receive information from all other sources of information. as to not put too much trust (share openly sensitive information) with people who have this emanation blocked and may have no consideration for sharing it further. visualize as well as perceive energy as visual constructs into our mind. Even though we continuously perceive the higher spectrums on a subconscious level through all the other chakras. which is not a simple task to accomplish as this level is different. As we have seen from the table above.

This is done in a controlled manner which doesn’t have a negative influence. also called third eye. producing physical effects such as telekinesis and levitation. This is for reasons which I will be discussing later in the book. It is important to understand and remember than in order to start consciously accessing the higher levels of existence we must have a certain amount of visual focus and mental control which is done through the activation of this chakra. processed and further sent to the conscious mind. To have a simpler analogy. The higher spectrums of energy are perceived to such a degree that they dominate the actions of the person and can become difficult to control. There is an ability to perceive the higher spectrums of energy and filter them consciously. Extremely blocked function can lead to inability to focus and concentrate on anything that requires mental effort. there is very weak control and focus. 54 . There is no ability to perceive the higher spectrums of energy and if such perception is triggered through unnatural means such as psychotropic substances. filtering and Color: Physical body expression: Proper Function: Blocked Function: Hyperactive Function: This is probably the most undeveloped chakra in modern humanity though it has not been always this way and is usually much more developed in animals.received is often called mental energy in the new age literature. the sixth chakra and pineal gland work much like the physical eyes. They also become mixed with the person’s own thoughts and have a negative impact on the overall perception of what is real and what is imaginary. It is able to focus itself on certain energy spectrums which can be perceived. It is the sixth chakra through which the flow of this emanation is established and the direct link to the physical body is the pineal gland which has been explained earlier in the book. Once we begin to have a high development in this chakra. It is by all literal means a third eye with the only difference being that it can perceive a much broader spectrum of energy than the eyes (which perceive the energy spectrum called visible light). structuring of those energies through focus Darker Blue The pineal gland. we are then able to mentally focus on certain energy fields to such an extent that we are also able to manipulate them. Enabling a link between the energy body and physical body. The following are characteristics associated with this emanation and the chakra through which we interact with it: Main focus: Perception of non-physical energy spectrums.

Once we begin to tune into this frequency and begin feeling the causes behind everything. which is why it is experienced only as a feeling. 55 . In many cases. we begin to translate this purpose into our daily lives until we are able to fully live according to it. The hyperactive function can have the opposite effects as all these spectrums of energy start interfering and we begin to lose sense of what belongs to this reality and what belongs only as an expression of our own thoughts. we can only partially connect to these frequencies and experience only a very small part of it. This is because our higher aspects may understand much better the causes but are unable to pass it to us as conscious information. This kind of understanding though comes and can fully happen only at the highest levels of existence. Only when we stop this loud mental processing of information the sixth chakra is able to open and the flow of the higher spectrums of energy can be increased. Many mental disorders such as schizophrenia can be attributed directly to the unbalanced activity in this chakra and the inability to focus or shut down the perception of those energy fields. It is important to note that much remains incomprehensible to our higher aspects as well and to the totality of our being. the sixth chakra is unable to come to the conscious awareness which is flooded with this mental noise. It is for that reason this emanation is often associated with the divine and creator energy. As we go deeper into this. The chakra connecting us to this emanation is the seventh chakra. we feel on a very deep level that they were ‘meant to be’. even though we are not able to fully comprehend the reasons for things. The Causal The last emanation is the one that connects us to the causal spectrum of frequencies or in many places called the divine as it brings a higher understanding with it and we begin to grasp the causes (hence causal) for everything around and within us. but it is this strife to understand more and more. It is quite the opposite as when we have our brain and mind activated in the fields of intelligence and logical thinking.In much literature this chakra is misunderstood and wrongfully associated with intelligence and logical thinking. The cause for many things in our life and our life itself can be very difficult to comprehend and it can be often on such a high level in terms and concepts which are impossible to understand with our current form. In a way these are the frequencies that provide the causal links for the interconnectedness of all things and one begins to understand what is really meant with the saying that everything happens for a reason. then we can begin to understand our own purpose for our own existence. In our current limited human form. In order to do this effectively we always have to work actively towards clearing all the blockages of the other emanations as well as our limiting subconscious programming that in many cases can be completely against the higher understanding that we receive from this emanation. that is the force behind the evolution of our soul and the progress towards the creator level of existence. This unfortunately most of the time leads to us losing conscious awareness as we lack the mental strength to maintain it during the rise of frequency of the perceived energy and also because the subconsciousness has been programmed to take over once this process begins. I believe that this urge to know and understand more is the cause for all creation.

This is in short what being wise is all about. Through understanding and seeing the effects of our own actions we are much more able to fully judge them and apply them with full awareness and consciousness as to what will be their impact. Wisdom is the ability to understand the cause and effect of everything around us which in turn leads to understanding its purpose and meaning. Wisdom Violet The brain. One is not able to take responsibility for their actions and is not aware of their cause and effect. There is very small ability to feel or understand the cause and effect of anything going on. leading to the awareness of its purpose and meaning. The center of all activity providing neural links and cause for all the actions in the physical body. There is a clear understanding of the causes.Understanding the cause behind things leads to understanding the whole chain of events leading from one to another and it is only then that we begin to see the causes and effects of our own actions. effects and purpose behind everything. This produces a sense of randomness of the existence and the meaning or purpose to everything can’t be felt or understood. Color: Physical body expression: Proper Function: Blocked Function: 56 . One is able to act with the wisdom and knowledge of the cause and effect those actions have and is ready to accept full responsibility for them. There is a profound sense of being in line with the plans of the higher aspects as well as the divine. The following are characteristics associated with this emanation and the chakra through which we interact with it: Main focus: Understanding the cause and effect of everything.

we are able to know who we are. Only through our growth in awareness and knowledge we can hope to achieve a better understanding of the true cause and meaning of things. religion or other programmed behavior to give false meaning and purpose of their life. As this emanation starts to flow more in our being. Another important point to realize is that we all have very limited awareness on this level of existence and in many cases our perception of the cause for a certain effect can be completely wrong. we begin to see and understand how the world works and the cause and effect of things going on within and outside of us. why we came here and what the next step we need to take is. we are literally running around like chickens without heads.Hyperactive Function: There is an obsession about the cause and effect of everything going on. In most literature this is explained as the emanation that provides a link to the divine but it is not explained further what this really means. undeveloped or completely blocked. Once we begin to dissect what it really means to link to the divine aspects we start realizing that it goes much more beyond just having faith and feeling that existence has a meaning. In today’s society this emanation is grossly misunderstood. Many people confuse this with having faith in some kind of a god. Without it being balanced. wreaking havoc upon ourselves and others. This is overanalyzed to such a degree that the causes and effects become illusionary and one is preoccupied by analyzing all the possible outcomes so that acting becomes very difficult and ineffective. this chakra is linked to our brain. It quickly becomes clear that without this emanation being balanced we are by all means completely lost in this existence and are subject to many forces that seek to dominate our existence. The more we are able to do this. This is translated into the physical body as ‘thinking too much’. the more wise we become and the more difficult it is for someone 57 . Only when we fully tune into this emanation. Too much responsibility is taken for one’s own actions and the impact they have is overestimated. As we have seen from the table above.

we become closer to the divine frequency and we are more able to co-create our existence in line with it. means that we all are co-creators of everything to a certain extent. the entire chain of cause and effect must lead to it. Since karma is also grossly misunderstood it will be discussed later in the book in more detail. Only when we begin seeing the causes. It is the continuous balancing of cause and effect and the taking of responsibility for one’s actions. Being patient is fully knowing and being aware that in order for something to manifest. Being patient is much more than just waiting for something. 58 . effects. meaning and purpose of our existence we are able to see the impact of our actions on everything around manipulate us. It is in this emanation that our true power and freedom resides and it is here that we can understand our true identity. The realization that each of us has a direct link to the divine and that this link can be actively developed and increased. This is what real karma is all about. As our awareness and understanding grows. The word patience is only fully understood through this emanation. It is only then that we will be able to take full responsibility for what we are doing with the full awareness of what impact they will have on us and others.

