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Cisco ASA – Commands for NAT, Static, Global, and ACLs
March 31, 2011 movement3 Cisco ASA security levels: 0 is the Internet 50 is the DMZ 100 is the Inside Traffic from higher level is allowed to flow to lower security levels. Traffic from lower to higher is not allowed. NAT (inside) 1 Global (outside) 1 or global (outside) 1 interface The “1” is the NAT ID, it will be associated with the global ID. The “0” NAT ID is used to prevent a group of addresses from being translated.

Example 1
Creating an “Internet Only” DMZ and needing to access a IP address on the DMZ to the inside. This might be handy if you have an Internet only guest VLAN but allow your visitors to connect to printers on your Internal network. Step 1 To allow the DMZ to contact the inside, you will need to configure an ACL. access-list DMZ11 extended permit tcp host access-list DMZ11 extended permit tcp host access-list DMZ11 extended permit tcp host access-list DMZ11 extended deny ip access-list DMZ11 extended permit ip any access-group DMZ11 in interface DMZ11 The above ACL will allow to reach certain subnets on the subnet. It will deny any other access to the subnet. Then it will allow to access any other IP address (out to the Internet). Step 2 In additional to the ACL, you need to create a NAT statement so will not get translated when it tries to access access-list nonatdmz extended permit ip nat (DMZ11) 0 access-list nonatdmz This ACL with the included NAT statement will prevent translation on to The the DMZ11 ACL is used in tandem to permit or deny access. With the NAT statement, pings from the DMZ will not reach even if the ACL is allowing access. To allow DMZ to ping, you will need a static statement. Static (inside, dmz) netmask Static commands are used for traffic flows from lower to higher Outside > DMZ > Inside NAT commands are used for traffic flows from higher to lower Inside > DMZ > Outside

Example 2
Allowing a web server on the DMZ access to the Internet and certain servers on the inside Step 1 Create the ACL allowing the DMZ host access to the inside

4.233 eq www access-group DMZ in interface DMZ Step 2 Allowing the Internet access to the DMZ web server access-list enter extended permit tcp any host 1. access-list outside extended permit tcp any host Cisco 3750 switch with a failing ASIC chipset Cisco bug(?) verify command on 3750 switch Running a basic BIND DNS Server Cisco ASA Static command to create a translation Converting Putty SSH keys to SecureCRT keys .0.1. This is needed due the implicit deny statement.0.255.20 host 10.0.2 10.1.20 netmask 255.255.1. then permit statement. The static statement allows the server access to the outside interface. 1.44.1.streetdirectory. access-list outside extended permit ip any host 1. but should work. try the ACL below.44.255.alfredtong.255 no access-group outside in interface outside where only a few known servers live on this DMZ.2 10.2 no static (inside.44.232 eq www access-list DMZ extended permit tcp host 10.255 If you notice the last two lines in the DMZ11 ACL.0.0 255.4.2 static (inside. I did not test it though.2 eq ssh – To remove access no access-list outside extended permit ip any host 1.1 netmask DMZ extended permit tcp host Google search: Traffic between DMZ and Internal on Cisco ASA 5520 (Experts Exchange link) Google search: Cisco ASA-5505 DMZ to Inside Network access and Outside to DMZ access (Experts Exchange link) Be the first to like this.1.1 eq www access-group enter in interface outside Step 3 Creating the Static command for traffic flow from lower to higher Outside > DMZ static (DMZ.1.255 access-group outside in interface outside To allow only SSH.255.1.1 netmask 255.html http://www. host 10.3. Step 4 Creating the NAT command for traffic flow from higher to lower (aka do not NAT this traffic) access-list nonat extended permit ip 10. This DMZ segment is different than an Internet Only DMZ.44.1.outside) 1.1. I opened a NAT translation from the ASA to the MPLS router and removed it as soon I finished entering my commands. The other guest machines are on the DMZ and need access to the Internet.0 nat (inside) 0 access-list nonat Updated: 06/22/2011 Here is an example where our MPLS router was down and I needed to gain SSH access.1 10.3.1.outside) 1. there is a deny statement.0 255.0 10. Categories: Networking Basic BGP config Configure Wireless with SSL certs and Windows auth RSS feed Recent Posts Configuring MAC address filtering with WLC via Cisco ACS 4.

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