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We strive to be a dedicated and competitive company in the market in which we operate. All rights reserved.business analysis and web positioning to UI design and content management. We are a complete IT and Web Service Provider under one roof as we deliver end-to-end Web and IT solutions for our clients. thus our name CodeRaise. friendly and personalized service from start to finish of each project.com www. We 'code' complex business and technological needs into standardized. We provide the following services.com . info@coderaise.INTRODUCTION CodeRaise is a company established by a group of young IT professionals providing its clients with professional. OUR SERVICES • • • • Logo Designing Web Designing Web Development Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ©2012. We at CodeRaise hold years of experience and pride ourselves in giving our clients the best of e-services. We have raised our standards above our competitors. easy-to-use and simple solutions using the latest technologies. and we aim to support our clients at each stage of their expansion and development. This entails providing close attention to every aspect .coderaise.

©2012. and professionalism. We make sure that our client's website is user friendly as well as search engine optimized (SEO). Before we begin our client's project we take out time to understand their business and then prepare a sample design. All our designs are attuned with the latest browser compatibility and are validated with W3C. from small start-up blogs to large corporations. business and content oriented websites. CodeRaise designs logos that accurately characterize our client's company and sends the right message to their targeted audience.com www. We design customized logos for all companies ranging from small start-up blogs to major corporations. CodeRaise will deliver a logo that conveys all the right messages about our client’s company: credibility. All rights reserved. Apart from being creative it also has to be business oriented. Our team understands that a logo has to be effective enough to leave a mark in our client's and their customer's memories. This ensures that we deliver a custom tailored service. Our client's website will look crisp.coderaise. elegant with latest design standards and appealing to the end user.1 LOGO DESIGNING A logo is not just a symbol since it forms the trademark of a company and plays an important role in the recognition of the company. CodeRaise offers web design services for all types of businesses. 2 WEB DESIGNING The CodeRaise team designs high quality.com . trustworthiness. Our designs are made keeping in mind our client's audience and business. service or business and building the professional image of the company. Logos help a great deal in promoting a product. This sample design is then gradually developed with our client's response and inputs. info@coderaise.

Theme & Development • Drupal . ©2012.com . server configuration. Website development services we provide: • PHP Programming • E-Commerce Website Development • Wordpress . We at CodeRaise listen to our client's needs and are happy to supply the best technological solution to our clients.3 WEB DEVELOPMENT Web development refers to the development of all aspects that makes a website functional. From the vast range of expertise and professionalism we create a tailormade content driven website or online business process. products or services that we require.com www.Theme & Development 4 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) The internet has revolutionized the way we think today and has also become an indispensable tool in our research and buying process. etc. Bing and Yahoo! Search. A higher ranking on the search engine gives you access to new customers and markets for your business. CodeRaise will maximize your online business's visibility on the major search engines including Google.coderaise. info@coderaise. this includes graphic design. A search engine optimized website will fetch benefits for you and enhance your business. It is our personal belief that we need to evolve and improve at every step of the way so that we constantly give best SEO services to each of our clients. We use search engines to locate the information. All rights reserved. database connectivity.Theme & Development • Magento . Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves improving the website code and its content to help it appear at the top of the search engine listings for relevant keywords.

com .com www. All rights reserved. info@coderaise.Logo Design C I S ity Inf Search yI HEALTH CARE LUXURY HOMES NA URE ©2012.coderaise.

info@coderaise.coderaise.com .com www. All rights reserved.Logo Design KnockKnock FURNITURE CANDLE SHOP CHEEMA MEDICAL SERVICES a SO U IONS M SOLUTIONS DYTA Vi Breeze ual ©2012.

com . info@coderaise.com www.coderaise. All rights reserved.Logo Design UNJAB ULTRY AGRO MACHINERY SERVICES City e Lif 79 BAR ©2012.

coderaise.W EBSITE DESIGN C I S ity Inf Search yI ©2012.com www. info@coderaise. All rights reserved.com .

All rights reserved.com . info@coderaise.com www.coderaise.W EBSITE DESIGN Lake View Hotel ©2012.

” “Perfect. All rights reserved.” .Platform No 5 } “ CodeRaise team were very communicative and knowledgeable. worked quickly. Followed instructions perfectly. you just simply have it and you do not need to prove it. They heard our requests. Gave their inputs and after proper consultation we were delivered what we desired and more” . I would recommend working with {Kirsten .{Nicolas} “ The team is a pleasure to work with.Axiom Internet} • • • • • • We believe good service is like good manners. Looking forward to working with you! ©2012.{ Hayley . We believe that a web development is a human activity and it is about understanding. were very patient as we worked through many issues. info@coderaise. good results happen. Our company is happy to collaborate with CodeRaise on upcoming projects” .{Hayley . They met our time requirements. They strive to understand the needs of the client and create an exceptional product according to those needs.{ Jeremy .AIE195} CodeRaise.INTRODUCTION • “CodeRaise Team did another great job. We would gladly work with them on future ‘ web/drupal engagments. They have an excellent knowledge of Drupal.completed tasks on time and exactly to specifications. No task is too difficult for them. Delivered on time.AIE195} “CodeRaise was very helpful in completing our project.com .com www. Good communication. They were very accommodating as we were finishing out the final touches to make sure they delivered the exact product we requested. Good communication.Chandigarh Lab Services} “ Excellent to work with . and met our exact requirements for completing the job. Naresh .coderaise. They perform all their work in a timely manner. No problems understanding project requirements.” . We consider our clients as our partners.{Dr.” {Nicolas .Calibrate Design Space} “ Perfect. Followed instructions perfectly. communicating at all times their progress. In a good partnership. respect and an open mind. No problems understanding job description. and completed the work to specification in a timely manner. Delivered on time” . confirmed them by showing us samples.

com .coderaise.com www.com ©2012. All rights reserved. info@coderaise.CodeRaise Technologies e-mail: info@coderaise.

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