What really makes our human complex is a combination of multiple factors such as our genetics. Even though these are levels which can be applied on the entire 3D spectrum of existence. subconscious programming. Of course this is not always linear and there can be jumps from one to another level depending on the path taken. I have started and ended with the levels currently known to me. Within each level I will also present the most likely emanations that are dominating on that level. Certain levels should also not be looked as good or evil as those are illusionary polarity concepts which will be discussed later on. but their activity is controlled by the ones that are dominating the system. environment. I will present it on the human population as it is something we can all directly relate to and better understand the concept. Once this is known the next step is to understand how all these factors combine to produce the beings we meet daily as people in our lives and all the dynamics of interaction that exist between them. Note that this means that other emanations can be active as well. It is important to be aware of this in order to understand the different checkpoints on the path of consciousness evolution from one step to the other and to be better able to find yourself on this path so you know what lies before and ahead of you. 59 . Levels of Consciousness Expressed in Humanity The levels of consciousness are infinite and we can’t know many of them yet from our current limited perspective. It will become quite clear that the types of expression are caused by one emanation being the dominative factor. This also helps when dealing with other people and recognizing what are their limitations in terms of the ability to grasp certain concepts. expressed in an incarnated human form. celestial bodies as well as the influence from our higher aspects.Expressions of Consciousness So far we have seen the underlying mechanics of the universe and the way our consciousness expresses within the human complex through the seven emanations available on this level of existence.

Material Human: Here we can see a much better understanding of the world around but there is still a strong domination of the subconscious programming. If it is not resolved. This is also the reason while some people go through several levels in few years while others spend a lifetime inside one level alone. the 4th is dominating this level. There is a sense of attachment to other people and the ability to feel their primal emotions. The first and second emanations are often balanced while the third and fourth can be dominating and overwhelming the system. Balanced Human: There is a profound balance on all the first 5 emanations. This is very important to understand as it means that our current level that we have activated in our 3D human complex can be very different than the level of evolution of our consciousness. This is of course a process that can take many years until all the blockades and limiting programming is cleared and the expression can reach its full potential. It is completely governed by the material instincts of survival. without the understanding of why and how. Empathic Human: There is an ability to better cope with all the programming of the subconscious mind and the ability to perceive the emotional programming of other people. This can cause suffering from too much compassion felt for those that are perceived to be in pain and the inability to say no to the ones who ask. They are still however under the domination of the subconscious programming and unable to rise above the programmed system. What follows are the levels of consciousness expressed in a human form that I have observed through the years: Animalistic Human: This is the lowest level currently present and in some cases it is possible that the body is operating purely in a mechanical manner without a consciousness according to its instincts. The first. This enables these people to effectively perceive others around them and effectively communicate.When we enter this human form. the pressure from our higher aspects for the move forward can cause many difficulties and problems. Spiritual Human: The person on this level is able to see beyond the material and start understanding the spiritual concepts and see beyond the programming of the subconscious 60 . There is a great urge to help those in need. second and third emanation are dominating and often overwhelming the system. Often this potential is never reached and the expressions remains blocked in certain programming of the subconscious and other limiting factors. self preservation and reproduction and is dominated by the first and second emanation. Its constant goal since the day of incarnation is to express this evolutionary level into this 3D form. our consciousness is at a certain level of its evolutionary path. This can be best seen in people where they develop rapidly to a certain point then they suddenly stop which means that their consciousness has reached full 3D expression of its current level of evolution or they have reached some kind of a limiting factor that needs to be resolved. Compassionate Human: While the first 3 emanations are balanced. producing a sense of confusion.

wild life and I am sure that if you looked carefully you could match them to the seven basic densities. Again we need to see it starting with what is known to us from our point of view. The person becomes in effect an instrument of the divine co-creation. We have seen how the level of our consciousness expresses itself in a human form. Next we will see what determines our level of consciousness and the way it can evolve. through which energy is expressed in our current spectrum of existence. This means that the more a certain conscious being has an experience in different incarnations and planes of existence the more evolved it becomes. All the emanations are operating in a balanced and harmonious way and there is a higher understanding about the universe. When we take a look at everything around us that is energy. we notice we can see two levels which are on the lower steps of evolution than the level we have evolved to. together with all the drama and primal emotions of fear and attraction. This is the energy that composes everything that we perceive as physical matter. are also directly expressed into the densities themselves. Key focus: Primal Emotions 61 . These levels are usually called in esoteric literature as densities. Evolution of the Consciousness One of the main causes behind evolution of the consciousness seems to be experience. Again the basic seven emanations. I think that term is quite adequate as the only thing that changes when evolving from one level to the next is the density of the energy from which your consciousness is composed. I further believe that just as inside the 3rd density we have the seven chakras connecting to the seven emanations. In a way just as our chakras are a direct expression of the emanations so are the densities. Key focus: Matter Wild Life (2nd density): This is the flora and fauna of this and planets similar to earth. There is however a lack of direction. cause and effect behind everything going on. animals. understanding and meaning in the existence as the 7th chakra is dominated by the other chakras. Wise Human: The level where the person begins to understand the reason. If we see consciousness as self aware energy able of continuous progress and evolution then the obvious question is where it begins and where does it end and what are the checkpoints in between. increasing its density. Key focus: Animalistic Physical 3D life (3rd density): The self-awareness of humanity and the first levels of intellect. in all the other densities there are similar channels of energy used to connect to the seven emanations.mind. This can be seen by the different properties of stones. Our physical body is also part of a 2nd density energy structure as is the animals’ ones. In a way it is like having a rough skeleton of energy and as the time goes on and experiences accumulate there are more and more filaments of energy being created between the initial skeleton. Material (1st density): The first density is the one of matter. It literally feels denser or lighter according to its evolved level.

For example the body of animals is composed of matter.Variable physicality (4th density): This is a level of existence where the consciousness can directly manipulate physical matter and rearrange its energetic structure. Key focus: Oneness A very important concept that can be understood here is that each density is made of building blocks which belong to the previous two densities. 62 . Key focus: Interconnectedness (Love) Group complexes (5th density): At this level the concepts of physicality is gone and everything is pure energy with everything that it entails. Our human complex is composed of the 1st density matter as well as the animal physical body but goes further into 3rd density thanks to its subconscious intellect that is a 3rd density construct. The result is a highly evolved group complex that has great understanding and wisdom. The 4th density is composed of animalistic concepts and subconscious constructs. Key focus: Communication Pure energy (6th density): This is where the experience gained through the first 3 densities is combined with the interconnectedness of the 4th as well as the knowledge gained on the 5th through the merge of energy. but matter is no longer present in a 1st density form. This goes on and on all the way to 7th density following this rule of the previous densities merging to create the next. There are no secrets and there is an open sharing of memories. Key focus: Wisdom Oneness (7th density): Very little is known about this density and it is here that the consciousness merges with all there is on this spectrum of existence. Some say above this is the 8th density that is the beginning of another octave of densities. consciousness and experience resulting in closely linked groups of beings able to merge to such a degree that they act as one being. The concept of interconnectedness to everything dominates this density although there is still a strong sense of individuality as only the feeling of connectedness is felt without fully sharing the memories and other energy.

Extraterrestrials: This is a being which has only recently incarnated on earth. I can’t say I agree with all the other topics but as far as densities are concerned I believe they are fairly accurate and well covered. I believe that currently about 95% of the population on earth falls in this group. http://www. They are currently on 3rd density while some have returned from the 4th in order to help the others make the leap. A part of them come from the very well known worlds of fairy tales and nature lore. This is the result of their past experience as a consciousness and the path that was taken in order to reach their current respective level of evolution of their consciousness. There are of course many groups inside of each of these main types and once we have identified our type we can also then find our specific soul group. But even so. Humans: A human consciousness can be recognized most easily by a profound connection to this planet earth and the race of humanity. time travel etc) It is very important to realize that just because a being has extraterrestrial experience of existence and incarnation. I think that this book will not resonate well with most of them and they will be left confused by the quantity of information that is difficult to understand when one doesn’t have the necessary experience and is still dominated by the dysfunctional programming of current society. There are many subgroups of this one where the beings that belong to them identify with other specific frequencies which are of extraterrestrial origin (fantasy worlds. A soul group is basically a group of souls with which we are on a same density of evolution as well as we have spent a lot of time together on various planes of existence. what can be observed next currently on this planet is that beings from certain densities tend to fall into the following types of groups. Its past includes incarnations to other physical planets and other pure energy worlds of varying evolution as well as varying densities of existence (usually 3rd. what the true meaning of the sacred geometry spirals according to the golden mean and Fibonacci rule is. Some of them have been around for the last several thousand years and usually identify themselves as ‘old souls’. other solar systems. This is mostly because of most of their incarnations spent on this planet as a human or the higher level aspects connected to earth. where the most evolution and experience has been gained this way.It is here that it becomes clear. Types of Groups of Consciousness Once we have understood the levels of evolution of It is however true that these beings tend to be on a higher level of evolution than the humans. that doesn’t mean it is highly evolved. galactic travel. they may have great trouble adapting to the dysfunctional programming of current society or defend against 63 . You begin to understand how everything starting from wild life and matter up to our own conscious evolution is fractal in nature and the result of recursive geometric progressions. Even though in such high numbers. You can read more about the densities from the law of one in the RA materials. 4th or sometimes 5th).lawofone.

