Feminism theory

Feminist theory has a relationship with philosophy While the philosophy encompassed: - Knowledge - reality - Justice -Wisdom

Philosophical works of the teah created, some of them: - Themistoclea - Theano Theano 1 and 2 - Arignate - Asiara - Phynthis - Perictione Perictione 1 and 2 - And so on Feminist movement

Century 15: Early Feminist Movement In 1759 to 1797: Effective enforcement of rights to women Year 1800: Feminist Movement has begun to significantly

Feminism theory Feminism is divided into three groups, namely: - The initial wave - The second wave

global feminism. multicultural feminism. and ekofeminisme goal 1 Liberal feminism: more emphasis on the rights of every individual Radical feminism: more emphasis on the problems of injustice against women Marxist Feminism: lebioh emphasizes the emergence causes the difference between the function and the status of women goal 2 Existential feminism: feminism more emphasis on the problem of existential oppression of women of reproductive burden Gynosentris feminism: feminism gynosentris more emphasis on the problem of oppression of women in terms of physical goal 3 Postmoderen feminism: feminism postmoderen emphasizes more on finding out about the problem of alienation female (sexual) Multicultural Feminism: muyltikultural feminism is more emphasis on women oppression kaumm Global Feminism: global feminism is more emphasis on the oppression in the context of the debate ekofeminisme: ekofeminisme more emphasis on the injustices that occur in women . Marxist feminism The second wave consisted of: existential feminism. radical feminism.The third wave Initial wave consists of: liberal feminism. feminism gynosentris The third wave consists of: postmodern feminism..

Feminism theory Feminist theory also has analisisn technique called gender analysis techniques: Gender analysis technique is divided into: .Create gender equality in various aspects of life Feminism applications Applications to the theory of feminism in development.Create gender equality in various aspects of life .implementation of Feminism Implementation of feminist theory aims to: . namely: .Munro analysis techniques .Moser analysis techniques .CVA technique .Harvard analysis techniques .Matrix of gender analysis Harvard analysis technique: emphasis on gender profile in a social group Moser analysis techniques: a strategic emphasis on the development of practical necessity Munro analysis technique: emphasis on participation and involvement in the development of gender CVA technique (Capabilities and vulneralbilities analysis): emphasizes the extent to which a project is precisely to strengthen or weaken the development .By means of analytical tools persepektif dikembangkannya feminism .Does persepektif analysis tool that is known by the name of feminism gender analysis techniques (TAG).

GAM (gender analysis matrix): emphasizes penialian result from a variety of development projects .

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