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UK National Annex to Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures –
Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd, 23/10/2008, Uncontrolled Copy, © BSI

Part 1-5: Plated structural elements
ICS 91.010.30; 91.080.10


no. Uncontrolled Copy. Date Text affected Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd. © BSI 2008 ISBN 978 0 580 54964 9 The following BSI references relate to the work on this standard: Committee reference B/525/10 Draft for comment 07/30128103 DC Publication history First published May 2008 Amendments issued since publication Amd.NA to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006 Publishing and copyright information The BSI copyright notice displayed in this document indicates when the document was last issued. 23/10/2008. © BSI .

© BSI Summary of pages This document comprises a front cover. 23/10/2008. pages i and ii.2 Nationally Determined Parameters 2 NA.1 Scope 1 NA. an inside front cover. Uncontrolled Copy.NA to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006 Contents Introduction 1 NA. © BSI 2008 • i . pages 1 to 5 and a back cover.3 References to non-contradictory complementary information 4 Bibliography 5 Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd.

© BSI ii • © BSI 2008 This page deliberately left blank . Uncontrolled Copy. 23/10/2008.NA to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006 Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd.

2(1) C.NA to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006 National Annex (informative) to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006. Uncontrolled Copy.1 Scope This National Annex gives: a) the UK decisions for the Nationally Determined Parameters described in the following subclauses of BS EN 1993-1-5:2006: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2.3(6) 5. 23/10/2008.2.1(1) 9.2. Bridges.4(2) 8(2) 9.2(2) Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd. © BSI 2008 • 1 .1(9) 10(1) 10(5) C.1(2) 6.3(1) 4. © BSI b) References to non-contradictory complementary information (see NA. Eurocode 3 – Design of steel structures – Part 1-5: Plated structural elements Introduction This National Annex has been prepared by BSI Subcommittee B/525/10.9(3) D.3).2(5) 3.8(1) C. Structural use of steel.5(2) C. NA. in consultation with B/525/31.

2(1).2.3(6)] The recommended value of ϕh should be used. 8(2)] NA. NA. At locations beyond the limits for which equation (6.2.4 Basis [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006. 2 • © BSI 2008 .2(5)] The recommended value of effective width parameter ρlim should be used.3 Effective cross section [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006. NA. Clause 8(2) may be applied. NA.2 Equation (6.NA to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006 NA.2 Nationally Determined Parameters NA.2. 23/10/2008.5.3(1)] The recommended method in NOTE 3 should be used.3 The adequacy of the web with curved flanges should be verified by analysis of the buckling strength of the web.6.1 for beams with longitudinal stiffeners.2 Shear lag at the ultimate limit state [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006. NA.2.1 may be treated as for an unstiffened web or may be subject to a special buckling analysis.0 for all steels. under radial forces induced by the flanges and associated webs in addition to any coincident global shear and longitudinal forces. the treatment of such patch loading will be as for an unstiffened web. Uncontrolled Copy.1 The design for flange induced buckling should take account of the possible collapse of the web due to radial forces from a flange in compression or tension curved in elevation. whether stiffened or not. Equation (6.6. but the adequacy of the web should be checked using the same analysis as for beams with flanges curved in elevation with a radius of curvature corresponding to an out-of-flatness equal to the span/625.1(2)] The value of η should be taken as 1.5. whether or not a beam as a whole is curved.2.4(2) is valid.5 Reduction factor kF for effective length for resistance [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006. NA.6. 3. NA.1 for beams with longitudinal stiffeners.2.6) in 6. 4. © BSI NA. The adequacy of the web should also be verified by use of the rules in Clause 6 in conjunction with 7.2.6) should not be used for patch loading types (b) from Figure For nominally horizontal flanges. Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd.4(2)] NA. 5. NA. Patch loading Type (b) from Figure 6.6) should be used for patch loading Types (a) and (c) from Figure 6. 6.1 Effective width models for global analysis [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.6 Flange induced buckling [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.