They have been around this planet either incarnated or in the higher aspect planes for a very long time. Many of them may never be able to break the programming so their true level is never fully expressed to the responding human level of consciousness. Ancients: I like to call this group as ancients as they have been involved with earth in one form or another from ancient times. They are usually on a higher level of evolution than most of the humans and the ETs. This book is also for them in order to help them remember and understand the ET connection and bigger picture. They will also find it hard to resonate with the parts explaining the big picture of the current situation 64 . These are the types of groups for whom this book will be very helpful in the breaking of their programming and the remembrance of who they really are. which for some of them remains an unknown subject as they had focused on humanity for so long. They do find it difficult adapting to all the dysfunctional programming but they usually break free from it and are fairly successful into expressing their level of consciousness into a human form. Their main challenge is to overcome their strong feelings and scars from the fall of consciousness since Atlantis. I believe their current number on earth to be in the range of 3-4%. Their level is usually of 5th density. Since they have been here for such a long time.negative influences. they know all the tricks and rules of the game and are able to efficiently slide through life. mostly since the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. even though they may not resonate well by some of the parts that will be following later where the illusion of polarity is explained and all the involved forces and their agendas in the current situation.

05% Demigods: This is a group that is very rare and mysterious and a lot is hidden even from themselves as full remembering of their true nature causes too much pain within this 3rd density existence. They are able to do almost anything they set to do in this life and any subconscious programming is easily resolved in relatively short amounts of time. Their greatest challenge is accepting to live in the limits of 3rd density while remembering their true nature and home frequency.and the agendas of all the forces behind it. I believe their numbers to be in the range of about 0. These are beings which have accumulated enormous amounts of experience and understanding and have been often involved with the creation and manipulation of the human race itself. The incarnation for them into 3rd density is done at a 65 .

Their number currently incarnated on the planet is no more than about 15 000. nothing personal’ says it all). With this knowledge then we are much more able to understand and distinguish between the primal emotions of attachment or ‘true love’. Whenever we have the need to connect with someone else on any level. Since we already know the nature of each emanation we can fairly efficiently predict how that connection will work out and what would be needed to maintain it.great sacrifice since besides the limitations of physical existence they find it very hard to find beings alike themselves with whom they can really connect. The programming (society expectations) is so twisted in regards to how people ‘should’ connect to other people that it is no wonder of the final result. The main problem is that people don’t understand the dynamics of the energy when a relationship or any connection to another being is made. then connecting to other beings becomes a much simpler manner and one is able to control the intensity of the connection by connecting only through certain chakras and then controlling the amount of energy exchanged through each of them. All you need to do is to look at connections literally as energy connections to other beings. A very good example for this exists in the business world. Connections The issue of connections is probably the most widely misunderstood and abused concept in today’s society. the connection can be always retraced back to one of the basic seven emanations. they can be rightfully and literally called demigods. If we have an open communication about our problems with a friend then the connection is in the 5th emanation through the 5th chakra. We are not supposed to feel anything while doing business and emotions should not be 66 . especially to the opposite sex and of what I have observed this tends to be the biggest problem most people face in their life. we can simply analyze for each of them in which emanations does the connection happen and through which of the respective chakras we connect. Many of them have also pretended to be gods to the ancient humanity for one reason or another. It is again very simple to analyze if we know our own energy body and subconscious programming and the way it functions. For example if we have a business meeting than the connection is clearly in the first emanation through the 1st chakra. There can be of course many combinations of different chakra connections to different people but the concept always remains the same and the nature of the connection mirrors the nature of the chakras through which it is made. There are strict rules to keep you from connecting through the other chakras (for example ‘it is only business. Most of the confusion is made in the relationships. Their level of evolution is usually on the 6th density and since most of them are starting to understand the concepts of the 7th density where the divine frequency resides. Even though in such a small number. Once this awareness is gained. Here we have tightly controlled connections based purely on the 1st emanation. In order to understand each connection with someone. When a connection is made it is always done through one of the emanations through our chakras. the information in this book is targeted specifically for this type and compiled in a way that only they will be able to fully understand it helping them rapidly awake and remember their true nature.

5th.involved. Since these have a very animalistic and primal nature we all know the result of how they usually turn out. the picture becomes much clearer. 2nd and 3rd emanation. We are all subject to heavy programming being imprinted in the subconscious mind as well as the chemistry of the physical body. then you can set your expectations right and prepare for all the drama and short nature of the relationship. 6th or 7th are starting to connect then you can expect the nature of the relationship to mirror the characteristics of these emanations as well. This may all sound too simple to be true but once you start dissecting what it really means. If this is only a 1st. 2nd or 3rd emanation based relationship. Let’s say that you have a relationship where the 3rd emanation is dominating without much activity going on in the higher chakras. there is fear of losing the other one because of all the attachment that has been created and everything going on is highly susceptible to all the programming that has been imprinted by society. but having this knowledge at the right time can help you take action against it before the damage is done to your energy body. On the topic of relationships to the opposite sex. When you look into it further then you begin to understand why in such a relationship there is no open connection. This means that it is dominated by the subconscious primal programming. In today’s society in general most of the connections and relationships are done in 1st. all that has to be done is to make an analysis about the emanations in which you connect to the other person. It is very important to understand this from the very beginning and take precautionary steps as once your chemistry in your physical body is unleashed and you are officially ‘in love’ it becomes very difficult to break from a relationship based in the lower emanations. there is no trust. Without getting into too much detail I will only point that the basics are very simple. Whenever you find yourself in a relationship or a potential one. If you notice however that the 4th. Things like ‘happily ever after’. I am fairly sure a whole another book could be written. ‘you must get married’ have a lot more impact on our 67 .

especially on this planet in these times of rapid change. Most importantly of all. don’t fall into the trap of programming your own subconsciousness with concepts such as ‘He/She is the one and only’. Artificially maintaining a connection (meaning it is maintained by the programming imprinted by society or yourself) is a huge energy drain to everyone involved. This may sound very simple but once we start exploring on the different ways this is realized then we begin to see why it creates so much confusion. Much of the confusion today is mainly because this programming is understood as Karma and this is usually when relationships are involved. the one to which we connect through the 7th chakra. The definition of a soul mate is very simple and easy to understand. Each of us can have thousands of soul mates and with each the dynamics of the connection can be quite different. In short. ‘I will never ever leave you’. Analyze your programming and see when and where the connection begins and ends. This can sometimes last through several life times and be perceived as Karma while in truth it is only a subconscious program that can be resolved 68 . For example sometimes people leave someone and feel guilty about it. This is where powerful programming is made which is expressed as the sensation of guilt and owing to someone else. The programming can be so strong that if we fail to live up to those expectations.subconsciousness than we care to admit. ‘until death do us part’ etc. Before we even start thinking about our Karma of that of others we must first have the 7th chakra balanced so we can successfully distinguish the true cause and effect of our actions and how it is linked to the divine aspects of our being. even though the other person doesn’t feel hurt by this action in any way. Explore and enjoy each relationship and connection to what it is. Karma This is another concept that has been widely misunderstood and twisted and the cause of much trouble for many people. When analyzing your own Karma. We have mentioned previously that the concept of Karma is at the highest level of existence. There are no rights and wrongs when forming connections. These can be powerful programs that can wreak havoc on your karma and transfer into your future incarnations. Karma is taking responsibility for your actions and choices. Understand that the universe is dynamic. This is a being (currently incarnated or not) with which we have shared deep experiences previous to this life. The most powerful connections are those with beings who are from the same soul group (meaning on the same density level and from the same origin). with whom we can fully connect through all the 7 chakras simultaneously. Again only through self-awareness and deep understanding on the dynamics of your complex you can distinguish what is really karma and what are only residual sub conscious programs. Nothing and I mean nothing truly lasts forever as it is. you must always start with the subconscious programming. we feel as we are a failure. The problem here is similar with the feelings that a lot of very different concepts from different levels are thrown into one huge basket. wrapped up nicely and imprinted with the label of karma. New age literature should know better with its twin flames and soul mate concepts but it ends up bringing even more confusion to those starting to open up to the higher chakras.

by reprogramming. Since everything is interconnected and everything has a cause and effect. In many people this can get totally out of control as they desperately give everything to this person towards whom they feel this big guilt and perceive it as Karma. Once you understand the whole chain of cause and effect you are much more able to see the full impact of your actions and the responsibility you have tied to it according to your higher aspects. The key therefore. However if the intention has been clearly to cause this undesired action and interfere with our free will. It is also in this way that you can easily see if the cause is only inside the programming of the subconscious mind. I believe that when deciding whether to forgive or take reciprocal action the simplest rule to follow is to gauge the intentions of the one that has caused the undesired action. is not to try and clear it. 69 . then it is in fact our responsibility to stand by our right to have our free will and take necessary reciprocal actions. even our smallest action creates a certain responsibility that we call Karma. If there had been no intention to cause this undesired action then the most optimal step is to forgive and move on. Trying to ‘clear’ your ‘bad’ Karma is a vicious circle that will bring you nowhere and may send you on the wrong path playing according to dysfunctional programs. In order to be self aware of your Karma all the focus needs to be put on the 7th emanation and 7th chakra. If the damage is purely superficial and of programming nature then by all means it is efficient to forgive (drop the programming) and move on. This is also where the concept of forgiveness comes into play. but to be fully conscious and aware of the Karma you have created and that you are presently creating and making sure it is in line with the goals and guidance of your highest aspects.

