1º Ensino Médio

1. Após analisar atenciosamente este Cartoon, responda: Qual a IRONIA que o Cartoon transmite? a) Comer assistindo é comum nos Estados Unidos. b) Pessoas que ama esportes. c) Os Estados Unidos está sempre nas olimpíadas. d) Os americanos estão engordando por ficarem sentados e assistindo TV. e) O Cartoon não transmite nenhuma ironia. 2. A expressão ”Just Love” significa a) Adoro b) já ama c) gosto muito d) não é amore e) Amor justo

3. Choose the correct option for the simple future (will). a) I will going to go to the park tomorrow. b) She will plays baseball tomorrow c) Will it rains next week?

and dust. the Milky Way. e) Is they going to work tonight? 4. B) things. it is impossible to take any pictures from above it. is shaped like a spiral disk with a protuberance in the center.d) He won't bring his book to class. The word goods means A) computers. Donate (Used) Goods is a suggestion for you to make the world a better place. Galaxies have different shapes. gases. 1. the milky Way is made up of a) stars. gases and dust b) dwarf planets c) meteors d) galaxies . or they are artists’ conceptions. Assinale a forma verbal que está no PAST SIMPLE TENSE: a) shows b) discover c) making d) found e) have 6. 5. A galaxy is an enormous group of stars. C) food. Since we are inside the Milky Way. The solar system is located in one of the arms of this large galaxy that moves through space. All the beautiful images we see in books have either been taken from another galaxy. D) medicine. Our galaxy.

a: a. 8. b. e. native speakers acquire all the mistakes and misunderstandings made by their parents. Native speakers. It can lower pressure within the eye. a synthetic version of THC. These uses led to the development of the drug dronabinol (Marinol?). benefícios para a saúde. Marijuana also reduces nausea and vomiting in patients taking chemotherapy treatment for cancer. In hearing the language from birth.7. friends and colleagues. olho e doença ocular. however. maconha. this e which. d. Os pronomes destacados. benefícios para a saúde. This helps treat glaucoma. an eye disease which can cause blindness. c. but today we ___________ it a little later because it’s holiday. It reduces muscle spasms in people with nerve problems like multiple sclerosis and can help treat some types of pain. . The English language. (UNESP 2004 . c. b. This is unfair. diminuição da pressão ocular e causa da cegueira.Adaptada) Marijuana was later found to have other health benefits. We usually ________ our breakfast at 7am. Students of English. respectivamente. a) have – is having b) are having – have c) are have – having d) has – is having e) have – are having 9. Everyone. it. Native speakers. Everyone allows students of English to have occasional problems with the English language. olho e doença ocular. Native speakers being expected to be immune to problems with the language. referem-se. A que se refere o pronome em negrito "this" a. are expected to be immune to difficulties.

maconha. shaked. but they didn’t ____________ (to drink) the milk” no Simple Past. 13. betted. a) is making b) made c) are making d) have make e) makes 11. runned. bet. maconha. respectively? hurt – bet – run – shake A) B) C) D) E) hurt. shaked. ran. hurted. a) coming b) have come c) to come d) cames e) is coming 12 . shook. bet. (ADVISE 2009) What is the simple past of the following verbs. hurted. e. none of the answers. Money ___________ the world go round. . a) eat – drank. run. Be careful! The car _______ to your direction. diminuição da pressão ocular e doença ocular. benefícios para a saúde e cegueira 10.d. 1 Marque a alternativa que complete corretamente a frase “The children ____________ (to eat) all the food. shaked. bet. hurt.

GABARITO: 1.b) ate – drink. Qual é a alternativa que completa corretamente a frase “I ____________ to Porto Seguro last summer” no Simple Past? a) went.b 14.c 8. c) gone. c) I thinked she drived madly and keeped having accidents. d) goed. b) I thought she drove madly and kept having accidents. 15.d 6.e 12. c) eat – drink. d) ate – drank. Passe a frase “I think she drives madly and keeps having accidents” para o Simple Past.c 13.b .e 11.d 4.b 5.a 15.a 3.d 10. d) I thought she drove madly and keeped having accidents.d 2.a 7. 14. b) to go. Qual é a alternativa correta? a) I thought she drived madly and kept having accidents.e 9.

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