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Welcome to the tools! ===================== This ReadMe_First.

txt is meant to give users a quick overview of what is availab le and how to get started. This document is part of the Tools v6.0.5 archive fro m Apprentice Alf's Blog: The is archive includes tools to remove DRM from: - Kindle ebooks (Mobi, Topaz, Print Replica and KF8). - Barnes and Noble ePubs - Adobe Digital Editions ePubs (including Sony and Kobo ePubs downloaded to ADE ) Adobe Digital Editions PDFs Mobipocket ebooks eReader PDB books Scuolabooks (Windows only solution by Hex)

These tools do NOT work with Apple's iBooks FairPlay DRM (see end of this file.) About the tools --------------These tools have been updated and maintained by Apprentice Alf, DiapDealer and s ome_updates. You can find the latest updates and get support at Apprentice Alf's blog: If you re-post these tools, a link to the blog would be appreciated. The original inept and ignoble scripts were by i cabbages The original mobidedrm and erdr2pml scripts were by The Dark Reverser The original topaz DRM removal script was by CMBDTC The original topaz format conversion scripts were by some_updates, clarknova and Bart Simpson The Scuolabooks tool is by Hex The calibre plugin conversions were originally by DiapDealer The DeDRM plugin is by Apprentice Alf based on plugins by DiapDealer The DeDRM AppleScript application is by Apprentice Alf The DeDRM python GUI is by some_updates and Apprentice Alf Many fixes, updates and enhancements to the scripts and applicatons have been by Apprentice Alf, some_updates and DiapDealer and others. DeDRM plugin for calibre (Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux) ------------------------------------------------------If you already use calibre, the quickest and easiest way, especially on Windows, to remove DRM from your ebooks is to install the DeDRM plugin from the DeDRM_ca libre_plugin folder, following the instructions and configuration directions pro vided in the ReadMe and the help links. Once installed and configured, you can simply add a DRM book to calibre and the DeDRMed version will be imported into the calibre database. Note that DRM remova l ONLY occurs on import. If you have already imported DRM books you'll need to r emove them from calibre and re-import them. These plugins work for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. For ebooks from Kindle 4 PC and Adobe Digital Editions, Linux users should read the section at the end the D eDRM_plugin_ReadMe.txt file.

DeDRM application for Mac OS X users: (Mac OS X 10.4 and above) --------------------------------------------------------------This application is a stand-alone application for Mac OS X users. Drag the "" application from the DeDRM_Macintosh_Application folder to your Desktop (or your Applications Folder, or anywhere else you find convenient) . Double-click on the application to run it and you will be able to enter any co nfiguration data needed to remove DRM from your type of DRMed ebooks. To use the DeDRM application simply drag ebooks and/or folders containing ebooks onto the DeDRM application and it will remove the DRM and save DRM-free version s of the books wherever you selected in the Output Folder configuration dialog. For more detailed instructions, see the "DeDRM ReadMe.rtf" file in the DeDRM_App lication_Macintosh folder, including details of the extra step that Mac OS X 10. 4 users need to take to use the application. DeDRM application for Windows users: (Windows XP through Windows 8) -----------------------------------------------------------------***This program requires that Python and PyCrypto be properly installed.*** ***See below for details on recommended versions and how to install them.*** This application is a stand-alone application for Windows users. Drag the DeDRM_App folder that's in the DeDRM_Windows_Application folder, to you r "My Documents" folder (or anywhere else you find convenient). Make a short-cut on your Desktop of the DeDRM_Drop_Target.bat file that's in the DeDRM_App folde r. Double-click on the shortcut and the DeDRM application will run and you will be able to enter any configuration data needed to remove DRM from your type of DRMed ebooks. To use the DeDRM application simply drag ebooks or folders containing ebooks ont o the DeDRM_Drop_Target.bat shortcut and it will remove the DRM and save DRM-fre e versions of the books wherever you selected in the Output Folder configuration dialog. For more detailed instructions, see the DeDRM_App_ReadMe.txt file in the DeDRM_W indows_Applications folder. Other_Tools ----------This folder includes other tools that may be useful for DRMed ebooks from certai n sources or for Linux users. Most users won't need any of these tools. Key_Generation_Scripts This folder contains python scripts that creates a keyfiles for Barnes and Noble ePubs, Adobe Digital Editions ePubs and Kindle for Mac/PC ebooks. Kindle_for_Android_Patches Definitely only for the adventurous, this folder contains information on how to modify the Kindel for Android app to b able to get a PID for use with the other Kindle tools (DeDRM apps and calibre plugin). B&N_Download_Helper A Javascript to enable a download button at the B&N website for ebooks that norm ally won't download to your PC. Another one only for the adventurous.

Scuolabook_DRM A windows-only application (including source code) for removing DRM from ScuolaB ooks PDFs, created by "Hex" and included with permission. Rocket_ebooks Information about the now-obsolete Rocket ebook format and DRM, along with sourc e for a tool to remove the DRM.

Windows and Python -----------------We **strongly** recommend ActiveState's Active Python 2.7 Community Edition for Windows (x86) 32 bits. This can be downloaded for free from: We do **NOT** recommend the version of Python from The version from is not as complete as most normal Python installatio ns on Linux and even Mac OS X. It is missing various Windows specific libraries, does not install the default Tk Widget kit (for graphical user interfaces) unle ss you select it as an option in the installer, and does not properly update the system PATH environment variable. Therefore using the default build on Windows is simply an exercise in frustration for most Windows users. In addition, Windows Users need one of PyCrypto OR OpenSSL. Because of potential conflicts with other software, we recommend using PyCrypto. For PyCrypto: There are many places to get PyCrypto installers for Windows. One such place is: Please get the latest PyCrypto meant for Windows 32 bit that matches the ver sion of Python you installed (2.7) For OpenSSL: Win32 OpenSSL v0.9.8o (8Mb) (if you get an error message about missing Visual C++ redistributables... cancel the install and install the below support program from Microsoft, THEN install OpenSSL) Visual C++ 2008 Redistributables (1.7Mb) Once Windows users have installed Python 2.X for 32 bits, and the matching OpenS SL OR PyCrypto pieces, they too are ready to run a DeDRM application.

Apple's iBooks FairPlay DRM ---------------------------

The only tool that removes Apple's iBooks Fairplay DRM is Requiem by Brahms vers ion 3.3.6 and works with iTunes 10.5. Requiem 4.0 and later do not remove DRM fr om ebooks. Requiem has a Tor website: http://tag3ulp55xczs3pn.onion. To reach the site usin g Tor, you will need to install Tor ( If you're willi ng to sacrifice your anonymity, you can use the regular web with tor2web. Just g o to Alternatively, you can download it from these download links: Requiem 3.3.6 for Windows: MD5: 10ab191f2d86c692d57f6a07b4622cf8 Requiem 3.3.6 for Mac OS X: MD5: 6d4167d47e6982ddbb8528212198b520 Requiem 3.3.6 source code: MD5: 1636862796d573c693d56bcc526b60bd If you have any problems with Requiem, I suggest you contact Brahms directly thr ough their Tor website. No support for requiem is provided at Apprentice Alf's blog.