As time went on I slowly (and painfully) realized that the only path worth taking is the one that my intuition leads me to. 70 . In order to do what you will. Everything is possible under certain conditions which bring certain consequences and responsibilities. There is great power and possibility for corruption in this principle if we don’t understand what our higher will is and confuse it with subconscious programs. regardless of what everyone else says and regardless if it is right or wrong according to certain moral and ethical systems. The law of Thelema states ‘Do what you will’. This in itself is neither right nor wrong on an absolute level but it can be right or wrong when judged according to your current path and goal. The story of how I found out about Thelema is rather interesting and happened through an incredible synchronicity over large periods of time. Even though at times this meant making big mistakes and even hurting myself or someone else. I spent many years trying to find the ultimate philosophy and rule set of the universe for following the ‘right’ path (whatever that meant). in the end. is the time where I do what I think should be done. I realized that the only time I don’t have any regrets. Therefore you quickly realize that there are no strict set laws in the universe that must be followed. It is extremely important that one has a balanced 7th chakra before the law of Thelema can be successfully applied. I believe we can never fully know our true purpose from this level of existence but what is important is to always discover more and more of it and increase the communication with our higher aspects.Thelema Once you understand causality and begin to open your 7th chakra. first you must have a strong realization as to what is your higher aspects’ will and purpose in this life. you also start consciously working with your Karma and start to notice that this leads to a path where the judgment of right and wrong disappears. I don’t recommend going too deeper into the teachings of Thelema as they quickly get lost in too much mysticism.93 . Once these concepts are understood it becomes clear that the optimal path that can be followed at any given point is the one that is according to your own intuition. You begin to see that every action brings with itself certain effects and responsibilities. overcomplicating this relatively simple concept.

Just one month before I wrote this. The source of this intervention can sometimes be our own subconscious mind and often it can be other higher aspects. I also knew that incredible coincidences like this always happen for a reason with a strong message behind. My best guess would be that synchronicity happens when there is a direct intervention from the higher aspects into the matrix that we call reality for one reason or another. I also believe that this concept goes to the deepest levels of existence and when we start understanding it we will also be much closer to understanding our true nature and the nature of existence itself. This has been over a weekend when I was strongly considering if I would leave my then current job or not. and told me the number I had picked had been taken by someone else and I had been given a new number. Five years later I had to buy another one. They were written in a small notepad on the first page one over the other and I never noticed the number 93. but with 0 being nothingness it did contain the 93 code as well. Another four years later. I think it was when I wanted to write it in that old notepad under the two old ones that it became obvious. As an interesting side note. 71 .through those mistakes I always learned and remembered a great deal about who I am. Even though by current understanding this seems like a new law and concept I am convinced this law is as old as consciousness and is the only one on the path of evolution that applies to all levels of existence. I had been reading just weeks ago about Drunvalo Melchizedek and the three digit codes we receive in this matrix. and of course it didn’t end exactly with 93. few hours later they called. the phone number ended with 93. is beyond my current understanding. How can that kind of a synchronicity happen and how could I receive this message a decade before it made any sense to me. I don’t have a clear answer yet at my current level of understanding about the dynamics of synchronicity. Most of us have directly experienced. I saw that the number of 93 is the main number for the law of Thelema. which lie in the higher aspect levels where the intervention was made. that it can happen under extreme circumstances and over very large periods of time. By this time I had already adopted the philosophy that my actions would be guided by my intuition only and nothing else. in the year 2009 I bought yet another phone number. I was given another phone number from my company (again purely random). In the year 1999 when I bought my first cell phone in the Czech Republic (it was completely random as I bought it from someone else before I saw the number). I have also noticed that 93 is the number of circles inside the expanded flower of life (including the two big circles). This was a clear sign that the decision to leave is the correct one. what is the nature of the universe and more importantly how to avoid making the same mistakes again. The new number I received ended with 99903 (999 meaning end of cycle according to Drunvalo). This time I picked the number from a list and it didn’t end with 93. such as in the previous example. After a quick search on the internet. again purely random in the shop it again ended with 93. This time somehow I noticed that this number also ends with 93. I believe that synchronicity is underrated as of its importance in our existence and often overlooked as pure chance. As synchronicity would have it. We perceive it as synchronicity as we don’t see the causes and effect of the events.

He has correctly concluded that the more personal energy you have. they would find out that manifestation becomes increasingly difficult as their will is no longer prioritized over the will of others. Yes. in no way they could both gain the same object. so this naturally means that manifestation in such an environment (surrounded by average humans) is relatively easy. I believe much of the confusion in new age literature about creating your own reality comes with people who have observed that they easily manifest what they focus on. Once you focus your entire being and attract circumstances that are not really according to your will. is through our will to some extent only. Not to mention that you can create a lot of havoc in your life. we also have our will influenced by those higher levels so that the will of the higher levels becomes our will to some extent. the more you are able to manifest your intent and will. Once we have access to the higher levels. you can create a lot of problems for 72 . If they were to be put into an environment where everyone else is on a similar level. This in fact means that we have behind us the support of the higher levels in the realization of this will. We can see that this is pure nonsense by making a very simple mind exercise.Manifestation Manifesting and co-creating the reality you live in is always a multifaceted experience. Personal energy is practically the level of evolution of our consciousness and the level to which we have it expressed into our current existence. If they were to follow perfectly the law of attraction and creation of their reality. Many of us have heard the new age babble that we create our own reality and maybe even heard the latest brainwashing in the form of the movie ‘The Secret’ where you are taught that you can manifest everything in your life by purely focusing on it. The way manifestation works. from one point of view it is that simple but then again it is not. This in turn means that we gain a sort of a priority in manifesting our will over the will of those that are in tune with the will of relatively lower levels than ours. This observation is flawed because people in new age circles tend to have a higher level of consciousness than the average human. Let’s suppose that we have two people that want the same object (which can’t be reproduced into more copies). The dynamics is best explained in the works of Carlos Castaneda that deal with what he had termed as personal energy. if you mistakenly confuse your subconscious programming with your will. no matter how hard they tried. It would simply be not possible at this density of existence.

73 .yourself. The universe has its way through synchronicity and karma of giving the most to those on the higher levels of consciousness to the expense of those on the lower level. What this means is that each time you gain. When you are giving the support of your energy to someone. We have to understand that we live in a physical reality in a system of a zero sum game. you prefer to do it to those that show the promise of making a best use of it. even though in the short term you would be getting what you ‘want’ according to your subconscious programming. someone else has to lose. In a way it makes sense.

I realize that this matter will not be easily accepted by people who are still under the influence of the programming of the Matrix. creation and the way that our consciousness expresses in it. It is because this mainstream view of our world that we take as reality and truth has been designed this way in order to imprison our consciousness from its full potentials. Even when it is accepted as the self-evident truth it may have a big impact to your energy as the illusions. although many of the concepts remain the same. so I will just try to expand on what is already presented there and bring more light to it by connecting it to the concepts which have explained so far in the book. but his lecture brings to light the most important concepts. Obviously the picture is very different than what is accepted today as true in current mainstream society and people usually ask: How is it possible that our current society remains so blind to these concepts which seem so self-evident once we have experienced them or merely thought about them. The Matrix. are suddenly shattered beneath you. Most of you will not like the answer. I will consider that those that are really interested in the truth will follow my advice and see the lecture of Davic Icke. I will be calling the current system of control that we have here on earth. who have openly told me to stop telling them the truth. In the end it literally comes to the choice of the red and the blue pill. I have met people. Using the work of David Icke and this incredible movie. You can go further and see the movie Zeitgeist 2 to understand how our current economy is only a grand illusion and what we call money have no more value than the value that we are programmed to believe they have. I haven’t read his books so I don’t know how adequate they are. Another important movie that must be seen is of course the Matrix. 74 . where our current situation is explained through a technical analogy. if you choose to live inside the illusion under the moto that ‘ignorance is bliss’ or you step up and fight for the truth and your freedom no matter the opposing forces (and they are many). that it is too painful to accept it and that they prefer living in their illusions. on which you have built your life on. There is no need to go into this in much detail here except to point you to the movies of David Icke (Beyond the cutting edge is the last one) where the entire dynamic of the current system of control is explained.Beyond the Matrix So far we have explored a lot about the dynamics of the universe.

