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04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, April 27, 2009

Ask your query

My friend’s car met with an accident a
few days ago. A bus rammed into the rear
side of the car. He has been going to the
police station to get an FIR so that he can
claim the damage from his insurance
company. Is there a faster way to get
things moving?

T. Somasundaram, Vellore
Dear Somasundaram,
Your friend does not need any police
FIR or complaint letter for claiming the
insurance. All that he/she needs to do is to
call up the insurance company and inform
about the accident and fill up a claim form
describing the incident. It is as simple as
that. All general insurance companies fol-
low the same policy. The insurance policy
will have a call center number where you
need to inform. They will arrange for a
surveyor to come and inspect the vehicle.
RBI directs banks to calculate interest rate
In fact they will send the surveyor to your
garage at their own cost. A police com- on a daily basis from 01 April 2010
plaint or FIR is only needed if there is any
third party damage to property or life. Also
in case there is any loss of life in the in-
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claiming both the general insurance as
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Mini Quiz er than the current practice of
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Q1: Which agency frames the Annual Pol- counts during the period from The second benefit would
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