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I will give you a little but powerful information here, the "Achilless' heel" so to speak.

When dealing with your Public Servants who are not following your requests/orders just ask them right out, "Are you a Public Servant?" they say "Yes" then you ask, "Do you have a Bond or are Bonded?" again, they say "Yes", then you say, "Well then, I'm accepting your offer of Oath & your Bond for Public Service and I am going to give you a partial grant of my Sovereign Immunity to carry out my Orders, and if you don't follow them then I will summons the Sheriff here to have you arrested for malfeasance of your fiduciary duty and for violating your Federal Code at Title 18 sec. 241 & 242 and I will be forced to file a damage claim against your Bond, then you will not be bondable and you will lose your job, now is it worth it to you? I am ordering you to file my documents, NOW! If they still do not, then point at another employee, accept their oath & bond and order them to get the Sheriff, and then watch how fast you get some respect, or, you may be introduced to the Chief /Head Supervisor, and you do the same routine upon them. You see, their Oaths of Office is nothing more than a Pubic Offer of Service, but you MUST accept that offer of service thereby "BINDING" them to their offer and compelling them to perform their duties, otherwise they are not compelled because you have not "accepted their offer to serve you," otherwise you really do not have a contract w/them, which is the ONLY thing that can bind & compel a man to perform as a "Public Servant", i.e. "a contract" since otherwise ALL men are created equal, and per the maxim of law that says, "the ONLY thing that can compel a man or woman to perform a duty or function, or pay a sum of money is, ... > "A Contract!" < .... Also, ALL Public Servants/Employees MUST be Bonded to be able to work in their capacity as Public Servants for us, no exceptions, as soon as you file a claim against their Bonds (w/Risk Management or similar Dept.) they will then be suspended until an investigation is had and decided, which can be delayed for a very long time, and they will be without pay, they have just too much to risk, you're in control, since you are the Employer who funds their pay checks. You tell them that you really do not wish to do that because their children are depending on them being good servants, but if they do not file your documents then they are forcing you file charges & a claim against their Bonds, it's on them, and they have to be responsible for the consequences of their actions. They made the offer of servitude to you and you are just compelling them to perform their contractual duties to us. You are the Sovereign, you are the One who Employs & funds their salaries. Some may say that the Government employs them, but who is the Government? We are! The People! So take control of you position and compel your employees to perform or FIRE THEM! Period! I hope that helped. We "The People" have basically forgotten who we are, and what are status & standing in law is, and how to give orders, and that is basically how they get this so-called authority over us, by our ignorance of our status & standing

in law, and by our consent, & acquiescence. Let's get it back! The People need to be The People once again! Let's turn this thing back around in its rightful perspective, where the government is afraid of "The People" then we WILL have Freedom again