I believe our true pyramid of needs mirrors our 7 chakras with our ‘motivation’ growing as the energy flowing in the chakras grows and it is not really a pyramid as no chakra is more important than the other. freedom). It would be unwise to underestimate this fact. It is only a 5 step pyramid there and you will notice it is very similar to our 7 chakra needs. In the higher worlds our planet is known by the name of ‘prison planet’ as the levels of control are so extreme. the Matrix has been designed to operate this way at least from 12 000 years ago since the fall of Atlantis. Of what I know. I believe that on the deepest levels our most basic need as consciousness is the need to express our will (i. It is to maximize the control of your will by minimizing your connection to your higher aspects. As we have seen from the last chapter. The way it works in the corporations is that the manager through the pyramid of needs finds out what are the objects in 75 .e. The replacing of one’s own will with the will of the corporation is called motivation. We can observe through history that our beings do not accept well any open forms of suppression and control. effectively replacing it with its own. This is well explained in the Maslow pyramid of needs. the most optimal way of existence is the following of one’s will at any level one currently is.Layers of Control The main driver and cause for the Matrix is very simple. We have to understand that the Matrix has been designed on many levels by beings with great abilities and intelligence. It is in many ways extremely efficient and it takes a great deal of experience and determination to break free of its many layers of control and illusion. I have been a manager for the last 3 years in international corporations so I have witnessed first hand how this programming and control is done. that power can be defined as the degree to which you can manifest your will. Since this Matrix is a hierarchical structure I believe the corporations are systems of control that in many ways mirror some of the aspects of the Matrix itself. It is in this light.

1st layer of control (1st chakra): This is through the entire spectrum of material possessions. The Matrix has been very successful into imposing a whole set of programs at this level by programming the majority of people to believe that money and material possessions are a direct representation of how successful they are as human beings. emotional attachments.your life that represent those needs. we start to recognize the ways they manifest in our society as artificial constructs. willingly surrender our power and submit to the control) is through the Matrix reprogramming us to believe that the tools and objects it gives us are for our own benefit in the 7 different chakras. time. We are led to believe that ‘love and light’ can solve any kind of a problem and thinking. It is therefore that the only way in which we can be motivated (i. energy vampirism and all the possible control drama scenarios present everywhere in which there is a loss of energy and power. In order to truly break free of the Matrix’s programming and start living according to your own will. In a more mild form we are always kept active in this chakra through all the possible sports and competitions where we identify with one side trying to beat the other one. This is also where all the politics and nationalism come into play when we are programmed into an ‘us versus them’ mentality.e. Another brainwashing concept anchored into this chakra has been the latest ‘think positive’ movement. That we should find one partner only for the entire life. Again we are programmed to surrender our power in dysfunctional relationships. ‘status in society’. money. this is another one where the Matrix has inserted all sorts of dysfunctional programming meant to vastly increase its control. 3rd layer of control (3rd chakra): This is where what is called ‘human drama’ resides. physical power. We are fed daily from all kinds of sources telling us how to behave sexually. 2nd layer of control (2nd chakra): Right after the 1st chakra. you must understand its control first since it is at a lower level than your higher aspects. the manager tries through the tools of the corporation (money. Since the freedom to follow one’s will is encoded on all levels of existence. It has been hyped to such an extent that you are being conditioned to ignore every negative influence in your life and pretend that everything is fine. if we are cut off from that basic need. We are programmed to believe that if there is 4th chakra energy (love) with some subject and activity we can then fully accept it as the ultimate truth. marry and stick up with it for the entire life no matter what our guidance tell us. Never mind that many other 3rd layer programs can be wrongfully perceived as ‘love and light’ if we don’t have all the other chakras balanced to make the necessary discernment. 4th layer of control (4th chakra): The main program through which this control is expressed is the whole new age movement and similar teachings of ‘love and light’. you are working for your own benefit. Once we start looking at all the programs designed to control our 7 chakras. 76 . we begin to fight back until that need is restored. knowledge and wisdom are not necessary. security) to convince you that these tools will give value to your basic needs so in the end you are falsely left convinced that by working for the corporation. What is acceptable and what is not. higher meaning of the job done. In the next step. Obviously the main construct in the matrix of this control is the subject of economy. social contact.

we are then programmed to believe that they are the ‘work of the Devil’ and that we should stay away at all cost. In order to understand causality and the prediction of the future much better I recommend the book “The black swan. This results into the creation of an illusionary system in which we are further led to believe in certain elements that are helpful or are a threat to the security of a certain projected future. In either case the result is the same. Understanding the future is very important as one of the main programs of control is the concept of ‘obey now. We are programmed to believe that the world is stable and secure and that we can either take the reward now and then pay it for 20 years (debt) or be compliant now and enter heaven after we die (religion). 7th layer of control (7th chakra): All the forms of organized religion in which you are subject to the judgment of the gods (or one god). obey later’. It is very important for the programming of the Matrix for us to fully identify with the physical body and its capabilities. all in order to keep us inside the programming of the Matrix. Any form of thinking. reaction. 77 . Of course this is also where we are constantly misinformed and lied to. rewards later’ as well as its opposite ‘reward now. because if we see that we have much bigger abilities than the entire programming construct of the Matrix starts to fall apart. distrust and not accept any information which has not been accepted from the society (main program of the Matrix). The programming further implies that the failure to comply with them usually results in an eternity spent in hell. deceive. then the people react predictably as they had been previously conditioned to respond and of course in the final step the Matrix offers its solution (which is usually in line with its agenda of increasing the control). it is to gain our compliance into obedience of dysfunctional programs where if we quit we are conditioned to believe we will be facing dire penalties. impact of the highly improbable”. Even if we start to open up to these fields. solution’ happens as our own sense of causality is being replaced by the program that first creates the problem. You will understand much better after reading it that the world is nowhere nearly as static.5th layer of control (5th chakra): Here we are led to believe that open communication can have negative consequences which if often does due to the dysfunctionality of all the other chakras. 6th layer of control (6th chakra): This is where we are programmed to suppress any kind of extra sensory activity and focus purely on the physical. we are convinced to believe that we can either predict everything that can happen or consider it as fully random. predictable and secure as we are lead to believe. contrasted with an eternity spent in heaven. This is where the famous ‘problem. This is where we are programmed to lie. Your own discernment and causality is usually replaced with strict rules. irregardless of your own intuition and guidance. Using the falsely imposed causality in the 7th chakra. programs and rituals which must be followed. questioning or reasoning is usually forbidden in these programs where one is expected to have ‘faith’ and take all the information as given by god himself. It is in this way not only religion functions but even economics and all other pyramid schemes.

especially those of mental nature. Most ‘healers’ today focus only on the symptoms and do little to resolve the root problem.Healing and Medicine Even though the concepts in this topic can be understood from all that has been said so far. I am devoting to it an entire section due to all the confusion that is present in the Matrix regarding it and all the abuse and manipulation that is done in the name of healing. This kind of healing only produces more complications in the long run. We can see very quickly that what is ‘normal’ in the Matrix means what is aligned with its program. it must be understood what is the ‘normal’ situation of the subject to which the healing is done. there are dysfunctional behaviors of our energy that have roots very far in the past even in past lives. As we have seen earlier in the book. It is also for this reason why mainstream medicine is highly ineffective into truly resolving any abnormalities you may face in your functioning. Healing in its most basic form means returning something to its former state (a state which was perceived as ‘normal’ and desirable). The next step would be to see that this healing does not go against his higher will or against your own higher will. In order for you or someone else to truly perform any acts of healing. I would highly recommend that you seek the help of modern medicine only when you are faced with purely mechanical problems in your physical body (broken arm. The technique is not as important as it is the depth and wisdom in which the healing is done. This of course applies to all the forms of alternative healing that you see around the world. 78 . Even then it is advisable to analyze the reasons why such a problem has been manifested as problems in the physical body usually have their reasons on the higher aspects level. appendix operation. Always do a thorough analysis of what is performed upon you and at what level before doing any healing or asking someone to do it for you. This automatically means that if we were to grow past this program we would be perceived as sick (or usually mentally insane). Then we have to focus on the level which is the cause for the abnormal state. etc) or only after the body has not been able to deal with a certain illness on its own.