0 unless an alternative value can be justified by calculations which can also be supported by either test evidence or non-linear analysis.c and σcr.3(3).1(1)] NA. Type (a) in Figure 6. σcr.Ed is the greatest longitudinal compressive stress in the web panel under consideration. the design force in the NOTE should not be used.7 Stiffeners and detailing [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.NA to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006 NA.Ed 0.8σ cr.5 for sub-panel buckling and overall stiffened plate buckling respectively. to safeguard against a mode of buckling with adjacent transverse stiffeners bowing in alternate directions.2.0 in deriving η2. NA.2. w0 should be taken as the lesser of b/150.p should be taken to be equal to 1. Instead. 9.c/Öcr.6.2.8σcr. whether due to externally applied compressive force or due to the flexural neutral axis not being at the mid-height of the web.2.1 should be used.c and σcr. a1/150 and a2/150.p should generally be calculated for a panel length of a1 + a2 with w0 taken as the lesser of b/300.1. hw 0. Uncontrolled Copy. the Type (b) coefficients should be used. acting in the mid-plane of the web in addition to any externally applied loads.Ed for a .3. the effect of the net compressive force should be considered in the design of rigid transverse stiffeners resisting shear. 9.0.1 Where the web of a beam is subjected to a net compressive force. ρEd.2 When applying 9. However. the ratio Öcr. © BSI σ x. © BSI 2008 • 3 . For beams with both flanges curved.2.7.4 For beams with only the compression flange curved the buckling coefficients.x ⎤ a for a < hw ⎥ h ⎥ w ⎦ where: τcr is the elastic critical shear buckling stress determined in accordance with 5.7.Ed is taken as positive when compressive and should not be taken as being greater than 0.2.x.1 should also be applied with σcr.8τ cr 1 − ⎢ ⎣ ⎡ σ x.2.2. For panels with longitudinal stiffeners.2.3 When applying 9. intermediate rigid stiffeners should be designed for an axial force. σcr.3. 9. NA. In this case.4 or 4. 23/10/2008.8τ 1 − Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd.5 (a1 + a2). For such a method of verification. NA. NA.p calculated for a panel length of 0.x is the elastic critical plate buckling stress for direct stress determined in accordance with 4. γMl should be taken as 2.7. and σx.8 Minimum requirements for transverse stiffeners [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.x ρEd = ⎢VEd − hw t × 0. a1/300 and a2/300. σx.8σ cr. where: ρEd = VEd − hw t × 0.1(9)] The value of θ should be taken as 2.

13 Limit state criteria [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.12 Use of imperfections [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.9 Reduced stress method [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.14. NA.2.1 For bridges. and (10.10 Reduced stress method [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006. C. D.2.2. © BSI NA. 10(5)] For panels with tension and compression. C.5(2)] The recommended approach should be adopted.8(1)] The limit to principal strain for regions subjected to tensile stresses should be 5%.14 Partial factors [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006.2(1)] Conditions for the use of FEM analysis in design should be specified for the particular project.2.9(3)] NA. NA.2. C. NA. equations (10. Uncontrolled Copy.5) should be applied only to the compressive parts. Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd.NA to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006 NA.15 Shear resistance [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006. 4 • © BSI 2008 . 1) In preparation.2.2(2)] No additional information is provided. NA. NA. NA.14. γM1 and γM2 as specified in the National Annex to BS EN 1993-2 should be used.2 For buildings.3 References to non-contradictory complementary information PD 6695-2.2. 10(1)] There are no limits of application to the methods. Recommendations for the design of bridges to BS EN 19931).11 Use [BS EN 1993-1-5:2006. 23/10/2008. C. NA. γM1 and γM2 as specified in the National Annex to BS EN 1993-1-1 should be used.

the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. Uncontrolled Copy. 23/10/2008. For undated references. UK National Annex to Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures – Part 2: Steel bridges PD 6695-2. Recommendations for the design of bridges to BS EN 19932) Licensed copy:Hilson Moran Ltd. UK National Annex to Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures – Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings NA to BS EN 1993-1-2.NA to BS EN 1993-1-5:2006 Bibliography For dated references. only the edition cited applies. NA to BS EN 1993-1-1. © BSI 2008 • 5 . © BSI 2) In preparation.

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