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Forced & Chosen Exclusion and Belonging in Schindlers List and in The Crucible.

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In both the play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller and in the feature film Schindlers List directed by Steven Spielberg, the concept of Belonging and not belonging is explored. Belonging and not belonging can be categorised into four types; Forced belonging, Forced Exclusion, Chosen Belonging and Chosen Exclusion. Forced belonging is where a person is obligated to become part of a group, that person feels they have no real choice in belonging to that group. Most people who are forced to belonging eventually rebel and reject the community /group they belong to. Forced exclusion is where by an individual or a group of people are isolated and ostracised from a society. The reason this occurs is because either the majority of community or the societys leaders feel that, that individual is threat to the community and threatens to destroy the composition or structure of the community. Chosen belonging is a situation by where a person decides to join a group, this can occur for many reasons. Such reasons may include reaping the benefits of belonging, increased happiness, to share beliefs, to gain career opportunities or for simply survival. Chosen exclusion is where a person chooses to isolate themselves from society, they chose this because they feel unwanted or that belonging to society doesnt offer them personally any advantages or opportunities. This can offer an individual just as many advantages and opportunities as chosen belonging for its the individuals own choice and is not forced to decide.

Forced Belonging in The Crucible

In the play The Crucible Forced Belonging is presented in the Puritan community of Salem, where by anyone born in to this strict community ultimately belongs to theocracy beliefs without any really choice in the matter. Therefore many people who are born in this community dont actually want to belong to its theocracy beliefs. John Proctor who is basically a forced member of the Salem Theocracy community, when in act 3 John stands up for his own morals which in turn exclude him from the Salem community. Arthur Miller uses dialogue and stage directions in order to show the consequences that John Proctor faces when he follows through on his own morals and dies for it.

Forced Belonging in Schindlers List

In Schindlers List the idea of forced belonging is explored in this film .It is through the use props that Steven Spielberg creates this divide between those who belong and those who dont belong. The uses of the Jews star to identify those who belong to the Jewish people. The Jewish people are forced to wear the star by the Nazis this effectively demonstrates the idea of forced belong as a means of belong in Schindlers List.

Forced Exclusion in The Crucible

Arthur Millers displays the idea of forced belonging in The Crucible. Millers use of metaphorical language in that a person is either with this court or he must be counted against, there be no road b etween. This demonstration that if you object to the morals of the court, then you will be excluded forcible from the Theocracy society of Salem, accused of witchcraft, then being jailed and hung.

Forced Exclusion in Schindlers List

In Schindlers List Spielberg uses a mid shot of the men and women being forcible separated at the train station, the Nazi guards are dividing them into groups. The Jewish women in this shot are being excluded from the men not to mention for the rest of society. This concept of not belonging that is enforced by the authorities therefore creates a new sense of belonging within the Jewish women camps as they are exclude but still belong to each other.

Chosen Belonging in The Crucible

The Crucible displays chosen belonging when Proctor chooses to belong to those who are accused of witchcraft. In act 4 when Proctor protects the names of those who are or were accused of witch craft and confess he chooses to belong not only to the accused but also to his wife Elizabeth.

Chosen Belonging in Schindlers List

In one of the final scenes of Schindlers List Steven has chosen to portray the sense of chosen belong. In this scene Oscar Schindler has been awarded a gold ring from the Jewish workers as a symbol that he has been chosen to belong to the Jewish people. This mid shot of the Jews hugging and kissing Schindler in thanks creates an image of Schindler belonging by chose to the Jew people.

Chosen Exclusion in The Crucible

In The Crucible Elizabeth Proctor choses to exclude herself from her husbanded. Miller uses stage directions [He gets up, goes to her,kisses her. She receives it. With a certain disappointment, he returns to the table.]and tone to create a formal, cold and distant relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor it is a rabbit. Elizabeths excluded her self from her husband because he had an affair with Abigail William. Chosen exclusion in the play creates neither a good or a bad out come for the characters.

Chosen Exclusion in Schindlers List

In the film Schindlers List a small girl in a brightly coloured red coat excludes herself from both the Jews and the Nazi guards. This is scene a long shot of one of the ghetto street, where the young child is wandering, not belonging to either the Jews or the Nazis. In a black and white film this childs jacket is the only thing that is coloured, making this small child wandering between the groups a strong focal point in this scene. In conclusion both The Crucible and Schindlers List effective links can be made to examine the concepts of Belonging. The use of techniques to provide the audience with a sense of both not-belonging and belonging as both good and bad things depending on the situation at hand. However through both the play and the film we can conclude that Belonging is a dynamic concept that applies differently on differing circumstances .