In corporation terms this is known as ‘motivating us’ to perform better in our obedience to its control.e. we have to understand the dynamics of this exchange of power and all the techniques which are used. first we have to understand all its programs which are designed to replace our higher aspects’ will with its own. See the reasons behind it and make sure they are the deepest ones according to your current awareness. as then it would lose you as a customer. in order to find the truth behind it you must always follow the causality chain. After you understand all the dynamics of power. Waking Up I have mentioned earlier that in order to break free from the programming of the Matrix. By playing fully in this system. then you are much more able to see if this will aligns with your own or not. Whenever you are faced with any kind of a subject. then you can begin to see much more clearly in your daily life what are threads of will coming from other sources and you can begin to feel and understand your own will and the causality chains behind it. object and action. Only in this way you will be able to begin to see who you 79 . (i. the replacing of other’s will with your own). Compare them with all the techniques. The focus of mainstream medicine is to suppress the symptoms of any illness you are having (especially those of mental character) so then you are hooked on their pharmaceutics for as long as possible. you can also do a Google search and see what those laws are and how they are being used on you in daily life without your knowledge. there are many ways on how to increase one’s power by having others willfully surrender their power. having you willfully surrender your power. Before we start waking up.The situation is even worse in mainstream medicine which doesn’t even have at its best interest to heal you. The Matrix replaces our will in order to gain more power over us through playing on our basic 7 needs in the 7 chakras. It goes without saying that those pharmaceuticals should be avoided at all cost as they completely numb your mental capacity. programs and conditioning of the Matrix and find the higher will behind it. I fully recommend reading the whole book but if you are unable to do so. By arriving to the will behind it. It is called ‘The 48 laws of power’. There is a very good book which has been compiled on the basis of a thorough study of ‘powerful’ men in history.

We can call the polarity positive if it adds to our own power and allows us to increase the awareness of our own will as well as its manifestation without taking the power and will from others. What I will present here will be based on all the knowledge I have acquired through reading books. the true history of humanity goes much beyond Atlantis and Lemuria but that is knowledge which I don’t have yet and of which there are only few bits of information in all the ancient manuscripts around the world. what your will is and what will be the consequences of following the will of those around you at any given point of time. From our limited point of view. The next question that naturally arises is how did all of this come to be. Much can be gathered through channeling but that is always highly unreliable and open to disinformation from many forces. I have not spoken yet about right and wrong. I believe the ultimate choice we each make every day and every living moment of our existence is if we allow others to dictate their will upon us or we follow our own will. The True History of Humanity We have seen so far who we are.really are. What is the choice that humanity will ultimately make? Is this going to remain a prison planet or it will expand into the higher worlds? It’s up to all of us that we start making the choice we desire right now. In order to understand our true history as a race and the history of this construct called the Matrix we have to go back to the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. making contacts with other people as well as through my own astral travels. polarity etc. After all the analysis. for what reason and who is in charge of the Matrix. I believe it is only practical to be able to discern according to two simple criteria. where we currently exist and what the Matrix is all about. I further believe that the only way this planet will expand in frequency and vibration is if we follow the ‘positive’ polarity. good or evil for one simple reason. take away power from others and replace our will with its own. designed to control for whatever agendas. the Atlantis Empire on one side and the Lemurian Rama Empire on the other. if its agenda is to lower our awareness. comes your free will . In fact. by allowing ourselves to follow our own will and discard those that impose their own upon us. I believe these are artificial constructs meant to divide humanity into an ‘us versus them’ mentality. your ability to make choices for whatever reasons you may seem fit with all the consequences they will have. We can call the polarity negative. Let us begin 12 000 years ago. I do not know the cause of this war but I do know that both civilizations were highly technologically advanced as well as highly advanced in their mental and energetic capabilities 80 . At this time there were two major civilizations on earth. There was a great war between these sides that ended with the sinking of the whole Atlantean civilization. We can quickly see that what is positive for one being can be negative for another and vice versa. the one that is judged only through the effect it has on your will and thus your power. even though they can be highly subjective. This is why it is important to also break free from all the illusions of polarity that have been imposed on us by the Matrix and find the only one which matters. Again it is important to distinguish that there is no universally ‘right’ way of operating. 10 500 BC. awareness.

Babylonian mystic schools or the ones from the east (Veda. The sinking of Atlantis marked an important milestone in the evolution of mankind. They were so highly advanced that the manipulation of physical matter could be done with thoughts alone and space could be explored freely. I have observed that spiritually advanced beings currently on the planet that fall in the groups of what I like to call ancients and demigods (explained earlier in the book). This can be best observed into their preference for the Mayan. tend to have a preference for the Atlantean heritage or the Lemurian one. and since that time it has been gradually falling in the level of its consciousness. I believe this is because of genetic memory as well as personal memory of the higher aspects from previous lives when most were involved at one of these two sides fighting the other one. The wars were not waged purely on a physical level but also in the astral levels. Egyptian.where crystals played a crucial part. 81 . Hindu etc). Usually not only there is preference for one of the lineages but also aversity for the other one. It has fallen so sharply and further accelerated by the Matrix itself that the memory of Atlantis remains only as a myth.

The Roman Empire. I believe this book will shed light on many details that remain unknown at this time about the fall of Atlantis and the next similar event in our near future. Parallel to the evolution and expansion of the Babylonian system. 82 . there were 4 other systems which had different roots. My best guess is that through the years the original powerful teachings got corrupt as the fall in consciousness in those that inherited it opened a lot of doors for outside manipulation and abuse. In South America the civilizations that followed were the Native American races and the Mayas. they were South America and Babylon. The group that was evacuated to Babylon was the one responsible for the creation of our current civilization and the system we call the Matrix. The American system. The Mayas have promised to release a book in 2009 that would explain the history of their civilizations dating back to Atlantis. Ancient Greece and Macedon. It was a place of freedom of expression. respect for all creation and a direct conscious link to the higher aspects of creation.The survivors of the fall of Atlantis were evacuated to several places around the world. Of the two places I know for sure. Each of these has a different set of characteristics and it would seem that the Babylonian system is the one that seeks to dominate human consciousness the most. the Eastern systems (which were based on the systems inherited from the Lemurian/Rama Empires) and lastly the African system. It was in Babylon where much of the structures for modern civilization were introduced and later spread through the entire world. abundance. that was expanded into Egypt. What followed next was only the evolution of the Babylonian culture and system. The Celtic culture and lastly into the modern ages and empires starting from the year 1800 onwards. Of what I know Atlantis originally was in no way similar to the current Matrix.

All this diversity naturally produces groups that think alike as well as groups that don’t. but as time went by even those with higher consciousness’ were forced to hide away all the arcane knowledge as the chance of it falling in the wrong hands increased with each passing day. so did the forces that seek domination and power increase their control. Their sole goal since then has been to ever increase their control upon humanity and expand the sophistication of the Matrix. We can see this best if we study the name of the gods (which are real higher beings) through all the civilizations mentioned above and their symbology.As time went by and the descendants of Atlantis fell even further in consciousness and mental capability. Each of them has a different set of values and perceives their will and the will of the universe in a different manner. The Extraterrestrial Connection To understand the forces which have greatly influenced humanity. The last place where the true history and knowledge of Humanity was entirely preserved was the grand library of Alexandria. it doesn’t mean they have moved past the concept of conflict. It was only a matter of time before the forces that seek total control of mankind gained the upper hand and all the ancient teachings were hidden. which is where conflict is born. We have reached a situation that does not have a simple solution as the level of consciousness of humanity has fallen to such low degrees that many rightfully believe the Matrix is necessary to control people or they would wreak havoc if they were to be released from the control. we must expand our awareness beyond our current planet and beyond the current Matrix. 83 . In many cases we see very similar gods in cultures which had no direct contact (such as the Americas and Babylon). There are practically an infinite number of civilizations on many levels of existence on the spectrum of all creation. distorted and used to give birth to the system of control we know as the Matrix today. Conflict is a natural occurrence whenever we have the will of two or more beings blocking its respective paths. Just because these civilizations have advanced a whole lot more on a technological and spiritual level. restricted.

When we study some of the texts from the ancient world we can come to the conclusion that the human physical body was created by beings from higher density. Even though the majority wished to continue fully controlling the human race there were factions that wanted to give more freewill to humanity. Statue of a reptile creature found in Mesopotamia A drawing of an UFO found in prehistoric caves These types of conflict have been going on since the very beginning. It is the same view that many higher density beings take towards the human race. When we analyze our own behavior with the flora and fauna (2nd density) of the planet we can quickly see that each of us has a different approach towards it. Back in those times there was open communication with the extraterrestrial forces that were openly controlling the human race. But as I pointed earlier as the fall in consciousness progressed so did the influence of the forces that would seek to dominate the will of humanity increase.In order to understand those on a higher density than ourselves we must study our own behavior with the densities that are below us. They are 84 . even though it was reserved to certain circles only. In time there were many extraterrestrial factions with different agendas. who genetically manipulated several species to create the human one. Of what I know one of the main factions involved in this was the Annunaki. long before Atlantis. The extraterrestrial factions could not control very well the people in Atlantis as they had a much higher level of consciousness. They were partly successful as open communication was abolished and the influence and manipulation took a much more subtle approach. Most of us take for granted that we have the full right to use their life to better ours. I don’t know what were the dynamics earlier than Atlantis but I do know what happened after Atlantis had been evacuated to Babylon. even later in Babylon and Egypt the control was to a moderate level and much of it was for the greater good of humanity where civilization and science flourished.

Most of them have fully moved past the physical illusion and are able to shift their ships and bodies through different densities at will. About a week earlier I had voiced my concerns to a friend of mine (who is often in telepathic contact with them) that I have read and heard so much about the ETs. Much of the dynamics of those who directly control the human race through the Illuminati is already explained in the works of David Icke so I won’t go into too much detail here. the source of the message is always difficult to trust. Anyone can send a message through them. as well as the immediate astral levels. communication and life. all you have to do is to read the descriptions of 4th. with no moon in the sky. There are many other factions who provide all sorts of information through all kinds of channels but these are very shady. It is very tricky to believe any sort of channeling. In a matter of three seconds. This was in the summer of year 2007. wrap it up into frequencies of light and love and spread any kind of propaganda that suits them. a channel. This brings us to our current situation where we have about 70 different factions involved in influencing humanity in one way or the other. bent a bit to the left then to the right and again disappeared into nothing. 5th and 6th density to understand what is their level and capability. as the channel is only that. Most of them have very little regard towards the human race and are here mainly because of concern for the planet and the damage that the human race is doing to it. What this means in practical terms is that they can shift into the astral 85 . Even though the channels mostly truly believe what they are saying. A week later what I saw in the city was spectacular. You can find many examples in the works of Erich Von Daniken. Factor into this the influence of the subconscious mind of the channeler and you end up with information that you simply can’t trust. What is important to understand is that there are factions who are very concerned into helping humanity during these critical times. The creation and manipulation of time & space is also within some of their capabilities. The sky that night was completely covered with low altitude clouds. they flew. when I was going back home in the middle of the city around midnight. This is the same faction that is responsible for creating the crop circles. in the form of arrow heads (with the size of the moon) that materialized out of nowhere in the middle of the sky and flew with great speed towards the horizon in front of me.mainly depicted as reptilian creatures but these are just one of the expressions of those forces. Speaking on their means of travel. I have seen them with my own eyes even in the physical levels. There were three craft made of pure light. met them many times in the astral but I have never seen them in the physical.

As we have seen from above they have also warned us against the NWO and the All Seeing Eye. You can find all the details of this message on the internet and I highly recommend that you read it. The message of this was “Much pain. Earth and probably moons of Jupiter and that they have a three strand DNA as well as a silicon based body. I believe that we have to pay close attention and try to decipher any new messages that are coming from their side. In many other cases they have also continually stressed the importance of sacred geometry and the flower of life. which is a real being. The advantage of receiving the messages through the crop circles is because there is no bias and subjective filtering of the subconsciousness of the channel. The messages are based purely in the physical with little room left for interpretation. There have been literally thousands of messages sent through the years and we can see that most of the time they involve sacred geometry patterns. 86 . we oppose deception.spectrum. It is in the format of the Arrecibo signal that was sent by us many years ago. One of the most important ones is the message that was sent in a binary code with the picture of the gray aliens as to indicate one of the races through which the control is done. In their pictogram they are sharing that their current residence is on Mars. Especially in the last 30 years there has been an extraordinary increase of incarnated extraterrestrial beings among the human race Crop Circle Makers There is a very interesting group of extraterrestrial beings which are responsible for the creation of the crop circles. travel in very short periods of time (which depend on the level to which the shift was made) to a point anywhere in the universe and then shift back into the physical spectrum. There are many of them who have incarnated in human bodies throughout the history of the human kind. Another important point which has been continually shared is also the growth of our own DNA from a double strand into a triple strand DNA. Conduit closing” The next very important pictogram is the one where they have shared their identity with us. There is good out there. but still time.

87 .There are also a series of very important pictograms that indicate the next event that will have huge impact on humanity and our planet linking it to the galactic center and the Mayan calendar. we need to take a step back and see what our current situation from different angles is. Before we go any deeper into describing what this pictogram means. with the orbit of Pluto influenced by another large body entering the solar system. What you see bellow is a picture of our solar system on December 2012 and what seems like a mass expansion of our sun.

you would so far understand that we simply can’t predict the future based on past events. so studying its past can also give us some clues as to where we are headed of why the next 20 years will be nothing like the last 20 years. There are many analyses on this done and I highly recommend the law of accelerating returns. We have also seen that the material reality is only a projection of our consciousness and a projection of the higher aspects. starting from Babylon onwards we will quickly see that the progress on all fields that humanity has done has been accelerating exponentially. It is very important to have it as a starting point since his view is deeply rooted purely in the physical realm based on mainstream science. It is however important to see that there are certain events which are cyclic in nature and looking in the past can help us anticipate the future to some extent. Even if we take a look at the known history of the last 7000 years.http://www. we can very quickly see that most of the progress we have made in the last 100 years is a mere fraction compared to the 88 . I can only point you to the Chris Martenson’s Crash Course . big changes within this field indicate huge changes across all the other emanations. even if we take as a reference only the hard science. You have to understand that everything is interconnected and economy is only a projection of many factors that constitute the Matrix.The Next Event If you read the book “The Black Swan: Impact of the Highly Improbable” as I have recommended. Another area that needs to be analyzed is economics. This will serve you as the basis from which you will start to understand that we are facing changes beyond the most of our imagination in our immediate lifetimes. Since the economy is deeply rooted in the 1st emanation.chrismartenson. written by Raymond Kurzweil. Physical Projections If we analyze the official version of history.

the dynamics between the galaxy and our consciousness and what can be expected in 2012 as the Mayan calendar ends its cycle. it is only now that we have made such a huge progress in such a short time? The answer is that we are not the only ones that have made this progress. It is also within that book that you will find a detailed explanation of the pictograms depicting our solar system in 2012. It starts to become interesting when we see that this cyclic motion takes 26 000 years. The 89 . why now? How is it possible that from 5 billion years and all the different races that have existed on this planet.entire history or the age of our planet. it is all about our galaxy. There are very strong indications that show us that we are subject to grand cycles of our entire solar system. Common sense will tell us that if we have changed so much in the last 100 years and the pace of change is accelerating then we are most likely facing enormous changes to everything we know within our lifetimes as well.html written by a friend of mine. which is 5 billion years. where the solar system passes through the galactic equator roughly every 13 000 years. We all know that our Solar system is orbiting the galactic center but what is less known is that there is a cyclic motion of ‘up and down’ along that path. The galaxy as being the biggest of them all has the greatest influence upon us and especially on our Sun. directly governed by our galaxy. The question immediately becoming obvious is. We have seen at the beginning of this book that celestial bodies have enormous influence upon our There have been many civilizations before this one that have reached enormous heights and lows but obviously there has always been ‘something’ which has erased all trace of them. which will eventually be the main instrument of change in our Solar system. I can only highly recommend from here on that you read the small book http://www. Atlantis here becomes very important when we take into account that it fell about 12 000 – 13 000 years ago. Is it just a coincidence that this passing through the equator of the galaxy perfectly matches with such huge changes like the fall of Atlantis and the changes we are going through right now? No it is not. that explains in detail this ongoing change. Galactic Cycles Eventually.globalhealingmeditation.

Since expressions of that rule can be found in nature as well. the future is impossible to predict. combined with the so called butterfly effect . He has been making contact throughout the world with the indigenous people and they have all been saying one thing. the best we can do is to speak about probabilities and causality. It is also relatively easy to see events 90 . Within hours.http://en.htm . where events are constructed in the astral layers before they are expressed in physical reality. There are several ways on how to receive such information. The conclusion to that simple experiment is that even in systems where we fully know the underlying causality and rules of operation. You can find his interviews on Google and I highly recommend listening to them. As usual. or maybe even have had your own experiences where you have had a vision or a dream that has came true. This is especially effective for short term predictions.wikipedia. which are able to compute the situation and produce a probable future. Few months ago as all this information started to form within me I started thinking that if anything pertaining to 2012 were true than surely the highly spiritual indigenous people around the world would be sensing it. that the Mayan prophecy of earth changes is real and that we are facing magnetic pole changes. Whenever we speak about the . We can always only try and make out models that provide us with certain probabilities.information I have gathered in the astral through my own experiences has so far been confirming of the findings presented at that that produces the unpredictability of our future. everyone above and below us knows about these cycles and what they mean to life and consciousness on this planet. We have to understand right at the start that the saying “The Future is not set in stone” is completely correct. I am sure most of you have had experience with psychics who predict the future. we (the western civilization) are the last ones to know. As Drunvalo puts it well. resulting in a real pole change and ending with a DNA reconfiguration that would enable us to transcend into the 4th density. I believe creation is also impossible to predict with 100% accuracy. There are of course rules and operations which are completely predictable. especially the one on the consciousness media network http://www.consciousmedianetwork. The first is to make a simulation within our higher aspects. Predicting the Future Trying to anticipate and predict the future on any level of existence is always a very tricky matter. The result of the experiment is known only after the experiment is completed.wikipedia. I’ve always liked his work as he seems to be very much in tune with the higher aspects according to all the synchronicities he is always surrounded called rule 30 . even as I stopped thinking about it and started searching for other things I came to the interviews done with Melchizedek Drunvalo. This is also the reason why the conditioning and control of the Matrix has been exponentially increasing and fighting with full force to keep us sedated into deep sleep. The moment when we start awaking to this grand reality. Another way is to visit the astral realm and shift to a point of time of a probable future. but it is that mix with the ones that are completely unpredictable.http://en. It is at this point that I’d like to point out to a simple concept. the game will be over and the Matrix will inevitably fall.

which have a big energetic impact. What Can We Do? The mistake that is often made in the new age circles is that there is way too much responsibility and expectations put on the human race. I believe that we should take our share of the responsibility but also work actively towards asking for ‘outside’ help. People that should really know better often get lost in an extremely self-centric thinking where they teach and preach that we should take full total responsibility without any hope of an ‘outside’ help and without asking for such a help. But on the other hand we know that this is a grand natural cycle involving our whole galaxy. which are also 91 . ‘Helping’ someone who has not asked for your help is a direct interference with their free will. such as catastrophes. There are forces out there that would willingly help us. We simply don’t know all the forces at work right now on this planet and we can’t anticipate what will be their actions towards changing the outcome of this future. you are effectively replacing their will with your own. Right now the probable future is not very bright and its probability keeps growing. Rule 30 Conus Textile Shell It is in this light that all the information given about 2012 is given. but one has to always keep in mind that they are only probable futures and as we have seen from the book the Black Swan: Impact of the highly unpredictable. This can be a useful analysis to make. What exactly do we mean with saying ‘outside’ help anyway? We have seen that our physical existence is only one small spectrum of creation and that everything is interconnected. When I say ‘outside’ help I mean trying to get in touch and work together with all the beings on all the layers of creation that we share. our lives are often completely changed by the highly unpredictable events that had a very low probability of happening. which makes it extremely difficult to influence by a race of beings of which the majority don’t even believe in anything of spiritual nature. but they can’t unless we ask them. We have seen that our actions have influence and consequences to other layers of creation that we may not even be aware of. It is those same people who teach the next day that we are all connected and part of the same creation.

Ascension At the end of the road.html and make your choice if you wish to join.globalhealingmeditation. should we interfere with this natural cycle which influences many layers of creation. both seen and unseen? I leave the answer and choice to each of you according to your higher will. miles to go Its winding and cold and its covered with snow But I ask you what we all want to know Where are we going from here Lines on my face. Even though I have doubts this can come into full fruition concerning the physical difficulties into having all these people at all those energy vortexes around the earth. For years the authors of Odyssey of the Soul .org/ have tried to make this effort into reality as well as many other similar groups. lines on my hands Lead to a future I don't understand 92 . the question that becomes obvious is: Where are we going from here? I believe the following song by Blackmore’s Night expresses these feelings the best: On a long road. once one has accumulated all that this limited physical existence has to offer towards the evolution of ones Only through a synchronized and harmonious effort we will be able to manifest a future that is according to the highest levels of our will. the concept is our currently best possible solution.influenced by the coming changes.http://www.odysseyofthesoul. find ourselves and we start radiating light towards the whole planet. There is another expanded effort which I highly recommend that you read it . The question though remains. I completely agree that the first step towards this action is to turn inwards.

ideals.where are we going from here. passed too many times and we begin to master the 7 93 .Some things don't go as they're planned Where are we going from here Tracing the trails through the mirrors of time Spinning in circles with riddles in rhyme We lose our way. when no one really knows Where we are going from here Please help me find my way home Please help me find my way home Please help me find my way home We all get lost in many programs.. fights. with miles to go Braving new pathways into the unknown But who do you ask.. with tears in our eyes There's too few hellos and too many goodbyes Silence answers our cries.. We're all on this road. trying to find Searching to find our way home Trying to find our way home As the day dies.. relationships and connections but towards the end of the road we are all faced with this question of what is the next step when everything else seems discovered.

expressions of the 7 emanations in 3rd density. As we go along and continue to expand our consciousness and awareness, the ones that are able to understand us and who are on a similar level become few and far in between until we are left almost completely alone with almost no one being able to provide us any of the answers we seek towards the final step.

This is the point where we are close to ascension, and it is here that no one else can tell us what that final necessary step we have to take in order to truly ascend is, which is to achieve full detachment from the 3rd density and step into the 4th one. This is in the end what the 2012 scenario is all about. It is our going home to our higher aspectual nature. This has been described in many sources already as the harvest. My belief is that not all will make this leap, that only a small portion of humanity will be able to step in the next level with the rest continuing their existence in 3rd density, either on Earth or some other planet. The extraterrestrial types of beings, the ancients and the demigods will be mostly going home to their respective densities. The best we can do is to try and discover who we really are, what is our path and try to express our will in this reality to the best of our abilities. We have to keep things into perspective by recognizing there are things in this creation that are simply beyond our current level of understanding and awareness. You may wish to explore the concept of the unknowable further through the teaching of Carlos Castaneda who has analyzed and presented it very well. In the end, it always begins and ends with the choice, your choice (at your highest levels of existence) of where your path will take you. There are no universally right or wrong paths, only


expressions of consciousness. I can only hope that this book has helped you in your path, whatever that may be.


About the Author
For those who care about the physical expression of my being in the Matrix. I am a 29 year old male from Macedonia. Since my early years I was heavily into science which resulted with excellent academic results and over 15 awards in state science competitions such as Informatics and Astronomy (1st prizes in both) and some lower prizes in Physics. This further resulted into me receiving a scholarship for University studies in the Czech Republic (awarded only to 2 people out of 100 candidates). There I finished an electro technical manufacture and management faculty and gained a master’s degree. I was then able to work in IBM and reach great corporate success there as well, as I was given the employee of the year 2007 award (awarded to 15 out of 2500 employees) through leading several teams totaling 40 people. After this I worked as a project manager where I further gained experience in the managing of people and projects. Combined with all this was the creation of a virtual world in a MMORPG game. By fully running and being a god inside a virtual world that we created, all the illusions of the Matrix became easy to discern and I started to remember much better who I am really am and what is my forgotten knowledge. It also became clear what the drivers that keep people asleep are, and what are the techniques the illuminati use in order to maintain the illusion.

But apart from my Matrix character, I consider my real identity to be of much greater importance. I came into this world in the year 1979 and ever since I have been daily studying science, the metaphysical and spiritual teachings. During the years I went through many transformations and changes with exponentially expanded my consciousness and awareness. This is a change which I am still undergoing but I feel I have reached an important threshold where all my experiences from all my lifetimes both on and off this planet have started to become available to such an extent that I have been able to put them into written words.


It was a being which I had known for a very long time and we belonged to the same soul group. or in other words: Ascension. To this day I have not met anyone else of those 30. The astral form with which I most identify is the following: The story behind this is very interesting. I could never possibly put everything I know on paper. 97 . the reasons for the fall and how do the last 12 000 years influence our immediate future. Even though I am only 29 years old. it would mean that my mission has been accomplished with the transfer of the most important parts of my knowledge through this book. My native density is 6th and I have been told in the astral that there are only 30 other beings from the same home frequency (so called soul group) as mine on this planet at this time. The focus so far has been into reclaiming my memories of Atlantis. If that were to pass. There are some indications that my time on this planet may be nearing to an end in the very near future.I have been involved with humanity and this planet long before Atlantis but those are memories which still remain inaccessible to me. use your own intuition to tune in the higher fields and download any further information that you would like to know. but whenever you are reading these passages. It is in the same way that you can connect to my energy as well and download any information which I was not able to express through words. I feel like I have passed through everything that this Matrix has to offer and the only goal which I have left in this life is to move on to the next level of existence. though I have met few beings who are also native to the 6th density and on a similar level as my soul group. as it was about a year earlier than I saw this picture in the game Baldur’s Gate that I met this exact being in the astral in a female form. I believe that Atlantis is the key to us remembering our identity and reclaiming our power.

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